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How To Buy The Best Baby Wipes

Best baby wipes

Looking to buy the best baby wipes? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the right ones for you.

Baby wipes are vital for wiping bottoms, hands, faces, and even certain unfortunate pieces of furniture, as any parent of an infant can attest.
We can’t live without them: we use 11 billion wet wipes in the UK alone each year.
Nurseries, kitchens, handbags, changing bags, baths, even the bottoms of pram baskets are all home to them.
They are the unsung heroes of motherhood.

When it comes to baby wipes, the most important factors to consider are skin types, price, and whether or not they are environmentally friendly.
Whereas earlier the very mention of baby wipes conjured up undesirable visions of fatbergs, it is now commonly recognised that baby wipes are no longer flushed down the toilet.
As a result, the market is shifting, with a growing number of biodegradable or sustainable baby-wipe solutions.

Given that any parent or caregiver of a child will need to reach for baby wipes numerous times a day for at least two years, it’s worth doing some basic math to figure out how much you can pay month to month.

Disposable wipes are by far the easier option, but investing in reusable wipes has its own set of benefits.
First, there’s the price.
Yes, buying a kit will cost more at first, but it will last for years, making reusable wipes more cost-effective than disposable wipes.
Second, you’re not adding to landfills or potentially polluting the environment with plastic.
The disadvantage of reusable wipes is that they must be carefully washed, which many parents just do not have the time for, despite their best intentions.

Is it true that baby wipes have an environmental impact?

Baby wipes cause havoc in wastewater pipes (they accounted for more than 90% of the substance in UK sewer clogs in 2017), resulting in overflow and plastic pollution.
Furthermore, wipes that end up in the water end up harming marine ecosystems and aquatic life.
Wipes that aren’t biodegradable and thrown away can take up to 100 years to decompose in landfill.

It’s critical to remember that living in a way that promotes the environment and sustainability necessitates a certain level of financial luxury.
Sustainable or environmentally friendly things, in general, cost more, especially when it comes to single-use wipes.
While being environmentally sensitive is definitely the goal, it is not always practical for families on a budget.
With that stated, there are so many biodegradable baby wipe options on the market, including ones with fragrances and at affordable prices, so there’s no need not to use them.
As a result, every wipe in this collection is biodegradable.

How much do baby wipes cost?

It’s tough to overestimate how many wipes you’ll need on a daily basis until your baby is able to use the toilet independently.
You’ll never be able to have enough.
This means you’ll be spending a little lot on them in addition to nappies.
As previously said, reusable wipes will be the most cost-effective, while disposable wipes that cannot claim to be ecologically friendly will be the cheapest.
Buying in bulk or taking advantage of supermarket or subscription bargains will save money, as it always has.
You can never have enough, as we often say.

What if my child’s skin is sensitive?

Although all baby skin is delicate, some infants are more prone to discomfort and diaper rash than others.
This can be caused by a multitude of factors, including diet (acid-rich meals can induce diaper rash), nappy tightness, and eczema.
Baby wipes can help to soothe or exacerbate the problem, but you should also consider your cleaning technique and the use of barrier cream.

Fragrance-free products appear to be associated with care, sensitivity, and purity, particularly when it comes to skin.

However, fragrance is a vital aspect of being and feeling clean for many individuals, especially when faeces is involved, which is why fragranced wipes are so popular among parents.

If your baby’s skin is very sensitive, it’s best to stay away from scented wipes.

You should also think about how soft the wipe is and how wet it is: a rough texture or a lack of moisture will both be bad for baby’s skin.

How simple are they to use?

Because you’ll be using wipes so frequently throughout the day, it’s critical that they’re simple to use.
Is it possible to get to the wipes easily because of the packaging?
Do they have a simple dispensing system?
(Because certain wipes have an annoying habit of clumping together, you’ll either get none or seven wipes in one go.)
Is it possible to change the lid quickly and neatly?

Is the washing process something you can handle if you buy reusable items?

Best baby wipes to buy

Bestseller No. 1
Pampers Baby Wipes Multipack, New Baby Sensitive, 600 Wipes (12 x 50), Baby Essentials for Newborn,Packaging may vary
  • Helps protect newborn sensitive skin from skin irritation
  • Baby wipes with unique formula that protects natural skin pH better than cotton wool and water
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 0% alcohol, perfume, dyes
  • Pampers wipes' thickest fabric for an effective and gentle cleaning on the most sensitive skin
Bestseller No. 2
Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Sensitive Unscented baby wipes– 56 Count (Pack of 18) (Total 1008 wipes)
  • 18 x 56 wipes
  • Formulated with a gentle lotion designed to cleanse baby's delicate skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and pH balanced
  • Fragrance free wipes
SaleBestseller No. 3
Pampers Baby Wipes Multipack, Sensitive, 1200 Wipes (15 x 80), Baby Essentials for Newborn, Fragrance Free
  • Gently cleans while providing Pampers' trusted skin protection
  • The unique pH balancing formula helps protect your baby’s sensitive skin from irritation
  • Dermatologically tested, they are suitable to use from the first day
  • With moisture protect closing system
  • Want to know more about the components Pampers uses? Visit pampers.co.uk
SaleBestseller No. 5
WaterWipes Original Biodegradable Baby Wipes, 99.9% Water Based Wet Wipes & Unscented for Sensitive Skin, 60 Count (Pack of 12)
  • CLINICALLY TESTED TO CLEAN & HELP PROTECT SENSITIVE SKIN: Our free from artificial fragrance Original baby wipes gently cleanse baby’s delicate skin with just 2 ingredients: 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract.
  • IDEAL FOR PREMATURE & NEWBORN SKIN: The purest skin deserves the world’s purest baby wipes. Our WaterWipes are gentle enough for the most sensitive premature, infant and newborn skin.
  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE & PLASTIC-FREE WIPES: Our Original baby wet wipes are 100% compostable, plant-based & biodegrade in 4 weeks, so they’re better for the planet versus our previous wipe. They’re unscented, and contain no artificial fragrances or colours.
  • TRUSTED BY DERMATOLOGISTS: Suitable for eczema-prone skin and allergy sufferers, WaterWipes have been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, are approved by Allergy UK & the Skin Health Alliance and registered by the Vegan Society.
  • MORE EVERYDAY USES: WaterWipes are ideal for adults & pets, too. Reach for them to clean small messes on skin & clothes and to refresh skin in warmer weather, keep them in your gym bag or car to clean on-the-go & use to wipe your dog’s paws after a walk.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Huggies Pure, Baby Wipes, 18 Packs (1008 Wipes Total) - 99 Percent Pure Water Wipes - Fragrance Free for Gentle Cleaning and Protection - Natural Wet Wipes
  • Gentle on the skin - Huggies Pure Baby Wipes are formulated with skin loving natural fibres for your baby’s delicate skin
  • Skin loving ingredients – Enriched with 99 Percent Pure Water and skin loving essentials our wet wipes gently cleanse your baby’s skin
  • Hypoallergenic – Our wet wipes are fragrance-free meaning they are gentle enough for sensitive skin – and can be used on newborns
  • A hygienic clean every time – Pure baby wipes are strong yet soft giving your baby a hygienic yet gentle clean
  • Bulk buy 18 packs – Be prepared for a lot of gentle cleaning from the moment your little one arrives with over 1,000 baby wipes. Evenly split across 18 packs - containing 56 wipes each - running out shouldn’t be an issue
Bestseller No. 7
Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Fresh Lightly Fragranced Baby Wipes – Pack of 6 (Total 336 wipes)
  • 6 x 56 wipes
  • Formulated with a gentle lotion designed to cleanse baby’s delicate skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically tested and pH balanced
  • Lightly fragranced with gentle baby fresh fragrance
SaleBestseller No. 8
Huggies Pure Baby Wipes - Pack of 10 (10 x 72 Packs, Total 720 Wipes) (one)
  • The gentle purity of cotton wool and water and the convenient cleaning of a wipe
  • Cushiony soft base sheet and mild formulation, fragrance and alcohol free
  • Gentle cleaning that won't dry out your little one's skin
  • Apt for new-borns
  • The British Skin Foundation validates Huggies research into healthy skin
Bestseller No. 9
Pampers Baby Wipes Multipack, Aqua Pure, 1260 Wipes (18 x 70), Baby Essentials For Newborn, Made With Organic Cotton For A Soft Touch
  • Pampers Aqua pure wipes are made with 99% pure Water for gentle skin cleaning
  • Made with organic cotton for a soft touch on baby's skin
  • 0% Alcohol and perfume
  • 1% dermatologically-tested gentle cleansers and Pampers proven pH buffering ingredients to help prevent skin irritation
  • Safe for newborn skin, including bottoms, hands, toes, and delicate faces
Bestseller No. 10
Pampers Baby Wipes Multipack, Fresh Clean, 1200 Wipes (15 x 80), Baby Essentials for Newborn
  • Cleans the nappy area, hands and face better (vs. previous product)
  • Baby wipes with unique formula that protects natural skin pH better than cotton wool and water
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 0% alcohol, dyes
  • Softer and thicker fabric (vs. previous product) cleans the mess even better than before

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