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How To Buy The Best Lawn Mower For A Small Garden

Best lawn mower for a small garden

Looking to buy the best lawn mower for a small garden? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for you.

If you don’t have the lawn to match, why bother with a big mower?
These tiny miracles can maintain your small lawn neat and tidy.

While some people believe that bigger is always better, this isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to lawn mowers.
A smaller mower may be more practical if you have a smaller lawn or an irregularly shaped garden.
These mowers are often smaller, lighter, and easier to manoeuvre.
Furthermore, if you have to deal with a slope or uneven ground, a smaller mower can climb up and down and into corners that a larger mower can’t.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest lawn mowers for small gardens, which includes both traditional electric and cordless mowers.
They’re inexpensive, cheery, and ideal for the task.

What is the best lawn mower for a tiny garden?

One of the most significant considerations when purchasing a lawn mower is the cutting width, which is the size of the strip you would mow if walked from one side of the garden to the other.
The larger the cutting width, the larger, heavier, and more expensive the mower is, which is good news if you only have a little lawn to mow.
While a medium-sized or bigger lawn may require a cutting width of 34cm to 44cm, a smaller lawn can get away with a cutting width of 25cm to 34cm.
As a result, your mower will be less expensive, lighter, and easier to manoeuvre.

You must also consider the type of mower in addition to the cutting breadth.
Rotary mowers, which use a rotating blade beneath the deck, are best for tiny lawns, but if your lawn is level, a cylinder mower can also work well.
The grass is chopped by a rolling cylinder made of sharpened blades that cuts the turf as it rolls across it.
Hover mowers are also excellent for small lawns.
On a rough lawn or one with sloping portions, you don’t get as fine a cut, but they’re easier to handle.

Is it better to choose electric, cordless, or manual?

Corded electric mowers are still the cheapest and most practical alternative if your lawn is within easy reach of your front or back door.
You should have enough cable to work with, but if not, an outdoor extension cable can be used.
Just make sure it’s approved for outside use, because damp gardens, rain, and electricity don’t mix well.
While you’re at it, connect the mower to the mains or extension using an RCD safety adaptor — cables can get cut by accident, and the consequences can be both unpleasant and devastating.

Although cordless mowers are more expensive, they are becoming more affordable all the time.
Furthermore, with a smaller property, one of the greatest drawbacks of a cordless mower – the typical 20- to 30-minute battery life – isn’t as much of an issue, as you’ll frequently finish mowing the lawn before it runs out of juice.
Because recharge times are typically under two hours, you can mow the front lawn in the morning, charge during lunch, and mow the back lawn in the afternoon.

In a small garden, manual push mowers are ideal, especially if the ground is flat.
You won’t have to worry about charging or power sources, and a good model will mow the lawn while remaining surprisingly simple to use.
If the lawn is rough or bumpy, if there is a slope, or if you like to keep the grass long between trims, the premise breaks apart, as all of these factors make the job much, much more difficult.
If you’re going to utilise a manual mower, you’ll need to cut the grass on a regular basis.

What else should you keep an eye on?

A grass collector is always useful since it allows you to gather the cuttings and place them directly on the compost heap or in a green bin.
If not, some mowers offer a mulching option or mulch plug, which finely chops the mown grass during mowing and disperses it on the lawn, where it will rest and degrade, returning nutrients to the soil.
If you don’t have either, you’ll have to scrape the grass up and dispose of it, or risk the lawn underneath being ruined.

Also, seek for a mower that allows you to select from a variety of cutting heights.
The lower the cutting height, the more grass the mower will remove, but you may find it simpler to cut a little higher on the first or last cut of the year, as the longer, thicker grass can be difficult to get through.

Finally, seek for a cylinder mower or a mower with a roller if you prefer the typical striped finish.
After mowing, this will press the grass down and give you the results you want.

The best lawn mowers to buy for smaller gardens

SaleBestseller No. 1
Einhell 3400257 GE-EM 1032 Electric Lawn Mower | 32cm Cutting Width, 30L Grass Box, 3 Cutting Height Levels | Corded Walk-Behind Lawnmower For Small To Medium Gardens, Red / Black
  • With the robust and manoeuvrable electric lawnmower GC-EM 1032, hobby gardeners achieve best mowing results on smaller garden surfaces.
  • Its powerful motor delivers high torque for strong draughts with higher growth.
  • The three-stage single wheel cutting height adjustment allows precise adjustment to meet individual requirements.
  • The supply cable of the GC-EM 1032 is protected against wear and tear by a strain relief.
  • The large, lawn-friendly wheels ensure effortless mowing even in difficult terrain conditions and with a volume of 30 litres, the grass box offers space for longer work applications.
SaleBestseller No. 2
RocwooD Electric Lawnmower Rotary Lawn Mower 1200W 32cm 320mm Corded 23L Grass Bag Garden Small Compact Lightweight Foldable Adjustable Height 10M Power Cable UK Plug
  • This RocwooD lawnmower has a lightweight chassis and is a very versatile 1200W corded electric lawnmower. Fitted with a 10 metre long reach power cable with a 3 pin UK plug the RWEM32 is the ideal electric lawnmower for smaller gardens.
  • The RWEM32 has a cutting width of 320mm. Featuring a quick-release 23L grass catcher with a hard lid, meaning you spend less time emptying the cuttings and more time mowing. Also equipped with a cable tidy to prevent the power cable from being pulled from the control panel.
  • With three cutting heights, ranging from 25mm for a smooth lawn to 65mm for cutting longer grass, the RWEM32 puts you in control over the finish of your cut. The height is adjusted by moving the axle to one of three positions.
  • Operating the mower couldn’t be easier, simply press the safety button and pull back the lever. With an ultra lightweight design of 7.5kg, easy to push around your garden, essential for hand push models to minimise fatigue and maximise manoeuvrability.
  • The handles fold down over the main power unit, which makes this compact lawn mower easy to carry and store in a garden shed or transport in the boot of your car. The RWEM32 is quick and easy to assemble, enabling you to get that all important first cut in no time at all. With no engine to service, maintenance is easy - no oil to check, no air filters or spark plugs to wrestle with, just plug in and go.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Bosch 0600885B70 Electric Lawnmower Rotak 32R (1200 W, cutting width: 32 cm, in carton packaging), Green
  • The Rotak 32 lawnmower is ideal for small and mid-sized gardens, height of cut 20 – 60 mm
  • Thanks to its grass comb, the Rotak 32 cuts effortlessly along walls, flower beds and lawn edges
  • Weighing just 6.8 kg, it is easy to steer around obstacles and transport. Handle type: Standard
  • Also suitable for tall grass thanks to its hardened steel blade and powerful 1200 W motor
  • Items included: Rotak 32, 31-litre grass box, cardboard box (3165140557450)
SaleBestseller No. 4
Flymo Hover Vac 250 Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower - 1400W, 25cm Cutting Width, 15L Grass Box, Ambidextrous Handles, Folds Flat, Orange and Grey
  • Compact and lightweight, this hover mower is ideally designed for smaller gardens so you can mow your lawn in comfort
  • Utilises a 1400 W motor so you can tackle gentle slopes and bumpy gardens with ease
  • Comes with a 25 cm cutting width and 11-31 mm cutting height, as well as a 15 Litre grass box to ensure a neat and tidy finish to your lawn
  • Equipped with a 10 m cable so you can cover the length of your lawn without an extension cable
  • Supplied with a metal cutting blade for premium cutting performance
SaleBestseller No. 5
Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower (Cutting Width 38 cm, in Carton Packaging)
  • Simple, quick and easy mowing of small areas
  • Convenient, tool-free click-adjustable cutting adjustment
  • Efficient cutting system cylinder with 5 helical blades curved in hardened steel
  • Stepless cutting height adjustment and 38 cm cutting width. Height of cut: 12 – 40 mm
  • Cylinder mounted & amp; oacute; on bearing & amp; agrave; maintenance-free balls
Bestseller No. 6
Flymo SimpliMow 300 Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 1000 W Motor, 30 cm Cutting Width, 30 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Comfortable to Manoeuvre, Foldable Handles
  • Utilises a powerful 1000 W motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease
  • Perfect for smaller gardens, the SimpliMow 300 has a 30 cm cutting width and 20-60 mm cutting height
  • With the Close-Edge Cutting Deck you can cut effortlessly along lawn edges to ensure a neat a tidy finish to the lawn with less trimming needed
  • Equipped with an easy to empty 30 Litre grass box with a tongue design that makes it easier to remove and dispose of your grass clippings
  • Weighing only 6.9 kg and equipped with ambidextrous handles, the SimpliMow 300 is easy to steer around obstacles and bring to and from the lawn - making your mowing experience more enjoyable
SaleBestseller No. 7
Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Electric Hover Lawn Mower – 1400 W, 25 cm Cutting Width, Ambidextrous Handles, Folds Flat, Orange
  • Compact and lightweight, this hover mower is ideally designed for smaller gardens so you can mow your lawn in comfort
  • Utilises a 1400 W motor so you can tackle gentle slopes and bumpy gardens with ease
  • A 25 cm cutting width and 11-31 mm cutting height ensures a neat and tidy finish to your lawn
  • Equipped with a 10 m cable so you can cover the length of your lawn without an extension cable
  • Supplied with a metal cutting blade for premium cutting performance
Bestseller No. 8
Excel 360mm Electric Lawn Mower 1500W/240V with 3 Adjustable Height
  • Design: Powerful 1500W motor with compact & lightweight design makes cutting the lawn effortless and quick with perfect results.
  • 3 Adjustable Cutting Heights: With 3 position cutting height 20/35/50mm makes it quick user friendly to make adjustments to put you in control over the finish and cut.
  • 35L Grass Collection Bag: Equipped with a 35L grass box with grass level indicator compacting the grass clippings for less emptying and longer mowing times.
  • 360mm Cutting Width: With an impressive 360mm cutting width this makes ideal for small to medium lawns.
  • 10m Cable: Equipped with a 10m cable so you can cover the length of your lawn without an extension cable.
Bestseller No. 9
Sprint 18V Lithium-Ion 37cm Cordless Lawn Mower 370P18V, up to 520 m2, Including 1 x 5Ah Battery and Single Charger, 5 Years Warranty
  • Powerful 18V Battery brushless motor technology for longer life, low noise & highest in class performance.
  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton 18V Lithium-Ion Battery System.
  • 1x Briggs & Stratton 18V 5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger included.
  • Run time up to 45 minutes*.
  • Soft-Grip handles minimise vibration and fold for easy storage.
SaleBestseller No. 10
LawnMaster 1500W 33cm Electric Hover Mower - Grass Collection Box, Adjustable Cutting Heights, for Small to Medium Lawns, 2 Year Guarantee (33cm Mower)
  • POWERFUL AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The hover mower floats on a cushion of air for mowing easily around curved lawns, sloping gardens and tight spaces
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM LAWNS: 33cm cutting width and generous 10m power cable makes this mower perfect for cutting small to medium sized lawns.
  • 1500W MOTOR WITH T-Drive (TM): Torque is automatically adjusted to maintain the blade speed even in tough cutting conditions such as wet or long grass.
  • HOVER WITH GRASS COLLECTION: Clippings are collected and compacted in the central grass box which lifts out conveniently through the top of the mower.
  • 4 CUTTING HEIGHTS: Use the supplied spacers and spanner to easily change the height from a very low 12mm for a fine summer lawn up to 33mm for spring and autumn cuts.

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