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Best mass gainer: Bulk up quicker with the best supplements

Looking for the best mass gainer? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

It’s critical to accompany any exercise regimen with equally well-considered work in the kitchen, but getting all of the nutritional support your body requires from your meals isn’t always straightforward.
That is why many people turn to pills, particularly mass gainers, when they need to gain muscle quickly.
They’re especially beneficial now that gyms are closing for the foreseeable future and many individuals are opting for home workouts.

Mass gainers are calorie-dense supplements with a high protein and carbohydrate content.
They’re made to assist you in gaining weight and, more importantly, muscle mass.
They’re beneficial for slender people who have a hard time gaining muscle, as well as those of all body kinds who workout really hard.
They can also assist anyone who is underweight and is having difficulty getting enough nutrition from their regular diet.

Below are our top selections for the greatest mass gainers on the market right now, but first, let’s go through the essential information you’ll need to choose the perfect supplement for you.

What is the correct way to buy the best mass gainer for you?

What distinguishes bulk gainers from protein powder supplements?

Both contain a lot of protein, but bulk gainers are more concerned with substantially increasing your calorie intake, so they also include a lot of carbs and some fats in each serving to help you achieve that goal.
Protein shakes, on the other hand, frequently advertise about how little they include except protein, with only a few grammes of carbs per serving.
Mass gainers are high in carbs and have a higher protein content than protein smoothies.

What are the calories in mass gainer supplements?

Mass gainers typically have 500 calories per serving as a minimum, but they can have much more, ranging from 1300-1500 calories.
If you’re exercising hard with the goal of bulking up, you’ll need a lot more calories than the 2500 calories for males and 2000 calories for women that the USDA recommends we consume each day, so keep that in mind when choosing your supplement.

What is the protein and carbohydrate content of a bulk gainer?

Any mass gainer will include a significant amount of both carbohydrates and protein, with the ratio between the two typically being 2:1 or 3:1, but this can vary, so make sure you choose a drink that meets your dietary needs.
In terms of protein and carbs per serving, you’ll normally get at least 40g of protein and 70g or more of carbs, with some servings having as much as 250g of carbs.

What are the best sources of protein and carbohydrates?

A combination of whey and casein protein is used by many bulk gainers.
Because the former is quickly absorbed while the latter takes longer, you’ll get a burst of protein after your workout and a constant supply of it throughout the day.
When it comes to whey protein, isolate is purer in terms of protein content and is also absorbed faster than concentrate, so search for muscle gainers that employ isolate or a blend of isolate and concentrate.

On the carb front, you don’t want a tonne of sugar in your smoothie, even if it does help you burn calories and replenish energy reserves after a tough workout.
Look for complex carbs like oat powder for added fibre and a longer-lasting energy boost, as well as some simple carbs to help you refuel.

Are there any bulk gainers that are suitable for vegans?

Yes, there are.
Non-dairy protein sources such as soy and pea are used in these recipes.

What else can be found in mass gainers?

Most mass gainers include a slew of other goodies in their max to help you train.
Many supplements will also contain a selection of vitamins and minerals. Creatine is a frequent added component that helps ensuring you have the energy to go through high-intensity workouts.

How much should I budget for a bulk gainer?

The headline price of a mass gainer is clearly vital, but it’s also crucial to look at the fine print to discover how many servings are included in each tub or pouch, as well as how large that tub or pouch is.
What appears to be a good deal at first may wind up costing more than other powders if you have to use twice as much in each serving and go through the tub faster.

In general, mass gainers cost approximately £10 per kilo and go up to £20 per kilo or more, and you’ll usually get a better deal if you buy in quantity.
A mass gainer’s serving size is normally 150g-250g, although it can be as much as 350g.
Even if you buy a 3kg tub, if you take the gainer every day, you can go through it in a couple of weeks.

Best mass gainer to buy

Bestseller No. 1
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Protein Powder High Calorie Mass Gainer with Vitamins, Creatine and Glutamine, Chocolate, 8 Servings, 2.73 kg, Packaging May Vary
  • CALORIE RICH PROTEIN SOURCE – the ultimate gainer powder which can be used post-workout or between meals
  • SUPPORTS SERIOUS SIZE – great for those aspiring to be bigger, for those who find it hard to gain weight / muscle, or for those on the go who have high caloric needs due to intense training
  • 1,255-1272 CALORIES per serving – when mixed with water
  • 50 g – 53 g PROTEIN per serving
  • 250 g+ CARBOHYDRATES per serving
Bestseller No. 2
USN Hyperbolic Mass Strawberry 2kg: All-in-One Mass Gainer Protein Powder for Fast, Effective Weight & Mass Gain
  • Quick and effective muscle mass: This amazing tasting mass gainer is for those who want to increase their muscle mass, but don't want to compromise on the taste of their drink.
  • Fast acting bulk powder: Our all-in-one mass and weight gainer is ideal for individuals who could struggle to gain muscle mass and who want a fast-acting, easy-mixing and effective formula.
  • Amazing taste, great results: Our mass gainer protein powder's new improved formula provides greater effectiveness and even better taste. Try 3 delicious flavours including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.
  • High Calorie Weight Gain: This super weight gainer protein powder contains a massive 60g of protein per serving.
  • A super mass gainer with BCAAs: The anabolic protein matrix contains high levels of natural Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and glutamine, which play an important role in muscle growth and repair.
Bestseller No. 3
Gold Tech Nutrition Extreme Mass Gainer Protein Powder High Calorie Mass Gainer with Vitamins, Creatine Monohydrate and Glutamine. 2.75 kg. (Banana)
  • No.1 MASS GAINER FOR FAST RESULTS | The ultimate weight gainer for skinny people
  • THE KING OF MASS GAINERS | Every delicious protein shake (blended with whole milk) contains an impressive: 53g Protein, 283g Carbohydrates, 3.5g Premium Grade Creatine Monohydrate, 3.5g L-Glutamine, ZERO Saturated Fats, ZERO Soy Protein
  • THE EXTREME NUTRITION FOR GAINS | We know what's needed to drive rapid and sustained weight gain - a big calorie surplus plus the protein and nutrients your body needs to build and grow. With us, you get it all in every shake.
  • YOU WANT RESULTS FAST | That's why each serving features the BEST nutrition profile for fuelling rapid growth and gains.
  • A MASS GAINER MADE TO ENJOY! | You want a protein shake packed with the perfect nutrition and active ingredients you need to put on weight, but you want it to taste great too. With us - you don't need to compromise!
SaleBestseller No. 4
Bulk Mass Gainer, Protein Shake for Weight Gain, Chocolate, 1 kg, Packaging May Vary
  • High quality Mass Gainer from a leading sports nutrition brand
  • Delivers more than 500kcal and 40g of protein per serving
  • Delivers 66g of carbohydrate
  • High in Protein which contributes to maintenance and growth of muscle mass. The perfect protein shake for real 'hard gainers', or for those looking to gain weight
  • Available in a range of flavours and sizes
Bestseller No. 5
PhD Nutrition Advanced Muscled Building Mass Gainer, 5.4Kg, Vanilla, For the Hard gainer, High Protein shake with Creatine
  • High Calorie Mass Gainer
  • 50g High quality protein per shake
  • 1,145 calories per serving
  • Only 6g Sugar
  • 100% recyclable packaging
Bestseller No. 6
Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Rich Chocolate 2943g - Weight-Gainer Powder + Carbohydrates, BCAAs and Casein
  • 52 g high quality protein per serving
  • Up to 243 g carbohydrates per serving, depending on flavour
  • Free from gluten
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Banned substance tested by “Informed-Choice” for athletes’ assurance and highest product quality
SaleBestseller No. 7
The Bulk Protein Company - SERIOUS GAINZ Whey Protein Powder 5kg - Weight Gain, Mass Gainer - 30g Protein Powders - Gingerbread
  • 30g PROTEIN PER SERVING TO HELP BUILD MUSCLE - Protein Isolate powder that contains 30 grams of high quality Protein per serving. A convenient and easy way to help you meet your daily protein needs. Use after training to quickly heal micro-tears in muscle tissues, which speeds up recovery, reduces muscle soreness and leads to stronger and bigger muscles over time
  • PUT ON SIZE AND GAIN MASS - With 468 lean calories per serving, Serious Gainz protein powder is ideal when BULKING. Use as part of a balanced diet to help add body mass and increase weight gain. Contains 81g of carbohydrates which will help your body absorb the protein within, turning it into muscle mass to help towards improving your overall body composition
  • PROTEIN SHAKE THAT TASTES GREAT - Add 3 scoops of powder to 400-500ml of water or milk and mix well to create a great tasting Protein Shake! Can also be enjoyed in smoothies, with oats or when added to a pancake mix. Protein powders don't have to be boring, so we made 10 different flavours for you to choose from
  • HIGH QUALITY WHEY PROTEIN - Whey digests quickly and is rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). One of these BCAAs, Leucine, plays a major role in promoting muscle growth and recovery after resistance and endurance exercise. When amino acids are digested and absorbed into your bloodstream, they become available for muscle protein synthesis, which is the creation of new muscle
  • EXCELLENT VALUE 5kg TUB WITH 40 SERVINGS - With up to a month's supply of high quality protein powder, we offer great value for your money compared with other brands. We recommend one serving per day to consistently meet your daily protein goal. Consume immediately post-training on workout days and between breakfast and lunch on non-workout days. Comes with scooper for measurements
Bestseller No. 8
1NE NUTRITION Bulk 4KG HI-Calorie Mass Gainer/Weight GAIN WHEY Protein POWD.
  • 1000+ Calories Per Serving - High in Calories for Maximum Effect
  • High Quality Blend of Pre-Digested, Rapidly Absorbed, Slow Release Proteins
  • No Unwanted Fat Build Ups, Low in Saturated Fat and Only Good Carbs
  • Designed to Increase Both Size and Power
  • Suitable For Vegetarian
Bestseller No. 9
Protein Works - Total Mass Matrix | Mass Gainer | Calorie Dense Weight Gainer | Protein Powder | Strawberries 'n' Cream | 2 Kg
  • WEIGHT GAINER: High calorie weight gainer, designed for anyone looking to bulk up and increase muscle mass.
  • CALORIE DENSE: Each serving contains is packed with almost 500 calories.
  • HIGH PROTEIN: Packing over 30g of premium grade protein per serving to aid the growth of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones
  • CARBOHYDRATE DENSE: Contains a massive 63g of carbs per serving in an innovative multi release carbohydrate blend
  • OPTIMAL FORMULA: Total Mass Matrix has been engineered with a cutting edge 2:1 carb to protein ratio to aid your body's recovery.
Bestseller No. 10
Freak Mass Gainer Protein Powder 4kg Weight Gainer & Mass Gainer by Freak Athletics (Chocolate, 4kg)
  • 33g PROTEIN PER SERVING TO HELP BUILD MUSCLE - Mass Gainer Protein powder that contains 33 grams of high quality Protein per serving. A convenient and easy way to help you meet your daily protein needs. Use after training to quickly heal micro-tears in muscle tissues, which speeds up recovery, reduces muscle soreness and leads to stronger and bigger muscles over time
  • PROTEIN SHAKE THAT TASTES GREAT - Add 2 scoops of powder to 400-500ml of water or milk and mix well to create a great tasting Protein Shake! Can also be enjoyed in smoothies, with oats or when added to a pancake mix.
  • COMMITTED - Freak Athletics is committed to providing you with the purest and highest quality products possible. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by making sure you have everything you need for a happier, healthier and stronger you!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - At Freak Athletics we are highly driven in providing you with the highest quality supplements available on the market. Using only the finest & high quality ingredients to create an advanced isolate protein powder that tastes AMAZING.
  • UK MADE - Our Isolate Whey Protein Powder has been manufactured to the highest standards in the UK. Safeguarded by the highest manufacturing and hygiene standards in the world. Our local manufacturing means you receive only the best.

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