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How To Buy The Best Rabbit Hutch – Updated 2022

Looking to buy the best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the right one for you.

An outdoor rabbit hutch may keep your pet secure from predators and shielded from the elements while allowing it to enjoy some fresh air, whether it’s as a primary residence or just a change of scenery from an indoor cage.

However, don’t presume that one rabbit hutch is better than another. You may wind up injuring your rabbit if you buy one with wire floors or limited airflow. It’s critical to pick your outdoor rabbit hutch wisely to avoid these problems.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you understand all of the important elements to consider when selecting a rabbit hutch that is both safe and comfortable for your pet. Check out some of our favourite outdoor rabbit hutches if you’re ready to buy.

When your rabbit is out in the open, keep an eye on it. Place it in the outside rabbit hutch if you can’t be there.
Important factors

Size and durability are the two most critical aspects to consider when purchasing an outdoor rabbit hutch.


When shopping for a rabbit hutch or cage, the usual rule of thumb is to choose one that is at least four times the size of the rabbit it will house, and the larger the better. While most indoor cages are rather compact, many outdoor cages are larger since most individuals have more space outdoors than they do indoors for a huge cage. For a rabbit weighing less than eight pounds, use a hutch that measures at least 24 x 36 inches. For a full-grown rabbit weighing more than pounds, get a hutch that measures at least 30 x 36 inches.

An elevated cage with a ramp leading down to an enclosed run is found in some outdoor rabbit hutches. This allows the rabbit to wander about and get some exercise while being safe from predators. If you plan to keep your rabbit in a cage for an extended period of time, consider one of these hutches.


Many outdoor rabbit hutches are made of wood and have a sturdy roof to keep out the elements. It’s critical to select a long-lasting wood that won’t decay or break down when exposed to moisture. If you live in a region where there is a lot of rain, you need always make sure the wood is treated, or it will absorb water and distort.

If the outdoor rabbit hutch you’re considering isn’t constructed of treated wood, you’ll want to apply a protective varnish before utilising it. Before you buy, read online customer evaluations to see how well a hutch holds up in the elements.
Floor in an outdoor rabbit hutch

Wire: A wire floor is used in certain rabbit hutches because it makes cleaning the cage much easier. The droppings fall through the mesh and into a removable and washable collecting pan. A wire floor, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable to a rabbit’s delicate feet and even create sores. As a result, it’s usually recommended to stay away from wire floors. Cover the mesh with a solid surface like a board or a mat if the hutch you’re interested in has one.
Solid: While a solid floor is more difficult to clean than a wire floor, it is more comfortable for the rabbit, hence it is the best option. You shouldn’t have to bother about flooring in the run if your rabbit hutch has one because it normally lays directly on the ground. If you observe a lot of droppings gathering in this location, you should clear it out on a regular basis.


At least one side entrance, ideally at ground level, should be included in your outdoor rabbit hutch so that your pet can simply climb in and out on its own. Top-opening doors aren’t ideal because they make getting the rabbit in and out of the hutch more difficult. You’ll have various access points if you need to clean the hutch or remove your rabbit because most outdoor rabbit hutches have many doors.

Larger doors are usually preferable, at least in terms of cleaning, because they make it easier to reach the hutch’s remote corners. When you open the cage to clean it or refill the food and water, your rabbit may be able to escape if the doors are too huge.

Like indoor rabbit cages, most outdoor rabbit hutches have metal mesh doors. Wire mesh is commonly used to encapsulate the runs. This is vital because it ensures that appropriate ventilation is maintained throughout the hutch. You may not be able to keep your rabbit in an outdoor rabbit hutch with a sturdy door and few or no windows for long periods of time, especially on hot days. Consider the environment where you live and how long you plan to keep your rabbit in the hutch before making your purchase.

To protect the rabbit from rain, hail, and other sorts of bad weather, most outdoor rabbit hutches include at least a partial roof. To keep your rabbit warm and dry in any weather, the roof should be robust and waterproof.

A complete roof covers some outdoor rabbit hutches with a run, while others have an open mesh roof. If you live in an area where it is frequently hot or rainy, a covered roof over the run may be a preferable option. Your rabbit will be able to walk around freely in the run without becoming overheated or wet.


The directions for assembling your outdoor rabbit hutch will most certainly be included, but some manufacturers make the process easier than others. Reading online customer evaluations will give you an idea of how simple a hutch is to assemble. Because you’ll probably only need to do it once, you shouldn’t base your entire decision on ease of assembly. It might help you decide if you’re torn between two different hutches.

If your cage has metal mesh around the doors, be sure there’s nothing sharp that could hurt your rabbit when it climbs in and out for your safety.

Price of an outdoor rabbit hutch

Outdoor rabbit hutches can cost anything from £40 to £200. The size and quality of the wood are the two most important elements that influence cost. A larger hutch and a hutch made of treated wood will cost more. Rabbit hutches with many doors and windows are also more expensive than those with only one.


Maintain the cleanliness of the hutch. Clean your outdoor rabbit hutch on a regular basis to ensure that it is a safe home for your rabbit.

Choose a hutch with sturdy latches. Rabbits – or predators – should not be able to unlock the latches on the outdoor rabbit hutch.

Keep an eye on the weather. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and bring your rabbit inside if it’s going to be particularly hot or cold.
Double-check that the hutch is tall enough. Inside the hutch, your rabbit should be able to stand on its back legs.

Pesticides should not be used near an outdoor rabbit hutch because the toxins could be harmful to your pet’s health.


Q. Do I need to keep my rabbit in a cage outside?
A. You don’t have to, but it’s a good idea, especially if you won’t be able to keep an eye on your rabbit. When you’re not there to defend your pet, you never know what predators are lurking around.

Is a rabbit hutch with a run required?
A. This is a question of personal opinion, but if the rabbit will be imprisoned for a lengthy amount of time or if there will be numerous rabbits caged together, it’s a good idea to choose a hutch with a run. They have more freedom to roam about and play on the run.

Q. What if I don’t have much space for a rabbit hutch outside?
A. If you’re short on space, opt for a hutch without a run. There are several hutches with two cages piled on top of each other for many rabbits. This gives the hutch extra space without expanding its footprint.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches To Buy

Bestseller No. 1
BUNNY BUSINESS Rabbit Guinea Pig Outdoor Hutch, Double Decker Rabbit Hutches on legs (Grey)
  • Rabbit / Guinea Pig Hutch Size: 36" W X 17.5" D X 35.5" H / 91.5cms x 45cms x 90cms External Approx includes roof overhang and legs
  • This 3ft Double Decker Hutch with legs is Suitable for Small Rabbits and Guinea pigs only
  • Rabbit hutch features two sliding plastic trays, Hinged opening roof, Both levels connected by a ramp, Locking barrel bolts.
  • You should always provide your rabbits with the largest hutch you can afford this would be suitable for a Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop or Guinea Pigs
  • Bunny Business Pet Supplies for Rabbit Hutches, Rabbit Runs, Guinea Pig Hutch & Run
Bestseller No. 2
Leisure Zone Weatherproof Wooden Rabbit Hutch House with Outdoor Run, Bunny Hutch House Overall Size: L 118 x D 60.5 x H 92 cm
  • Portable Compact Footprint: Its compact, low footprint design easily fits a smaller space. This outdoor rabbit playpen makes it possible to give your furry friend time outside without sacrificing a whole lot of room!
  • Main Material: It is mainly made of wood and steel Wire. The wood is treated using a water based anti fungicidal animal and environment friendly stain.
  • Easy access design: There are 2 easy to open doors to gain quick access to your pets, one is able to open up the outer run area and the other is to open the inner loft area. The large main living area has a removable pull-out tray to make cleaning simple and quick.
  • Size information: Overall size:L 118 x D 60.5 x H 92 cm (includes roof portion), Extended Portion:L 64.5 x D 54 x H 66 cm, Door with Wire:26 x 57 cm - Wooden Door:22.5 x 28 cm, Pull-out Tray: L 49.5 cm
  • Indoor and outdoor using: This rabbit starter kit hutch has a sturdy steel wire detachable outdoor run for your pets to run around as well as an enclosed space for them to be able to sleep indoors. The solid fir wood construction coated with safe, non-toxic water-based paint ensures long-lasting use for your furry friends.
Bestseller No. 3
PawHut Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig House Small Animal Off-ground Ferret Bunny Cage Duck House Hideaway Chinchilla Cage Outdoor Indoor Backyard with Openable Main House & Run Roof 125.5 x 100 x 49cm Orange
  • WELL DESIGNED: Designed with your pet in mind, the enclosed area of this rabbit hutch is for privacy and rest while the run offers a more open style built for play.
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE: We've made things simple for you at this guinea pig hutch with a front door and top section that can be opened and closed for easy access to the inside space for cleaning, feeding, and other routine tasks.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: This outdoor rabbit hutch is made of durable weather-resistant fir wood and a water-resistant composite asphalt roof with its off ground design this rabbit hutch will keep their home dry and clean.
  • SPACE-SAVING: Its compact design can easily fit a smaller space. This rabbit run makes small animal ownership possible without sacrificing a whole lot of room or outdoor space!
  • PRODUCT INFORMATION: Overall dimension: 125.5L x 100W x 49H cm; Main House dimension: 88L x 38.5W x 37H cm; Suitable for 1-2 rabbits.
Bestseller No. 4
feel good Large Rabbit Hutch 4ft Double Tier Hutch with Outdoor Rain Cover
  • ESSENTIAL FEATURES: Solid wooden framed hutch with tongue and groove panels and free outdoor cover, double height with enclosed shelter and lift up sloped roof. For ease of access we have 4 x front opening doors and the two floors can be closed off from one another, both floors slide out for easy cleaning.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The locking hinge on our roof allows for easy cleaning and access to the upper floor. The two slide out tray ensure it can easily and thoroughly be cleaned. Multiple locking doors allow you to access all sections easily easily when changing bedding, food and water. You are able to secure your Rabbit or Guinea Pig on either floor so you do not have to worry about them escaping whist you are cleaning them out.
  • PET PRIORITY: Keeping your Rabbits happy is top of our list when it comes to the design of our hutches. The RHL model features a totally enclosed shelter for them sleep at night keeping them cosy and sheltered from wind and rain. The hutch has multiple opening doors on the two levels meaning that you can easily allow your rabbit access to their run as well as giving them the option to return to shelter.
  • PEST & PREDATOR SECURE: Our solid wood tongue and groove hutch will last for years and provides a sturdy weatherproof home for your pet. All woodwork is Jointed, Sanded and Screwed and the heavy duty roof is asphalted to provide protection from wet weather. Secure wire mesh and latches features throughout to keep your rabbits safe from predators.
  • SIZE & EXTRAS: Overall Width 120m x Overall Depth 50cm x Overall Height 104cm. The outdoor cover is provided for free.
Bestseller No. 5
PawHut 2-Tier Rabbit Hutch Outdoor, Large Guinea Pig Hutch, Bunny Cage with Ramp, Rabbit Run, Slide Out Tray for Indoor 100.5 x 55 x 101 cm
  • TWO LEVELS: This outdoor rabbit hutch gives your pet room to roam around freely, so they don't feel trapped inside. Large ramp to move up/down safely and easily. Removable divider in top level to create two rooms.
  • EASY ACCESS: Fitted with three doors, this rabbit house makes cleaning and replacing food/bedding quick and easy. Also features large plastic trays that don’t leak, which prevents mould – perfect for daily use.
  • WOOD STRUCTURE: Solid structure which keeps your pet safe and protected, the guinea pig house with a top paint coat for extra protection. Made for long-term use. SLOPED ROOF: To prevent water build-up, this large rabbit hutch has a top layer for extra protection.
  • MESH WIRE-STYLE BOTTOM: They'll have a house for resting and sleeping, whilst the large rabbit hutch lets them roam in fresh air.
  • DIMENSIONS: 101H x 100.5L x 55Wcm. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. NOTE: Buyer to determine the amount of pets that will fit in the rabbit house depending on breed and size.
Bestseller No. 6
UNIONLINE 155.5cm Wooden Rabbit Hutch Outdoor Double Decker Guinea Pig Rabbit Cage on Run with Sliding Tray, Waterproof Roof for 2-3 Rabbits…
  • Unionline rabbit hutch size: 155.5 x 50 x 83cm, double decker space: 22.5cm²+ 55.5cm², provides a safe hideaway for 2-3 rabbits.
  • Wooden waterproof painted with grid, it is anti-corrosive and well-ventilated. The asphalt roof prevents from rain and intense light.
  • 3 sliding trays are habitable for pets’ activity and easy for cleaning. Casters with lock are available to move and stop anywhere easily.
  • Anti-slip ramp makes pets easy to up and down. Handy latches guarantee safety and convenience.
  • Quick installation with instruction manual. If there are any issues, please contact us.
Bestseller No. 7
LIFE CARVER Wooden Rabbit Hutch Backyard Guinea Pig Coop Outdoor Chicken Coop House with Removable Tray Ramp Shelter
  • ✅COMPACT FOOTPRINT: This small animal enclousure's compact, low footprint design easily fits 2 separate stacked cages in a smaller space. This rabbit starter house makes small animal ownership possible without sacrificing a whole lot of room!
  • ✅COMPREHENSIVE DESIGN: Designed with your pet in mind, one side of the enclosed hutch is built for privacy and rest while the other offers a more open style built for play. This rabbit hutch allows you to separate and house your furry friends on different levels.
  • ✅EASILY ACCESSIBLE: This rabbit playpen makes things simple for you, with multiple side doors that can be opened and closed and 2 pull out trays for easy access to the inside space for cleaning, feeding, and other routine tasks.
  • ✅WEATHER RESISTANT: Made of durable weather resistant fir wood and a water-resistant composite asphalt roof, this outdoor rabbit cage will keep your furry friends dry and secured for years to come.
  • ✅SMALL ANIMAL ENCLOUSURE OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 147 * 55 * 94 (L x B x H). NOTE: Buyer to determine the amount of pets that will fit in the hutch depending on breed and size.
Bestseller No. 8
BUNNY BUSINESS Super Sized Lodge, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Outdoor Hutch, Double Decker Rabbit Hutches DDP-2070 (SS LODGE HUTCH)
Bestseller No. 9
5ft Chartwell Single Tier Outdoor Rabbit Hutch | XL Wooden Pet House For Small Pet Rabbits or Guinea Pigs | The Tallest and Deepest 5ft Single Pet Cage on Amazon
  • 🇬🇧 BRITSH MANUFACTURING: We're a proud member of the Made In Britain Campaign and are the only supplier of Rabbit Hutches and pet cages that manufacture's in Britain. Based in Kent, a family run business that has been operating in the pet industry for the 40 years. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products for you and your pets.
  • 🐰 GIVE YOUR PETS THE GIFT OF SPACE: Unlike other lesser Rabbit Hutches on the market, our rabbit cage gives your pets at least 2ft of headroom and 2ft of floor depth. The amount of space that your pets have is imperative to their happiness.
  • 💪 KEEP PREDATORS OUT: Our 5ft Chartwell Single Guinea Pig Hutch is the only hutch on the market fitted with fox proof wire. We know how important your pets are and it's only right that we give you the opportunity to keep them not only happy in their new home but safe from Fox's and other garden predators.
  • 🗑️ CLEANING IS SIMPLE: The best way to prolong the life of your new large rabbit hutch and keep your pets safe from illness and diseases is to make sure their home is regularly cleaned. With our large hutches, nothing could be simpler, just open the doors and remove the cleaning bar from the top level and sweep the waste into a container or bin.
  • ❤️ PEACE OF MIND: We guarantee you and your pets will love your new home, but because we're a family run business and manufacture ourselves in the UK any problems or issues you might have been covered under our guarantee and can easily be sorted out. We want you to have complete confidence in our product that's why we stop at nothing to make sure both you and your pets couldn't be happier with your new hutch.
Bestseller No. 10
PawHut 2 in 1 Rabbit Hutch Outdoor, Double Main House Guinea Pig Hutch, Bunny Run, Wooden Small Animal House with Run Box, Slide-out Tray, Ramp, 259 x 64 x 92cm, Grey
  • TWO COMBINED TOGETHER: Can have separate rabbit houses for smaller spaces. Attach them together for one large rabbit hutch, which will have two houses and a bigger rabbit run. They will have a house for resting and sleeping, whilst the window and mesh wire let them roam in fresh air.
  • EASY ACCESS: This guinea pig hutch has multiple doors to get in and out. It will be more convenient for you to take care of them.
  • FIR WOOD STRUCTURE: Covered in water-resistant paint for durability – keeps the indoor rabbit hutch protected from wet weather. Asphalt roof keeps their area dry, suitable for outdoors. The fir boards are sturdy and durable, even in humid conditions.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: This large rabbit run has two large plastic trays that don't leak, which prevents mould – perfect for daily cleaning and maintenance.

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