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Buying A New Bathroom Extractor Fan? We Can Help You Make The Right Choice

Best bathroom extractor fan

Looking for the Best bathroom extractor fan? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

It’s not a luxury to have a bathroom extractor fan; it’s a necessity.
It removes moisture from the air after a shower or bath, which could otherwise cause long-term harm, especially if your bathroom lacks an outside window.
An extractor fan is also a legal requirement if you plan to rent out your home.

However, with literally hundreds of different bathroom extractor fan types on the market, how can you choose one?
We spoke with a professional builder, who stated that all bathroom extractor fans perform the same basic function.
The key difference is that low-cost devices are more likely to break down and are louder.
As a result, it’s recommended that you always choose for a reputable brand and avoid the cheapest options.

Here’s our advice to picking the right bathroom extractor fan, as well as our picks for high-quality extractors that are economical, simple to install, and effective at removing stale air.

What factors should you consider while selecting a bathroom extractor fan?

What are the characteristics of an bathroom extractor fan that I should search for?

The average household bathroom extractor fan moves roughly 21 litres of air per second, which is sufficient for a medium-sized bathroom or shower room.
Look for a model with an overrun timer, which keeps the fan spinning for a certain period after you’ve shut it off, to ensure the room is well ventilated.

The exact time of the overrun is usually set during installation, with most fans allowing for a range of 30 seconds to 30 minutes.
You might as well go for the lower end of the range because the cost is so low: a fan like this uses about 8W on average.

A backdraught shutter is included with most bathroom extractor fans to prevent cold air from flowing in from the outside.
Windy circumstances can cause the shutter to clatter against the wall, so if your outlet is exposed to the weather, it’s probably best to leave it off.

Finally, if you (or anyone else in the house) is worried about forgetting to turn on the bathroom extractor fan, look for one with a humidity sensor.
When the amount of moisture in the air reaches a specific level, the bathroom extractor fan will automatically turn on.
However, this sensor may require cleaning from time to time if dust or grime accumulates, as this would reduce its efficiency.

What about the sound?

In a poll conducted by ventilation company Vent-Axia, 40% of respondents indicated that a noisy bathroom fan had woken them or their children up in the middle of the night.
Even the cheapest fans are normally extremely silent right out of the box, but as the motor bearings wear out – which happens after roughly two years with low-end models – the blades can start to oscillate against the main housing, causing an irritating noise.
A higher-quality bathroom extractor fan should last longer, but if you prefer quiet, you’ll need to fix or replace your fan at some point.

How do you fit a bathroom extractor fan?

A 100mm hole on the outer wall is required for most household bathroom extractor fans.
This hole will be there if you’re replacing a standard-sized bathroom extractor fan, and you should be able to install the new one yourself.
Take a photo of the old fan’s wiring for future reference before removing the front housing – and make sure you turn off the mains electricity before removing the old one’s front housing.

If you don’t already have a bathroom extractor fan, you’ll need to hire a professional to dig the hole and run the wires.
You must use a low-voltage SELV fan with a transformer or an AC-powered model that is IPX5-certified if you wish to put a fan in Zone 1 (the area within a shower or 2.25m above a bath) or Zone 2 (60cm from Zone 1).
Although the majority of our suggestions are intended for use outside of Zone 2, the layout of your bathroom may limit your alternatives.

Best bathroom extractor fan to buy

SaleBestseller No. 1
Xpelair C4TS 4"/100mm Simply Silent Contour Extractor Fan Timer Delay
  • Sleek, smooth facia can be easily be wiped clean for So Simple maintenance
  • The quietest intermittent bathroom fan on the market. They are ideal for bathrooms, shower rooms, cloakrooms and toilets. So Simple installation features enables the fan to be fitted easily in walls, ceilings and panels
  • Twist and Click fascia for So Simple installation and maintenance
  • Two speeds - 15 litres per second and 21 litres per second - selectable at install
  • Suitable for wall, ceiling or panel fitting. 2 year manufacturers guarantee
SaleBestseller No. 2
Xpelair 93225AW Bathroom Ventilation Wall/Ceiling Extractor Fan, 240 V, White
  • 4"/100mm traditional round grill style extractor fan with run-on timer
  • Single speed setting and operated by a remote switch, usually a lighting circuit
  • Timer; run-on time can be adjusted to suit installation conditions; from 30 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Part F Building Rags compliant, IPX4 Rated, wall or ceiling mounted
  • Finished in cool white corrosion free ABS plastic
Bestseller No. 3
Vents Silent 100mm (4" inch) Bathroom Extractor Fan with Run On Timer, Energy Saving and Quiet - Universal White Shower Wall Ceiling Mounted kitchen Moist Damp Control Long Life Motor
  • An easy to fit extractor fan finished in Brilliant White with a run on timer and back draught shutter.
  • Long life 240V saving motor, only 5.5W running Power. Live, switched live and neutral wiring connections.
  • An impressive 78 m3/hour extract airflow rate (22 l/s). low noise, only 26 dba) @ 3m distance from the fan.
  • Meets building regulations and backed up with a 5 year Warranty
  • Also available with pull cord, timer/pull cord, humidity sensor and PIR Movement Detector options. Also a larger 150mm 6 inch version.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Envirovent SIL100T Silent-100T Axial Silent Extractor Fan Axial 100 mm / 4 Inch Timer Model (White)
  • Extract Rate: Impressive 26 litres per second, 96 cubic metres per hour. This is one of the highest extraction rates for any 4" axial fan.
  • Sound output: 26.5 dB (A) @ 3 metres. This is one of the quietest fans in the market. Awarded Quiet Mark award 2013.
  • Sound output: 26.5 dB (A) @ 3 metres. Power Consumption: 8 watts
  • IP45 rated. Mains 230/240V AC. Please see Product Information section for important electrical connection requirements. CE approved.
  • Dimensions: 158mm wide x 158mm high. Spigot is 99mm diameter (for connection to 100mm ducting) and projects for 80mm beyond installed surface.
Bestseller No. 5
Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan with Timer for 4"/100mm Duct
  • Quiet Operation at 27dB. Note: Product is tested in an anechoic chamber to a recognized standard.
  • Timer over run, backdraught shutter
  • Unique turning vane technology
  • IP Rating: IP44
Bestseller No. 6
Complete Kit in White Colour- High Power Shower Extractor Fan Kit with Timer for Bathroom, En-Suite, Wet Room, Utility Rooms, Workshop, Office, Warehouse, Shop Damp Mould Control
  • High power extractor fan which comes in Grey or White Colour that fits standard 100 mm or 4 " solid or flexible ducting.
  • High power extractor fan which comes in Grey or White Colour that fits standard 100 mm or 4 " solid or flexible ducting.
  • Used for extracting air from toilets, bathrooms, hobby rooms, sheds & workshops.
  • Up to 187 m3/hour extract airflow rate with a high pressure mixed flow impeller.
  • Long life 240 v mains voltage 33 w motor. 36 dBA sound level at 3 m distance.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Knightsbridge EX004T LED Backlit Extractor Fan with Overrun Timer in Stainless Steel with Black Insert, 40.0 mm*156.0 mm*156.0 mm
  • Ideal solution for removing damp moist air, odours and airborne pollutants from kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.
  • Designed to be fitted into walls and ceilings and suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets
  • 100mm/4” size with a Profile depth of 40mm
  • Built-in over-run timer 2-30mins (adjustable)
  • Extraction rate of 90m³/hr and Low noise level of just 35dB at 3m
Bestseller No. 8
Blauberg UK 100 Quiet Style TH H Blauberg Calm Design Low Noise Energy Efficient Bathroom Extractor Fan 100mm Humidity, 7.5 W, 240 V, Brilliant White, 100 mm
  • Stylish designer bathroom, kitchen extractor fan in a UV resistant, Brilliant White finish.
  • Long life ball bearing 240 V energy saving motor, only 7.5 W running Power. Live and neutral wiring connections.
  • An impressive 90 m3/hour extract airflow rate (25 l/s). fitted with anti draft shutter.
  • German Engineered design with anti vibration mounts ensures low noise, only 26 dba sound level.
  • Comes with humidity sensor
SaleBestseller No. 9
100mm In Line Bathroom Extractor fan with Run On Timer 4 inch Loft Mounted Inline Shower Ceiling Powerful Ventilation Damp Control 100 mm Silent In-line Toilet Ventilator
  • High power extractor fan that fits standard 100 mm or 4 " solid or flexible ducting.
  • Used for extracting air from toilets, bathrooms, hobby rooms, sheds & workshops.
  • Up to 187 m3/hour extract airflow rate with a high pressure mixed flow impeller.
  • Long life 240 v mains voltage 33 w motor. 36 dBA sound level at 3 m distance.
  • Requires a live, switched live and neutral electrical connection. This is normally supplied from your household electrical lighting circuit. Please contact us by clicking on contact seller if there is any question.

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