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How To Buy The Best drain unblocker

Looking to buy the best drain unblocker? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

Hair, food waste, soap scum, and a dollop of unknown household filth clog up your plugholes in no time.
The greatest drain unblockers can dissolve and even digest obstructions where a plunger or a kettle of boiling water can’t, without harming you, your sink, or your plumbing.

Drain unblockers come in a wide range of goods.
Some are designed to unclog hair and grease-clogged bath and shower wastes, while others employ milder enzyme-based solutions to eat away at mould and filth in outdoor drains and waste disposal systems.
The greatest unblockers stick to your pipes’ walls and keep them flowing smoothly for months.

How do you pick the right drain unblocker for your home?

Is it really important which drain unblocker I purchase?

The majority of chemical drain unblockers use caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), which dissolves clogs without harming pipes.
However, caustic soda isn’t the best solution for all blockages, and it can be harmful if used on a toilet, garbage disposal, or other appliance that is prone to overflowing.
Choose the best one for the job to clear blockages effectively and safely.

Chemical-based drain unblockers are the finest way to clear solid clogs in your kitchen and bathroom pipes, including shower wastes and kitchen sinks.
Their caustic components generate gaseous heat, which dissolves blockages such as congealed fat, soapy hair, and even limescale.

To get the greatest results, consider using a plunger and hot water to break up the clog first.
After pouring a chemical unblocker, never use a plunger!

Enzyme-based drain unblockers, which are milder than chemical unblockers, can be used to clear partially blocked pipes and drains.
They contain bacteria cultures and concentrated enzymes that effectively breakdown organic items like food and mould, and will work indefinitely to prevent future build-up.

Enzymatic unblockers have one major drawback: they won’t eat through solid clogs.
To complete the task, they must be able to flow through the pipe.
If you wish to avoid chemical unblockers, use a plunger and boiling water to release obstructions before using an enzyme-based unblocker.

Never use caustic soda products on toilets or waste disposals; instead, use plungers and enzyme-based drain unblockers.

Is it true that a drain unblocker will harm my pipes and sink?

Chemical unblockers can damage stainless steel sinks and plugholes, so use caution while pouring.

All of the products we propose are liquid or gel-based.
They’re not only easier and safer to use than powder or granular goods, but they also work better because they adhere to pipes and ensure that everything is clear.
Powder unblockers can clump together, creating corrosion and aggravating blockages.
They can also be breathed in, so use a mask and goggles if you must use them.

PVC pipes, including shower and kitchen sink waste traps, are increasingly standard in the home for drainage.
All of the chemical and enzymatic unblockers we propose claim to be safe for all pipes, including PVC.
However, if you use the product frequently over a long period of time, some damage is inevitable.
Enzyme-based unblockers inflict less long-term damage, but keep in mind that they only function if the pipe isn’t completely blocked in the first place.

The best drain unblockers you can buy

Bestseller No. 1
Mr Muscle Gel Drain Unblocker 2 x 1 Litre
  • sink unblocker to destroy the toughest clogs in your drain
  • blocked drain cleaner for dissolving clogs caused by debris in sinks, plugholes and pipes
  • 3x more effective than bleach as a pipe unblocker based on hair removal in laboratory testing
  • cuts through standing water to unblock plugholes
  • mr muscle drain unblocker is safe for use on all types of pipe
SaleBestseller No. 2
Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker, Sink & Drain Cleaner, Heavy Duty Drain Gel, 2 x 500 ml
  • Sink unblocker to destroy the toughest clogs in your drain
  • Blocked drain cleaner for dissolving clogs caused by debris in sinks, plugholes and pipes
  • 3x more effective than bleach as a pipe unblocker based on hair removal in laboratory testing
  • Cuts through standing water to unblock plugholes
  • Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker is safe for use on all types of pipes
SaleBestseller No. 3
Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker, Dissolves hair and sludge 300ml
  • Targets bathroom blockages and slow draining water
  • Dissolves hair and soap scum
  • For showers, baths and basins
  • The one shot plughole unblocker
  • Made in the UK
SaleBestseller No. 4
Draper 85630 Drain Unblocker 7.6 M Length
  • Robust construction, strong sturdy spring and flexible extension coil
  • Remove blockages fast and easily
  • Ideal for kitchen and bathroom sinks and shower traps
  • Effortlessly unclogs blockages from drainage pipes
  • Simple to use tool
SaleBestseller No. 5
HG Drain and Plug Unblocker, Effectively Removes Blockages & Cleans Blocked Drains Fast, for Blocked Drain Pipes in Sinks or Shower Traps (1 Litre) - 139100106
  • For every type of waste pipe: HG liquid drain cleaner & plug hole unblocker gets to work in under 30 minutes, getting the water flowing freely again
  • Targets blocked drains in the bathroom & utility: Unclogs drains which have hair, soap scum, toilet paper & other blockages
  • Tough on blocked drains, gentle on pipes: Plug hole unblocker rapidly unblocks drains effectively & does not damage plastic pipes
  • Easy to use: Ready-to-use formula, in large 1 litre bulk size, does not need to be diluted – meaning less chance of splashing. Simply pour in, leave & rinse
  • Best for your home: Blockages cannot be made worse by HG liquid drain unblocker, which can happen with accumulated powder or granulate products
Bestseller No. 6
Spear and Jackson - Heavy Duty Sink and Drain Unblocker Gel - 5L - Powerful Formula- Indoor and Outdoor
  • Clears fat and other deposits from sinks and drains
  • Clears soap and hair build-up from bathroom plugholes
  • Unblocks interior and exterior drains
  • Fast acting, powerful, ready to use formula
Bestseller No. 7
Forliver Drain Unblocker,6 Pack Sink Unblocker Tool,Plug Unblocker Tool with Easy Operation,Drain Hair Remover with a Multifunctional Combination,Reusable Drain Cleaner for Sewer/Kitchen/Showers
  • 🌻Package Included—①3 Pcs plastic multi-tooth snake drain unblocker tools are flexible enough to effectively clean hair out of the sink.②Red handle sink unblocker tool with spring claw design, press down the top, then four-grabber can quickly catch hair and solid residue blocked in the drain.③Blue handle sink unblocker tool quickly helps you clear blockages in your pipes. ④Flower shower drain protectors can prevent the pipeline from being blocked.
  • 🌻Easy to Operate—Just insert, rotate and easily remove obstacles. Drain unblocker is suitable for most bathroom drainage equipment without removing the drain plug.
  • 🌻Economic and Affordable Multifunctional Combination — 6 piece set, 4 styles, and a variety of sizes to choose from, suitable for all kinds of pipes and meeting various cleaning needs. Drain unblocker tools are suitable for kitchen sinks, washbasins, bathtubs, floor drains and other places. Easily help you clean up the sewer and solve the blockage problem. With this drain hair remover, you no longer need to call an expensive pipe cleaner!
  • 🌻Environmental Protection—Forliver sink unblocker is made of stainless steel and PP plastic, which is safe, durable, recyclable and flexible. Sink snake can clean blocked drain pipes more effectively. Discard hazardous chemicals.
  • ☎Satisfactory After-sales Service —24 hours online after-sales service: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If the drain unblocker has any quality problems, we 100% free replacement or refund.
Bestseller No. 8
HG Duo Unblocker, Extremely Powerful Kitchen & Bathroom Formula Drain Unblocker, Effectively Unclogs & Cleans Blocked Pipes Fast, for Unblocking Persistent Stubborn Drains (2 x 500ml) - 343100106
  • HG Duo Unblocker unblocks serious blockages in the drain: Ideal for use around the home in the kitchen, bathroom or utility room
  • High strength drain cleaner formula removes the blockage quickly & effectively: Try this first before calling a plumber! Ideal for persistent blockages
  • Extremely powerful 2-component technology: Plug hole & pipe unblocker for sink & drain blockages that need something ultra heavy duty
  • Safe for all drains: Effortlessly targets the blockage without needing a plunger. Simply pour in a measure from bottle A, then bottle B, wait & rinse
  • Easy to use: Ready-to-use formula, in 500 ml + 500 ml bottles, does not need to be diluted – meaning less chance of splashing. Single use application
Bestseller No. 9
Amtech S1895 Flexible Drain Auger & Waste Pipe Unblocker
  • Ideal Product: The Amtech Drain Unblocker is suitable for standard plastics, with 32 & 40mm waste pipes. Suitable for use with washing machines, sink/baths, drains, and dishwashers.
  • Pig Tail End: This drain auger comes with a pigtail end - for improved blockage clearance.
  • Easily Reachable: For improved access and to remove blocking from unreachable areas, this pipe unblocker is 5 metres in size.
  • Steel Body: Made with robust coiled steel, you can count on the pipe unblocker to be effective.
  • Cranked Handle: This Amtech waste pipe unblocker has cranked handle, to make handling blockages easier.
Bestseller No. 10
Spear and Jackson 2 x 500ml Heavy Duty Sink and Drain Unblocker
  • SPEAR AND JACKSON CLEANING PRODUCTS: Since 1760 Spear and Jackson has been selling hand, garden, contractors, agricultural, landscaping and professional tools from its base in the city of Sheffield. Their range of cleaning products are made to target tough stains, grease, grim and fat. Their Heavy Duty Outdoor Drain Unblocker is designed to clear any deposits that are blocking your sink, leaving it draining smoothly
  • HEAVY DUTY SINK UNBLOCKER: To tackle the build up on fats, foods, hair and soap residue in your bathroom or kitchen sink that is blocking your drains, Spear and Jackson's heavy duty sink and drain unblocker is specifically designed to instantly clear and dissolve the unwanted blockage quickly and efficiently
  • NO DRAIN SNAKE NEEDED: No need to waste your time with drain rods, this product requires no tools or equipment as it swiftly dissolves any build up. Ideal for the kitchen or bathroom sink, however this Heavy Duty Sink & Drain Unblocker works on exterior drains just as well. In comparison to other drain cleaners and unblockers on the market, this product has a powerful formulation that achieves results in rapid speed
  • BATHROOM CLEANING PRODUCTS: Spear and Jackson's fast acting, powerful and effective sink and drain unblocker liquid is perfectly safe to use on all pipe types. For the best results, pour the entire bottle of heavy duty drain unblocker down the plughole, leave for a minimum of 3 hours (preferably overnight) and finish off by flushing the drain with hot water for at least 2 minutes to completely free any blockages - it's really that easy!
  • SPEAR AND JACKSON: With over 250 years experience and continuous innovation, Spear and Jackson have built an enviable reputation with their market leading products that offer high quality performance tools to suit a wide range of needs. Whether you're looking to unblock your sink drain or a concentrated mould, algae and moss spray then shop Spear and Jackson range of versatile, effective and long lasting cleaning products

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