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How To Buy The Best rotary washing line

Looking to buy the best rotary washing line? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

Our selections for the best rotary washing lines will help you wash your clothing swiftly and easily.

Let’s face it, no one like hanging their clothes out to dry.
Tumble dryers, while excellent at what they do, may be expensive to acquire and operate, and aren’t necessarily the best fit for everyone’s house or budget.
The greatest rotary washing lines, on the other hand, allow you to dry more clothing in a way that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Here are the greatest options to consider right now, whether you’re looking for an economical rotary washing line to use both indoors and out, or you’re looking for the best rotary washing line on the market.

How do you pick the right rotary washing line for you?

The total hanging length and height of a rotary washing line are the two most crucial elements to look for.
The size of the room you intend to use it in, as well as how much washing you do, will determine your preference.
A higher airer with longer lines will be preferred to a more compact airer for larger families.

What is the optimal number of arms for a rotating washing machine?

Three-armed rotating washing lines offer longer lines than four-armed rotary washing lines, making them perfect for hanging larger things like duvets and tablecloths without having to fold them over many times.
Heavy loads can still be washed on four-armed rotary washing lines, though you may need to fold your sheets over once or twice to get them to fit.

What characteristics should I be looking for?

Many rotary dryers come with weather-resistant coverings and ground spikes, which make installation and maintenance a breeze.
Some rotary washing lines may be folded fully and kept indoors, while others can be retracted like umbrellas and covered until needed.
Depending on how tall the person utilising the rotary line will be, adjustable height is also something to consider.

What is the maximum weight that a rotary washing line can support?

Depending on how well everything is dispersed throughout the arms of the airer, the average rotating washing line can carry between 10 and 17kg of laundry, with each individual line able to withstand roughly 2kg of laundry.
This is more than most household tumble dryers can handle, as most only have a capacity of 6 to 10 kg.

What should my budget be?

Rotary airers are a less expensive option to utilising a tumble dryer or a washer/dryer combination, though prices vary widely based on size and functionality.
A basic rotary airer costs between £20 and £40, with the largest and most feature-rich airers costing between £50 and £100.

The best rotary washing lines to buy

Brabantia – Lift-O-Matic – 50 Metres of Clothes Line

Brabantia - Lift-O-Matic - 50 Metres of Clothes Line - Adjustable in Height - UV-Resistant & Non-Slip Lining - Umbrella System - Rotary Dryer with Ground Spike 45 mm - Metallic Grey - ø 295 cm
  • Take a load off your shoulders with this Lift-O-Matic Rotary Dryer. Adjust the rotary clothesline seamlessly to your ideal working height (from 129 to 187 cm)
  • The dryer arms turn effortlessly, even when fully loaded with wet washing. With 50 m/164 ft of superb Uv-resistant drying line the rotary dryer can hold up to four machine loads of laundry
  • Because of the ø 45 mm metal ground spike, that comes with closable cap for sturdy ground anchorage, the rotary dryer is always standing strong. All arms fitted with special holes for clothes hangers
  • Good for the planet too - energy saving and supporting WeForest with planting more trees
  • Problem-free use - 5 year Brabantia guarantee and service

This washing line was chosen as the best because it has a classic design that works well.

The four arms can handle the laundry of a small to medium-sized family. With 295 cm long lines, you can easily hang four double-sized sheets on the outer rails.

The Brabantia Lift-O-Matic has a loading position that is close to the ground and has an outside line height of 129 cm. an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an a You also get detailed instructions on how to secure the ground socket in place and move it to a new location.

This rotary line requires approximately 4 m of turning space to allow air to circulate and dry the laundry. When you’re ready to hang your clothes, simply raise your arms into an upward position. When collapsed, the self-retracting line retainer wraps around the arms and protects them for future use.


The rotary line is extremely long-lasting.
The ground socket is already present.


Cannot be used in very small spaces.
Not really suitable for families with more than three members.

Leifheit Linomatic 500 Deluxe Rotary Clothesline

Leifheit Linomatic 500 Deluxe Rotary Clothesline, Rotating Washing Line for Outdoors, Umbrella-Style Clothes Horse with Ground Socket
  • Automatic line retraction - The automatic clothesline ensures clean lines and clean laundry because the line automatically pulls in when it is folded away
  • Easy to open - This outdoors clothes dryer can be opened easily with the Easy Lift system and offers space for around five loads of laundry on 50 m of line
  • Convenient closing - The laundry rack can be closed effortlessly thanks to the Easy Close system by unlocking the support arm without even having to bend down
  • Crease-free clothing - Clothes will dry wrinkle-free on the 8 clothes hanger holders. With a line length of 2.03 m, drying large items on this laundry rack is no problem
  • Product details - Leifheit Linomatic 500 deluxe clothes umbrella with ground socket for setting in concrete with 50 m of clothesline. Made in Germany. Item no. - 82001

There are numerous brands and models that provide 50 metres of drying space. However, we chose this cheerful specimen as the best. This is why.

This high-quality rotary line is made in Germany and comes with a 3-year warranty. They not only provide good buyer protection, but they also make installation simple for you. The ground socket is intended to allow for a quick and easy installation.

It has a wonderful drying space of 50 m and strong washing lines that can support 4 washing machine loads. The outermost lines are 2.03 metres long and can accommodate sheets, tablecloths, and other bulky items.

Do you want more benefits? When not in use, the line withdrawal system keeps the lines clean and tangle-free. The pole is made of aluminium, which makes it very easy to move to a new location. In addition to being lightweight, the material is also very durable and rust-resistant.


They are extremely durable and do not allow dirt or moisture to accumulate.
Because it is made of aluminium, it is lightweight and portable.


Must be used in a large, open space.

Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 400 Comfort, 40 m

Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 400 Comfort, 40 m
  • Washing lines remain clean and tangle-free by retracting into rotarys arms for protection when closed - clean lines, clean laundry
  • 40 m of drying length accommodates four washing loads, plus four hooks for hanging shirts
  • Easy-opening with retractable pull-cord and easy-closing with lever-release on central pole
  • Frame made of aluminium, lightweight to carry and highly durable - no risk of rust
  • Comes with ground socket, made in Germany; 3 years guarantee

Leifheit also has an excellent 40-meter rotary line.

While it has a shorter warranty (2 years), you can expect easy installation and strong lines that can hold between 3 and 4 washing machine loads at once.

The drying space of 40 metres is ideal for a family of four, and the outermost lines are also large enough for bed sheets and other large items.

Like the 50-meter model, you can expect a tough (yet light) aluminium construction, rust resistance, a line withdrawal system, and all the sockets required for installation.


Suitable for drying large and wide items such as tablecloths.
It has four hooks on which to hang shirts.
When the lines are collapsed, they remain clean as they retract inside the pole.


light in weight (may be rattled by strong winds).
Need a lot of room.
Because it is made of aluminium, it may bend easily.

NETTA Rotary Washing Line 4 Arm 45M Dark Green

NETTA Rotary Washing Line 4 Arm 45M Dark Green, Cover And Ground Spike Included, Easy to Open and Close - Laundry Airer, Clothes Dryer, Garden Washing Line
  • 45M ROTARY WASHING LINE: This NETTA Four Arm 45M Rotary Washing Line is the ideal place to hang your washing on sunny and breezy days. Featuring 45m of drying space, an easy open & close mechanism, four tension poles plus a cover and ground spike, you won’t be disappointed with everything this washing line can offer you.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: With strong, durable powder-coated steel and a heavy-duty pole, this design is sure to withstand the elements that are thrown at it. The powder-coating ensures that the washing line will not rust and the 45m washing line length has the capacity to hold four loads of washing.
  • EASY TO USE: This product comes with a ground spike and socket to make putting this up in your garden effortless. Simply put the spike into the ground and add the washing line frame. This will add extra stability to the washing line, ensuring it doesn’t break or fall over in extreme weather conditions. The easy open & close mechanism ensures that you don’t waste any unnecessary energy setting up the washing line.
  • DIMENSIONS: Open Diameter – 206cm, Height – 194cm, Arm Length - 104cm | BOX DIMENSIONS: 121.5cm x 13.5cm x 13.5cm | WEIGHT: 4.5kg.
  • WARRANTY: We aim to give the best customer service possible. In the unlikely event that this product is at fault, do not worry, as we have you covered with our 365-day warranty. This gives you peace of mind when purchasing a product from us.

Nothing is worse than breaking your back doing laundry when the weather turns bad. The issue is not so much rain or wind (although wind is great for drying! ), but the fact that strong winds and persistent moisture can ruin a washing line.

This rotary line has several features that help to keep the pole and lines in good condition.

The airer, which has 45 metres of space and four arms, is made of heavy-duty steel and powder coated for maximum weather protection. You can hang four loads of laundry without worrying about the weight bending your arms.

Other great features include a variety of line tensions, everything you need to install the rotary line, a cover to protect it when not in use, and a one-year warranty.


Perfect for large families.
Extremely long-lasting and robust.
It includes a complete installation kit as well as a water-resistant cover.


The guarantee period is only one year.

FUDE Rotary Clothes Airer Dryer Washing Line

FUDE Rotary Clothes Airer Dryer Washing Line 50m Outdoor Garden 4 Arm folding Rotary Washing Lines with Free Metal Ground Spike and Cover(Black)
  • Your clothes will be more refreshing when it is dried outside in the fresh air
  • Laundry airer for the garden in painted steel,the airer is strong and secure, able to hold a large amount of weight, the 50 meter long clothesline fully meets the clothes drying needs of the entire family
  • Comes with free metal ground spike, easy to install and use, prevent it from moving in strong winds
  • The package contains a free protective cover, which can be easily stored and protected at any time after use
  • The box contains:FUDE 4 Arm Rotary Airer with 50m of PVC coated drying line and a ground spike for keeping your airer affixed and stable and a protective cover

Many people prefer a 50-meter rotary line because it provides enough hanging space for most families, regardless of size.

If you want a strong steel central pole, this is another excellent option. The four arms can also comfortably carry multiple loads of laundry.

To prevent rust and keep your laundry clean, the lines are PVC coated. You will also receive a free protective cover and installation components.


Rust-resistant and heavy-duty.
The airer comes with everything you need to get started.


There is no guarantee.

Brabantia – Topspinner

Brabantia - Topspinner - 40 Metres of Clothes Line - UV-Resistant & Non-Slip Lining - Smooth Turns - Umbrella System - Rotary Dryer with Ground Spike 45 mm - Metallic Grey - ø 271 cm
  • Laundry days will take a turn for the better with this Brabantia Rotary Topspinner. Spins like a charm, even when fully loaded with wet washing and is easy to store with the sturdy hanging loop
  • Easy opening due to the easy to operate ‘Umbrella’ system. With 40 m/131 ft of superb Uv-resistant drying line the rotary dryer can hold up to four machine loads of laundry
  • Because of the ø 45 mm metal ground spike, that comes with closable cap for sturdy ground anchorage, the rotary dryer is always standing strong
  • Good for the planet too - energy saving and supporting WeForest with planting more trees
  • Problem-free use - 5 year Brabantia guarantee and service

If you prefer a natural drying solution for your laundry, here’s another great – and simple – option. You can easily reach any of the four arms and rotate freely.

The drying space is 40 m long and can be configured to allow for three separate line positions to maintain tension. The metal ground spike is 45 mm in length.

Overall, this rotary washing line is simple to install, open and close, and rotate – allowing for faster drying on windy days!

A 5-year guarantee is also included.


This product is extremely durable, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.
Small, medium, and large families are all welcome.


Can’t handle as many loads of laundry as other rotary lines.

Brabantia – Lift-O-Matic Advance

Brabantia - Lift-O-Matic Advance - 60 Metres of Clothes Line - Adjustable Height - UV-Resistant & Non-Slip Lining - Umbrella System - with Concrete Tube 50mm, Cover & Peg Bag - Metallic Grey - ø 312cm
  • Breeze through laundry days, let your rotary dryer do the work! Singlehandedly set the dryer to your ideal working height (anywhere between 149 to 197 cm) thanks to the Easy Lift system
  • The dryer arms turn effortlessly, even when fully loaded with wet washing. With 60 m/197 ft of superb Uv-resistant drying line the rotary dryer can hold up to four machine loads of laundry
  • Because of the ø 50 mm Concrete Tube, that comes with closable cap for sturdy ground anchorage, the rotary dryer is always standing strong. The dryer also comes with a cover and peg bag
  • Good for the planet too - energy saving and supporting WeForest with planting more trees
  • Problem-free use - 5 year Brabantia guarantee and service

Do you require additional space? This fantastic rotary line with 60 metres of drying space has you covered.

The washing line structure has an easy-to-use lift system that can be adjusted up to 197 cm. The arms also rotate smoothly, allowing you to hang all of your clothes while standing still – simply pull the nearest arm closer to gain access to its free space!

You also get unique holes on both arms. They are made specifically for hangers. You can now hang all of your delicate items without damaging them with pegs.

A weather-resistant peg bag with a hook and a zip fastener can also be used to protect your pegs. When the dryer is not in use, the zip fastener protects it. Finally, the rotary washing line comes with a 5-year warranty.


It includes a weather-resistant bag for your pegs.
There is plenty of room.
A lengthy warranty.


The anchor is adequate, but it is made of plastic. It may not be as strong as metal anchors.
Its height is only adjustable to 197cm.

Brabantia – WallFix

Brabantia - WallFix - 24 Metres of Clothes Line - UV-Resistant & Non-Slip Lining - Foldable Rotary Dryer - Easy to install - with Protection Cover - Metallic Grey - 184 x 182 cm
  • Now you see your rotary dryer, now you don’t! The Brabantia WallFix Dryer is neatly tucked away when not in use. But fold it out singlehandedly and it can take on two machine loads of laundry
  • The Wallfix dryer has lots of space, with the 24 metres of clothes line there is room for two full machine loads. Big pieces too, the outer lines are 120 cm long. Hang it to your ideal working height
  • This space saver is easy to install with clear step-by-step instructions, solid wall fixings and drilling template enclosed. You can keep it clean with the included weather-resistant protection cover
  • Good for the planet too - energy saving and supporting WeForest with planting more trees
  • Problem-free use - 5 year Brabantia guarantee and service

Virtually all pole-based rotary washing lines necessitate garden or courtyard space. But what if you only have a small amount of space? This wall-mounted rotary washing line provides all of the advantages of a pole-based airer without the need for additional space!

Simply hang it on the wall and enjoy the easy opening and closing, rust-resistant lines, and ability to hold an entire load of laundry.

A 5-year guarantee is also included for your peace of mind.


It is appropriate for a balcony, courtyard, garden, or utility room.
It comes with a 5-year warranty.


Only one washing machine load is permitted.
Not suitable for a family of more than three people.

OurHouse SR20101 3-Arm Outdoor Rotary Airer

OurHouse SR20101 3-Arm Outdoor Rotary Airer with Ground Socket, Stainless Steel, 26 m, Grey
  • FAMILY-SIZED SPACE: The 3 arms provide an extended 26 metre space to hang out large laundry items and bigger loads of washing, making it ideal for family households
  • UMBRELLA DESIGN: An umbrella shape ensures the lines stay taut and sturdy for easily attaching clothes and bedsheets
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Features a tensioning system with a catch which allows you to adjust the line heights to suit your preferences
  • WEATHER AND RUST-RESISTANT: The powder-coated stainless steel frame and PVC-coated line are designed to prevent rusting and weather damage
  • EXTRA-SECURE: Comes with a ground socket to secure the airer into your garden for added stability and it can be easily withdrawn and disassembled when not in use

If you don’t want a wall-mounted airer and have a small garden or patio, a 3-armed rotary washing line is the solution.

Because of the installation kit and peg, this one is extra sturdy. It is also weather and rust resistant, and it can be adjusted to your height (so you can hang your laundry with ease).

The rotary line has a drying space of 26 metres. Despite its size, large sheets and other large items of laundry can still be hung.


Ideal for smaller spaces.
Suitable for both large sheets and small items.


Not suitable for families with more than three members.

JVL 11-046 Compact Portable

JVL 11-046 Compact Portable 3 Arm Free Standing Rotary Clothes Airer, Lightweight Steel, 16 Metre
  • Our newest model of rotary airer with 16 metres of line Drying space
  • Lightweight steel frame construction and a carry STRAP means the airer can easily be moved
  • A PVC coated polyester line ensures your hanging space can be simply cleaned
  • Umbrella locking system to keep the airer open when in use
  • Simple fold away system so you can fold the airer away neatly when not in use

Do you enjoy going on camping trips? Do you require a temporary solution to tide you over until your broken garden washing line can be repaired? This portable airer is ideal for both of these scenarios.

The lightweight steel makes it simple to transport and use. The three arms provide 16 metres of drying space, with PVC-coated lines that keep your laundry clean and rust-free.

When you’re finished, simply wipe down and fold away the rotary line.


It is ideal for camping and smaller spaces.
Simple to transport, use, and store.


Large laundry loads are not recommended.
In windy conditions, the structure may collapse.

Benefits of a Rotary Clothesline

It saves money.

Tumble dryers use a lot of electricity, but rotary lines use nature, so you can dry your clothes for free.

Helps to protect the clothes

Fabrics are also harmed by dryers. This type of heat damage does not occur in line-dried laundry.

There are no chemicals.

Unlike dryers, which cause static cling, rotary washing lines use the sun to dry your laundry. Some people believe that the sun is a natural whitener that can naturally fade stains without the use of bleach.

It is safe

Drying your clothes on a line outside helps to avoid accidents that can occur when using a dryer, such as electrocution. Furthermore, anyone can use a rotary line safely, whereas not everyone understands how to operate a dryer safely.

What You Need to Know Before Using A Rotary Clothesline?

Before using the product, it is critical that you read the manual that came with it to learn how to install and use it correctly.

It is critical that children do not swing on the clothesline.

The line must not be used for anything other than hanging and drying clothes.

If your clothesline is damaged, make sure it is repaired before using it again. To avoid damaging your Rotary clothesline in high winds, fold it up.

How Easy Is It to Use a Clothesline?

If you follow the manual, operating the rotary airer is quite simple. Because there are different layers on the clothesline, hanging clothes must be done in a systematic manner. This is to ensure that all clothes left out to dry receive direct sunlight. There are times when you hang your clothes out to dry only to discover that they are not completely dry. The reason for this is not difficult to imagine. It’s most likely because you hung the clothes incorrectly.

The Best Way to Use a Clothesline

To ensure that your clothes dry evenly, start hanging them on the inside of the clothesline and work your way outward for subsequent hangings. If you want a quick dry. To take advantage of the breeze, fully elevate the hoist. The clothesline’s rotating function provides a natural spin to the hoist, allowing for an efficient drying process for your laundry. Wind up the handle at least six full turns to disengage the breeze brake. This will ensure a quick spin and dry.

The Wind Brake

On windy days, the wind brake aids in the pegging and unpegging of clothing. It accomplishes this by preventing the clothesline’s free rotary motion. Winding the head of the hoist down engages the wind brake. Smaller clothing items should be placed closer to the centre of the clothesline, while heavier items can be placed on the outer edge of the clothesline. It is best to hang bulky or thick clothing over more than one line when hanging them. Furthermore, if you do not expect to use the entire capacity of the hoist, hang the clothing items on the outer lines. This allows for a simple spin on the clothesline. It is important to note that the clothesline’s end clips can be used as clothes hanger brackets to provide more hanging space.

How To Install Your New Clothesline

The Rotary clothesline installation is simple and straightforward. The first step is to find the ideal location for the installation. Keep in mind that the dryer needs enough space to rotate freely. Check the user manual for your specific product to determine the required space.

Step 1

Hammer a metal rod into the ground after deciding on a suitable location for the clothesline. You must choose a location that is at least 600 millimetres deep. A 1-meter clearance should be provided all around the hoist. When digging the hole, you must consider shading and tree growth. Dig a hole in the ground for the clothesline that is 25 cm x 25 cm square and 50 cm deep with a post-hole digger or shovel. To ensure accuracy, use a strip measure to check the depth.

Step 2

Place the ground socket for the hoist in the hole and insert the post to check the depth. Fill the hole with 15 cm of gravel to ensure proper drainage. Make a moderately dry texture concrete by combining 1 part cement, 3 parts gravel, and 2 parts sand.

Pour the mixed concrete and a little water into the hole, slanting the surface away from the ground socket with a trowel. This project will require at least 20 kilogrammes of concrete.

The upper part of the ground socket must be at least 6 mm above ground level. It is critical to keep the concrete away from the ground socket’s surface. The top socket will be protected during concrete filling by using a plastic sleeve.

Step 3

The next step is to insert the Rosary Clothesline into the ground socket and check for plump. When the concrete is completely dry, remove the post and replace it. This will take approximately twenty-four hours. Finish the concrete with fine cement and set it aside for a few days to harden and dry.

Final step

The next step is to test the clothesline tensions and wire to see if a shifter is necessary. Make sure the wires are very tight, as the weight of wet washing will cause them to droop after repeated use.

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