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How To Buy The Best Band Saws

Looking to buy the best Band Saw? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

Because there are so many bandsaws on the market, each with its own set of features, determining which is the best bandsaw – not just on the market, but specifically for you and the projects you’ll be doing – can be challenging.

Any woodworker’s best buddy, bandsaws make any woodworking operation easier and leave a far superior finish!
A bandsaw’s principal purpose is to make straight or curved cuts in thick slabs of wood accurately and efficiently, decreasing operator error and the time it takes to execute these tasks.

A bandsaw has a lot of various functions and components, and if none of them are working properly, you won’t be able to rely on your bandsaw to cut the wood in the way you want!
This buying guide seeks to help you with that.

Band Saws Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Stationary bandsaws and portable bandsaws are the two primary types of bandsaws.
Both offer advantages and disadvantages, based on your preferences and the jobs you’ll be doing.
We’ve provided extra information on both of them to assist you in determining which is best for you.

Band Saws with a Fixed Position

Stationary bandsaws are the larger of the two kinds, with a base and stand that eliminates the need for a table because the tool will already be at the appropriate height.
Because stationary bandsaws cannot be packed away, they will be available whenever you need them.
This does, however, imply that you must have a large enough workshop/garage to leave it out all of the time!
They aren’t small instruments, so they’ll take up a lot of room!
They significantly reduce the risk of accidents or human error, and are well worth the extra money you’ll spend on one!

Portable Band Saws

Because they must be portable, portable bandsaws, also known as benchtop bandsaws, are much smaller than fixed bandsaws.
They’ll all have two handles to help you keep the saw under control so you can make clean cuts on straight or curved edges.
Due to their smaller size, these bandsaws will have less power than stationary models and will not be able to cut through the same quantity of materials or at the same size as stationary bandsaws.
Portable bandsaws are far more compact than other versions, making them lighter and able to be used anywhere there is a suitable table rather than being confined to your workshop!

Consider the following features:

Before you buy a bandsaw, there are a few crucial aspects to think about.
Whether you’re new to bandsaws or looking to update your current model, it’s critical to make the proper choice because they can be costly!
Some types will take advantage of inexperienced operators, while others are ideal for novices.
Our buyer’s guide offers a list of all the important items to look for before making a purchase.


To finish the cut, you place your material on the table of your bandsaw.
Obviously, this is only applicable to stationary bandsaws; if you choose a portable bandsaw, you will need to provide your own cutting surface.
Stationary bandsaw tables may be inclined to help angle the cut you’re making – some can be slanted up to 40 degrees, making curved cuts a lot easier.
It’s also crucial to think about the size of your table, because a larger table allows you to work with larger pieces of wood (or metal) and makes manoeuvring around the blade much easier.


The engine rotates the wheels, which turn the blade at a rapid speed to cut the piece of wood you’re working with — this should give you an idea of how crucial this little piece of equipment is!
If you wish to be able to cut through a variety of materials, the motor’s power and strength are crucial.
Some devices assess the motor’s strength in volts and amps, while others measure in horsepower.
Your blades will spin between 1500 and 3000 feet per minute with a 1-horsepower motor, so you can imagine how much time it will save you!


This function isn’t vital for portable bandsaws, but it is critical for stationary ones that are extremely hefty!
You’ll want to ensure sure your bandsaw and table are mounted on wheels that can be locked into place.
This means that your tool will be safe and secure when in use, but will be able to be moved out of the way when you aren’t using it – because, let’s face it, they are large pieces of equipment that take up a lot of room!


The blade you choose (or the one that came with your bandsaw) will decide the kind of materials you can cut through, as well as the type of cut you’ll get!
Some bandsaws will be able to cut through metal, but the majority will only be able to cut wood.
However, because there are many various types of wood, choose a blade that will be strong enough to work on a variety of them.
It’s also worth considering the blade width (which typically ranges from 5mm to 15mm), as this will have an impact on the neatness of the cut you end up with.

Construction materials

Whether you select a stationary or portable type will decide the materials used in the construction.
Because plastic is a lightweight, long-lasting material, it is frequently utilised in portable bandsaws.
However, because it is not the most durable of materials, aluminium and steel are frequently utilised to give stability and strength in the mechanism’s more intricate sections.

Height of Cut

The cutting height is determined by a number of factors, including the tool’s power and throat capacity.
The cutting height refers to the maximum material size that can be properly cut.
The larger the piece of wood (or other material) you can deal with, the higher the cutting height.
Obviously, machines with a larger cutting height of roughly 500mm will be more expensive, since they require more power and better blades, so think about how much height you actually need before investing!
If you use a portable bandsaw, the cutting height accessible to you will be limited (at the most around 300mm).

Vertical or Horizontal

This relates to the blade’s position in your bandsaw.
Some will have horizontal blades, and the saw (or material) will be moved towards or away from the blades to complete the cut.
Vertical bandsaws, on the other hand, have the blade positioned vertically so that you can easily move the wood (or blade) around to make precise cuts.


Bandsaws are powered in a variety of ways.
Because stationary bandsaws are massive pieces of equipment that demand a lot of power, they will need either mains electricity or an additional power source to work.
There are two types of portable bandsaws: corded and cordless.
In general, cordless bandsaws have less power than corded models, but they offer the advantage of being portable and safer because there is no trailing wire.

You must also consider the amount of power available.
Most home woodworking works will require a bandsaw with around 300 watts of power; but, if you have a number of high-level jobs to accomplish, there are a variety of larger models with far more power.

The Best Band Saws To Buy

SaleBestseller No. 1
Einhell TC-SB 200/1 Band Saw | Electric Bench Saw With 45° Tiltable Metal Work Table For Mitre Cuts, Parallel Stop, Dust Extraction | Bandsaw For Woodworking, Crafting And DIY
  • High performance Band saw with smooth tilting saw table from -4 to 46 degree
  • Parallel stop bar and jig for dust exhaust devices
  • Height adjustment for precise cuts. Rip fence for the execution of straight cuts
  • Ball-bearing guide for precise cuts
  • For sawing wood, plastics and other such material
SaleBestseller No. 2
Draper 13773 Two Wheel Bandsaw, 200mm, 250W, 230V
  • Maximum Cutting Height: 80mm
  • Throat Depth: 200mm
  • Cutting Speed: 15m/Sec
  • Blade Length: 1400mm
  • Table Tilt: 0-45°
Bestseller No. 3
Lumberjack BS254 10” Woodworking Bandsaw Professional Cast Table Solid Fence & Blade
  • Huge 6''/150mm Cutting Depth Capacity
  • 10''/254mm Cutting Width (Throat) WIth Free Circular Attachment
  • Precision Ground Cast Iron Work Table
  • Quiet Induction Motor 375W --- Mains Powered LED work Light
  • Integral Dust Collection Tray ---- Includes Floorstand
Bestseller No. 4
Record Power BS250 Benchtop Bandsaw
  • Designed for bench mounting
  • Dynamically balanced bandwheels
  • Cast iron tables and an induction motor
  • 120mm depth of cut
  • Bench or floor mountable
Bestseller No. 5
Lumberjack BS200 8" Benchtop Hobby Bandsaw, Red
  • 250W
  • Max cutting depth- 80mm
  • Robust guide Fence
  • Led worklight
Bestseller No. 6
FlowerW Metal Bandsaw 1000W Vertical Metal Bandsaw 0°-45° Metal Band Saw Metal Table Top Bandsaw Table for Metal for Cutting Wood Metal Glass Fiber Plastic, Blue
  • Versatile Metal Bandsaw: The BS-85Vertical Metal Bandsaw boasts aluminum-casting structure, environmental and practical design of low noise and low energy consumption. Compact for bench top use, heavy duty steel base, designed for dry cutting. Durable saws with adjustable cutting angles are ideal for bulk cutting. The Table Top Metal Band Saw can be rotated from 0°to 45°. Gear drives.
  • 1000w Powerful Motor: Powerful motor with big heat dissipation holes to extend machine life. Low vibration and noise for a quiet and high tension cutting environment. High performance, stability and low energy consumption. Soft start, variable speed knob.
  • Blades of High Accuracy: Your table top bandsaw for metal is fitted with a 1325x13mm, 0.65mm thick metal blade, variable tooth formation of 8-12 teeth per inch. Stainless steel smooth turning system. Adjust the blade tension by turn the handwheel before starting cutting. Sharp and durable. Move to ideal cutting position with our quick-positioning vise.
  • Large Cutting Capabilities: Fine grinding of cast iron vise offers possibility for profiles, flat bars or particular shapes to be cut. Circular @90°: 3.3"(85mm), Rectangular @90°: 3.3"x4.1"(85x105mm), Circular @45°: 2.7"(70mm), Rectangular @45°: 2.5"x2.9"(65x75mm).
  • Anti-slide Handle: The ergonomic handle is made with an on-off, easy operation with single hand. The benchtop bandsaw can perform most of the cuts possible with this machine, suitable for cutting wood, metal, glass fiber, plastic and other materials.
SaleBestseller No. 7
VEVOR 8 inch Benchtop Bandsaw 80mm Cutting Height Small Red Metal Tabletop Band Saw with Powerful Durable Motor for DIY Hobby Woodworking Cutting Craftsman
  • Superior Material: Using the high-quality silicon steel, our tabletop bandsaw is quite durable and super stable. With exquisite appearance and fine workmanship, it has been recognized on the market.
  • Excellent Motor: Different from other products on the market, our bandsaw for woodworking adopts high-power silicon steel motor with low noise as well as high efficiency.
  • Easy-control Switch: Equipped with a one-button protection switch, the metal bandsaw will automatically power off in the event of an emergency, ensuring your security.
  • Accurate Measuring: The accurate ruler and adjustable angler are reasonably sized, which helps cut the shape more efficiently and precisely.
  • Sharp-edged Saw Blade: The sharp-edged saw blade's cutting motion is unidirectional and continuous, which makes the cutting speed faster. The narrow sawing path can reduce the loss.
Bestseller No. 8
Dirty Pro Tools™ Professional Band Saw 350w Motor 190mm Cutting Width Table Saw Bandsaw Bench
  • Max cutting depth 80mm, Max cutting width 190mm
  • No Load Speed ; 1,400rpm Table size 300 x 300mm, Table tilts to 45 No Load Speed ; 1,400rpm
  • Blade length/width/thickness:1425*6.35*0.3MM, Supplied with 6tpi blade and BS Plug
  • New Professional Band Saw 350w Motor
Bestseller No. 9
Draper 82756 200mm 250W 230V Two Wheel Bandsaw, 230 V, Grey
  • Each machine is fitted with a table tilting feature with 0-45°
  • No-volt switch
  • Supplied with a 5mm thick 6tpi blade
  • Each machine is fitted with a table tilting feature with 0-45°
  • No-volt switch
SaleBestseller No. 10
Silverline 441563 350W Bandsaw 190 mm 350W
  • Max cutting depth 80 mm and throat size 190 mm
  • 350W induction motor
  • Large, stable 300 x 300 mm table with T-slot track
  • Table tilts 0-45° for bevel cuts
  • Includes 1425 mm 6tpi blade, fence, dust extraction port and mitre cut guide

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