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How To Buy The Best Paint For Radiators

Best paint for radiators

Looking to buy the best paint for radiators? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for you.

Do you want to pamper your radiators?
With our selection of the best radiator paint, we’ve got you covered.

Every grownup comes to a point in their lives when they can no longer evade the most basic of tasks: painting a radiator.
Radiators, on the other hand, require attention.
After example, once your walls and door frames have received a fresh coat or two of paint, the radiators will appear poor and dilapidated in comparison.

So, go ahead and clean your brushes.
It’s time to put those jars of emulsion aside and focus on a particularly specialised field of domestic decoration: paint specifically designed for radiators.
Radiator painting is both a precise and sloppy art, requiring the ability to tolerate extreme temperatures, heating and cooling on a frequent basis without cracking or flaking away, and not becoming yellow in a short period of time.
How can it be both at the same time?
Continue reading.

How do you pick the best radiator paint for your needs?

What do I need to know about painting radiators?

As with any decorating project, preparation is essential if you want to get it properly the first time and avoid having to rectify problems or, worse, staring at your blunders for years.
So, on the first day, clean your radiator.
Although it may seem self-evident, many people will slam a paint-loaded brush on their radiator without first making sure it is free of dust and grime.
Some will even attempt it without first contemplating Captain Obvious’ first rule of painting a radiator: make sure it’s turned off.

So, you’re not so stupid, and you’ve let your radiators cool down.
Then you dusted it to remove as much dirt and dust as possible before wiping it down with a moist cloth to make sure every last speck of dirt and grease smudge is gone.
And, just to be sure, you’ve dried it thoroughly and given it a nice sanding.

After that, clear your space by moving any surrounding furniture out of the way and removing any cats or dogs.
Cover the floor with old newspaper or cardboard to protect it from any stray drips, and, most importantly, open all the windows you can to avoid inhaling paint fumes.
You’re almost ready to go now.

Is there a set of guidelines for painting a radiator?

The first step is to apply a coat of radiator priming.
This may be found in any of your local home improvement stores.
Options are numerous and generally undifferentiated, and we’ll be providing our own primer advice on that score shortly to assist you in navigating the primer jungle.

Your primer not only provides a critical, sturdy foundation for your paint, but it also protects any rusty or exposed parts.
Simply apply with a paintbrush, being sure to cover every inch.
If your radiator has a more complicated pattern, an angled brush will probably be necessary to avoid missing parts.

Primer paint in aerosol form is also widely available.
If that’s your weapon of choice, put on a mask and spray in upwards and downwards strokes from about an eight-inch distance.
Allow the primer to dry completely after it has been entirely covered.

Okay, the primer is completely dry.
Is it possible for me to begin painting right now?

Yes, you certainly can.
But first, give your paint a good stir and work your way outwards.
Before moving on to the moulded ridges of the face, give any tricky portions of the sides or top a thorough tickle with your paintbrush.
To provide a lovely even finish, work your brush in vertical strokes, moving from one side of the radiator to the other, overlapping as you go.

Allow time for it to dry.
Of course, a second coat may be required, but this is entirely depending on how well the first coat performed.
Consider your job completed once everything has been thoroughly covered and uniformly finished.
Allow yourself a brief respite.
Do you like it?
Now it’s time to get started on the next radiator.


What paint can I use on a radiator?

Look for gloss, satin, or eggshell paints that are suitable for wood or metal. A radiator should be painted in a precise order for best results. Paint the edges first with the edge of a 2 inch brush before moving on to the face.

Is it necessary to prime a radiator prior to painting it?
It’s critical to prepare the surface of your radiator before painting it, and you’ll need to use a radiator primer for this. This step is critical because it ensures that the exposed and rusty sections of the radiator are protected and will not be harmed.

Is it better to spray a radiator or to paint it?
Radiator paint is easily available in hardware stores, and spray paint is the most convenient option. The result is exactly as good as traditional paint, and it can be done with your radiator still attached to the wall. It simply takes a few minutes to spray paint your radiators, but it does require some preparation.

Is it possible to paint over a previously painted radiator?

Yes, you can repaint radiators that have been primed, factory finished, or previously painted. If you’re painting a radiator, wait until it’s entirely cool before starting. This will prevent the paint from blistering.

What causes the paint on radiators to crack?
If wet/damp fabrics are placed on new radiators, the paint finish is subject to cracking and rusting. After manufacturing, only a fine coat is applied. Try sanding the entire radiator with a fine abrasive, cleaning with a solvent cleaner, masking the surrounding areas, then spray painting the radiator with radiator spray paint.

Is it true that painting radiators reduces heat?
In comparison to identical units with a paint finish, for example, chrome or polished steel radiators emit much less heat. Colored radiators that have been painted tend to produce about a 25% increase in heat output.

Is it possible to paint a towel radiator?
Simply use one of the rust-oleum spray paints for radiators on the market to paint the towel rail. You can pick from a wide range of colours, including silver. It’s frequently the cheapest approach to modernise an outdated radiator.

Is it possible to use metal paint on radiators?
We don’t recommend using metal paint on radiators because they aren’t conventional metal appliances. Use a specially made radiator paint instead. Radiator paint is resistant to the heat of your radiator, protects the enamel, and adheres to the surface so it does not peel.

How do you fix a radiator’s chipped paint?
Scrape large chunks of chipped or broken paint from the radiator’s surface with a putty knife. To remove rust, use a wire brush to scrub the surface. To remove the paint and produce a rough, sticky painting surface, sand the whole surface of the radiator using high-grit sandpaper.

Is it possible to use Hammerite paint on a radiator?
With Hammerite Radiator Paint, you can give them a new lease on life. It has been particularly developed to withstand the heat and prevent discoloration. Use Anti-Rust Primer on the bare metal if you’re painting a bare radiator.

Is it possible to apply chalk paint on a radiator?
No undercoat is necessary for Chalk Paint to cling to marble, stone, wood, and brick fireplaces. It’s also suitable for use on radiators! … If you choose, you can leave the paint unfinished or seal it with Clear Chalk Paint Wax. Before exposing the wax to heat, allow it to cure for 48 hours.

The best radiator paint to buy

Bestseller No. 1
Rustins RADG250 250ml Quick Dry Radiator Paint Gloss, white gloss 250ml
  • Heat Resistant
  • Touch Dry in 30 Minutes
  • Can be used for touching up fridges and white appliances
  • Model number: RADG250
SaleBestseller No. 2
Hammerite REG500 500ml Radiator Paint - Gloss White
  • Heat resistant protection
  • Hard wearing
  • Resists yellowing
  • Solvent based
  • Premium Product
Bestseller No. 3
Polar Specialist Coatings Premium White Radiator Paint,Gloss Finish,Pack of 2-(2x 400ml),Quick Drying Spray Paint,Heat Resistant
  • REFRESHES YOUR RADIATOR - Polar Premium Radiator Spray Paint is ideal if you’re wanting to give your interior home a refreshing new look. Why go through the expense and cost of installing radiator covers. Add an attractive gloss or satin finish to your radiator - while also providing a protective, scuff-free layer.
  • ALL IN ONE PRIMER - Formulated to be a primer, undercoat and overcoat all in one. Provides excellent adhesion & protection to most enamel radiator or heated surfaces. Polar Radiator Paint can be applied directly to bare metal without the use of a primer - spend more time refreshing your interior and less time prepping.
  • HIGH HEAT RESISTANT OF UP TO 100 ºC - Apply directly to surfaces that get hot such as radiators or hot water pipes and tanks. Tough and durable formula that delivers a heat resistant barrier as well as preventing cracking or flaking to the surface. Protects long-term against everyday knocks, scuffs and scratches.
  • EASY TO APPLY ON INTERIOR SURFACES - Polar Radiator Spray Paint is perfect for use on interior home surfaces such as enamel radiators, hot water pipes or tanks and any other heated surface. Works across wood, plastic, glass, metal, ceramic and vinyl surfaces. Easy to apply spray action dries fully within 24 hours. Apply 2-3 coats for optimal coverage results.
  • ATTRACTIVE DURABLE FINISH - Polar Radiator Spray Paint instantly refreshes your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Add a sleek new finish to your home radiators or heated surfaces, in 3 durable attractive colours: - Gloss White, Satin Black, and Satin Anthracite Grey. Whatever your design needs, Polar has you covered.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Hammerite 5092847 400ml Radiator Enamel Aerosol - Satin White
  • Brilliant white finish
  • For water-filled radiators and water pipes
  • Heat resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Resists yellowing and rust formation
SaleBestseller No. 6
Rust-Oleum AE0060002E8 400ml Radiator Enamel Spray Paint - Satin White
  • Washable and moisture resistant
  • Non yellowing formula
  • Provides rust protection
  • For interior use only
Bestseller No. 7
RUSTINS RADE250 250ml Radiator Paint Satin, White, (Pack of 1)
  • Heat resistant
  • Low odour solvent based
  • Does not yellow with heat
  • RADE250
Bestseller No. 8
JENOLITE Directorust Radiator Enamel Paint Aerosol - White Gloss - 400ml
  • High quality gloss finish – resistant to discolouration and corrosion
  • Resistant to high temperatures – up to 130ºC
  • Durable & long-lasting finish
  • Refresh & Protect your radiators from everyday knocks and scuffs
  • Can be applied directly to bare metal without the use of a primer
Bestseller No. 9
Ronseal Stays White Radiator Paint White Satin 250ml
  • Guaranteed to stay white
  • No strong smell
  • Heat resistant

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