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How To Buy The Best induction hobs

Looking for the best induction hob? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

Although induction cooker hobs have only been available for a few years, they have already transformed domestic cooking.
Anyone who has used an induction hob will tell you that it has completely altered their cooking experience.
This technology is ideal for the modern kitchen because it is efficient, quick, clean, and safe.

How do you pick the best induction cooktop for you?

What makes induction cooktops so unique?

Induction hobs are the most expensive to buy and install, but they’re incredibly efficient in terms of both speed and energy usage, saving up to 50% more energy than either gas or electric ceramic models.
With an induction hob, approximately 84 percent of the energy from the power source is directly transferred to the food you’re cooking.
Gas, on the other hand, loses about 60% of its heat energy due to the fact that most of it dissipates into thin air.

And what is the main advantage for many people?
Induction hobs with flat tops are very simple to clean; simply wipe them off with a damp cloth.

What are induction hobs and how do they work?

Induction hobs heat only the pot or pan itself, rather than the entire hob area.
An alternating electric current is passed through a coil of copper wire beneath the hob’s surface to power the process.
This produces a magnetic field, which causes an eddy current to flow through the pot on the stove.
The electrical resistance of the pot then generates a tremendous quantity of extra heat, which quickly heats up the pot or pan.

Indeed, the process is so effective that it may often boil water faster than a kettle, and the process stops the instant you lift the pan.
The heat from the contents will naturally make the pot or pan hot to the touch, but the hob surface will be no hotter than a radiator on full blast, so you can safely touch it without getting a third-degree burn.
As a result, if you have young children in the house, induction hobs are by far the safest alternative.

Current induction hob users agree that once you start using one, you won’t want to go back to gas or any other cooking system.
Indeed, we have yet to encounter an induction hob user who does not vouch for it.
If you’re a sceptic or a traditionalist, try induction; you’ll probably prefer it to gas and wonder why you didn’t switch sooner.
Induction cooking is, in a word, more environmentally friendly, safer, more efficient, and the goods themselves are significantly easier to clean.

Are there any disadvantages?

The most serious issue is that the magnetic induction technique only works with ferrous metals like iron and steel, so you’ll almost probably need to replace some, if not all, of your current collection.
Thankfully, determining whether your current cookware is compatible is simple.
Simply apply a magnet to the bottom of each pot and pan to see if it sticks; if it doesn’t, you’ll need to buy a new one.

It’s also worth mentioning that most induction hobs have a tougher ceramic glass coating, which has been known to fracture when a heavy pot, such as a Le Creuset, is dropped on it.
If you don’t tread carefully in this area, you can end up having to replace the entire device.
Some induction hobs can be scratched by moving rough-cast iron pan bases across the surface, but you can simply prevent this by placing a tea towel, piece of parchment, or, if you want something neater, a specific silicone guard between the hob and the pan.

To select individual cooking zones and their respective temperatures, most induction models employ touch-sensitive control panels.
If you have problems with touch-sensitive panels, consider a model with knobs instead.

Finally, persons who have heart pacemakers should consult their doctor first because the magnetic fields created by the devices may cause difficulties – it pays to be cautious.

Zones for cooking

Most induction hobs (at least the cheaper kinds) are made up of various-sized cooking zones that can be finicky about pots and pans being placed precisely within their respective cooking borders.
If you have a huge, oblong casserole pot, this can be an issue because it will most likely not fit within the ideal space.
Most newer mid-priced versions, thankfully, avoid this by having flexible zones that may be connected to make one large cooking area.
These are models worth looking for.

However, the latest industry buzzword is something called ‘FlexInduction,’ and it’s the new Holy Grail of cooking bliss.
Underneath the surface of FlexInduction hobs are a slew of sensors that sense the size and form of the pot above.
This implies that pots and pans of any shape and size can be placed almost anywhere on the surface.
Even better, when you slide a pan from one location to another, the sensors remember the heat setting of the pan and ‘follow’ it around the hob.
FlexInduction hobs are now at the top of the pricing scale (up to £4,000 in certain cases), but the technology will undoubtedly seep down the ranks in the not-too-distant future.

Are there any installation issues that I should be aware of?

Induction hobs (and other electric cookers) should be connected to their own ring main with the appropriate amperage and power.
As a result, you should compare the model’s power usage to your electrical supply first, as you may need to have your power rating boosted, which can be costly, especially if you live in an older home that requires a whole new ring main.

You’ll also need a carpenter to build a hidden platform for the unit, as well as possibly some more carpentry on your worktop surface.
Although most single induction hobs are built-in, you may still go the induction path by getting a range-cooker with an integrated induction plate.

The best induction hobs to buy

Bestseller No. 1
Tefal IH201840 Everyday Induction Hob, Black
  • Tefal's versatile high quality, portable ceramic hob with multi-cooking functions(User Manual- PDF can be found attached under Product Description)
  • Black ceramic plate: durable, scratch-proof, heat-proof and easy to clean. Suitable for pots and pans with base size 12cm-25cm.It works with pots made of iron (cast iron, stainless steel or enamel) with double bottom or magnetic induction materials with flat bottom diameter
  • 2 hours integrated timer with LED display control panel. Clean the ceramic plate using a damp soft cloth
  • 6 pre-set cooking functions (Manual, Heat Milk, Stew, Stir Fry, Deep Fry, Boil Water) and 9 power levels: from 450W to 2100W
  • Only suitable for induction compliant pots and pans with a base size of 12cm-25cm
Bestseller No. 2
AMZCHEF Double Induction Hob, Induction Cooker with Portable Ultra-thin Body, Independent Control,10 Temperature, Multiple Power Levels, 2800W, 3-Hour Timer, Safety Lock
  • 🍁【Fashion Look and Easy to Store】 With silver edge and black polished crystal glass surface, the AMZCHEF portable induction hob would fit your kitchen decoration as well as catch your eye easily. Slim body do not take up much room, easy to store up. With touch control design, it is simple to control the hob with a simple touch of a finger.
  • 🍣【Prepare Two Dishes Together At Ease】Equipped with two independent heating zones,the double induction cooker allows you to set each one separately or use them together to shorten cooking time.Let you enjoy more family time. It is also a nice cooking partner while having weekend party, festivals etc.
  • 🥣【Two Cooking Modes】Power Mode and Temperature Mode.The induction hot plate features 10 temperature levels, 9 power levels for left hob and 5 power levels for right hob.You could choose the perfect one for your cooking task. There is no stress for the hob from warming milk to stiring fry.Easily to make delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner for your families and friends.
  • 🍤【Timer and Safety System】Come with a countdown digital timer. Set the time from 1 minutes to 3 hours. The electric hob with two rings also features some merits such as a safety Lock, high temperature indicator and an Auto Safety Switch Off. Bring you peace of mind.
  • 🍛【Compatible Cookware】This electric induction cooker is compatible with cast iron, iron, enameled iron, stainless steel manufactured with a magnetic bottom.You can use a small magnet to test whether the cookware is compatible. If a magnet sticks to the cookware bottom, it should be compatible. One-year warranty and extra six-month warranty.Any problem,please contact us.
Bestseller No. 3
Bosch Serie 4 PUE611BB5B Induction hob, 60 cm, Black
  • TouchSelect: Selection of the desired cooking zone and easy setting of the desired power level.
  • PowerBoost: up to 50% more power for faster heating on your induction hob.
  • If you turn off the cooktop it saves the last selected setting for a short time. If the cooktop is switched off within a short time again the former settings are still available.
  • Timer with switch-off function: Turns off the assigned cooking zone after the set time.
  • The handy ChildLock locks the control panel to prevent accidental changes in settings.
SaleBestseller No. 4
AMZCHEF Single Induction Cooker, Ultra-thin Induction Hob with Fashion Look, 10-level Power and Temperature Control, Black Polished Crystal Glass Panel, Touch Sensor, 3-hour Timer, Safety Lock
  • ⭐【Potable and Stylish Design】Black polished crystal glass of induction cooker is attractive and stylish,being suitable for diverse styles of kitchen decoration.With sensitive large touch buttons, enhancing usability of single induction panel.Compact and lightweight with a thickness of just 2.17in (4.5cm) for easy transport and storage. AMZCHEF single induction hob is suitable for areas with limited space use.
  • ⭐【Interchange between Temperature and Power Settings】With 3 hours timer,10 power settings between 300W to 2000W,10 temperature settings from 60 ℃ to 240 ℃,AMZCHEF induction hotplate meets all your cooking needs.Especially the interchangeable function design ,could shorten the cooking time ,which will help you with reserve more spare time for what you interest.
  • ⭐【Efficient and Convenient 】You can quickly choose your desired power from 300 W to 2000 W,which meets your various cooking needs.Meanwhile ,this induction plate hob with 2000 W high power, fast heating speed, shorten cooking time. Makes busy people enjoy dinner as soon as possible after tired work.Prepare delicious meals every day!
  • ⭐【Safety Features】 Enjoy worry-free cooking with features such as child safety lock function(press lock Key into lock system;press and hold the lock Key 3 sec to unlock) to ensures absolute safe usage. AMZCHEF portable induction hob has over heating protection and auto shut down function(it will auto shut off in 1 min when it couldn't sensor pot).
  • ⭐【Easy maintenance and warranty 】 Premium crystal glass surface ensures excellent wear resistance and easy cleaning after use; we provide a 30-day returns policy and a 12-month warranty from the date of your purchase. Any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Bestseller No. 5
Daewoo 2000W Electric Single Induction Hob with Built-In Timer and Adjustable Temperature Settings, Automatic Switch Off and Overheat Protection, 220-240v 50hz Type G UK Plug, Glossy Crystal Glass
  • VERSITILE COOKING - This Daewoo single induction hob allows you to cook in a variety of different ways - you can either warm, steam or even fry your food
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE SETTINGS - With its adjustable temperature settings and controls, This single induction hob is ideal for making a huge variety of meals in any home kitchen
  • SAFE AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF - This single induction hob allows you to save energy and stay safe with its automatic switch off feature if left unused for 2 hours
  • OVERHEAT PROTECTION - This single induction hob has overheat protection built into it, which both preserves it and makes usage safe
  • LED INDICATOR LIGHT DISPLAY- The Daewoo Single induction hob has an LED light display and push button control so that you can easily see and set the functions you need
Bestseller No. 6
Cookology CIH602 60cm 4 Zone Built-in Touch Control Induction Hob in Black
  • Best Selling Induction Hob on Amazon
  • Touch controls, making the controls easier and more responsive
  • Hob Zone Timer - Helps you stay in control when cooking
  • Induction Technology: Heats and Cool almost instantly
  • Fits a standard kitchen cut-out, making it easier for your electrician to install
SaleBestseller No. 7
Aobosi Induction Hob,Double Induction Cooker,Portable Electric Induction Hob with Sensor Touch Control Black Crystal Glass Plate Multiple Power Levels and 10 Temperature Setting 4-Hour Timer 2800W
  • 🍛【Slim and Portable Design】Aobosi double induction hob offers a convenient cooking way which makes it brilliant for parties and holidays etc., Fast, energy saving and easy to clean.The outstanding design makes the portable induction hob not only suitable for kitchen use, but also easy to carry around.
  • 🍤【Adjustable Temperature and Timer】Aobosi double induction cooker with light and sensitive touch panel, except Power mode, you can adjust the temperature of the two hot plates independently between 60℃ and 240℃ easily. You can also set the 4 hour digital timer which turns the hotplate off automatically once cooking has finished.
  • 🍨【Energy efficient】Aobosi electric induction hob heats food by using electromagnetic induction cooking, so no heat is lost between the cooking surface and the pot which makes it highly energy-efficient and it also makes cooking a lot easier and faster. This not only saves you precious time, but also saves your wallet.
  • 🍕【Double Cooking Zone】Aobosi portable induction hob has two cooking zones which are independently controlled by two systems.This twin induction plate is compatible with cast iron, enameled iron, stainless steel, flat bottom pan or pot with a diameter of 12 to 26 cm.Place a small magnet on the cookware bottom.If the magnet holds, it is compatible.Kids safety lock avoids misoperation.Note: Do not let the pot touch the middle seam strip during use.
  • 🍰【Warranty&Service】Aobosi double induction hob is guaranteed for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing faults. Note: In order to use this and any other induction cooktop, you need to have the right kind of cookware.
Bestseller No. 8
Abode AINDH2002 Portable Double Induction Hob, Induction Cooker, Digital Dual Control 2.8kW– Plug In & Go, 10 Power & Temperature Levels, 3 Hour Timer, Child Safety Lock, Black
  • COMPACT & POWERFUL – This stylish portable induction hob fits neatly on the counter – ideal when you’re short on space or need extra cooking room for entertaining guests.
  • EASY TO USE – Dual touch controls and digital LED displays operate each ring independently to quickly move between the 10 power settings and cook multiple dishes.
  • LARGE COOKING SURFACE – 20cm hob ring accommodates larger pans sizes, works with any pan suitable for induction cooking.
  • INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY – Clever induction technology means quick heat up and cool down of your food. While the pan bases heat up, the hob surface stays cool. Quickly clean any spills and soon after pop it back in the cupboard for next time.
  • MULTIPLE USES – Great for when you need to extra cooking space for those big family gatherings, to cook side dishes for your BBQ outside. Great for camping, holiday lets, or as a quick temporary fix when you find yourself without a hob.
Bestseller No. 9
Karinear Plug in Induction Hob, 60cm 4 Zones Electric Hob with Touch Control, Black Vitro Ceramic Glass
  • 【9 Power Levels】 9 power level settings, it has a heating level from small fire to fast boiling, accurate and easy temperature changes at the touch of a button, boil, stew, fry, stir fry, switch from one mode to another as needed, making cooking easy and enjoyable. No need a hardwired connection.(This limits the power to around 3kW in total.)
  • 【Intelligent Timer & Touch Control】 You can set the timer for up to 99 minutes ( If the setting time exceeds 99 minutes, the timer will automatically return to 0 minute.) , Never worries for overcooking! Delicate touch control gives your better cooking experience.
  • 【Multiple Protections】 High safety performance, it can be used directly when connected to electricity, no worry about gas leakage. Our electric hob has some great protection features to ensure safety for your whole family like Auto switch off, Residual heat indicator, Over heating protection, child lock function.
  • 【High Energy Efficiency 】 With an 83 percentage energy efficiency rating, induction cooker is more efficient than traditional gas or electric stoves yet provides quick heat-up and faster cooking times.
  • 【Easy to Clean 】 Vitro Ceramic Glass Plate Design-More durable ,looks classic and elegant, bring the combination of stylish and classic for your kitchen.
Bestseller No. 10
Aobosi Induction hob,Double Induction Cooker With Max and Min Available Buttons For Temperature and Power Setting With Portable Induction Hob Keep Warm Function Black Crystal Panel 4-Hour Timer 2800W
  • 🧀【Dual Zones Heating Design】Aobosi professional induction hob is equipped with two independent heating zones that allow you to set each one separately using the LCD display screen.The maximum power of the left burner is 1800 watts, and the maximum power of the right burner is 1000 watts.This double induction cooker can save you a lot of time and electric bills.Note: Do not let the pot touch the middle seam strip during use.
  • 🍡【10 Temperature Levels Available】With the light and sensitive touch screen, you can set the temperature of the induction hob between 60℃ and 240 ℃. You can also set up a 4-hour timer to turn off automatically when the cooking completes.Push"Function" button,Max and Min button available about power and temperature for your selection.Very easy to operate.
  • 🍳【Compatible with Magnetic Cookware】Aobosi portable induction plate is compatible with stainless steel, enamelled iron or cast iron(12-26cm)which has a magnetic bottom. Black glass ceramic ensures easy cleaning and scratch-resistant.The twin induction hob will shut down automatically if no cookware in 1 min. Long press “+”and "-" at the same time,it will lock.
  • 🍿【Multiple Security & Keep Warm】Aobosi double induction hotplate has overheating, over-pressure and over-current protection.Different from other brands in market,not only that press "Function" button to convert between temperature and power, but ours also has a special Keep warm feature.It can keep your water or soup 80℃ maintained.
  • 🎀【Excellent Warranty Service】 Aobosi induction hob is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase and enjoy lifetime customer service.If you have any issue please contact us via amazon message.We will reply you within 24 hours.

Induction Hobs FAQs

Are induction cooktops safe?

These induction cooktops are, without a doubt, the safest kitchen gadgets you will ever use.

The fact that the cooking surface never becomes hot, only the pan, is what makes these cooktops safe, and this is made possible by the electromagnetic fields formed by induction cooktops.

Do induction cooktops save energy?

You can save energy with an induction cooktop, there is no wasted heat because the heat does not flow up from the burner around the outside of the pot.

Induction cooktops are energy efficient because they convert up to 90 percent of the electric energy into heat, whereas gas cooktops lose up to 60 percent of the cooking heat, making them only 40 percent efficient.

Are induction cooktops easy to clean?

Yes, induction cooktops are simple to clean since no food or liquid spills onto the surface; as you may know, the only section of the appliance that warms up is the area that comes into contact with the pot or pan. You should clean your induction cooktop on a regular basis to keep it looking good and working properly.

Can induction cooktops be installed over an oven?

You can install an induction cooktop in this manner, but you must exercise caution since you risk overheating and destroying the cooktop’s electronic components.

You don’t have to worry if the configuration is authorised or if the cooktop installation requirements specifically enable it to be fitted over an oven.

Does induction cooktop require special pans?

Yes, induction cooktops require induction compatible pots; induction-friendly cookware includes cast iron, enamel cast iron, and many types of stainless steel cookware, whereas aluminium, all-copper, and glass cookware will not function unless they include a magnetic layer on the bottom.

Can you use a wok on an induction cooktop?

If you have a wok with a curved bottom, it will not work on an induction cooktop. Instead, seek for a carbon steel wok with a flat bottom or a flat-bottomed enamelled cast iron wok. These options are ideal for anyone who wishes to cook with a wok on an induction cooktop.

How fast can an induction cooktop boil water?

You can boil water faster on an induction cooktop, in just 90 seconds. 2 cups of water can be boiled in 75 seconds, which is about the amount of water needed for a couple of eggs or a bag of ramen noodles.

How to cook rice in an induction cooker?

In order to cook rice in an induction cooker, combine rice and water in the cooktop until two parts water to one part rice is reached.
Toss in a teaspoon of salt and give it a good stir.
Bring the stovetop to a boil (on the highest heat setting), stir once to loosen the rice from the pan, reduce the heat, cover the pan, and continue to cook for 20 minutes (at the lowest or one but lowest setting typically).

The rice is done, and it will take 10 minutes to cook it; this is practically half of the gas cooking time, and 1600 Watts is fine for rice and veggies.

What material is better to cook with: stainless steel or aluminium?

It’s no secret that stainless steel cookware retains heat efficiently, making it ideal for meals that need a long time to prepare.

Although stainless steel is more expensive than aluminium, it is more cost effective because it lasts longer.

Acid, on the other hand, destroys aluminium and allows it to leak into food. Aluminium cookware should not be used for foods that are excessively acidic or salty.

What causes permanent stains on an induction cooktop?

Food spills must be cleaned on a regular basis.
Allowing any food to spill on the cooktop might result in permanent scars and pitting.
Cooking on a filthy surface for an extended period of time can result in lasting stains. Alternatively, if sugary spills are allowed to cool, they might stick to the cooktop, causing pitting and lasting stains.

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