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How To Buy The Best garden sprinkler

Looking to buy the best garden sprinkler? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

It’s simple to keep your garden hydrated during the British spring and autumn, but after late spring arrives and the rain (sometimes) stops falling, things become more difficult.
It doesn’t take long in a hot summer for your lawn to dry out and yellow, and your border plants to look worn and thirsty.
Some may even give up the ghost if the dry spell lasts for a long time.

So, what are your plans for dealing with it?
You can get away with a watering can if you only have a small garden or a lot of drought-resistant plants, but that’s not feasible for most of us.
While a hosepipe is essential for bringing water to the furthest corners of your garden, refreshing the lawn and watering your beds and borders requires time and work.
If you have a lawn, beds, or a smallish garden that needs watering on a regular basis, a garden sprinkler can take care of it while you go on with something else – or simply sit back and enjoy.

What factors should you consider before selecting a garden sprinkler?

Sprinklers for the garden are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Which one you choose is determined by the area you want to keep hydrated.

Sprinklers that are permanently installed in the ground, generally on a spike, spray water upwards and outwards to cover a circular area surrounding the sprinkler.
They’re especially useful for providing water to a small, sun-baked section of lawn or a bed or border where you’re growing water-loving flowers, shrubs, or vegetables.

Water is sprayed from one or more heads or nozzles by rotary sprinklers, which may stick into the ground or sit on a base.
These rotate under the influence of water pressure, ensuring that everything within the sprinkler’s range receives some water.
You can adjust an arc so that the sprinkler sprays back and forth in a 180° or 270° arc, or they can work in a 360-degree circle.

Oscillating sprinklers rest on a ground base and saturate an area to the left and right of the sprinkler, which oscillates from one direction to the next under water pressure.
These allow you a little more control over where the water flows, so you don’t waste it on areas that don’t need it, and they cover a squarer area than a rotational sprinkler, making them especially useful for watering a square lawn.

Aside from the sprinkler type, the range is also important.
This will always vary depending on the water pressure at your home, however some have a maximum range, or radius, of only 3 to 4 metres, while others may fling water up to 20 metres or more.
Sprinklers with a greater range, on the other hand, may not water as well at close range, because adjusting the spray pattern for a larger radius can result in more water landing on the perimeter and less towards the centre.

Manufacturers will also discuss the square meterage of the area covered.
This provides you a decent sense of how much of your garden will be watered, but bear in mind that the spray pattern will affect the amount of water applied.
Furthermore, if your sprinkler is unable to water your entire lawn or garden, you may simply adjust it (you might want to turn it off first).

Is there anything else I should be on the lookout for?

Pay attention to the connectors.
Most sprinklers feature a 1/2in hozelock-style connector, but others only have a threaded inlet, which means you’ll either have to install your own connector or use a threaded brass or plastic connector to screw the hose onto the sprinkler.
A few include an outlet, allowing you to connect two or three to the same hose and use them simultaneously, as long as the water pressure is sufficient.

More expensive sprinklers may feature sliders or settings that allow you to alter the range or switch between different spray patterns, which can be useful if you want a finer, closer mist or to direct the majority of your water away from the grass and toward your borders.

The best garden sprinklers to buy

SaleBestseller No. 1
Hozelock 2972P0000 Rectangular Sprinkler 180m², Yellow
  • Material: Plastic. High performance Sled sprinkler
  • Connection Type: Male. Reaches a maximum area coverage of 180m²
  • Rotating sprinkler that can water a full or part rectangle.
  • Ultra even coverage due to water powered motor and 15 jets.
  • The sled design ensures stability on a lawn or border.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Garden Sprinkler - 5 Arms Sprinklers for Lawns with Automatic Rotating, 360° & Large Coverage Irrigation System for Farm Garden Lawns Plants Grass and Kids Water Playing
  • 🌱[5 Arms & 360° Rotation] 2022 Brand-new version features 5 arms with 20 built-in nozzles, creating fine, uniform, rain-like water spray to achieve scientific and efficient irrigation. 360-degree rotation gets the plants watered properly rather than flooded.
  • 🌻[High-Speed & Large Coverage] Each arm has an adjustable spray Angle. When the spray Angle is perpendicular to the ground, the sprinklers do not rotate. As the Angle becomes smaller, the sprinklers rotate and accelerate。 customize the spray angle and watering scope, covering yards with different scales. Turn right at 30° to achieve the largest coverage area for large yards.
  • 🍀[Durable Material & Stable Construction] Crafted with ABS material, the garden sprinkler stands out with lasting durability, good flexibility, and strong rust resistance, withstanding long-term summer sun exposure. Keep stable even under high water pressure, avoiding swing or toppling. Make sure each drop of water gets fully used.
  • 🌵[Easy To USE] Ready to use out of the box with no installation required. Come with a connector for the hose without a screw thread. Connect to a screw-threaded hose or work with the included connector to achieve instant irrigation. Support simultaneous working with several lawn sprinklers connected in series for large watering areas.
  • 🌴[Wide Application] Perfect for watering flowers, grass, vegetables, and any other plants. This powerful sprinkler achieves more than irrigation, sprinkling water on the dry and hot ground to cool down, or using it as water sprinkler toys for kids’ or pets’ entertainment to play with on the lawn or cool a trampoline in the summer days.
Bestseller No. 3
GRÜNTEK Oscillation sprinkler PRIMAVERA up to 336 m² / 3617 ft² Irrigation area, blasting width up to 21 m x 15 m, osillating sprinkler for lawn, plants, garden.
  • 💦 GRÜNTEK Oscillation sprinkler PRIMAVERA up to 336 m2 / 3617 ft2 Irrigation area, blasting width up to 21 m x 15 m, osillating sprinkler for lawn, plants, garden. 💦
  • 💦 IRRIGATION UP TO 336m² ➤ GRÜNTEK sprinkler PRIMAVERA is specially designed for medium-sized rectangular lawns and gardens up to 336m²/3616,67ft² at 4 bar water pressure.
  • 💦 DURABLE CONSTRUCTION ➤ Extra sturdy construction withstands even heavy loads thanks to high-quality flexible plastic
  • 💦 CLEANING TOOL INCLUDED ➤16 durable and powerful nozzles for effective steady irrigation, including nozzle cleaning plug
  • 💦 DIMENSIONS & SPECIFICATIONS ➤ Quick connection thanks to universal click system, dimensions: 42.5 x 12 x 7 cm, weight: 298 gr.
Bestseller No. 4
SolaDirect 16 Jet Nozzles Oscillating Sprinkler Watering for Garden Lawn Grass
  • Oscillating Black & Orange. Compatible with most popular brands. Hozelock Compatible. Gardena Compatible.
  • 16 durable nozzles.
  • Sliding tabs allow for simple range adjustment.
  • Needle plug for nozzle cleaning.
  • Coverage: 312 m² approx.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Hozelock 2515 0000 Multi Sprinkler 79m²
  • Easy to use dial garden sprinkler
  • 8 spray patterns to suit all needs.
  • Soft-touch, easy-grip adjuster ring means you can change the spray setting anytime
  • Maximum area coverage 79m²
  • Sled base mount to suit all surfaces.
SaleBestseller No. 6
WISDOMWELL Garden Sprinkler Adjustable water spray range Suitable for large areas of lawn Automatic 360 Degree 3 Arm Rotating Sprinkler System Sprinklers (1Sprinkler+4Connectors+2 Sprinkler Head)
  • 🌿Premium Quality Set: Three arms+4hose end connectors+2Hose Tap Connector+ABS plastic rotary lawn sprinkler, 360 degree rotating action without other auxiliary power equipment just by household water supply pressure.The three arms can Adjust spraying range. Twist the nozzles up and down from 3 to 5 outlet in order to adjust the watering pattern, 3 outlets modes the low water pressure can also be rotated quickly to achieve the desired spray range.Tandem mode is suitable for large areas of lawn.
  • 🌿Excellent water spray irrigation system:Excellent Water Sprinkler Irrigation System,Patented design of water-saving device can be targeted to save water most by adjusting the water density, size and scope.
  • 🌿Convenient & Easy to Use:Simply connect lawn sprinkler to hose connect water joint and turn it on. automatic lawn sprinkler head just need few seconds to install.Adjust the nozzles from 3outlet to 5outlet for the desired swivel speed and spraying angle to ensure the full coverage.
  • 🌿Large spray diameter distance:Using international standard hoses and water pressure, spray diameters up to 31ft - 48ft (note: water pressure for single product: Min 2bar, Max. 4bar, Sprinkler Tandem mode:Min 4bar)
  • 🌿100% Money Back Guarantee: Wisdomwell automatic garden sprinkler enjoys a 12 months worry-free warranty and 90 days money back guarantee.
Bestseller No. 7
ENJSD Garden Sprinkler, Automatic Garden Lawn Sprinkler, 360 Degree Rotating Water Sprinkler
  • 💦【Large Spray Diameter Distance】The spray diameters of this effective water sprinkler irrigation system is up to 24-32 feet under a water pressure between 2.5 and 4 bar, just by household water supply pressure. The irrigation spray 24-32 feet under a water pressure of 40 PSI, 36-49 feet under a water pressure of 60 PSI.
  • 💦【Premium Quality】This kinds of garden lawn sprinkler comes with 3 Arms,12 Built-in Spray Nozzles and made of high-quality ABS plastic, having automatic 360 degree rotation function, sprinkler for the garden will make a widely water coverage for house cooling,agricultural irrigation,garden bonsai,garden irrigation and the lawn irrigation.Spraying diameter is about 2-10 M. Ensure the water is clean without sand impurities to avoid stopping rotate.
  • 💦【Easy Installation & Use】Connecting the automatic garden lawn sprinkler to the water pipes, it will spray 360 degree constantly without other auxiliary power equipment. And you can adjust the garden sprinkler nozzles angle range from 15°to 90 ,the built-in nozzle having fixed angle from 45°to 90°that will spray more evenly and improve the spray effect.
  • 💦【Widely Use】Not only use on the lawn irrigation, but also house cooling in summer, Agricultural irrigation, Garden Bonsai,irrigation. If the garden or field is too big,you can connect several garden lawn sprinkler to expand the scope of irrigation, and also solve the problem of watering the plants and vegetables automatically.
  • 💦【No-Questions-Asked Refund & Replacement】If any problem of this item feel free to contact our customer service ,they will help your directly to replace a new.
Bestseller No. 8
WISDOMWELL Wisdom Garden Sprinkler Automatic Lawn Water Sprinkler 360 Degree 3 Arm Rotating Sprinkler System for Watering Your Lawn Plants Flowers Veggies and More (1Sprinkler and double-pass)
  • ✔Premium Quality Set: Three arms +European plastic double-pass+ ABS plastic rotary lawn sprinkler, 360 degree rotating action without other auxiliary power equipment just by household water supply pressure
  • ✔Effective Water Sprinkler Irrigation System: Patented design of water-saving device can be targeted to save water and time most by adjusting the water density, size and scope
  • ✔Long Spray Diameter Distance: Up to 26ft-32.8ft with international standard pipes and water pressure(2.5bar, Max.4bar)
  • ✔Easy to Use and Quick Installation: The lawn sprinkler equipped with a quick connect adaptor in seconds to start watering instantly. Adjust the nozzles from 15° to 45° for the desired swivel speed and spraying angle to ensure the full coverage
  • ✔100% Money Back Guarantee: Wisdom automatic garden sprinkler enjoys a 12 months worry-free warranty and 90 days money back guarantee
SaleBestseller No. 9
HTLY SPR Garden Sprinkler, Automatic Lawn Sprinkler 360 Degree Rotating 3 Arms Adjustable Water Sprinkler System Large Coverage for Garden Plants Lawn Watering Lawn Irrigation
  • 💦Effective Water Sprinkler System: Just turn on the household faucet, 3 rotating arms with spray nozzles of the lawn sprinkler automatically spray 360 degrees at a constant speed by the household water pressure.
  • 💦Large Spray Diameter Distance: You could control the distance sprayed by adjusting the water pressure, up to 26ft-32.8ft with International Standard Hoses and Water Pressure(2.5bar, Max.4bar). NOTE that the maximum water pressure cannot exceed 4 bar.
  • 💦Water-Saving: Effective and energy saving water sprinkler irrigation system can be control the spray range according to water density and water pressure. 2 spray modes: straight 90°spray mode or 45°spray mode, with 3 rotating arms and 4 nozzles different angles on each arm, 360-degree rotation to ensure the water evenly cover a wider range.
  • 💦Premium Quality: High-quality ABS plastic, ensure sturdy and long lasting. While saving water, our automatic garden watering sprinkler system can also meet your many irrigation needs in summer such as garden watering, lawn irrigation, greenhouse watering, house cooling, also can play with kids and pets in the cool garden sprayed with water.
  • 💦Easy to Use: The lawn watering devices with quick water inlet nipple joint, connect the two ends of the hose (not included) to the garden sprinkler and the faucet, and turn on the faucet to let you, your children and your lawn enjoy the happy summer.
Bestseller No. 10
LATERN Impulse Garden Sprinkler, 360 Degree Heavy Duty Impact Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Sprayer with Metal Spike for Watering Plants Flowers Veggies
  • [High quality] Made of high-quality zinc alloy, inserted into the core more firmly, professional metal pulsator sprinkler, with spike base with stability arms, compatible with 1/2" hose connector
  • [All-round Irrigation] Water sprinkler could achieve water spray from semicircle coverage to full circle coverage with angle 360 degree range. The maximum spray radius is 15m, and the maximum irrigation area is 530 square meters
  • [Adjustable] Can choose the width and area of the sprinkler, no additional auxiliary power equipment can be used for rotating spray, and the modular system can expand more spray heads
  • [Size] 28 x 11cm, with stainless steel ground spikes, so the sprinkler head has anti-rebound performance on the ground, using the adjustment ring on the garden sprinkler, can easily and accurately set the sector
  • [Applilable] Lawn sprinklers can be used for lawn, agriculture, nursery and grassland irrigation, and can be compatible with homes, gardens, yards, roads, greenhouse watering and cooling systems

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