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How To Buy The Best paper shredder

Looking to buy the best paper shredder? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

While most of us are preoccupied with cyber security, digging through old papers is still one of the most straightforward ways to steal someone’s identity.
Anything with your personal or business information on it, from mounds of paperwork and bills to credit cards and DVDs/CDs, should be destroyed before being thrown away or recycled.
Even the most difficult duties will be simple to do with the best paper shredder, giving you piece of mind that your identity is protected.

Even while most bills and statements are now paperless, if you’re working from home or have traditionally ran your business from your spare room, you’ll still have critical documentation piling up.
When selecting a shredder, one of the most common mistakes people make is choosing one that isn’t sturdy enough or has the correct capacity for the amount of material that needs to be processed.
Similarly, if you get one that needs to cool down every few minutes because it’s overloaded, you’ll end up putting off shredding entirely.
If you make the appropriate purchases, you’ll be able to keep track of your waste paper.

We’ve put together a simple guide below to assist you in selecting the best paper shredder for your needs, regardless of how limited or expansive your budget is.
If you already know what you’re looking for, we’ve included a list of our favourite paper shredders further down the page.

How do you pick the best paper shredder for your needs?

What kinds of shredders are there?

There are three varieties of shredders: strip or ribbon-cut, which shreds a sheet in two ways, reducing an A4 piece of paper into about 410 particles; cross-cut or diamond-cut, which shreds a sheet in two directions; and micro-cut, which is a sort of cross-cut.

Micro-cut, sometimes known as “confetti-cut,” is ideal for confidential information, as it can divide a sheet of paper into as many as 3,000 pieces.
Keep in mind that while micro-cut shredders work harder, they can handle fewer sheets at a time and require more cooling breaks.

If you’re on a budget, a ribbon-cut shredder will suffice, but keep in mind that strips can be put back together.
A cross-cut shredder is always advised for peace of mind.

What characteristics should I seek in a paper shredder?

Because you’re unlikely to want a shredder on show all of the time, the size you choose should be a compromise between how much you need to shred on a regular basis and how easily you can store it in a cabinet or beneath a desk.
Compact types are convenient to store, but keep in mind that some aren’t wide enough to hold an A4 sheet and will need to be emptied frequently.
Larger machines are better for a home office because they have more functions, but they are also heavier to carry around.

Invest in a machine with a large bin if you plan on shredding frequently.
A ten-litre trashcan, for example, may hold about 60 sheets of paper.
A bin that is simple to empty is a plus — some have bottom bins with lift-off heads that might cause a mess when removed, while others have removable or pull-out bins.
A transparent window will allow you to see when it’s almost full, allowing you to avoid overflow and paper jams.

A maximum page restriction will be set for each shredder, indicating how many pages it may shred at once.
Cheaper models can only shred five or six sheets at a time, whereas mid-range models can shred ten or fifteen.
For long shredding sessions, noise levels can be an issue.
Most generate about the same amount of noise as a washing machine (though the pitch may be more irritating), but if you want something quieter, opt for a type that is designed to be quieter.

Other items, such as credit cards or DVDs and CDs having sensitive information inscribed on them, can be shredded in the same slot or in a separate slot by some shredders.
Separate the plastic bits from the shredded paper if you’re recycling.
Most shredders can take the occasional staple, but if the documents you’re shredding contain a lot of paperclips, make sure your shredder can handle it without destroying the blades.

The following safety features are essential:
The shredder senses when paper is being put in, so you don’t have to push it down near the blades with your fingertips.
It’s also a good idea to have an auto shut-off that stops shredding when hands are detected.
If you have small children or pets, a safety lock will disable the shredder when it is not in use, or seek for a type with an interlocking bin that stops it from being activated when the bin is not connected.
If you want to accomplish all of your shredding in one go, seek for a model with a lengthy runtime (also known as the shredder’s duty cycle). It takes about 30 minutes for a motor to cool down properly, so opt for a model with a long duration (also known as the shredder’s duty cycle).

Finally, features that aid in the prevention or removal of bottlenecks will save time and frustration.
A simple reverse function can typically clear a clog, but auto-reverse, where the shredder will spit the paper out right away if it detects an oncoming jam, is also available.
Anti-jam technologies are even smarter, and they’re normally only found on more expensive models — they’ll feature a powerful motor that pulls the paper jam through.

What should my budget be?

Price is mainly determined by size – the larger the machine, the more expensive it will be – but an efficient cross-cut shredder may be found for as little as £30.
Quality has an impact on price as well, with more expensive models typically being more durable and powerful.

Budget roughly £50 for an everyday shredder, at least £100 for a home-office model, and £150 or more for heavy/business use as a general guide.
To keep it functioning well, spend for blade oil — a good rule of thumb is to lubricate the shredder every time the bin is full.

The best paper shredders you can buy

SaleBestseller No. 1
Paper Shredder for Home Use,Bonsaii 6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder for Home & Small Office Use,Home Shredder with Portable Handle Design & 13L Bin (C237-B)
  • ▸Easy Operation for Home Use ◂-Auto start and manual reversal to clear paper jams make it easy to operate..The home shredder will shred continuously for up to 4 minutes before requiring a 40 minute cool down period. Continuous shredding of up to 145 sheets at a time (6 sheets at a time).
  • ▸Cross Cut & Credit Card Paper Shredder◂- The cross cut shredders with 6 sheets shredding capacity(no need to remove staples), shreds paper into tiny particles measuring 5x45mm, high-security level P-3, destroys credit cards (one at a time),also can shred staples, paper clips to keep your information safe.
  • ▸ Overload & Overheat Protection◂- Overloading protection prevents serious paper jams and thermal protection system with auto shut-off,it can prolong the lifetime of the motor and the shredders.
  • ▸Easy to Clean & Place◂-Bonsaii shredder features a 13 Litre transparent window bin with a convenient handle design. Smaller designs(36.2x30x18cm) perfect for use in the home and small office,conveniently fits under a desk or other workstation.
  • ▸1 Year Warranty & Professional Service◂-Bonsaii shredder provides 1-Year warranty for our products. If you meet any questions during use, please feel free to contact us, we have professional customer service to help you within 24hrs.
Bestseller No. 2
Amazon Basics 8 Sheet Strip-Cut Paper, Credit Card, CD & DVD Shredder with Bin for Business & Home Office Use with Paper Reverse Function, Black
  • Strip Cut Shredder: 8-sheet capacity, or 1 credit card / CD / DVD at a time. Shreds paper into 0.6cm strips @3m/ minute
  • Short Cooldown Time: 2 minutes on, 15 minutes off. With thermal protection and automatic shut off to prevent overheating
  • Convenient: With sensor for automatic start & 12.3L bin & 22cm wide paper feed. Shredder can easily be removed from bin
  • Easy To Operate: With auto start & manual reverse function to clear paper jams. With UK three-pin plug.
  • Ideal for Home & Office Use: This Amazon Basics paper shredder essential accessory for small businesses & home office
SaleBestseller No. 3
Cross Cut Paper Shredder, Bonsaii 10-Sheet Home Shredder Shred Credit Card/Staples/Clips, Small Office Shredder Machine with 21L Wastebasket & Transparent Window, Black(C209-D)
  • 【10 Sheet Cross Cut Capacity】Cross shredder has capacity of shredding 10-sheet (A4 size 80g/m²) per pass, and also destroys credit cards and plastic cards one at a time. Paper shredder efficiently shreds paper into 5x40mm tiny pieces which is very difficult to reassemble the particles, and help prevents against identity theft.
  • 【Suitable for Home & Small Office】This home shredder with advanced cooling system and patented shredding tech,can shred 4-minute continuous run time with 40 minute cool down time. This paper shredder meet the demand for use in home and small office.
  • 【Easy Operation & Safe Protection】Auto start and manual-reverse function protect the paper shredder from the frustration of paper jams. Overheat and overload protection tackle the trouble in using the shredder and prolong its lifetime. To keep your safety, the cross cut home office shredder will stop working once you lift the head.
  • 【Compact & Portable Shredder】 With a 21-Litre transparent window bin, you do not need constant emptying yet. With a convenient top hand, it allow you to lift and bring the home shredder to everywhere as needed. Size of 32x20x47cm conveniently fits under a desk or other workstation, does not take up too much valuable space.
  • 【Professional Customer Service】 Bonsaii shredder is covered by 1-Year of protection. If any questions, please feel free to let us know and we will help you within 24hrs with professional customer service.
Bestseller No. 4
Bonsaii 8 Sheet Strip Cut Paper Shredder, Credit Card CD/DVD Shredder for Home Use With 13L Wastebasket,Black(S120-C)
  • Shredder home use with 8 sheets shredding capacity(no need to remove staples), shreds paper into tiny particles measuring 6mm, high-security grade P-2, destroys credit cards and CD/DVD (one at a time).
  • The paper shredder for home will shred continuously for up to 3 minutes before requiring a 30 minute cool down period. Perfect for use in a home office, the strip cut shredder conveniently fits under a desk or other workstation for easy access throughout the day.
  • Auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams. Overloading protection prevents serious paper jams and thermal protection system with auto shut-off,it can prolong its lifetime of the motor and the shredding machine.
  • The shredder machine are built to last, the paper shredders strip-cut cutters will not only shred your documents into unreadable pieces, but can shred staples, paper clips and credit cards to keep your information safe.
  • Bonsaii home cd shredder is equipped with a 13 litre transparent trash bin and has a safety switch. When you pick up the shredder, it will automatically disconnect the power supply to ensure your safety. A quick, simple and practical shredder can help you clean up shredded paper easily and quickly.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Rexel Momentum X308 Cross Cut Paper Shredder, Shreds 8 Sheets, 15 Litre Bin, Heavy Duty, Black, 2104570
  • Cross-cut shredder for secure everyday shredding, ideal for home or small business environments, 5 x 42 mm cutting effectively prevents against identity theft
  • Shreds up to eight sheets of paper (80 gsm) in one go, shreds paper, staples and paperclips
  • 3 minute continuous run time followed by 60 minute cool-down time, generous 15 Litre - 100 A4 sheets bin capacity for easy disposal and product takes 8 sheets of 80 gsm paper, if the end user has used more than this it will overheat more
  • 2-year warranty against defects
  • Contents: 1x Rexel Momentum X308 Cross Cut Paper Shredder, dimensions (height x width x depth): 34.3 x 32.5 x 22.9 cm, weight: 3.5 kg, 2104570
SaleBestseller No. 6
Rexel Optimum Auto Feed+ 300 Sheet Automatic Micro Cut Paper Shredder, P-5 Security, Small Office Use, 60 Litre Removable Bin, Castor Wheels, 2020300M
  • Paper shredder for secure disposal of confidential documents, with autofeed feature for 300 sheets (max), Manual slot for up to 8 sheets (80 gsm), Easy empty 60L capacity pull out bin, Castor wheels for ease of movement around the workplace
  • Suitable for up to A4 size paper, shreds credit cards, staples and paper clips and features anti jam technology for preventing paper jams
  • The 300M has a 60 minute continuous run time with fan cooling, Sleep mode activates after 3 minutes of non use, Touch control panel and infra red bin full sensor
  • Shredding supports GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance, auto feed shredders ensure this task is easy and efficient, saving 98 percent of time versus manual shredding, For continuous performance oil regularly with Rexel Oil Sheets, 2 year
  • Contents: 1 x Rexel Optimum Auto Feed Micro Cut Paper Shredder, capacity: 60 Litre, dimensions, (W x H x D) 465 x 735 x 415 mm, 2020300M
SaleBestseller No. 7
Bonsaii Heavy Duty Paper Shredder, 60-Minute 18 Sheets Cross Cut Office Credit Card Shredders for Industrial and Business Use, 23-Litre Pullout Bin with 4 Casters, Black (C149-C)
  • ▹60-Minute Shredding Time◃-Bonsaii heavy duty paper shredder continuous running time up to 60 minutes without stopping with an advanced cooling system and patented cutting technology. Professional paper shredders for large office use.
  • ▹18-Sheet Shredding Capacity◃-The cross cut shredder up to 18 sheets at a single pass, shreds paper into tiny particles measuring 13/64 x 1-37/64 inches (5 x 40mm); shreds credit cards and staples as well.
  • ▹Low Noise & Easy to Move◃-With 62 dB low noise level will give you a quiet and smooth shredding experience.The cross cut heavy duty shredder has 4 castors (1 fixable) for easy movement to wherever you want.
  • ▹Auto Start & Reverse◃-Auto start/stop and auto-reverse function protect you from the frustration of paper jams; overheating and overloading protection technology keeps sustainable using and prolong shredder's lifetime. Press the power switch, you only need to put the paper into the entrance of the office heavy duty shredder and it will work automatically.
  • ▹Large Capacity & 1-Year Warranty◃-The office shredders with 23-Litre pull-out wastebasket capacity can hold more than 400 sheets of A4 paper for less frequent and easy emptying; the transparent window makes it easy to see when it is full. Bonsaii provides 1-Year warranty for products. If you meet any questions during use, please feel free to contact us, we have professional customer service to help you within 24hrs.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Duronic Paper Shredder PS609 | 6-9 A4 Sheets / 100 Sheet Autofeed | Micro Cross Cut | Electric Office Shredder | GDPR Compliant: Protect Against Data Theft | 17 Litre Bin | Thermal Overload Protection
  • MICRO CUT TECHNOLOGY: Unlike shredders that cut in long or short strips, this shredder cross cuts into tiny pieces measuring only 4x10mm. It slices up to 9 pages of A4 paper in a cross-cut fashion, ensuring that destroyed documents are safely destroyed. It can also shred credit/debit cards into small pieces. Integrated into the body of the machine is a large 17 litre bin which will collect shredded paper for a long time before needed to be emptied.
  • GET YOUR OFFICE GDPR COMPLIANT: In line with the recent implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses and anywhere that holds sensitive data are under greater scrutiny when it comes to disposing of personal data. With the PS609 shredder this isn’t a worry as it will efficiently cut through paper into micro pieces, ensuring that if your disposed documents get into the wrong hands, they will never be able to be put back together again by the thief.
  • EFFICIENT AUTO FEED TRAY: This multi-function shredder can shred through the opening on the top and also through the autofeed tray. The automatic feed tray can take up to 100 sheets of paper at a time. The slot opening on the PS609 can destroy letters, envelopes and bank cards. It sits on 4 caster wheels for easy relocation and has an in-built safety feature called a Thermal Overload Protection; a function that ensures the shredder will never overheat during use.
  • SUITABLE FOR HOME AND OFFICE: Wherever you have paperwork you are guaranteed to need a shredder to destroy any unwanted documents which contain personal details. We all have them; bank statements, credit card bills, utility bills and envelopes with our name and address on. No longer will you have to tear up these documents by hand; with the PS609 you can simply whizz them through in the safe knowledge that your personal details will stay private and never obtained by anyone else.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Cuts paper into tiny 4x10mm pieces. Bin capacity: 17L. Feed opening: 22cm. Duty Cycles: manual shred 3 minute on/40 minutes off, automatic shred 10 minutes on/40 minutes off. Size of Shredder: 51x34x22cm. Weight: 8.3kg. Power: 400W. Fitted with a BS British Standard 3-pin plug. Quality and safety tested: CE approved.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Bonsaii 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder,P-4 High-Security Shredder for Home & Small Office Use, Shreds Credit Cards/Staples/Clips, Portable Handle Design with 13-Litre Wastebasket, Black (C234-B)
  • The Bonsaii C234-B Cross Cut paper shredder can shred 8 sheets per pass into 5 x 18mm particles (DIN P-4) for secure shredding, it surpasses the shredding ability of most common cross-cut shredders on the market.
  • This home shredder also shreds staples/ paperclips and credit cards making it a versatile shredder-- ideal security for the home or small office environment.
  • Designed with safety in mind, the Bonsaii C234-B paper shredder will stop working immediately once you lift the machine head.Please note the correct arrangement to avoid non-functional use.
  • 4-minute continuous running time fulfills your daily use for home and small office, 40 minutes cool-down time after overheating.The shredder with 13 liters wastebasket capacity for less frequent emptying; large transparent window helps you easily see when it is full.
  • Overheating and overloading thermal protection equipment makes shredding machine be safe while using it, Bonsaii shredder has 1-Year limited warranty assures your rights and interests.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Bonsaii Office Shredder, 30-Minute Running Time Heavy Duty Paper Shredder, 14-Sheet Cross Cut Quiet Shredder for Business Use with Jam Proof System & 18L Wastebasket with Transparent Window (C169-B)
  • ▹30 Minutes Long Working Time◃- This cross cut office shredder with the advanced cooling system and patented shredding technology.Ccontinuously shreds paper up to 30 minutes and only takes 40 minutes to rest down for running again,it efficiently destroys about 3500 sheets of paper for 30-minute.
  • ▹Low Noise Perfect for Office Use◃-58dB lower noise of operation than most shredders, this home office shredder makes less impact on your workplace and gives you a quiet place to work. You can use it while communicating with your colleague.This paper shredder is ideal for office business use.
  • ▹Keep Personal Information Safe◃- This cross cut home office shredder shreds paper up to 14 sheets(A4 size 80g) at a single pass, and also shreds credit card(one at per pass),staples and paperclips. Those will be shredded into tiny cross cut particles that measuring 5 x 40mm.
  • ▹Paper Jam Clear Function◃-Designed with overheating and overloading protection technology and auto start/stop and manual reverse button, these settings help protect the cross shredder from the frustration of paper jams to prolong its lifetime.
  • ▹1-Year Warranty & Professional Service◃-Bonsaii cross office shredder was covered by 1-Year of protection from from the first date of purchase. If you have any questions on using the machine, please let us know and we'll be here to provide you professional solutions within 24-hour.

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