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Looking to buy the best Lawn Aerator? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

In principle, maintaining your lawn should be one of the simpler components of your yard, but this is rarely the case!
It can be tough to get to the source of the problem, which can range from bare patches to yellow-looking grass or even sections that have perished completely!
A lawn aerator can be just what your lawn requires.
When was the last time you thoroughly vented and aerated your grass, if you think about it?
If you’re anything like me, it’s been a long time since you’ve done so!

Lawn aerators work by penetrating the compacted soil and creating holes that allow air and water to flow into the earth.
It will be caught up by the roots and used to make your grass bigger, bolder, and stronger because it will be able to drain deeper.
We understand that there are numerous fertilisers on the market that might help your lawn, but in order for them to achieve what they were designed to do, they must be able to penetrate deep into the compacted soil, which can be problematic if the grass roots haven’t been aerated in a long time!

What Kind of Lawn Aerator Should I Use?

Roller spike aerators, hollowed tine aerators, shoe spikes, and forks/rakes are some of the several types of lawn aerators available.

The most common type of lawn aerator is the roller spike aerator, which considerably reduces the amount of effort required.
They’re pushed across the grass, which causes the roller to spin and dig into the ground.
They come in both manual and powered versions, with manual models better suited to smaller gardens and electric/petrol models more suited to larger gardens.

Hollowed tine aerators are distinctive in that they are forced into the compacted soil around your lawn rather than being pushed along, allowing you to press the holes into the ground yourself.
As a result, hollowed tine lawn aerators demand a lot more effort than other versions, but they are also less expensive!

Spike shoes and forks are the cheapest of all the alternatives, but they’re best for much little gardens because they take a long time to use!

Width of Blade

Depending on the model, the width of the blade roller or strip is usually between 20cm and 40cm.
This is a significant difference, but greater isn’t necessarily better; for example, if you have a small garden, you may choose a narrower width so that you can access more difficult-to-reach areas.
Similarly, if you have a vast garden that is essentially one giant open space, the wider the blade strip width, the more area you can cover in one pass.


The blades, which are sometimes referred to as “knives,” are used to actually pierce the earth and produce the holes.
Grass aerators come with varying numbers of holes, but remember that the more blades you have, the more holes you’ll have in your lawn, allowing more water, air, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil.

Examine the materials used to make the knives, as they will need to be of good quality if they are to get through hard, compacted terrain.
If you know your garden’s ground has a lot of stones, you’ll need to buy powerful blades as well.
If you are working on softer terrain, this will be less of an issue.

Finally, consider the thickness of the actual; the thicker they are, the larger the holes they will produce in the ground – fantastic for the health of your grass, but not so much for the appearance of your lawn immediately after it has been done!

Powered Aerators

We’re guessing that a manual lawn aerator will be the best option for most homeowners.
Yes, you will have to push the aerator across your lawn, but they are less expensive and require little maintenance and upkeep.
However, if you have a larger garden, you may require assistance in moving the aerator from one side to the other – enter electric or petrol lawn aerators!

Electric aerators are less expensive than petrol aerators, need less maintenance, and do not require regular fueling.
However, you must be close to a power source, which can be challenging in larger gardens, and you must consider the safety element of the wire trailing across the lawn!

Petrol models are more expensive, not only in terms of the purchase price, but also in terms of maintenance and gasoline.
However, because they have a considerably longer lifespan, they will provide higher long-term value!
They’re also cordless, which makes them ideal for vast gardens!

Weight of a Lawn Aerator

You’ll be transporting your tool to and from your shed or garage, as well as around your yard, so make sure it’s not too heavy!
Harrowing tine aerators are lighter than roller spikes, however this is due to the fact that they must be lifted in and out of the soil with each movement, hence they MUST be lighter to be usable!
Roller spike aerators are heavier, but keep in mind that you’ll simply be dragging it along the ground, so you’ll be less tired while working.
Roller spike aerators typically weigh between 3 and 6 kg, with hallowed tine types weighing less and petrol models weighing more!

Depth of Penetration

The penetration depth refers to how far your blades penetrate the ground.
Most gardening experts recommend that a lawn aerator penetrate between 1 and 2 inches, but different models will go to varying depths, so make sure to double-check.
Some electric or petrol models will have changeable depths, allowing you to customise it to your own garden – after all, they are all unique!

Garden Dimensions

The size of your garden will influence the size of lawn aerator that is appropriate for you, as we briefly described above.
A larger lawn aerator is obviously better for a large garden because you can cover more territory in the same period of time.
A smaller lawn aerator, on the other hand, will work better in a smaller garden because it will be simpler to squeeze into tighter crevices and gaps.


Some lawn scarifiers will be pre-assembled or require no assembly at all (such as harrowing tine models).
This will save you a lot of time, but it may also mean that their storage options are limited.
Some will require piecing together, so check to see how tough or simple this is before you buy!

Consider how easy it is to store the lawn aerator, as they may be quite huge and take up a lot of room if they can’t be disassembled between usage!

What is the Purpose of a Lawn Aerator?

Now that you’ve learned about the many functions of a lawn aerator, you’ll need to know how they all work together to benefit your grass – after all, that’s why you’re buying one in the first place!

A lawn aerator’s job is to puncture holes into your lawn’s top few layers of soil using a rotating roller that spikes into the ground.
However, as we’ve shown, there are other options.
You’ll need to make enough holes in your lawn for air, water, and nutrients to flow into the holes and reach the grass’s roots.
Your lawn’s roots will grow even deeper into the soil as a result of aeration, allowing them to absorb more water and nutrients, and your grass will be in better shape than ever before!

If your lawn hasn’t been aerated in a while, water and nutrients will struggle to get through the compacted soil and will either sit on top of your grass, further hurting it, or soak down but only into the first layer of soil (nowhere near where the roots are that actually need it).

When you’re reseeding your garden, you can also use a lawn aerator.
Using a lawn aerator before spreading your seeds can greatly increase their chances of germinating.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Lawn Aerator

Maintain your lawn aerator by cleaning any soil from the knives after each usage and rinsing away any dirt or mud.

If it’s been a while since you’ve done this and your soil has become more compacted, use your lawn aerator twice.
If your soil is softer, you might be able to get away with doing it only once!

After lawn aeration, water your lawn.

For optimal growth, use a fertiliser after you’ve used your lawn aerator.

If you have a roller model, make sure to oil it, as well as any other moving parts, before storing it.

What’s the Difference Between Scarifiers and Aerators?

When it comes to lawn care, the terms aerators and scarifiers are frequently used interchangeably.

They are both there to assist you in creating a healthy and attractive lawn, but in very different ways!
Aerators, as we now know, poke holes in the soil to improve the amount of water, air, and nutrients absorbed by the roots, whereas a scarifier rakes away thatch from the lawn’s actual grass layer to promote new grass growth.

Manufacturers have now integrated the functions of an aerator and a scarifier, allowing you to complete both tasks in one go, or at the very least use one machine and adjust the settings.
They are more expensive than other aerators, but they are worth considering because they will save you time and money in the long run!

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How often should I aerate my lawn?

A lawn should be aerated at least twice a year, once in the early spring and once in the late autumn.
If you use more than this, you can end up doing more harm than good!

What kind of warranty does a lawn aerator generally come with?

Most aerators come with a 2-year warranty; if it’s less than that, you’ll want to double-check the parts’ quality to ensure they’ll endure!
Remember that you only use your lawn aerator around twice a year, therefore a 2-year guarantee only covers you for 4/5 uses!

How will I know if I need to aerate my lawn?

There are a few telltale signals that your grass needs to be aerated…

If your lawn is wet after a storm, if your soil is compacted to the point that you can’t drive a small object (such as a pencil) into the ground, or if you have thin grass sections.

Best Lawn Aerator To Buy

Bestseller No. 1
Walensee Lawn Coring Aerator, Manual Grass Dethatching Turf Plug, Core Aerating Tool, Garden Tool, Heavy Duty Aeration for Compacted Soils and Lawns to Prevent Lawn Run-Off and Soil Compaction
  • Perfect Function: The high-quality aerator can reduce soil compaction and dethatching your lawn while letting air, water and fertilizer get down to the roots zone of your yard. The build-up of lawn thatch inhibits the breath of the lawn and using this tool your lawn and turf will grow finer.
  • Ingenious Design: Our manual lawn aerator with foot bar provides an extra leverage. The “T” BAR handle is convenient to grip and provides a more comfortable stance while aerating. And the foot bar leverage can greatly reduce your back stain. The tool is much effort-saving and can make your garden work more effective.
  • Deeper Soil Penetration: Utilizing the foot bar on our lawn aerator tool will ensure deeper turf aerification, creating soil cores, on average, as deep as your index finger. This lawn tool does not clog. The soil cores can eject smoothly and will not break. The tool is designed to work on any type of turf.
  • Firm Construction: Our lawn aerator tool is quite sturdy. The material is from heavy-duty yet light steel. The sturdily welded tubes and bars are guaranteed a long-term use. Also, the color will make it easy to find on greensward.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Our product provides a one-year quality assurance and pursue 100% customer satisfaction. Rest assured that it would improve your lawn heath. If you have any questions and other problems with this product, please contact us.
Bestseller No. 2
Coopers of Stortford Outdoor Garden Lawn Spike Aerator Roller
  • Now is the perfect time to aerate your grass for a beautiful lawn.
  • Our Lawn Aerator measures 45cm (17¾ins) wide and makes approx. 184 neat holes per square metre - imagine making that many holes with your garden fork!
  • Simple to use (just push it), it will improve the quality of your lawn by allowing the grass’s roots to breath as well as getting the water off the surface to where it is needed most (this also helps to eliminate moss).
  • Measures approx 122cm (4ft) long and comes complete with a metal protection guard.
SaleBestseller No. 3
GRÜNTEK Lawn Aerator Shoes | Garden Grass Aerator Spiked Sandals | 4 Secure Adjustable Straps | Universal Size for all Shoes or Boots
  • 🌿 FAST and EASY ➤ Aeration of your lawn and garden. Aerator Shoes Loosens the soil and improves the penetration of water
  • 🌿 UNIVERSAL ADJUSTABLE SIZE ➤ 4 adjustable Velcro straps for A TOP comfort are adaptable to any size of shoe
  • 🌿 SAFE and EFFICIENT ➤ 13 safe steel nails per sandal drills into the earth, making looser lawns more porous - soils store more air, and rainwater seeps faster
  • 🌿 HEALTHY & EASY to USE ➤ Lawn aerating Shoes are an healthy and economical way to let the soil breath
Bestseller No. 4
Greenkey Rolling Lawn Aerator & Grass Spiker, Manual Rotary Garden Tool, Handheld Push Pull device for garden
  • EASY TO USE - The large 300mm (12") spiked roller quickly and easily aerates your soil. Just push the aerator over your lawn and it will loosen the soil beneath letting oxygen, water and nutrients reach the roots, promoting the growth of your grass
  • PROFESSIONAL LAWN CARE - Thirty 45mm (2") spikes provide deep and even aeration, giving you a greener, healthier lawn
  • COLOUR - Supplied in Green
  • WIDE APPLICATION - Using this Aerator will help your lawn to breathe, loosening soil to ensure the roots get adequate nourishment, water and air, thereby encouraging deep root growth resulting in a greener and more lush lawn
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Assembly is needed, but is quick and easy and it comes with a full fixings kit - see a comprehensive instructional video on the Greenkey website
Bestseller No. 5
Draper 83983 Rolling Lawn Aerator with 450 mm Spiked Drum
  • Hand pushed lawn aerator
  • Fitted with a galvanised steel drum
  • Total of 27 spikes
  • Hand pushed lawn aerator
  • Fitted with a galvanised steel drum
Bestseller No. 6
VonHaus 2 in 1 Electric Lawn Scarifier and Rake 1500W – Garden Aerator with 28L Collection Box, 10m Cable, 32cm Working Width, 4 Height Settings, 2 Interchangeable Rollers, Safety Switch
  • KEEPS YOUR GARDEN TIDY – Easy, convenient and efficient, this powerful 1500W 2 in 1 scarifier offers a quick and simple way to maintain a healthy, tidy lawn. Helping you remove dead grass, moss and thatch all the way down to the roots.
  • TOUGH ENOUGH FOR THE JOB – Made from durable plastic with a metal frame and distinctive grey, black and orange colourways, this handy tool effortlessly removes thatch, moss, leaves and other debris from your lawn.
  • TWO TOOLS IN ONE – The dual purpose drum features easily interchangeable aerating and scarifying rollers as well as a collection box, height adjustable handle and long 10m power lead. Some simple assembly required.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Packed with features: 4 Cutting Depths, 32cm Working Width, 28l Collection Bag, 9.9kg, 98dB Guaranteed Sound Level.
Bestseller No. 7
Swardman Professional Stainless Steel Hollow Tine Garden Fork Lawn Aerator
  • All Stainless Steel construction for long-term professional use.
  • Replaceable screw-in tines unique to the Swardman fork aerator.
  • 130mm (5.1 inches) tine depth.
  • Cleanly removes soil cores of 16mm tine diameter.
Bestseller No. 8
Draper DRA30565 Lawn Aerator, Light Green
  • Tubular steel construction
  • Five prongs 19mm diameter
  • Powder coated finish
  • Lawn Aerator
Bestseller No. 9
Osaava Rolling Lawn Aerator Garden Yard Rotary Push Tine Heavy Duty Spike Soil Aeration, Manual Rotary Garden Tool, Rolling Aerator New Desing Handheld Push…
  • 🌿FUN & EASY TO USE – Osaava Rolling lawn aerator makes it extremely easy to aerate soil yourselves! NO HEAVY AND EXPESIVE tools needed, aerate at least twice a month to maintain your lawn green and healthy Simply rolling the aerator and loosen the soil.
  • 🌿NWE design Rolling aerator – Comfortable HANDLE design and 5 rollers with 30 2-inch steel spikes for the best lawn aeration experience.
  • 🌿Easy to Assemble – instructions inside the box, only need to assemble several hardware.
  • 🌿100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SALES SERVICE - Osaava Rolling Lawn Aerator ensure a healthier and greener lawn and also come with a 100% money-back guarantee so buy with confidence, However we will always replace a faulty product. You will love yourselves for the decision of buying these when you see your lawn get greener.
Bestseller No. 10
garden mile® Garden Lawn Aerator Shoes Manual Lawn Aerator With 13x 5cm Spikes And Straps Universal Fit Lawn Aerator Sandals
  • LAWN AREATOR SHOES - Spiked aerator shoes use solid spikes to perforate the soil with small holes to let air, water and nutrients penetrate the grass roots which promotes deeper root growth. Bring more fresh and healthy air for your lawn by just walking in your garden or yard with these aerator shoes.
  • EASY TO USE - These Fantastic lawn care sandals are so easy to use, simply strap them to any pair of shoes and simply walk around your lawn. You can even do it whilst hanging your laundry out and do 2 jobs in 1.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Two straps help your shoes get a better hold. No slippage as long as the straps are tight on your shoes.
  • REUSABLE and DURABLE - 100% recycled shoe, made of durable ABS material with stainless steel spikes made for years of use.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - You can assemble these garden lawn shoes in one minute whenever you need them and get it cleaned effortlessly when you finish your work.

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