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How To Buy The Best Bat House

Best Bat Houses

Looking to buy the best bat house? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the right one for you.

Bats may conjure images of Dracula or black-clad kids listening to Bauhaus, but these furry flying creatures are much more.
Each night, a single bat consumes thousands of insects, and bats aid in the pollination of plants.

Bat populations are dwindling, and many species are threatened with extinction.
You may help bat populations by erecting a bat house on your property.
But first, you’ll need to learn what to look for in a bat home and how to pick the proper one for your neighbourhood bats.

Important factors

The advantages of having a bat house

Why should you buy a bat house?
There are numerous advantages for both the bats and you.
Here are a few examples:

Many bat species are threatened with extinction.
Bats have lost a lot of their native roosting locations and habitat.
A bat house on your property provides them with a safe and suitable roosting area.

Bats can be kept out of your attic with the use of a bat house.
If you live in an area with a lot of bats, a bat house is a good spot for them to sleep and can keep them out of places you don’t want them, like your attic or barn.

Bats are a natural pesticide that can be used in your garden.
Every night, bats consume a large number of insects.

Bats are pollinators
Bats are significant pollinators in some regions.
Pollinators such as the lesser long-nosed bat and the Mexican long-tongued bat can be found in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas for part of the year.

Guano from bats is a good fertiliser.
It also aids in the distribution of seeds.

Bats are incredible animals.
If you like bats, having some on your property may be a pleasant surprise.

Construction of a bat house

The box’s general design should create the type of environment that bats prefer.
If it doesn’t, they’re unlikely to move in, and if they do, they’re unlikely to remain long.

Draft-free: Because bats dislike draughts, your bat house should be well-built, with no holes (except the entrance).

Warmth: Because bats prefer a warm, humid atmosphere, a well-insulated bat housing is excellent.

There’s no need for a removable lid or front panel because the box won’t be opened (in fact, it’s illegal in certain regions to open a bat house once bats have moved in).

Dry: Bats don’t like to live in damp environments, thus joints should be sealed to prevent water from entering.


Because bats like small places, bat houses include numerous narrow chambers rather than a single huge chamber.
Bat houses range in size from one to six chambers.
The depth of each chamber should be between 0.75 and 1.0 inch.
While single-chamber bat houses are good if you don’t have a lot of space or are on a budget, studies have shown that bats prefer larger, multi-chambered bat houses.
You’ll need a bat home with at least four or five rooms if you wish to attract mothers with pups or encourage breeding.


Bats prefer huge bat houses in general.
Bats are particularly attracted to dwellings that have a chamber that is at least 20 inches tall and 14 inches broad.
A landing area of up to half a foot is also required.
If you don’t have enough space for a huge bat home, a smaller one will suffice, but bats will be less likely to enter.


The majority of bat houses are built of wood, however others are made of plastic that has been moulded.
Because bats are chemically sensitive, any wooden bat houses should be manufactured from untreated wood (though the outside can be painted or stained).
Though less popular, moulded plastic bat shelters are more durable and require less upkeep.

Surface with grip

To provide bats enough purchase, all surfaces inside a bat home should be grooved or scored.
It won’t be a place they want to stay if they can’t successfully grip the inside walls.
Alternatively, one-eighth- or one-quarter-inch square plastic mesh can be used to cover the inside.
However, because the mesh might break over time, some experts believe it is inferior to grooved surfaces.


Keep an eye out for the bat house’s colour.
Darker colours absorb more heat, making them ideal for places with cooler summer temperatures.
Black is appropriate for places with highs of less than 30°C in July, dark brown or dark grey for temperatures of 30°C to 35°C in July, medium brown or grey for temperatures of 35°C to 38°C in July, and light wood colours or white for temperatures of more than 38°C in July.

Find a suitable home for the bats in your area.
Although most bat houses are designed to attract a variety of bats, some are created expressly to attract specific species.
Check before you buy, and become familiar with the bats that inhabit in your area.
When you live in the Pacific Northwest, buying a bat home designed to attract endangered Florida bonneted bats is pointless.

Check for other bats in your bat house.
Other species may move in before bats get a chance.
Wasps are the most common offenders.
Check the bat home on a regular basis to remove any unwanted visitors (but you’ll have to wait until the wasp nest is empty in the case of wasps).

Decide when the best time is to erect your bat house.
While you may set up a bat house at any time of year, migrating bats are more likely to use it the first summer it’s up if you put it up before they return to the area in the spring.


Q: How many bats can a bat home hold?

A. It depends on a variety of things, such as the size of the bat home, the number of chambers, and the bat species you attract (different species have different roosting densities).
Manufacturers frequently overstate the amount of bats that their houses can accommodate, so don’t take anything you read at face value.
We don’t usually see more than 65 bats roosting in a single chamber.

Q. Where should my new bat house be placed?

A. A bat house should be put on a pole or the side of a structure high off the ground – at least 12 feet, but 15 to 20 feet is ideal.
Bats almost never use tree dwellings.
Predators can perch on the limbs of trees and wait for bats to exit their home, making trees unsuitable for bats.
Because bats prefer to be warm, a bat house should be placed in a sunny location.
If you live in a cooler climate, place your bat house in direct sunlight.
In hot climates, partial sun is preferable.

Q. How can I get bats to come inside my bat house?

A. Bats follow the insects, therefore creating a garden that attracts insects – particularly flying insects – will also attract bats to the area.
Bats, like humans, need to be near water, so a pond, water feature, or even a simple bird bath can help.

Best Bat Houses to buy

Bestseller No. 1
Wildlife World Chavenage Bat Box
  • Solid Timber Construction
  • Provides Habitat For Many Bat Species
  • Solid Timber Construction
  • Can Be Wall Or Roof Mounted
  • Easy To Install
Bestseller No. 2
Greenkey 695 Medium Bat Box - Natural Wood
  • 14 x 8 x 28cm approx.
  • Timber is untreated, as some chemicals can harm bats
  • Grooved "bat ladder" giving easy access to bats
  • Entrance slit is 20mm; optimum dimensions for bat species that favour living in crevice and tight spaces.
  • The entrance slit is located at the bottom of the box, so that accumulated bat waste can drop out or be pushed out as bats emerge
SaleBestseller No. 3
Wildlife World Original Bat Box OBB
  • No Maintenance
  • Solid Timber Construction
  • Can Hold Upto 40 Bats
  • No Chemical Treatments
  • Swing Panel On Base For Easy Cleaning
Bestseller No. 4
Nestbox Co Eco Bat Box with Cavity Roosting Chamber
  • Recycled plastic weatherproof shell to provide long lasting sealed protection
  • Wooden internal chamber to provide an attractive roosting space for bats
  • Self-cleaning design requires no maintenance
  • Black exterior designed to capture sun's heat with good insulation to keep the box warm
  • Grooved landing ladder makes it easy for the bats to use the box
Bestseller No. 5
Wildlife World CSVBB Conservation Bat Box, 14.0 cm*65.0 cm*35.0 cm
  • Made from FSC certified timber
  • Multi chambers to allow different bat species
  • Easy to maintain
  • Grooved climbing panel for easy access for bats
  • Approved by the Bat Conservation
SaleBestseller No. 6
vidaXL 4x Bat Houses 22x12x34cm Wood Outdoor Garden Habitat Home Box Station
  • Invite the children of the night into your garden with this set of 4 bat nest boxes!
  • These nest boxes are specifically designed as roosting sites for bats
  • The long landing pad ensures easy access
  • Each single-chambered house has ample space and will accommodate a dozen of your winged friends
  • Equipped with a metal hook, they are ready to be mounted in your garden.Delivery includes 4 bat houses.
Bestseller No. 7
Selections Pack of 2 Wooden Bat Boxes with Landing Perch
  • Set of 2 Roosting Wooden Bat Boxes
  • Dimensions: 12cm D x 15cm W x 34cm H
  • Sturdy Timber Construction
  • Great for placing on trees or under the eaves of buildings
  • Helps protect bats from predators
Bestseller No. 8
Selections Pack of 3 Wooden Bat Boxes for Roosting with Landing Perch
  • Set of 3 Traditional Bat Boxes with Landing Perch
  • Crafted from natural wood
  • Each measures L 12cm x W 15cm x H 34cm
SaleBestseller No. 9
vidaXL 2x Solid Wood Bat House Outdoor Patio backyard Porch Garden Wildlife Lover Gift Nest Nesting Roosting Box Animal Cage 22x12x34cm
  • Invite the children of the night into your garden with this set of 2 bat nest boxes!
  • With this lovely set of bat nest boxes, you can invite them into your garden by providing them with shelters.These nest boxes are specifically designed as roosting sites for bats
  • The long landing pad ensures easy access
  • Each single-chambered house has ample space and will accommodate a dozen of your winged friends
  • Equipped with a metal hook, they are ready to be mounted in your garden.Delivery includes 2 bat nest boxes.
Bestseller No. 10
Verdemax 5743 9 x 23 x 33 cm Bat Box
  • Made of imported pine wood
  • The grooved inner surface facilitates bats landing
  • It measures 9 cm length by 23 cm width 33 cm height

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