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How To Buy The Best anti-fog spray for glasses

Best anti-fog sprays for glasses

Looking to buy the best anti-fog spray for glasses? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the right one for you.

Anyone who wears glasses understands how aggravating it is to have your glasses fog up in wet or chilly weather.
Even wearing them with a cloth face mask to keep germs at bay can cause your lenses to fog.
Wiping away the fog isn’t always effective, as the condensation can return much faster.

There is a solution: anti-fog spray for glasses.

Anti-fog spray forms a hydrophobic coating on the lens surface, which prevents fogging.
As a result, your glasses reject water as soon as it begins to accumulate, preventing moisture and condensation from forming.
Some sprays are also hydrophilic, attracting smaller water beads to generate larger beads that are easier to see through on your lenses.

You must consider the type of lenses in your glasses when choosing an anti-fog spray.
Other aspects of the product may also have an impact on the spray’s effectiveness.
We’ve put together this buying guide to help you pick the best anti-fog spray for your glasses.

Key Points To Consider

Lens type

It’s critical to evaluate the substance of your lenses when purchasing an anti-fog spray for glasses.
The ingredients in some anti-fog spray compositions could harm, discolour, or erode the lenses of some glasses.

Most anti-fog spray makers specify which lens materials the spray is safe to use on in the product description.
If you wear prescription glasses, you should avoid anti-fog sprays designed for plastic or polycarbonate lenses.

Anti-fog spray can be used on a variety of facial equipment, including goggles, sports masks, military masks, scuba masks, and face shields, in addition to glasses.


Not only should the anti-fog spray you choose be safe for your lenses, but it should also be safe for your eyes.
Low-quality anti-fog sprays could include harsh chemicals that harm your eyes or skin.
Sprays containing a high concentration of alcohol or ammonia can be particularly unpleasant.
Before you buy, look through the ingredient list for anything you could be allergic to.


Anti-fog sprays typically available in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 8 ounces.
If you’re trying out a new formula, stick to a spray that’s 0.5 to 1 ounces in size.
However, if you know you’ll be buying a specific product again, a larger container will give you more bang for your buck.


The best anti-fog glasses sprays are simple to use.
They’re easy to use, dry rapidly, and take effect right away.
Most sprays need to be applied to both sides of the lens, and some require numerous sprays per side.


Anti-fog spray does not keep the fog away continuously, although there is some variance in how long it lasts.
Most individuals prefer a spray that lasts several hours and only needs to be applied once or twice while they are out of the house.
Some sprays, on the other hand, are only effective for 30 minutes to two hours.
The most expensive sprays are also the ones that last the longest.
The most cost-effective sprays are those that last two hours or less.


If you work long hours or travel frequently, you’ll need an anti-fog spray that you can take with you everywhere you go.
A 1-ounce bottle is small enough to carry in a bag or pocket.
Make sure your spray is stored in a TSA-approved container if you’re flying.

Cloth for cleaning

Some anti-fog glasses sprays come with accessories to help you care for your lenses.
A microfiber polishing cloth, for example, could be included to remove smudges, fingerprints, and excess spray.


Before using anti-fog spray, make sure your glasses are clean.
Remove any residue with a cleaning wipe and let the lenses dry fully.
Wipe them down with a microfiber cloth once they’ve dried to eliminate any debris.

It’s worth noting that most anti-fog sprays require shaking before use.
This guarantees that all of the components are well mixed and activated.
Of course, you should always follow the application instructions provided by the manufacturer.
It’s also worth noting that most sprays should be left on the lenses for at least one minute.

Expect to wait a while for the spray to dry.
This may take longer in cooler temperatures.
Buff your glasses with a dry microfiber cloth once the spray has dried to eliminate excess spray and maximum shine.

In other situations, more frequent application is required.
In very moist, humid, or cold situations, for example, you’ll probably need to reapply the spray to keep up with the condensation.

Q. Why do my glasses fog up when I’m wearing a cotton face mask?

A. Condensation occurs whenever heated air comes into touch with a cold surface.
Some of your heated breath is channelled out the top of your cotton face mask while you wear it.
After that, it circulates within your glasses.
Because your breath is cooler than your glasses, they become steamy.

Q. I paid extra to have my lenses treated with anti-reflective coating.
Is it true that anti-fog spray will ruin the coating?

A. Because each anti-fog spray is varied in quality, there is no one-size-fits-all response to this topic.
Before purchasing a product, read the product material if you’re afraid that it might hurt your lenses.
Anti-fog sprays, for example, that declare on the label that they are safe for glasses with anti-reflective coating are available.

Q. How long does an anti-fog spray bottle last?

A. How long it takes to use up an anti-fog spray bottle depends on its size and how often you use it.
A 1-ounce bottle normally contains 200 to 250 sprays, which equates to a month’s supply if you spritz each side of your glasses three times a day.
Obviously, larger bottles will last longer.

Q. What is the best way to store my anti-fog spray?

A. You should keep your spray in your purse or pocket in most circumstances in case you need to reapply it throughout the day.
Keep the spray out of direct sunlight and store it in a cabinet, drawer, or cupboard at home.

The best anti-fog sprays to buy

SaleBestseller No. 1
ZEISS AntiFOG Kit, De-Misting Treatment for Glasses & Spectacles, Fog Prevention Set – 2 x 15ml Spray + Cloth (Twin Pack)
  • Premium ZEISS Anti Fog Kit: Creates a thin film, comparable to an additional coating, to protect lenses from fogging up. Great for use with face masks, when drinking hot drinks and in all weathers
  • Safe and effective fog prevention: Anti mist spray provides effective fog-free vision for up-to 3 days, for all eyewear. Quick, gentle and easy to use, leaving lenses clear and streak-free
  • Safe for all lenses: Including optical lenses. Ideal for spectacles, reading glasses, sports visors, fashion eyewear, cycling shades, safety helmets, sunglasses, ski goggles, camera lenses and more
  • Convenient and portable set: For use at home or on-the-go. Twin pack of 2 x 2 piece kits, each including a 15ml anti-fog spray and large treated polishing cloth (13cm x 13cm)
  • Part of the ZEISS collection: See beyond, with professional eyewear and care solutions from ZEISS. With our passion for excellence, we create value for our customers and inspire the world in new ways
SaleBestseller No. 2
Muc-Off 214-1 Premium Anti-Fog Treatment, 32 Millilitres - Long-Lasting, Intensive Anti-Mist Spray - Suitable For Helmet Visors, Goggles And Glasses
  • ANTI-MIST FORMULA: Muc-Off Anti-Fog Treatment spray is a premium formula that creates a transparent, micro-thin coating on your goggles to prevent them from misting up.
  • LONG-LASTING: One treatment lasts for up to 5 days so that you can be sure your ride won’t be caught short by foggy goggles!
  • MOISTURE ABSORPTION: Muc-Off Anti-Fog Treatment is formulated with advanced moisture absorption properties so spraying this on the outside of your goggles will help rain and water droplets bead off to make your ride safer!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL: Perfect for use on MTB and MX Goggles, Swim, Ski and Snowboard Goggles and Helmet Visors. Our Anti-Fog spray is safe on all plastics and glasses.
  • EASY TO USE: Available in a handy 32ml spray bottle, it’s the perfect ride pack companion for when you’re on the move. Simply shake to activate, spray a light mist over your clean goggles and wipe gently with a dry cloth or tissue.
Bestseller No. 3
Anti Fog Spray for Glasses,Anti Fog Spray,Eyeglass Anti Fog Spray,Anti Fog Treatment for Lenses,Anti Fog Spray for Goggles,Long Lasting Defogger for Glasses,Goggles,Mirrors and Ski Masks,2 x 20ml
  • Safety: This glasses anti-fog spray uses a unique and natural formula, which not only keeps your lenses in good condition, but is also very safe and can be used with confidence.
  • Easy to Use: Keep the lens clean, spray a small amount of spray on the inner and outer sides of the lens, then apply it to the entire surface, and then wait for it to dry.
  • Easy to Carry: This glasses anti-fog spray has a small and exquisite design, which can be carried around, very suitable for travel, vacation and daily travel.
  • Long-lasting Anti-fog: The unique formula can eliminate moisture and prevent fogging, and the effect is long-lasting, which can provide long-term protection, and is an ideal choice for daily use.
  • Wide Application: This spray can be applied to all lenses, glasses, goggles, sunglasses, bathroom mirrors, and ski goggles, etc., so that you have a clear vision at every beautiful moment.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Anti Fog Spray, Anti Fog Spray for Glasses Car, Anti Fog Spray for Car Windshield, Anti-Fog Spray Treatment, Car Anti Fog Spray, Long Lasting Defogger for Car Rearview Mirror, Window, Windshield,100ml
  • Convenience: You only need to spray the car anti-fogging agent to the desired area, which is quick and easy, bringing more convenience to your life.
  • Anti-fog and Practical: This car glass anti-fog can provide you with a clear vision and effectively prevent the car glass from fogging, which is very practical.
  • Easy to Carry: The compact and lightweight design is easy to carry, making it an ideal travel backpack companion during your journey, allowing you to have a clearer vision at any time.
  • Professional and Long-lasting: This car glass has an excellent anti-fog effect, and the unique anti-fog formula ensures a longer-lasting effect.
  • Wide Range of Applications: it can be used not only for car windshields, rearview mirrors, but also for glass windows, mirrors and glass doors, etc.
Bestseller No. 5
Hendlex Universal Anti Fog Spray for Glass, Plastic, Goggles, Windshield 100ml
  • NEW FORMULA TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER - Imagine stronger, faster and longer lasting antifog spray. We have worked hard for you and developed most advanced antifog formlula to date. No more reapply your antifog spray every few days.
  • INTRODUCING LATEST TECHNOLOGY - Our antifog spray is completely invisible, because it uses latest nanotechnology achievements instead of a silicone layer. Nano particles sticks deeply into glass or plastic surface to ensure top-grade antifog protection. This antifog spray works on the molecular level, unlike silicone based products, which leaves visible film or doesn‘t last as long.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR WINDSHIELD AND PERFECT VISIBILITY - Complete solution to prevent fogging on your car's windshield and mirrors. Also usable on motorcycle helmet visors. An invisible layer is created, which prevents fog from fogging, so you don’t have to clean your glass anymore.
  • ULTIMATE TIME SAVER – Time is valuable. Start your morning quicker without using air conditioning and waiting your windshield to defog. This may be a small thing, but makes your life much easier.
  • STICKS DEEPLY INTO THE GLASS- Nothing lasts forever, but Hendlex Antifog spray lasts quite a long time. You won’t need to reapply this antifog spray every. Invisible nano particles will keep your mirror crystal clear for weeks!
Bestseller No. 7
Bar.None Anti Fog Spray & Lens Cleaner Spray for Eye Glasses, Spectacles, Swimming Goggles, Screen, Electronic Screen, TV, Laptop, Camera - Anti Mist Defogger & Cleaning Spray with Microfiber Cloth
  • An essential kit to keep your glasses, screens & gear squeaky clean & fog-free: Bar.None combo pack includes our anti-fog spray and lens cleaner spray, both of which are essential for anyone who wears eyeglasses or sunglasses.
  • Say goodbye to fog blindness with Bar.None anti mist spray. It repels fog by creating a transparent, hydrophobic coating on your lenses, ensuring that no fine condensed water drops can stick to the surface and ruin your vision. Lasts for 48 hours.
  • Keep your lenses clear and clean with Bar.None spectacle cleaner spray. Our advanced formula gets rid of smudges, fingerprints, dirt, dust, makeup, hairsprays and everything that's blurring your vision. Happiness is…..clean glasses and clear vision.
  • For lenses and more: Our gentle yet effective glasses demister and lens cleaning spray can be used on eyeglasses, sunglasses, prescription lenses, camera lenses, iPhones, iPods, tablets, TV screens, computer screens, smartphones, screens, and so much more.
  • Compact and portable, our spectacle demister and cleaner can be used wherever you are. Tuck it into your carry-on or purse while you're travelling, or keep on your nightstand or office desk so your lenses are always spotless and vision crystal clear.
Bestseller No. 8
Bar.None Anti Fog Spray (Pack of 2) for Eye Glasses, Lens, Spectacles, Swimming Goggles, Screen, Mirror, Ski Diving Masks, Helmet Visors – Anti Mist Defogger & Demister Cleaner with Microfiber Cloth
  • Say goodbye to fog blindness with Bar.None anti fog spray. There’s nothing worse than having your glass all misted up every time you take a sip of your favourite hot drink or breath a bit deeper or have to breathe through a face mask. Fight the fog with Bar.None anti fog spray
  • Works on almost anything that fogs: Our gentle yet effective glass cleaner spray is safe to use on eyeglasses, prescription lenses, sunglasses, camera lenses, smartphones, screens, car windshields, safety goggles, ski goggles, swimming goggles and many other types of lenses.
  • Get fog free, crystal clear lenses in seconds: Just spray, wait and wipe. Apply a light coating on both the sides of your clean lens/surface and spread evenly. Let dry for 15-20 seconds. Using the provided microfiber cloth, rub gently in a circular motion to give the lenses a clean look.
  • Enjoy fog free vision for 2 days: Nothing lasts forever, but Bar.None fog spray does last a long time. The transparent, micro-thin coating of our anti mist spray keeps your lenses fog free for up to 48 hours.
  • Wide application: The spectacle demister spray is formulated to be highly effective and long lasting on UC/HC/HMC resin lenses (the most common material used for lenses), driving lenses, goggles and helmet visors made of this material. Our defogging glasses spray is not effective at eliminating fogging on SHMC lenses, as by their nature SHMC lenses are designed to make the lens water & oil repellent, meaning the formula will not be able to adhere or add a protective coating to their surface.
Bestseller No. 9
PROTEX Caravan & Motorhome Anti Fog Glass Spray 500ml
  • WHAT IS THIS ANTI-FOG GLASS SPRAY FOR - This innovative product has been designed to prevent your interior glass from misting up improving visibility and safety in wet weather driving and camping conditions.
  • APPLICATION PROCESS - Thoroughly clean interior glass using Protex Spirt Glass Cleaner. Apply to interior glass with a clean, dry cloth using a firm overlapping motion. Don’t get Anti-Fog Glass Spray on paintwork. Remove excess with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.
  • THE NEXT STEP - Once the glass has been treated repeat every few months for a clearer and safer driving and camping experience.
  • APPLICATION VIDEO - A full product application video can be found by typing Protex World Leisure into YouTube.
  • OTHER USES: - This product can also be used on cars and commercial vehicles.
Bestseller No. 10
SHINE ARMOR Anti Fog Hero - Windshield & Glasses Spray Cleaner and Protector to Increase Visibility Works on Windows, Glasses, Screens, Windshields, Goggles, and Visors
  • Achieve Crystal Clear Vision While Driving: New Glass Coating Technology Eliminates Fogging And Hazing For Good.
  • Driving fatalities are only climbing. Harsh weather conditions, changing temperatures, and unprotected windshields are a leading cause of car crashes. Despite poor visibility people still drive anyway. It’s not well known yet that there is a very simple, affordable, and powerful solution. In fact, some of the leading car companies are adapting this technology when manufacturing their vehicles.
  • Anti-Fog Hero is Shine Armor’s latest coating technology that cleans, and protects your windshield, windows, and mirrors. It provides protection against fogging on glass surfaces while reducing uncontrolled water condensation on windows.
  • Anti-Fog Hero is ideally suited for the inner surfaces of your vehicles windows and mirrors. It is also scientifically engineered with anti-static and anti-dust properties. Furthermore it does not contain any harmful solvents making it allergy and environmentally safe
  • Superior Products. This means superior shine for your cars! We are confident that you will achieve the absolute best results using Anti-Fog Hero. We pride ourselves on providing the best car care products on the market!

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