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Buying A New Air Cooler? We Can Help You Make The Right Choice

Best air cooler

Looking for the best air cooler? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

Air coolers are becoming more popular, as they provide a type of middle ground between a costly and cumbersome air conditioner and a regular fan.
They can’t cool the air like an air conditioner, but they can cool it down with a combination of airflow and evaporation, effectively utilising part of the thermal energy in the air to evaporate water and lower the temperature before it’s forced out by a fan.

To be sure, these machines will not cool your area as well as a traditional air conditioner, but they can provide a colder blast of air than a standard fan, especially when used at close range.
And if it’s really hot outside and you don’t want to spend a fortune, you could find that’s enough.

What is the best air cooler for you?

In an air cooler, what should I look for?

There are two types of air coolers.
The larger ones resemble dehumidifiers or small portable air conditioners, and are designed to chill one or more persons at a distance of a few metres.
The smaller models are cubes designed for use on a desk or coffee table, and are commonly powered by USB. They are intended to be used as personal coolers.

The nicest dining sets, swing seats, benches, and loungers are still available in 2021.Both work in a similar fashion, with air being blown through an absorbent pad or membrane structure by a fan.
As the water on the pad or membrane evaporates, the air around it cools, and the fan blows this cooler air outwards into the room.
Many coolers can accommodate one or more freezer ice blocks inside to chill the water for further cooling power.

While part of the water is recirculated, some will unavoidably escape the cooler and end up in the air blasted out by the fan.
Because of this, as well as the fact that the water in the absorbent pad or membrane might become stale, you must maintain the air cooler full and the water in the tank changed on a daily basis.
You should also wash the pad or membrane on a regular basis to avoid unpleasant odours.

Is there anything you should be on the lookout for?

The majority of air coolers are simple, with only a few fan speeds and an on/off switch.
The larger models, on the other hand, have oscillation, which moves the airflow left and right to chill a broader area, as well as moveable louvres that allow the airflow to be tilted up or down.
Some models include built-in humidification, which adds a little moisture to a dry space, making it seem more pleasant (as long as it isn’t already hot and humid).

Are there any disadvantages?

Some air coolers run the danger of adding to the room’s humidity, which can be a concern if the humidity level is already high.
Furthermore, if the water tanks inside the cooler are exposed, there’s a possibility of leakage, which is a concern if you’re using a desktop type linked into your laptop or PC.

The most serious problem, however, is that not everyone finds air coolers to be very effective.
To reiterate, these are not air conditioners, and they lack the cooling capacity to transform a hot room into a cool one.
What they can do is offer you with cooler-than-room-temperature airflow, which helps to alleviate the summer heat.
Expect nothing short of miracles, especially if you’ve already spent money on a good floor or pedestal fan.

The best air coolers to buy

SaleBestseller No. 1
PELONIS Air Cooler, Tower Fan & Humidifier with 60° Oscillation, 7H Timer, 3-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler with 3 Speed Settings, 3 Mode Settings, 5L Water Tank, Remote Control for Home & Office
  • 3-IN-1 FUNCTION: This machine is not only an air cooler but also a fan and humidifier. Our evaporative cooler is worth considering as it is a cost-effective cooling solution in a dry climate. It combines the natural cooling properties of water with a steady breeze to lower indoor temperatures. The PELONIS Air Cooler is perfect for your living
  • 3 WIND SPEEDS & 3 MODES: 3 wind speed settings provide low, medium, and high powered breeze with 60 degrees wide angle oscillation for evenly distributed airflow. 3 wind mode settings (normal, natural, and sleep) operated by a soft button control can meet your different needs of use.
  • 7H TIMER & REMOTE CONTROL: The 7H timer feature and remote control amplify your freedom. Just a click to control your fan, making it possible to enjoy a gentle outdoor wind in your own living room while you are reading your favorite books without having to get up from the couch.
  • 5L WATER TANK & DETACHABLE FILTER: The removable water tank of the PELONIS Air Cooler has a big capacity of 5 liters, which means that you don’t have to run to the sink to fill water frequently. With two pieces of the ice pack, you can enjoy the cooling effect in seconds. Besides, the filter is detachable for regular cleaning to make sure that the airflow is hygienic.
  • WARRANTY: Compared with your costly AC units, the PELONIS Evaporative Air Cooler has no compressor and does not use chemical refrigerants so it is more environmentally friendly and safe for your health. By adding ice or cold water, you can easily enjoy extra coolness in seconds at a low cost. Furthermore, we provide a 1-year warranty for all PELONIS products.
Bestseller No. 2
NETTA 3 In 1 Air Cooler with Remote Control, Fan and Humidifier Settings, LED Display, 3 Fan Speeds and 3 Modes, Oscillation Function, 7 Hour Timer, 2 Ice Packs, 55W
  • 5L AIR COOLER WITH REMOTE: This new generation NETTA 5L Air Cooler is the best way to keep cool in your home or office. Using new cooling technology, this cooler features an even larger coverage and cools a greater distance.
  • THREE FAN SPEEDS AND WIND MODES: Featuring three speed settings, which are High, Medium and Low, and three wind modes, which are Normal, Natural and Sleep - this makes it easier than ever for you to find your desired cooling with minimal hassle.
  • 3 IN 1 FUNCTIONALITY: This cooler has 3 different fucntions - it can operate as a fan, a humidifier and an air cooler. The ‘swing’ mode oscillates the blades to spread the cool air across a 60° angle. The built-in timer also allows you to choose how long you want the air cooler on for, ranging between 1-7 hours.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION AND COST: This cooler is so cost efficient, you won't have to worry about leaving it running through the night. Using its 55W motor, this cooler will only cost 9p for 12 hours of runtime - making it much more efficient than other coolers on the market. SIZE: 25 x 19 x 85cm - WEIGHT: 6.6KG
  • FOR BEST RESULT put Cold Water+ Ice packs + a lot Ice cubes into the water tank. Please Note this is not an air conditioner unit, it will only blow cold air and will not change room temperate.
Bestseller No. 3
Evaporative Air Cooler, 4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner Bladeless Design, 3 Modes + 3 Fan Speeds, 8H Timer & Automatic Oscillation, 80W Powerful Air Cooling Fan/Humidifier/Air Purifier for Home Office
  • 【Safety Bladeless Design & Easy to Clean】Mobile air conditioner is designed as bladeless which prevents from scratching or twisting, it is much safer to use in the household that has children or pets. Thanks to the bladeless design, you can’t see any dirty blades on the fan anymore and it’s healthier without dirt blowing out. No longer need to dismantle the entire machine for cleaning like traditional fans.
  • 【Clean Air Circulator & Ease Dry Air】The air flow passing through the double-layer filter, most of the dust will be blocked by the fan and CeLdek water curtain, provide clean and fresh air for you and your family. With humidification function can process naturally humidifies dry air, and ease dry air symptoms in hot days. It delivers a stream of smooth and high-velocity air for personal cooling.
  • 【3 Wind Speeds & 3 Modes】High/middle/low wind speed and normal/natural/sleeping mode switches to meet your needs in different time periods. Plus 40°automatic swing can quickly circulate air throughout the room, gives all the comfort you need. Better for living room, bedroom, kitchen and office. Once the water and ice cubes have been placed in the water tank, press the cooling button and cool you down the air in just 5 seconds.
  • 【Quiet Sleep Mode & 8H Timer】Adopts powerful silent motor and turbo fan, it provides higher speed and stronger wind, the noise low to 40dB, you can work, sleep or study without distraction. This portable cooling fan comes with a smart 1/2/4/8 hours timer. Easily set your desired off time on the control panel or use the remote control. No worries about leaving the cooler on when you head out or while you’re sleeping.
  • 【Energy-saving & Eco-friendly】Evaporative air cooler has no compressor and does not use chemical refrigerants and it is more environmentally friendly and safe for your health. 2L water tank can easily increase the humidity of the room and allows you to use it for long time without frequent add water, which is removable, easy to fill water and clean. 2 x Ice boxes and cold water can provide you with quick cooling. It is the best choice for saving electricity in summer.
Bestseller No. 4
Pro Breeze® 5L Portable Air Cooler with 4 Operational Modes, 3 Fan Speeds, LED Display & Remote Control. High Powered Evaporative Air Cooler with Built in Timer & Automatic Oscillation
  • Advanced Cooling Technology: Featuring an industry-leading honeycomb waterfall system that passes warm air over ice cold water to distribute cold air throughout a room. This economical cooling system is ideal for rooms that do not require expensive air conditioning.
  • 4-in-1 Features: This portable Evaporative Air Cooler features 4 multi-purpose operating modes including air cooling, fan-only, natural and nighttime modes making it the perfect cooling solution for any home, bedroom or office.
  • Easy-to-use Remote Control & Timer: Enjoy complete control over the evaporative cooler's operational modes, 7-hour timer and 3 fan speeds using the easy to use control panel or handheld remote control.
  • Large Water Tank: Simply fill the large 5L water tank with cold water and cooling packs (2 x included) and allow the unit to automatically cool and moisturise the air to both combat dry heat and low humidity - Both of which are bad for your health.
  • Portable: Pre-assembled and fitted with 4 easy-roll castor wheels that allow the air cooler to be easily moved from room to room, completely hassle-free. Dimensions: 26.5cm x 28cm x 70cm.
Bestseller No. 5
Evaporative Air Cooler, 5-IN-1 Mobile Air Conditioner Humidifier Air Purifier Negative Ions Cooling Fan 3 Mode 7H Timer Remote Control 65W 5L Water Tank Oscillation w/ 4 Ice Crystal for Room,Office
  • ❄【5-IN-1 FUNCTION】 In addition to cooling the air quickly, our air coolers also have humidification, air purifier, negative ions and fan functions. Turning on the negative ion function can release 3.5 million negative ions to freshen the air, circulates air circulation. Uses the power of evaporation to cool it, help you get rid of the hot summer. Suit for use space such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, etc.
  • ❄【FAST COOLING】Upgrade the silent and powerful motor, wind power, speed up cooling. Advanced cooling technology, equipped with an industry-leading honeycomb cascade system, use with ice crystals that transmits hot air over ice water to distribute the cold air throughout the room quickly.
  • ❄【POWER SAVING, FREON-FREE】Portable cooling fan working power is only 65W, which is definitely more efficient in energy saving than electric fans, and eliminates the high air conditioning fee. It is the best choice for summer power saving. The treatment of Freon-free is good for protecting the atmosphere and improving our living environment.
  • ❄【TIMER FUNCTION】 The personal space cooler has timer function.You can set the fan running hours 1-7 according to your needs. Don't worry that this product works all night or forget to turn off the fan at night or during a nap.
  • ❄【LED DISPLAY & REMOTE CONTROL】The friendly LED control panel allows you to easily view the selected speed, mode and timer options. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to control the power, timer and wind settings of all air coolers from anywhere in the room.4 swivel 360° wheels that allow you to easily move the air conditioner from one room to another, without any problem.
Bestseller No. 6
Air Cooler, Portable Personal Mini Air Conditioner, 3 Speeds Mode 7 Colors LED Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner, 2000mAh USB Rechargeable Desktop Cooling Fan for Home Office Dorm(300ML)
  • 【Mist Sprayer and 3 Speed】: The air cooler features spray function and 3 wind modes. Personal air conditioner cooler, fan, air humidifier, 3 in one multifunction design meet your different life needs.
  • 【Portable & 2000mAh】: Portable Air Cooler wireless and portable design, small size, can easily carry to anywhere. 30-50 hours working time via 20000mAh power bank, the best choice for camping (Rechargeable with Mobile devices for power supply).
  • 【300ml Big Capacity】: Water Cooler 300ml Large Water tank can be used for 4-5 hours When filling it up. Cold air can be sprayed continuously for several hours to keep the body cool at night.
  • 【Saving Energy】: Fan Cooler does not contain harmful refrigerants, nor does it use a compressor like a conventional power-consuming air conditioner.it saves your electricity bills and does no harm to the environment.
  • 【7 Color Night Light】: You can set room cooler to an automatic colour cycle, or you can fix the colour you like.
Bestseller No. 7
Amazon Basics 3-Speed Oscillating Portable 3-in-1 Air Cooler (Fan, Humidifier, Purifier) with Timer and Remote Control, 60 Watts, Silver
  • 3-in-1: Air purifier, cooling fan & humidifier; with 3 speed levels for fast cooling, 7-hour programmable timer and remote control; 60 Watts
  • Ioniser Air Purifying Technology: With built-in ioniser to attract particles via the integrated positively charged collector plate
  • With Oscillation Function: With a ±40° top-to-bottom and ±70° left-to-right oscillation angle to cool, purify & humidify larger rooms
  • With Auto Shut-off: Humidifier will shut off automatically when the 1,400ml water tank is empty
  • LED Display: Air cooler with easy-to-read LED display and electronic status indicators for easy operation
Bestseller No. 8
Portable Evaporative Air Cooler, 4L Negative Ions Ice Cooling Fan Mobile Air Conditioner Humidifier Air Purifier with 3 Modes, 3 Speed and 2 Refillable Ice Box Packs for Room ,Office
  • HIGH COOLING EFFICIENCY: 4 litre air cooler unit with remote control and digital controls panel provides optimum cooling with a 4 litre water tank and 2 refillable ice packs (Included) providing ice-cold air similar to that you would get from a high-end air conditioning unit. With 3 wind settings (Normal, Natural or Sleep) and 3 fan speeds (Low, Medium, High), this portable unit can be used at full blast during the day as well as at night using the sleep mode which is ultra-quiet.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC ANTI DUST FILTER: Traps pollutants going through the air whilst breezing out clean air with cool water vapours to combat dry heat and low humidity making the air less dry, thereby improving your skin and sleep and ensuring you don't feel nauseous or bunged up like traditional fans and air conditioning units.
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED & OSCILLATION: The evaporative air cooler comes with 3 speed settings (Low-Med-High) with 120 Degree Auto Swing Function which can be turned on/off to effectively & evenly reach every corner of the room or simply lock it in one direction if you're feeling hot and need a boost of cold air.
  • FULLY PORTABLE: Comes with 4 castor wheels for easy movement between the rooms. If you're lifting this up the stairs, we recommend you empty the water tank and remove the cooling packs to prevent damage to the machine and to make it easier to carry.
  • TECHNICAL SPECS: Includes a remote control allowing you full control from anywhere in the room and also includes a built-in digital control panel giving you the flexibility to set your desired settings either way. Dimensions:23cm(L) x 23cm(W) x 58cm(H), Built in Safety Cut Off, Auto pump shut off when water in the tank is low, 7.5hrs Sleep Timer, Digital control type with remote receiver
SaleBestseller No. 9
BLACK+DECKER BXAC65001GB Air Cooler, 3 Speed Settings with 7 Litre Water Tank, Soft Touch Control, 65 W, White
  • ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM - Evaporates cool water through the honeycomb filter without needing to ventilate out of the window. The cooling ice packs improve cooling performance to expel ice cold air and moisture into your room
  • COOLING FEATURES: This portable Air Cooler features Low, Medium or High speed settings, fan-only and Oscillation mode making it the perfect cooling solution for any home, bedroom or office
  • PUSH BUTTON CONTROLS: Enjoy complete control with easy to use controls to adjust your desired speed settings and Oscillation for 90 Degree Air coverage
  • LARGE DETACHABLE WATER TANK: Simply fill the large 7 Litre water tank with cold water and cooling packs (2 x included) and allow the unit to automatically cool and moisturise the air to both combat dry heat and low humidity
  • PORTABLE: Pre-assembled and fitted with 4 easy-roll castor wheels that allow the air cooler to be easily moved from room to room
Bestseller No. 10
Portable Air Cooler, LIPONTAN 5 in1 Mobile Air Conditioner Mini Evaporative Cooler Personal Desk Fan with Timer, Rainbow Lights, 3 Spray Modes, 4 Wind Speeds, 90°Oscillation, for Office Home Dorm Etc
  • ❄️〖5-IN-1 Multifunctional Design〗🍀 All-in-1 Design of portable air conditioner, air cooler, desk fan, humidifier, and colored LED. Add water or ice cubes to cool down quickly, it can also be used as a desk fan when no water. Design with the cooling feature, make you feel much cooler while using the spray cooling function. Not only does it lower the ambient temperature, but it also helps keep us away from dry, dirty air and reduces dust and bacteria, enjoy a cooling and comfortable summer.
  • ❄️〖3 Wind Modes & 4 Wind Speeds〗 🍀 The mobile air conditioner has 1 natural wind mode and 2 atomized cooling modes. In the natural wind mode, the airflow is gentle and closer to the natural wind; in the 2 cooling modes, the fan draws in hot air and converts it into cool air, then the ultra-fine water mist with an average particle size of 4 um is sprayed out by high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, quickly achieving a cooling effect, bringing you a cool and comfortable wind blowing.
  • ❄️〖600ml Water Tank & 90° Oscillation〗🍀The larger 600ml top tank can store more water to extend the interval between filling water. Tips: Adding some ice-water mixture to the top water tank can get the best cooling. There is a leak-proof water storage tank at the bottom, which can effectively prevent water from flowing to the desktop. Using automatic 90°-wide-angle oscillation technology, the mini air cooler is able to circulate cool air around a wider surface area.
  • ❄️〖Build-in Timer Function & Rainbow LED〗🍀This air cooler has 3 built-in timing options: 2h, 4h and 6h, which is more convenient for daily use. The colorful Led night light function can bring a romantic atmosphere during night use. In the working mode with the lowest wind speed, the sound of the device is below 30dB, which will not disturb your work or sleep. Note: We recommend using the lowest wind speed while sleeping.
  • ❄️〖Energy-Saving & Portable〗🍀This cooling fan is Freon-free and eco-friendly and can operate at low energy consumption, which is completely suitable for our low-carbon lifestyle. Multiple power supplied by the USB port, with handle and filter system, it can realize air circulation and bring fresh and cool air. Due to its compact size, this cooler is more suitable for personal cooling. Suitable for desks, bedside tables, dining tables, offices, dormitories, etc.

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