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Looking to buy the best Saxophone? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for you.

Here are the most important considerations when buying the best saxophone for your ability and needs

What is the saxophone’s size?

In general, it is not a good idea to begin playing on the larger sizes.
It can be more difficult to achieve a beautiful tone and proper intonation on high instruments (soprano and sopranino) (intune-ness).
Apart from being more expensive, the lower instruments (baritone and bass) may be more difficult to blow and finger, especially for toddlers or small adults.
Most beginners select alto or tenor, but a tenor is frequently too big for tiny children.

Some instruments (ergonomics) have easier fingering for little hands than others, so if you truly want to play tenor but are having trouble, try a few other brands to see if there is one that is easier for you.
Once you’ve determined that you can handle any size, the next step is to decide which one you prefer.
Listen to a variety of alto and tenor players to figure out who you like best.

Consider the style of music you wish to play, as well as any opportunities for performing experience in either in your area.
It’s a good idea to start playing with other people as soon as possible, and if you live near a community, college, or church band, see if they have any alto or tenor openings.
If you wish to perform rock and roll, the tenor may be the right instrument for you.

If you want to play classical music, the alto saxophone has a considerably larger repertoire.
(In a saxophone quartet, the classical tenor is most useful.)
You can use either an alto or a tenor to play jazz, whether it’s mainstream, modern, fusion, smooth, or anything.

Is it better to buy new or used?

Buying a new instrument is frequently the simplest option because you can be confident that it will be in good operating order and will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.
As with buying a new car, the largest depreciation in value is likely to occur in the first few months (or hours) after purchase.
If you buy from a trustworthy dealer or teacher, a used instrument should be good, albeit it may require some maintenance sooner than a new instrument.

You can typically get a very nice professional level instrument for a very good price if you buy a vintage instrument, while some old saxophones command ridiculous amounts (e.g. Selmer MK VI or SBA).
Others historic instruments are not recommended for beginners because the ergonomics, sound constancy across the range, and intonation are not as good as modern horns, however some are.
On the Vintage Saxophones page, you can learn more about these instruments.
If you’re unsure, many stores will let you rent an instrument for a while and then deduct the rental fees if you decide to purchase it.

How much should you spend?

The difference between inexpensive and costly instruments has narrowed in recent years, almost to the point where a £200 saxophone is nearly as excellent as a £2000 instrument in every way.
The sound of the instrument is obviously the most important factor for most players, but other considerations include intonation, tone consistency across the range, build quality (will it let you down during a performance? ), feel (does it feel and sound good to play regardless of the sound projected? ), ergonomics, cosmetics, and resale value.

The Best Saxophones at the Lowest Prices

Currently, this is a hotly debated topic.
Previously, ultra-cheap instruments from the Far East were substantially inferior, frequently out of tune, and made of metal so soft that keys would bend and leaks would appear practically as soon as the instrument was taken out of the box.
Over the last few years, China has begun to import some excellent instruments.

Because it’s so easy to put them all into one category, many individuals differ on the quality.
It’s all too easy to hear one terrible Chinese saxophone and conclude that all Chinese saxophones are the same.
While attending trade events, I tested a large number of Chinese instruments and discovered a number of excellent ones that are at least half the price of intermediate instruments but appear to be superior in terms of intonation, tone, build quality, and appearance.

Saxophones for Intermediates

These include brands like Jupiter, Trevor James, Earlham, and others that have been focused at the student market for the previous few years.
Until recently, these were a good way for a novice to get started without having to pay for a professional saxophone or risk buying a used or vintage instrument.
A professional saxophone would cost around half as much as one of them.
That isn’t to say they don’t sound excellent; in fact, some of them do.

The cost savings are typically reflected in a less durable build quality and a more utilitarian finish.
Many are made in Taiwan, which may save manufacturers money when compared to Germany, France, or Japan.
The fact that an instrument is created in Taiwan does not imply that it is of lower quality; in fact, most Taiwanese instruments are of exceptional quality.
Newer versions from Taiwan, such as the P.Mauriat and Cannonball, have lately emerged that would give any so-called professional saxophone a run for its money.

Saxophones for Professionals

Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, and Keilwerth are the “Big Four” producers of professional quality saxophones.
The first two also provide a lower-cost selection of student instruments.
All of them are undoubtedly excellent instruments that will likely keep their value well after the initial steep devaluation.
If a beginner can afford one, there is no reason why they should not purchase one; they are often no more difficult to play than cheaper saxophones.

The most important thing to remember is that it may cost ten times as much as a saxophone that is almost as excellent, and that if you decide it is not for you, you will have lost a significant amount of money due to depreciation.
I can’t recommend one above the other because they’re all well-made and have superb intonation and sound.
It’s difficult to say which is the best.

Each make or model can have a distinct personality in terms of how it sounds or how it responds when you play it.
This may be a good reason to hold off on purchasing a top-of-the-line horn until you are more sure in your abilities.
Having said that, I recently tested a variety of saxes at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, and my favourites were a Rampone & Cazzani alto and an Inderbinen tenor.

What are the best accessories to buy?

Any shop that tries to offer you too many unneeded items should be avoided.
Unless you purchase a professional instrument, you will almost certainly need to purchase a mouthpiece, as the ones that come with saxophones are usually not very good.
I’d also suggest getting some reeds, a very strong and comfy neckstrap, a swab or pullthrough, and a stand.
Padclamps, padsaver, gigdust, pad treatment, and fancy ligatures are examples of accessories that may be a waste of money.

The Best Saxophone To Buy

Bestseller No. 1
summina Eb Alto Saxophone Brass Lacquered Gold E Flat Sax 802 Key Type Woodwind Instrument with Cleaning Brush Cloth Gloves Strap Padded Case
  • 🎷bE alto saxphone with 802 key type, amazing great sound.
  • 🎷Gold lacquered body, exquisite workmanship and rust-protection.
  • 🎷Accurate sound hole positions enable player's fingers to rest comfortably.
  • 🎷High grade leather pads to make you play the sax easily and smoothly.
  • 🎷The engraved pattern makes the sax more special and delicate.
Bestseller No. 2
Eastar Alto Saxophone E Flat Student Sax Gold Lacquer With Carrying Case Mouthpiece Strap Reeds Stand(AS-Ⅱ)
  • 🎷 Beautiful Sound -- professional tone adjustment before leaving factory , excellent sound quality without noise, pleasant surprise. No pressure from low to high gamut range transition.
  • 🎷 Top Material -- instruments dedicated copper, lead-free welding green craft, feel free to use. Advanced imported leather pads, high air tightness, Imported blue copper needle spring, moderate elasticity, not aging, high feedback when finger pressing.
  • 🎷 Amazing look -- Eastar AS -Ⅱ: Transparent lacquered gold, multi-layer painted ,durable and barely to fade color. Faux mother of pearl inlaid keys are simple and generous. The handcrafted carvings of the bell mouth makes AS -Ⅱ perfect even more perfect
  • 🎷 Practical Design -- Full bounding key stick gasket for longer life and better pressing feel. Keystroke link: all being applied oil for debugging before leaving the factory , preventing the link from rusting and getting stuck.Setting the F# key to suit the performance.The U-tube of the bass is adopted: Eastar has accumulated crafts experiences for many years to improve the stability of the bass and achieve a stable feeling of playing and resistance.
  • 🎷 Package Contents -- Eastar AS -Ⅱ saxophone, Carrying Case ,Mouthpiece Set, Real Leather Strap (110lb limit), Cork Grease,Shoulder Strap x 2,White Gloves, Resin Practice Reed x 1, Advanced Bulrush Reeds (Strength 2.5 ), Soft Swab, Soft Cloth, Cleaning Brush,Hard Saxophone Stand. Unique Serial-number for every Eastar AS -Ⅱ.12-Month Product Warranty.
Bestseller No. 3
Odyssey OAS130 Alto Saxophone Outfit
  • Exceptional instruments for students and advanced players. The Odyssey OAS130 Debut Alto saxophone has been painstakingly designed by Master Craftsman Peter Pollard to produce an instrument of breathtaking quality.
  • Manufactured to the highest possible specifications the Odyssey Debut Alto Saxophone has European Stainless steel rods, springs and pins for added quality and reliability
  • The Odyssey Debut Alto Saxophone is designed to assist with a new players musical journey. Everything is designed to make the instrument easy to play and comfortable to hold. Including power forged keys and a High F# key
  • Not only is the Odyssey Debut Alto Saxophone a superb instrument to play it is amazing t o look at too. With a stunning brass body with lacquered finish it also has a beautiful engraved bell and perloid key caps
  • The Odyssey Debut Alto Saxophone comes with everything you need to get started including a mouthpiece, cap, ligiature, reed, strap and cleaning accessories all inside a lightweight ABS hard case perfectly moulded to the saxophones shape
Bestseller No. 4
Btuty Eb E-flat Alto Saxophone Sax Red Bronze Bend Abalone Shell Key Carve Pattern with Case Gloves Cleaning Cloth Straps Brush
  • 🎷Eb E-flat bent alto saxophone with high F#.
  • 🎷Made of high-quality red bronze.
  • 🎷Antique surface design with beautiful carve pattern.
  • 🎷Water-resistant leather pads and bluing steel needle.
  • 🎷Comfortable abalone shell key inlays.
Bestseller No. 5
EASTROCK Alto Saxophone Gold Laquer Sax Instrument E Flat for Students and Beginners with Case,Mouthpiece,neck strap,Reeds,Mouthpiece Cushion Pads,Cleaning Cloth&Cleaning Rod,White Gloves,Alcohol Pads
  • 🎷【WONDERFUL SOUND】EASTROCK saxophone have been professionally adjusted before leaving the factory to ensure that have good sound without noise, and the buttons have good feedback when the fingers are pressed down.
  • 🎷【PERFECT DESIGN】Our beautiful instrument used selected h68 copper material and multi-layer painted transparent lacquered gold,durable and non-fading and Hand carved on the appearance and high-quality shell buttons make the sax more perfect.EASTROCK saxophone is definitely an outstanding musical instrument in terms of quality and appearance.
  • 🎷【TOP MATERIAL】EASTROCK saxophone used upgraded quality leather so that make the saxaphone have higher air tightness,used the upgraded quality copper needle spring make the instrument more smooth.Choose EASTROCK must be your best investment.
  • 🎷【THE BEST GIFT】EASTROCK alto saxophone is suitable for students,beginners,school,concert,gifts and any level players.Tone-Eb E-Flat.Package included one alto saxophone,portable lightweight hard case,Mouthpiece,neck strap,Reeds,Mouthpiece Cushion Pads,Cleaning Cloth&Cleaning Rod,White Gloves,Alcohol Pads.Absolute value for money.
  • 🎷【GUARANTEE & WARRANTY】EASTROCK musical instruments have 12-Month Product Warranty If you have any problems,please contact us anytime.
Bestseller No. 6
LADE Eb Alto Saxophone, Engraved Brass Eb BB Saxophone Sax of Shell Buttons with Wind Cases Instrument Cleaning Cloth Gloves Fat Belt Brush black
  • 🎷Eb E-Flat alto saxophone has high F#.
  • 🎷Brass engraved body and abalone shell buttons wind instrument.
  • 🎷Water-resistant leather pads and accurate sound hole positions.
  • 🎷The tone is rich and a reed attached on the mouthpiece for convenient use.
  • 🎷Includes hard-shell case, mouthpiece, neck strap, case belt, cleaning cloth & rod, brush, notation and a pair of gloves.
Bestseller No. 7
Sasuori Eb E-flat Sax High Grade Antique Finish Bend Alto Saxophone Abalone Shell Key Carve Pattern with Case Gloves Cleaning Cloth Straps Brush
  • 🎷Eb E-flat bent alto saxophone with high F#.
  • 🎷Made of high-quality bronze, antique finish.
  • 🎷Special surface design with beautiful carve pattern.
  • 🎷Water-resistant leather pads and bluing steel needle.
  • 🎷Comfortable key inlays, made of abalone shell.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Nuvo N520JBBK jSax 2.0 in black and black, 7.3 cm*34.0 cm*13.4 cm
  • Suitable for beginners of any age but ideal for the very young beginner from age 7 upwards
  • Follows traditional saxophone fingering patterns
  • Now fitted with a new integral ligature, easy to open with one hand
  • 5 position adjustable thumb rest
Bestseller No. 9
Bontempi 32 4331 8 Notes Saxophone, 42 cm, Multi-Color
  • Saxophone with 8 coloured keys/notes
  • Measures 415 mm length
  • Recommended for 3 years and above age child
Bestseller No. 10
Donner Alto Saxophone DAX-21, Gold Lacquer E Flat Sax with Full Kit Travel Bag, Foldable Stand and Cleanning Kit, for Beginner/Students, Top Quality Brass Engraving and Gorgeous Sound
  • 🎷【Top Material & Beautiful Sound】Donner DAX-21 alto saxophone, copper for instruments, lead-free soldering process. High-grade leather pads imported from Italy, with high air tightness, easy to make sounds by snapping the tongue. Imported blue copper needle spring, moderate elasticity, not easy to age, high feedback of finger pressing. Vibration can be felt when playing, and the intonation is excellent, which can meet the ensemble training of the wind band and record in the studio.
  • 🎷【Top Practical Design】Enlarged bell mouth: Increase explosive power and penetration. The redesigned C and E FLAT switches are more flexible, and the bass buttons are reinforced with double ribs to ensure the stability of performance. Bass U-tube: improves bass stability and achieves a stable feeling of blowing and resistance. The treble adjustment lever can adjust the sensitivity according to habits, and the neck and jack are connected together without gaps.
  • 🎷【Classic Styling】Donner DAX-21 Bright lacquer gold, multi-layer spraying, durable and not easy to fade. The keys inlaid with muscovite are simple and elegant. The hand-carved bell mouth is the icing on the cake. The saxophone stand is light and easy to fold and carry. It has a delicate shape and a flannel bag with a good handle. The size of the stand can be stored in the bell mouth, and the stand can be carried at any time.
  • 🎷【Complete Configuration】 The package includes: Donner DAX-21 saxophone × 1, standard luggage × 1, mouthpiece × 1, leather neck strap with label (weight limit 50KG) × 1, shoulder strap × 2, white gloves × 1, Reed × 5, with a standard bent boton tune cloth, a cleaning cloth, with a marked saxophone stand. Independent serial number.
  • 💕【Please Rest Assured to Buy】 - Donner has professional experience in producing musical instruments. Whether you are a beginner, student or professional player, Donner is perfect for you. We specialize in designing better quality instruments and we make the best products using quality materials. If you are not satisfied with the product you received, please contact us directly and we will replace it or give you a full refund. 12 months warranty.

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