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How To Buy The Best Fireplace Tongs – Updated 2022

Best fireplace tongs

Looking to buy the best fireplace tongs? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the right ones for you.

On a cold night, there’s nothing like relaxing in front of a raging fire.
The correct tools are required to safely light and maintain a fire in your fireplace, and fireplace tongs can make the process much easier.

Fireplace tongs, like kitchen tongs, are composed of heat-resistant materials that allow you to handle hot objects.
They’re particularly useful for adding wood to a fire or adjusting the burning logs in a fireplace.
Moving the logs helps the fire keep its heat and reduces ash, making cleanup easier.
Tongs are included in some fireplace tool sets, however they’re generally fragile and poorly built.
You’ll need an individual set of fireplace tongs for the most robust and easy-to-use tongs.

Material is a major consideration.

Tongs for the fireplace can be manufactured of a variety of materials, some of which are more lasting than others.
Let’s take a look at some examples:

Although brass fireplace tongs are typically less expensive, they can be extremely hefty and difficult to use.
Although they’re frequently included in fireplace tool sets, the quality may be subpar.
Tongs should be purchased individually.

Coated carbon steel fireplace tongs are less expensive than brass tongs and last considerably longer.
They’re extremely durable, especially for the price, but rust must be prevented by using a powder or heat-resistant coating.

The best choice is to use stainless steel fireplace tongs.
They’re completely rust-proof and can be used indoors or out.
Stainless steel is equally as robust as carbon steel, and in some situations, it is much stronger.
There is no need for meticulous upkeep.
Stainless steel tongs, in particular, are more expensive than coated carbon steel tongs.


In addition to deciding on a material, you’ll need to decide on a tongs style.
Scissors and pinchers are the two most common styles.

For a secure grasp on the logs, scissor-style fireplace tongs curve inward slightly.
More hinges and a thinner overall construction are required in the design, which may cause performance concerns.
Pincher-style fireplace tongs have a thicker construction and fewer hinges, making them more dependable and requiring less maintenance.

Pincher tongs have the disadvantage of having to be fully expanded to grab a piece of wood.
Scissor tongs may be easier to use as a result, but they aren’t as sturdy or trustworthy.


Tongs for the fireplace should be long enough to properly handle burning logs.
However, if they’re excessively lengthy, they might make moving and positioning logs more difficult since they place too much weight on the tongs’ ends.

Tongs for the fireplace are usually between 26 and 42 inches long.
Tongs in this range are long enough to put some distance between you and the flames, but not so long that shifting the logs becomes problematic.

Rating based on weight

You’ll need a pair of tongs that are capable of lifting hefty logs or coals with ease.
Many manufacturers give their tongs a weight rating so you know how much you can lift.
A set of tongs that can handle at least 15 pounds is recommended in general.

If a manufacturer doesn’t list a weight rating for their tongs, it could mean they can’t handle a lot of weight.
It’s safe to assume that the tongs can only hold roughly 5 pounds at a time, therefore it’s best to stay away from them.


Tongs for the fireplace should have ergonomically constructed handles that are comfortable to hold and manoeuvre.
Most have one-size-fits-all handles that are meant to fit comfortably in most people’s hands.
If you have unusually large or small hands, you may need to shop around for a pair that fits properly.


Your fireplace tongs should be kept next to your fireplace.
If the burning or smouldering firewood changes in the fireplace or falls out completely, you’ll need rapid access to them.

Different tongs are appropriate for various types of wood.
Lifting and moving heavy logs or wood pieces is usually best done with fireplace tongs with rounded points.
Tongs with pointy points, on the other hand, are often better for handling tiny bits of smouldering fuel.
In a charcoal grill, shorter fireplace tongs can be used to transfer hot embers around.

Long fireplace tongs are required for a large, deep fireplace.
Your best bet is a pair that is 45 inches or greater in length.

Q: Why do I need tongs for the fireplace?

A. It’s natural for logs to shift and move about when a fire is burning.
There may be a reduction in airflow, greater smoke, or more ash depending on how they move.
You may reduce smoke and ash while keeping the fire burning evenly by keeping the logs in a tidy, compact pile.

Tongs are a crucial safety equipment as well.
If any chunks of wood fall out of the fireplace or against the fireplace screen, they’re a must-have.

Q. Do I need to purchase additional fireplace tongs if my tool set already has a pair?

A. Sets of fireplace tongs are typically constructed of brass and can only hold 5 pounds at a time.
It may be tough to shift burning logs around as a result of this.
Tongs purchased in sets typically do not last as long as tongs purchased independently.

Q. Should I use the tongs with any other fireplace accessories?

A. There are numerous tools that can help you manage your fireplace.
When it comes to handling hot logs, you may want to use your tongs in conjunction with a few other essential items.
A poker is a pointed implement for stoking the fire and moving wood that only require minor adjustments.
Fire-resistant gloves are useful because they protect your hands when picking up smouldering embers or throwing a wood into the fire.

Best fireplace tongs to buy

Bestseller No. 1
Heavy-Duty Cast-Iron Log Coal Tongs | Fireside | Fireplace | Chimenea | Firepit | Pizza Oven | Indoor Fire | Outdoor Fire | Coal Poker | Coal Tong | Log Burner |Log Tongues |Fireplace Tongs
  • These robust HEAVY DUTY CAST IRON LOG / COAL TONGS make keeping your fire side tidy just that little bit easier. Perfect for use with STOVES, WOOD BURNERS, OPEN FIRES and FIRE PITS.
  • They have been specially designed to feature a pincer type action to help pick up and MOVE any SHAPED LOG or BURNING EMBER and are finished in a HEAT RESISTANT these log tongs will be a much-needed accessory to the fireplace during the winter season
  • These tongs have been designed with a range of fires in mind from open fires too woodburning stoves. The WIDE-ANGLE REACH of the tongs allows them to be used in many ways and to perform a variety of functions, some people have even used these for cooking in pizza ovens too
  • Approx. 32 length | 12.5 inches the Tongs are supplied packaged in a protective sleeve and are ready to use on arrival with no assembly required.
  • There is no better accessory for your open fire than these log tongs. The pincer action allows you to grab and manoeuvre hot burning logs with ease and precision; no more kicking them or poking them with a branch.
Bestseller No. 2
Amagabeli Fire Tongs 26” Long Heavy Duty Fireplace Log Tongs Indoor Fire Tools Log Grabber Cast Iron Fire Pits Accessories for Outdoor Stove Long Logs Tweezers Firewood Tongs Campfire Tongs
  • Dimensions:Firewood log tongs measures 26” long. attractive and well-constructed. Rust resistant finish of fireplace tongs is useful for indoor fireplace, wood burning stove, outdoor backyard fire pit, bonfire, campfire, a boiler. Firewood tongs need two hands to manage it and concentrate the logs.
  • Strong and sturdy: Wood Grabber Heavy duty wrought iron firewood tongs are made from durable steel, new clean powder coat surface. most important, this fireplace tongs keep you 26 inches away and safe from the fire heat. but allows you to grab and maneuver hot burning logs. No more burns or feeling the heat when using your fire place or fire pit. Perfect for managing both indoor and outdoor fires.
  • Easily & safely:Exclusive Scissor design firewood grabber tongs allows the log grabbers to move up to thick logs, fire wood or coals easily and safely with impressive control. The design of the firewood clamps also grips small to medium sized logs perfectly.
  • Folds up for storage: The fireplace firewood log tongs fold up is compact and light enough to handle yet durable. Convenience storage when not in use.
  • Customer care:We are dedicated to provide premium products for you and offer impeccable customer care to you. Don’t wait any longer and just enjoy your ideal products today!
Bestseller No. 3
Onlyfire Outdoor Campfire Fireplace Tongs, 66cm Long, Log Grabber, Black
  • Measurement: 66cm long, heavy duty new clean powder coat surface
  • Scissor shape to facilitate handling the wood where you need it and keep the fire stocked
  • Steel log grabber for camp fires makes it easy to get a strong grip on pieces of wood
  • Heavy duty construction and black finish of strong, long lasting materials
  • Ideal for safely adjusting and picking up fireplace logs
Bestseller No. 4
Black Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Place Log Tongs for Indoor Fire/Fire Pits Accessories/Tongs for Outdoor Stove/Long Logs Tweezers/Firewood Tongs/Campfire Tongs
  • These tongs are made from natural cast iron making them ideal and the must accessory for any fireplace with attention to detail taken on them they make the surrounding of any fireplace look smart clean and tidy!
  • They have been specially designed to feature a pincer type action to help pick up and move any shaped log, log or burning ember! They are finished with a durable heat resistant matt black finish to add to the sleek and contemporary design.
  • These tongs have been designed with a range of fires in mind from open fires too woodburning stoves! The wide angle reach of the tongs allow them to be used in multiple functions. Some of our customers have used them for cooking in pizza ovens too!
  • Approx size 36cm (L) x 12cm (W) 14.25 inches x 4.75 inches
  • The Tongs come packaged in there own individual box keeping the protected and ready for use as soon as you receive them!
Bestseller No. 5
Amagabeli 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools Sets Silver Handles Wrought Iron Fire Place Tool Set Iron Log Holder Fire Pit Stand Fire Tongs Shovel Chimney Poker
  • Extensive practicability:Wrought iron silver fireplace tool set includes sturdy stand with gravity base, brush,shovel,tong and fireplace poker,one for each. Tool set is stylish for both modern home decoration and country fireplaces. The fireplace tongs help to safely place wood kindling and reposition logs while the fireplace brush features strong bristles to easily sweep ash and debris, conveying heat in a slow speed and avoid of burning fingers.
  • Ergonomic design:5 pieces fireplace tools sets with glue-bonded silver handle to avoid falling off during use. Ergonomic orb handles design makes it easy to pick up and fatigue free. Stable tripod base design makes it most sturdy for holding the entire tools.
  • Easy to assemble:Fire pit set 5 pieces easy to assemble, each tool has a firm handle with an orb a the top, only need to screw nut the silver handle to the gravity base tightly. The top support of tools set keeps your firepit tools neatly organized, matching with all wood-burning wood stoves and gas heaters.
  • Sturdy and durable:wrought iron fireplace tool set material, black iron fireset with silver handle, more solid than cast iron and is decently heavy, the top support keeps your tools organized, should last you a lifetime.
  • Customer care: We are dedicated to provide premium products for you and offer impeccable customer care to you. Don’t wait any longer and just enjoy your ideal products today!
SaleBestseller No. 6
Relaxdays Modern Steel Fire Irons. 5-Piece Fireplace Companion Set with Shovel, Broom, Poker, Tongs and Stand, Black
  • Fire irons set: 5-Piece set consisting of a broom, poker, tongs, shovel and stand - The tools can be hung from the stand
  • For a crackling fire: Use the tongs to safely place logs into the fire pit - A poker to fan on the flames for longer burning times - Shovel and broom for cleaning of the fireplace
  • Solid: Made of steel with stainless steel handles - Robust and durable fireplace set for everyday use
  • Modern: Black fireplace accessories in vintage design - The fireside tools make for an eye-catching decoration
  • Details: Poker length: app. 53 cm - Shovel length: app. 51 cm - Broom length: app. 53 cm - Bristle length: app. 6 cm - Tongs length: app. 53 cm
SaleBestseller No. 7
green county hardware Black Iron Scissor Coal Tongs 13" Fireside Fireplace Fire Companion
  • Our cast iron log / coal tongs will make keeping your side tidy just that little bit easier
  • They feature a scissor type action and have a durable cast iron construction finished in a heat resistant matt black
  • Perfect for use with stoves, wood burners and open fires
  • 32cm (L)
Bestseller No. 8
LIVIVO 5 Piece Fireplace Tools Set Accessories Steel Stand Includes Tongs, Chimney Poker, Shovel, Brush – Heavy Duty Modern Fire Side Companion with Handle for Easy Carry – Silver
  • 5 PIECE STEEL SET: The LIVIVO Fireplace Tool set consists of a Broom, Poker, Shovel, Tongs and a Rack. The tools can easily be stores in the stand. There is no need to assemble any parts, Just take out of the box and you’re ready to go.
  • STURDY & DURABLE: The set is made from a high quality stainless steel design to keep the set in good shape for a long time. The material provides elegance and fits well next to any fireplace. The tools are also made from a Sturdy design ensuring when cleaning your fireplace, they will not get damaged and stay in good shape.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: The rack has an attached stainless-steel handle which allows you to move anywhere you need to. Whether that is outside in your garden to your firepit and chiminea, or you want to take it away on your camping trip. The handle allows you to easily carry all the tools together without taking too much space.
  • SPACE SAVING: The stainless-steel design isn’t too big and looks elegant next to any fireplace. Even if you have an electric fireplace, the tool set would look nice as a display piece and for those with a burning fireplace, you will feel the satisfaction from cleaning and burning fire using the provided tool set.
  • DIMENSIONS: Case: 23x15x66cm | Tongs(54x10cm), Poker(55x8cm), Shovel(54x11cm), Brush(56x12cm).
Bestseller No. 9
1 X Epica Fireplace Tongs, 26" Long, Log Grabber
  • Great for fireplaces, grills and fire pits
  • Scissor action for secure grip
  • Folds for easy storage and transport
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Classic black finish
Bestseller No. 10
Log Grabber Fireplace Tongs Wood Fired Oven Tool Grill Camping Fire Pit Tool
  • Steel log grabber for Open Fires, Stoves & Camp Fires
  • Scissor action allows you to grab and maneuver hot burning logs
  • Also makes a great accessory for your fireplace/stove
  • Measures 5/8-Inch by 4-Inch by 26-Inch
  • Extra heavy duty, new clean powder coat surface.

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