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Buying A New Handgun Safe? Get Our Free Advice – Updated 2022

Best Handgun Safes

Looking to buy the best handgun safe? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the right one for you.

A handgun safe can keep your firearm out of the wrong hands and greatly reduce the risks of an unintentional shooting. It deters the opportunistic burglar while also allowing quick access if an intruder is discovered. Anyone who travels with a firearm will benefit from a portable safe.

Choose a handgun safe that bolts to a desk or nightstand and presents the firearm ready to grab and leave in the event of an intrusion in your home.

Important factors

Different types of security
Except for lockboxes, all handgun safes feature at least two entry points. The second is usually a backup key in case the primary system fails. Some have keypad/RFID or keypad/biometric combos, giving you a wide range of options.

A lockbox with a key is the simplest basic pistol safe. These are inexpensive and convenient, especially for folks who are constantly on the go. They’re also simple to hide in a closet, drawer, or beneath a vehicle seat.

On the negative side, access is relatively slow, and portability can be an issue. They may be difficult to break into immediately, but they may be taken away for a more calculated attack. As a result, several manufacturers include a locking steel cable that can be used to secure the safe to a fixed object.

Keypad access is available on more modern handgun safes. Even a simple four-digit keypad has 10,000 potential permutations, making guessing the code or hitting it at random nearly hard. Although most just require a four-digit code, others include an additional eight keys, bringing the total number of possible combinations to 100,000,000. Backlit keypads are available to make them easier to use in low-light situations.

On the negative side, access is relatively slow. A surprising percentage of users use the codes 1111 or 1234, which are far too easy to guess. People also write the code down and keep it in their purse, wallet, or even a drawer near the safe.

RFID: Some handgun safes include radio-frequency identification (RFID) in the form of a keyring, pad, or even a little adhesive sticker that can be stuck to almost anything. It’s not necessary to remember a code. The RFID chip is a proximity sensor, so it doesn’t need to be in close proximity to the safe to unlock it. The safe can only be opened by someone who has a tag.

The flaw isn’t in the safe, but in the RFID device’s security: it’s easy to lose or steal.

Biometric: The most advanced pistol safes scan fingerprints and store them in a memory chip. These provide one-touch access and complete security because your fingerprint is not shared with anybody else. The memory capacity provides for access by a few or dozens of users. It’s entirely up to you.

Many of these safes come with smartphone apps that give you access to user logs, tamper warnings, and the ability to unlock them through WiFi, for example.

On the other hand, low-cost biometric handgun safes have been chastised for their inconsistency in identification. It’s possible that it’ll require more than one effort, undermining the convenience they’re supposed to provide.

Features of a handgun safe

Hinges: To prevent manipulation, hinges are virtually always hidden.

Seams and doors are precisely fitting, so a pry bar or other effective lever will not fit into the case. Many handgun safe doors automatically lock when they close, so you don’t have to remember.

Steel thickness ranges from 16 gauge (the thinnest) to 12 gauge, which is the thickest that may be used on casings of this size.

Size: This varies a lot, from holding a single handgun to storing up to eight. Because there are so many different pistol sizes, it’s critical to double-check the safe’s inside measurements to ensure yours will fit. Some are built to hold a spare clip, while others may require you to check if there is room for more ammunition. Internal shelves are also available in some safes.

This is something to consider when it comes to firearm presentations. Handgun safes that are less expensive are merely a secure box that may be used to store other valuables. Some of these have spring-loaded lids, while others have gas struts for easier access. Many multi-gun safes allow you to stack your firearms one on top of the other. Rapid-access variants (typically for a single firearm) flip open or slide out, presenting your weapon in the ready position to you.

Many handgun safes come with a range of mounting options, allowing you to put them on a desk, inside a closet, or bolted to the floor, for example.

Batteries are required for all pistol safes except the most basic. These are frequently non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. Better models employ lithium-ion batteries with an extended life span that can be recharged in-place using a USB wire.

Padding: This is normally used to protect the firearm from damage and/or to keep it in the proper position. Because of the thickness, it’s usually removable if you need more space.

Internal lights are available in certain safes to help in low-light situations. On premium models, the brightness can be adjusted.
Prices for handgun safes

Steel lockboxes are inexpensive, costing between $20 and $30. These give minimal security, but we believe it is critical that you secure yours with a security cable, or a criminal will be able to walk away with the box and open it whenever they want.

Mid-range: There’s a lot to choose from in the $50 to $170 bracket. There are keypad, RFID, and biometric security options, as well as single- and multi-gun safes. We believe that the majority of gun owners will be able to locate what they’re looking for in this category.

High-end handgun safes can cost anywhere between $200 and $600. Some allow you to display your firearm quickly. Many people bring multiple firearms. Auto-opening and rechargeable batteries are available, and several include smartphone apps with online monitoring. These are versions with a lot of features for the serious gun collector.

Consider a biometric handgun safe that is activated by fingerprint recognition if you’re concerned that a keypad won’t provide enough security.


Q. Is it true that handgun safes are waterproof and fireproof?

A. Not the type of gunsafe we’re talking about. There are watertight and fireproof safes in which you can store your firearms, but these are larger, general-purpose freestanding or wall-mounted safes. The ones we’ve looked at in this article may provide temporary fire or water protection, but it’s nearly impossible to construct a sufficient water seal on a small door that needs to be opened regularly, especially one that’s moveable. In terms of fire resistance, the casing can withstand fire for a long period, but it can’t absorb or deflect heat, therefore goods inside will be harmed by that rather than by naked flame. If you require that level of danger protection, search for safes that have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent testing organisation (UL).

Best Handgun Safes To Buy

Bestseller No. 1
VEVOR Gun Safe, Q235 Steel Handgun Safe, 3-Way Access Firearm Case Box, 4L Gun Box, Advanced Biometric Technology Travel Gun Safe, Portable Design Pistol Gun Safe for handgun, Cash, Jewelry, Watch
  • Three-Way Secure Access: Our gun safe is equipped with trusted biometric fingerprint technology to achieve fast, one-handed operation. Fingerprint, passcode keypad, 28 individual fingerprints supported, which you can enter the gun box very safe and quickly.
  • Premium Q235 Steel: Our 20 kg high load capacity handgun safe adopts premium Q235 steel, which is sturdy and can be used for a long time. The pistol safe is dustproof, rust free, and corrosion-resistant. Professional appearance, protect your valuables from scratching or damage.
  • 4L Large Capacity: The 4L Large Capacity firearm case box can be widely used in storing pistols, ammunition, passports, cash, credit cards, mobile hard disk, watches, jewelry, etc. You can keep anything according to your own needs.
  • Reliable Pry-resistant Design: Our gun box has anti-theft protection. Features on the gun safe include a reliable high-strength locking mechanism and precise fittings that are virtually impossible to pry open with the hand tool.
  • Portable and Various Uses: The travel gun safe is compact and lightweight for use whether you're home or on the go. Its small size makes it easy to conceal under car seats, in spare tire wells, between mattresses, and other out-of-the-way locations.
Bestseller No. 2
SnapSafe® Keyed Lock Box, Large 75200, Portable Steel Handgun Safe & Case, TSA & CA DOJ Approved, Measures 9.5” x 6.5” x 1.75
  • MULTI-PURPOSE SAFE: Large (9.5”x 6.5”x 1.75”) Lock Box provides secure storage for handguns, jewelry, cash, medications, passports, tablets and more at home, on a nightstand, in the car or when traveling.
  • DURABLE & PRY-RESISTANT: Features heavy duty 16 gauge steel housing.
  • SECURE TO STATIONARY OBJECTS: Includes a 1500 lb. rated security cable for added protection. Patent pending, space-saving receiver/ connector allows maximum interior storage space.
  • SCRATCH PROTECTION: Includes four thick protective foam inserts to ensure security and protect your valuables from scratching or damage.
  • RECOGNIZED FOR SAFETY: Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines & approved as a firearms safety device by the California Department of Justice.
Bestseller No. 3
BOOSTEADY Pistol Rack Gun Holder for Handgun Safe Gun Storage Gun Safe Accessory, Gun Rack Gun Safe Organizer
  • The pistol rack holds and secures the full-size pistols perfectly. Each gun slot is 1.14”wide, fits a variety of pistols and revolvers.
  • This gun rack is designed for easy access. Positions 3 handguns side by side with enough spacing in between to grab one quickly without knocking the other off.
  • Helps organize 3 handguns on the shelf in the gun safe. A way to maximize space in gun safe. To keep your pistols upright and not laying on their side.
  • Sturdy and well constructed. The inside is made of dense closed cell and NON-ABSORBENT foam material that will not scratch your firearms' finishes. Does the job of keeping your pistols protected.
  • Overall dimension of the 3 pistol storage rack :9.5”Lx6.5”Wx5.3”H . It doesn't take a lot of space. Great space saver.
Bestseller No. 4
Farm Cottage Brands Padded Metal Combination Lock Case/bag for all pistols, including airsoft guns. Keep your pistol safe and out of sight
  • This pistol and accessories padded combination lock case is the ideal way to look after your pistol, air pistol or airsoft gun; keeping it safe and out of sight when travelling in addition to being out and about.
  • The combination lock stops prying eyes and youngsters getting in.
  • Internal dimensions are: Length: 38.5cm Width: 24.5cm Depth: 9.5cm. It will be large enough for nearly all pistols including the Gamo C15, GP20, P27, P900, PT85. Could also fit 2 smaller pistols
  • The outside of the case is made from aluminium with reinforced corners, solid plastic feet and a strong carrying handle making it tough enough to keep your pistol safe. The combination lock (instructions included) also ensures that this is an excellent place to keep your pistol.
  • A high density foam lining will stop your pistol from moving around when in the case as well as protecting against bumps and knocks.
Bestseller No. 6
HTUK® Portable Pistol Bag Medium Sized Portable Pistol Bag In Black Airsoft Pistol Case Safe And Secure Airsoft Soft Carrying Case
  • Portable Medium Sized Pistol Bag by Hobby Toys UK HTUK
  • A good size compartment that can hold an iPad, similar tablet or whatever else you want to put there. The main zipped compartment gives you quick access to your stored pistol and has webbing to secure your equipment, so your stuff doesn’t move around inside the bag. There is a carry handle on the bag and on the outside some velcro to attach id or moral patches. The bag its self is made of quality 900D Oxford Cloth to make it sturdy and long-lasting.
  • This soft carrying case has the space to fit almost any pistol Airsoft gun.
  • Key Features: Inside Pocket, Padded Lining, Inside Webbing, Medium Size. Size: 38 x 22 x 5cm . Net Weight: 0.360g . Material: 900D Oxford cloth
  • Includes: 1x Portable Medium Sized Bag
Bestseller No. 8
Phoenix Safe Company – FS1283K Titan Fire & Security Safe - Key Locking - Twin Locking Bolts - White Paint Finish - 36 Litre Capacity - 53kg
  • FIRE PROTECTION FOR PAPER STORAGE & DIGITAL MEDIA: This safe with key lock has been tested to the International NT Fire 017 - 60 fire test standard, at the Swedish SP Testing Centre providing 60 minutes fire protection for paper documents. This lockable storage box provides excellent protection for digital media - tested to MTC- DIP120 - 60DM test standard, providing 60 minutes fire protection for digital media, DVD’s, USB memory sticks & hard drives.
  • SECURITY PROTECTION & LOCKING: Recommended for overnight cash cover of £2,000 cash cover or £20,000 for valuables. A high quality fireproof safe with key lock and comes complete with two keys. The Phoenix Titan is designed as a home or office security safe for storage of cash, valuables and important documents.
  • CONSTRUCTION: This safety box is constructed out of a double walled steel body and door filled with multi layered fire resistant barrier material with twin live locking bolts and concealed hinges for extra security. Prepared for fixing to the floor or wall, bolts supplied for brick walls or concrete floors. This fireproof box is incredibly sturdy, drop tested from 9.1 metres for resistance to the impact of falling through the burning floors of a building or the collapse of the building.
  • DIMENSIONS & COLOUR: Outer Dims: 515 x 400 x 440mm. Inner Dims: 410 x 300 x 300mm. Weight 53kg. Capacity: 36 Litres. Finished in a high quality scratch resistant paint RAL9003 White. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye this small storage safe box won't look out of place in the home or in the office, this safe is also supplied with 4 internal key hooks, pull out drawer and height adjustable shelf.
  • UK BASED SAFE MANUFACTURER: Phoenix Safe Company is one of the oldest UK manufacturers of safes and security products and can trace its history back to Liverpool in 1799, supplying strongboxes to the maritime trade between England and the United States. Phoenix Safe are now a world leader, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of state of the art safes and security products to suit all requirements, from residential to commercial security and fire protection.
Bestseller No. 9
SMARTHIVE 34L Digital Keypad Safe Box Black Daul Protection,perfect for Home Business Office Hotel A4 Documents,14' Laptop Computers, Jewels Capacity 38*30*30
  • 【Security Safe Box】The digital safe is made of durable thick steel material, equipped with high secure keypad locking system and two strong locking bars (20mm diameter) to resist forced entry ; Provide great safety protection for your valuables;
  • 【Big Space Organizing】The removable shelf allows accommodating items cash, documents,, jewelry, 14” laptop, and more;The built-in LED light provides increased visibility so you can easily access your valuables in the dark;
  • 【Double Protection Security System】: Key plus code locking system offers double protection, even someone gets your code, it is impossible to access the contents of your home safe without the master key; Two override keys for manual access (Master key plus emergency key), and the smart keypad (with led display) allows you to program two different pin codes with 1-8 digits;
  • 【Smart Warning System】: Security Safe can keep max 14 opening records, and allows you to program your own code with 1-8 digits. Dial “*” before enter the code can active the secure display feature ( the code you enter into will not been shown on the screen) , Violent vibration or Three- incorrect entries can activate the alarm system by sounding;
  • 【Easy to Install】: 4 pre-drilled holes in the back and bottom with 4 expansion bolts, can easily fix the safe to the wall . Fashion and elegant color will perfect match the decoration style of home and office which make the safe become one of your fashion furniture;
Bestseller No. 10
SMARTHIVE Digital Safe,Money Safe for Adults Safe Box for Home Office Double Safety Key Lock and Password Safes,Black 34L
  • 【Safes For Home】The home safe is made of durable thick steel material, equipped with high secure keypad locking system and two strong locking bars (20mm diameter) to resist forced entry (total net weight 12.5kg);Provide great safety protection for your valuables;
  • 【Interior】: Security is the first function of a money safe, but the inner space is also important;The digital safe equipped with removable shelf, can load documents,laptop,cash and medicine;
  • 【Dual Alarm System】 For this wall safe, violent vibration or three- incorrect entries can activate the alarm system; The screen will show “ LO-BATT” when the battery is low;
  • 【Led Keypad】The safe box is protected with an LED-lit keypad that can be programmed with master and guest codes 3-8 digits long; Only enter your code and rotate the handle can open the house safe after successful setup; Pls keep your key in proper place but not in the electronic safe ;
  • 【Great for Home, Office, Hotel】The money boxes for adults both with fashion and security, will perfectly match the decoration style of your furniture and cabinet;Equipped 4 pre-drilled holes in the back and bottom for wall or floor mounting(comes with 4 expansion bolts), great for home, office, dorm and hotel;

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