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How To Buy The Best Flower Press Kit

Looking to buy the Best Flower Press Kits? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

The best flower press kits buying guide

Pressing flowers is a time-honored tradition for preserving both their beauty and memories.
With the help of a flower press kit, a bridal bouquet or other sentimental flowers can last for years after they’ve bloomed.
These kits are simple to use and produce pressed flowers that can be framed, used on stationery, or embellished with other crafts.
Flowers can no longer be pressed in telephone books; some flower presses now provide same-day results by using your microwave.

Do you wish to use a flower press that is more traditional?
There are several beautiful vintage flower press kits to choose from.
Do you need a press for your children?
We can assist you in locating a kit that is appropriate for small hands.
Larger kits can press a large number of flowers at once, while smaller kits are ideal for travel and hiking.

What is the purpose of a floral press kit?

Flower presses employ absorbent paper, platens, and pressure to flatten and dehydrate flowers by eliminating light and extracting moisture.
This technique can either fade or intensify the colour of the blooms.

By piling paper and drying plates accordion-style, the majority of flower presses can press numerous plants, including leaves.
The flower or foliage is placed on the pressing paper, and a drying plate (a piece of cardboard or other heavy material) is placed on top of it.
On top of that, another pressing paper can be placed, followed by another drying plate.
Other materials, like as sponges or wool, are layered in some presses.
This stack is sandwiched between platens made of wood, ceramic, or plastic.
Screws, clamps, or buckles are then used to compress the entire construction.

Important factors


Flower presses are often rectangular or square in design.
Larger ones offer a larger surface area, which is important whether you’re pressing a bouquet, a mix of leaves, or longer or larger flowers.
A large flower press can be 30 x 45 centimetres in size, while a little one can be 10 x 10 centimetres in size.

Classical design

A traditional flower press is designed to press flowers overnight, though depending on their moisture content and size, some blooms may take a few weeks to entirely dry out.
Traditional presses are typically composed of wood, such as plywood or fiberboard, and employ a few compression mechanisms, such as bolts with wingnuts or straps.
Some people may even employ the use of thick rubber bands.
Bolts can be made of plastic or metal.
On the outside of the press, wingnuts are tightened by hand.
A pair of nylon or cotton straps are wrapped around the press and manually tightened with a hook-and-loop fastener in the strap method.


A microwaveable flower press is a contemporary approach to flower presses that yields pressed flowers extremely instantaneously.
Microwave-safe polycarbonate or ceramic platens, as well as fabric liners and wool pads, are included with these presses.
Clips or rubber bands hold the press in place.
Flowers and greenery are dried by microwaving the press for 20 to 30 seconds in short bursts.
Repeat the technique until the blooms are papery and dry.
Flowers from a microwave press will keep their colour better if done correctly, and they can be pressed the same day they’re picked.


A traditional flower press with rubber legs or nubs can prevent scratching and damage to your countertops and furniture.


If you’re looking for a flower press kit for your child, seek for one that’s made for children aged five and older and doesn’t contain many loose pieces.
These presses are usually smaller, and instead of wingnuts, they use easy-to-grip plastic bolts and knobs.
They usually offer entertaining images and instructional instructions for your budding botanist.

Crafting add-ons

Many flower press kits come with craft materials for little or no extra cost.
Blank cards, bookmarks, and trinket boxes are examples of these items.
Tape, a brush, and adhesive may be included in some kits to help you attach your pressed flowers to your DIY items.


To press flowers, use fresh flowers or flowers that are still in buds.
Pick flowers as soon as they bloom for the optimum colour retention.

Put a flower in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator if you can’t press it immediately away.

Wait until the morning dew has dissipated before picking flowers from the outdoors or a garden (with permission, of course!).
The higher the probability of moulding in the press, the wetter the flower.

Larger blooms, especially those with a globe shape, might be sliced in half to make pressing easier.

The harder you screw the press or tighten the straps on classic-style presses, the faster the flowers will dry.


Q. This is the first time I’ve ever pressed flowers.
How difficult is it to utilise these kits?

A. Look for a kit that includes instructions and make sure you follow them.
The simpler kits are those developed for children, which some customers also appreciate for their elderly parents.
This isn’t to mean that pressing flowers is difficult; all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Is it necessary to replace the blotting paper throughout the pressing process?

A. To avoid flowers browning due to moisture, some experts advocate changing the pressing paper every couple of days.
Even if the paper does not appear to be damp, it has absorbed moisture from the blooms.
Check the instructions that came with your press to determine if swapping out papers halfway through the process is recommended.
The fabric liners that act as blotting paper in a microwave press will discolour and hold pollen from previous batches of flowers.
Between batches, they must be hand-washed and placed flat to dry.
Replacement liners are also available from the manufacturer.

Q. How can I extend the life of my pressed flowers?

A. Some pressed flowers are only good for a month, while others are good for years.
A properly pressed flower should endure five to seven years on average.
While all pressed flowers fade with time, lighter hues and older blossoms fade more quickly.
Keep framed flowers away from direct sunshine, fluorescent lights, and wetness while displaying them.
Using blotting paper, store pressed flowers in sealed plastic containers or sleeves.
A silica gel pack added to your storage container can protect your pressed flowers from moisture, which can cause mould.

Best Flower Press Kits To Buy

Bestseller No. 1
Berstuk Wooden Flower Press for Adults • This Large Flower Press Kit Measures 27.5 x 17.5cm • Great Gift For Anyone Who Loves Pressed Flowers, Arts and Crafts
  • SIZE MATTERS - Our stylish and professional flower press has plenty of space to fit large blooms and leaves. It is lightweight so you can take it out with you on your hikes or to your garden. Dimensions 27.5cm (10.8'') x 17.8cm (6.9'')
  • EASY AS 1-2-3 - Whether you're new to pressing flowers or it's already your regular hobby, our presser is very easy to use. It has all equipment you'll need including a manual and blotting paper.
  • LOOKING FOR A STURDY PRESS? Our plant press set is made of premium quality basswood to last a long time. Bolts, washers and wing nuts are made of original golden coloured brass. No flimsy plastic parts or straps which get stretched out and loose.
  • WANT TO BE UNIQUE? This adult flower press has a large flower design on top for you to customize. Simply paint the flower any colour you wish and turn the press into your unique piece of art.
  • MORE THAN A FLOWER PRESERVATION KIT - Our press is ideal to dry herbs, leaves, ferns and make pressed flowers for crafts. It is also a great instructional tool to introduce children into flower and leaf crafting.
Bestseller No. 2
Worown Professional Flower Press Kit, Leaf Press, Plant Press, 6 x 8 inch 6 Layers Nature Press Kit Including Instructions
  • Professional flower press kit: Come with all tools needed on flower pressing like brown press plate, lining paper, dry plate, sponge, tweezers, scissors, utility knife, introductions, etc.
  • 6-layers Flower Pressing Design: With Worown flower press, you can press 6 layers flower or leaves at the same time efficiently
  • High Quality Material: The wooden plate is extra strong and the professional drying plates can be recycled
  • Suitable Size: About 6.3 x 8.27 inch / 16 x 21 cm, easy to press & dry flowers
  • Widely application: Used for greeting cards, scrapbooking, menus, bookmarks, wedding invitations, or applied to candles and soap, art and decoupage projects
SaleBestseller No. 3
WANDIC Flower Press Kit, Wooden Art Kit Plant Press Book Flower Press Leaves Press Kit for DIY Art Handicrafts Specimens Outdoor Learning
  • COST-EFFECTIVE PACKAGE -- Containing drying plates, absorbent papers, hammer-shears, tweezers and an instruction, all tools for pressing and drying plants are included. (Color of tweezers and scissors are random.)
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL -- This drying plate adopts environmentally-friendly hard wooden board, which is exquisitely crafted and durable. Thickened absorbent paper makes it easy and quick to press and dry your craft plants.
  • GREAT COLOR RETENTION -- This kit keeps the original color of the specimen well. Double water absorbing material makes the great color retention and drying rate.
  • IDEAL FOR HANDICRAFT -- The craft kit can help make various handicrafts of the flower specimen to adorn cards and make framed art decorations, as well as DIY great gifts for friends.
  • WIDE USAGE -- This kit could be used to flowers, leaves, plants and bouquets, making specimens and delicate craft ornaments. It's widely used for decorating greeting cards, scrapbooks, menus, bookmarks, picture frame, room accessories, wedding or other invitations.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Aboofx Flower Press Kit, 6 Layers 6 x 6 Inches DIY Flower Pressing Kit for Adults and Kids Making Dried Pressed Flowers Leaves DIY Greeting Cards Crafts Gift
  • Package Include: 1 Flower Press Kit(Includes: 2pcs strap + 2pcs press plate + 20pcs lining paper + 5pcs sponge + 5pcs dry plate) , 2pcs eco bag, 1pc tweezer, 1pc instruction sheet, it a full flower press kit. And there is an extra bunus item: 1 pack dried flower sheet
  • High-Quality Material: The wooden plate is extra strong and the hook & loop straps will hold more pressure than you put on them! Drying plate and lining paper makes the great color retention and drying rate
  • 6-layers Flower Pressing Design: You can press 6 layers of flowers or leaves at the same time with this kit. It can improve your efficiency and create more of your own pressed flowers
  • Suitable Size: About 6 x 6 inch / 15 x 15 cm. Easy to carry, you can take it outdoors and make your pressed flowers at any time
  • Wide Application: Use for flowers drying, leaves, plants, and bouquets, ideal for making specimens and delicate craft ornaments. It's widely used for decorating greeting cards, scrapbooks, menus, bookmarks, picture frames, room accessories, wedding or other invitations
Bestseller No. 5
Gift Republic DIY Flower Press Kit, Multi
  • This DIY tin includes everything you need to get started creating your own flower press
  • Get flower picking and create some beautiful art
  • Show off your creations and decorate your home
  • Set includes front and back board, 4 bolts and wing nuts and instruction boklet
  • Comes delivered in a tin gift box
Bestseller No. 6
4M 4565 Pressed Flower Art Kit, Multi
  • The kit's 4-inch flower press will make attractive cards, bookmarks, trinket boxes, and more.
  • The kit includes a flower press, glue, brush and double-sided tape.
  • Detailed instructions for use and care are included.
  • Perfect for children interested in arts and crafts.
  • Recommended for ages 5 years and up.
Bestseller No. 7
Small Foot Company Wooden Flower Press Childrens Craft Kit
  • Flower Press
  • Made of wood
  • 4 wing screws
  • Drying flowers and leaves
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 4 cm
SaleBestseller No. 8
Flower Press Kit Art Set Dried Flowers Leaf Press Plant Tool Set Handicrafts Outdoor Learning 6 Layers Nature Press Kit Including Instructions
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL This flower preservation kit is made of ecologically sourced materials which is exquisitely crafted and durable. The outer boards are made from extra high-quality plywood designed to withstand the pressure of pressing flowers, and the absorbent paper makes it easy and quick to press and dry your craft plants.
  • JUST THE RIGHT FLOWER PRESS KIT It contains everything needed to make a keepsake out of any violet, lilac, or chrysanthemum. With instructions and information on the art of pressing flowers, 2 outer boards designed to withstand the pressure of pressing flowers, 2 black straps, 6 cardboard press plates, 12 paper press sheets, 2 ziplock bags, silica gel bag to help draw the moisture out of the flowers for a more effective press, and 1 glue brush and tweezer set for crafting.
  • AMAZING DESIGN A beautiful and classic wood flower press designed to preserve their beauty as well as memories. Engaging and aesthetically pleasing as it is fun to uses, that allows you to enjoy nature by exploring flowers and leaves and collect them and create beautiful objects, vegetable compositions, cards, or books.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Flower Leaf Press Craft Kits - WISHTIME Wooden Art Kit Outdoor Play Learning Toy Christmas Gift for Children
  • ✔Get creative with the beautiful wooden Flower Press
  • ✔Twist and unscrew the cute fasteners to release the long cardboard pressings and place your wonderful flowers, petals and leaves in each of the slots!
  • ✔Put the base back on and then screw the flower fasteners back on to flatten your favourites.
  • ✔Ideal for pressing flower, leaves & petals
  • ✔High quality wooden press kit with cute packing
Bestseller No. 10
Talking Tables Wooden Flower Press Kit for Art and Crafts Supplies or Card Decorations | Preserve a Special Memory | Creative Gifts for Her, Kids, Adults,Purple,TSFAIRY-FLOWERPRESS
  • With its pretty floral design, use this Wooden Flower Press by Talking Tables to preserve your favourite flowers or leaves and make a memory that lasts a lifetime
  • GIFT - This flower pressing kit makes a great creative kits for adults, a gift for crafting fanatic or as a flower kits for children. A lovely gift for remembering a special wedding, birthday, baby shower or day out
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - To assemble this flower press, feed the screws through the pre-made holes on the unprinted wooden panel. Layer a sheet of card, then a sheet of flower pressing paper and top with your chosen flower. Place another piece of paper on top, followed by more card and repeat the layers to press multiple flowers at once! Finally add the remaining printed wooden panel and use the washers and wingnuts to tighten securely. Leave your flowers in the press for 2-3 weeks
  • SIZE - 15cm x 21cm and includes a flower press, instruction, sheets of card and flower pressing paper
  • MIX & MATCH - Got the crafting bug? We sell many more creative gifts and crafts kits for kids including make your own Christmas cards and Easter masks. These can be found in our Amazon store

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