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How To Buy The Best Turbo Trainer

Best turbo trainer

Looking to buy the best turbo trainer? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the right one for you.

Turbo trainers allow you to convert your standard bicycle into a stationary exercise bike. In its most basic configuration an excellent turbo trainer can be purchased at a price of less than £150. If you’re willing to spend some more, the top turbo trainers will open your eyes to a universe of online coaching as well as extremely multiplayer cycle racing.

There are a few points to consider before buying: Do need a system that can be controlled? Do you require a trainer that is compatible with apps like Zwift? With the many turbo trainers on the market at various pricing levels, the choices is overwhelming.

We’ve done the work to make it easier for you. Below is a list of our favorite turbo trainers that are suitable for any level of cyclist as well as a buying guide that will help you decide which turbo trainer you require.

How do you choose the right turbo trainer for your needs

All turbo trainers are made the same?

There is no such thing as smart trainers. There are two types of turbo trainers namely conventional, or dumb turbo trainers and smart trainers. Traditional trainers are simple, with no controllable resistance . Simply pedal harder , and the resistance rises – but generally they feature user-variable resistance either through a mechanical dial that is attached to your handlebars, or electronically, by using a wired or wireless head unit. Digital models usually display the speed and cadence at an absolute minimum, while more sophisticated ones can also connect to monitors for heart rates. they could also track power output , so that you can track precisely how much power your muscles are pumping out.

Smart trainers have become more popular with the advent of virtual cycling apps like Zwift. They make use of a modified version of the renowned ANT+ standard for wireless (which is used extensively in heart rate cadence, speed, and speed sensors) known as ANT+ FE-C which stands for Fitness Equipment Control. It allows a device from a different manufacturer like a laptop, or iPad to regulate the trainer’s resistance, and simulate the real-world experience of racing, riding or coaching sessions that are specific to you, to make you feel like you’re in fact riding up and down hills, without having to leave your comfort zone of home.

What does a smart trainer’s set-up look like?

A laptop typically that is connected to the Internet runs an application for desktops, such as Zwift or TrainerRoad and connected to your smart trainer with an USB dongle that is ANT+. A few people opt to connect their laptop to a projector or TV or projector; while others use a basic connection and run apps from their smartphone or tablet. If you’re not able to purchase a full-smart trainer, there’s a range of half-smart trainers, which can bridge the gap. They transmit data like cadence, power and speed, which can be sent to a device that is not a part of the system, which allows you to track the distance and intensity you’re pushing, but can’t be controlled automatically by the device.

Which apps could I utilize to work with my trainer’s smart?

There are a myriad of applications for smart trainers, however, TrainerRoad along with Zwift are among the most well-known. Both are subscription-based services that are not contractual which costs PS12.99 (Zwift) as well as $15 (TrainerRoad) per month.

TrainerRoad acts as a virtual coach, taking you through turbo training sessions similar to a robotic spin instructor, while recording and integrating that information into a workout routine. Zwift is an internet-based, massively multiplayer game where you compete against other players and yourself in the virtual world of Watopia and race past iconic virtual locations of Central London or follow any of the training programs to build your endurance and speed.

Both apps will control your smart trainer by adjusting the resistance in a controlled manner. For instance In Zwift the resistance is increased as the course ascends the mountain, meaning you can enjoy the enjoyment of climbing hills , without ever leaving your home.

Do I need to buy an intelligent trainer?

You and only your mental strength will be able to answer that question. There are people who look at a wall for 3 hours during exercising, looking at nothing but an LCD with a plethora of stats and some require additional motivation. It’s not just a matter to amateurs. Mark Cavendish turned to Zwift to help him recover following his crash from his race this season. Tour de France, and more and more professional and ex-professionals are beginning to appreciate the benefits of training that virtual cycling offers.

Is it possible for a trainer with no skills to become smart?

A little bit. It’s dependent on the app you’re planning to run, for instance the most basic version of Zwift is a simple speed sensor in the rear wheel of your vehicle that communicates using ANT+ as well as a turbo-compatible traditional trainer (it offers listed the available turbo trainers on its website). If you’re wondering why it needs to be a turbo trainer It’s because Zwift must know your power output to function, and so its creators devised a mathematical algorithm, called zPower that calculates the power output of your device based on the speed at which the rear wheel of your vehicle is spinning. It’s not as accurate as the power measured by a smart trainer’s built-in power meter and offers a low-cost sample of smart training , without the huge expense.

The major drawback of this method is that you’ll need to alter the resistance of your trainer by hand based on the cues provided by the app, which reduces the level of immersion. However, an affordable half-smart turbo-trainer package is available for about PS200 and less than half the price of a full-smart trainer.

What do you think of bicycle rollers?

It’s important to note that turbo trainers aren’t the only choice for a stationary exercise bike. Bike rollers, like the name implies, are made up of three drums that move beneath your bike when you’re cycling, similar to treadmills. They can be a bit difficult to master at first, and you might encounter a difficult learning curve. But, using the bike roller can be an excellent way to improve your balance. It also assists to improve your pedaling and control of your bike and are therefore great to improve your techniques and maintaining your fitness.

Do I have to purchase something else?

As with all static exercises that is turbo-training can be boring. Even if you’re on Zwift or other similar apps placing your trainer before the television will keep you entertained. More than that, a large fan is absolutely essential. If there’s no breeze to keep you cool , you’ll quickly realize how much cycling can make you sweaty and you’ll want to have a towel on hand to ensure you don’t get sweaty, rust-causing salt all over your handlebars and the stem.

Any other things I should think about?

There’s still a bit of debate about whether the use of turbo trainers puts an excessive amount of pressure on a carbon bike’s frame, leading to breakages and faults.

However, regardless of whether the claims are true or not It’s vital to know about the warranty provided by your bike’s manufacturer. Although some brands (such like Canyon or Giant) have authorized their bikes to be used for training however, you could be at the risk of breaking your warranty by using other brands. It’s unfortunate that this isn’t clearly stated.

Our advice is to read the fine print prior to you put your expensive bike onto the turbo trainer and also to contact the manufacturer of your bike if you aren’t sure about the warranty.

The best turbo trainers to buy

SaleBestseller No. 1
Velo Pro Turbo trainer, Bike Trainer with 6 Levels of Resistance for Indoor Cycling and Spinning, Suitable for Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Gravel Bike and Hybrid Bike. Fits 26" to 28" 700C Wheels
  • Magnetic Turbo trainer with 6 Resistance settings is made from high quality powered coated steel and comes with a heavy duty magnetic alloy roller, sturdy and durable with a 120kg weight limit.
  • Velo Pro Bike Trainers come with a handlebar mounted resistance selector and turns your bike into an indoor exercise bike. Suitable for a mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike or gravel bike.
  • Comes with all required bicycle accessories to turn your road bike into a stationary bike, includes Quick release turbo trainer skewer, front riser block and 4 locking nuts to secure your bike.
  • Smooth magnetic roller for comfortable indoor cycling. Foldable design means the bike trainer can be stored quickly and easily, the perfect indoor bike trainer for small spaces.
  • The Velo Pro magnetic indoor cycle trainer is Suitable for 26" tyres, 27.5" tyres, 650b and 700C tyres. Requires minimal assembly for quick and easy use straight out of the box.
Bestseller No. 2
UNISKY Turbo Trainer Bike Trainer Stand Indoor Exercise Magnetic Bicycle Training Stand Quick Release Riding Stand for Mountain & Road Bike
  • DOUBLE LOCK SYSTEM: The two knobs on the left and right of the stationary bike trainer construct the dual locking system, making it easily to lock your bike in place. For each part, one bigger knob outside and one smaller inside reinforce the locking mechanism.
  • STEADY, STABLE AND FIRM: The indoor exercise bike trainer is designed with dual-support structure. The wide frame and front wheel riser block keep it away from wobbling and reach unshakable balance. The steady base and adjustable anti-slip rubber feet fits for uneven floor in different conditions, preventing movement for stability on any surface.
  • SPIN SMOOTHLY: Bike trainer with noise reduction resistance wheel makes your cycling virtually silent, then you can keep the normal volume of music when riding. Note: The noise has a lot to do with the materials and tread of bike tires,also the correct installation. It is normal that the noise is louder when you use MTB. We suggest you to consider the road bikes.
  • FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE: After quick installation, you can begin to ride indoor. After exercise, you can take the bike off the trainer and fold the bike trainer easily. You may put it at any corner in your home, or carry it with you to another place.
  • [COMPATIBLE WITH BIKES]: The Unisky indoor bike trainer stand fits most road or mountain bikes with a 26-28" or 700c wheel. There is no need to buy a new one if you have a road or mountain bike of normal size(rear for spacing 130mm / 135mm). Notice: usually the bike trainer is not compatible with electric bikes and barrel or thru axle bikes. If you are not sure, please feel free to contact with us.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer, Indoor Bike Trainer
  • Get the most out of your indoor rides with the help of the powerful magnetic brake
  • Manually control resistance with a lever placed on handlebar of the bike; 10 resistance levels, up to 1,050 watts
  • With just two simple clicks, easily set up your bike into the robust and stable trainer
  • Experience a realistic ride feel generated by an actual flywheel (1.65 kg or 3.64 lbs)
  • Enjoy quieter training sessions, thanks to a closed resistance unit that reduces noise
Bestseller No. 4
Turbo Trainer, Sportneer Bike Trainer with 6 Resistance Settings for Indoor Bike Trainer Stand Steel Bicycle Exercise Magnetic Stand with Noise Reduction Wheel for Indoor Trainer
  • Spin In Silence: Smooth, seamless design and noise reduction resistance wheel mean you there’s no need to amp up the volume when you build up the burn (Note: The noise is mainly related to the materials and tread of bike tires. We highly suggest you to use road bikes because the noise will be louder if MTB is used.) If you use the turbo trainers for bikes on the carpet or on the mat of sports equipment, it can not only protect your floor, but also reduce noise to a certain extent.
  • Stability On Any Surface: Compared with the Turbo Trainer on the market, the Sportneer Turbo Trainer uses high-quality alloy steel material, making it heavier than the indoor bike trainer on the market. In addition, the Sportneer Turbo Trainer adopts wide base and low stance for better stability. It can withstand up to 300 pounds of gravity while riding stable. Features 5 adjustable antislip rubber feet to even out any uneven flooring
  • 6 Resistance Settings: Train to your standards with bar-mounted remote and wide range resistance curve to simulate all cycling conditions. Bike trainer stand for indoor cycling, not only can you choose the resistance level that suits you for training, it is also suitable for bicycle riding training to train higher levels of riding ability.
  • Great Compability:The Indoor Bike Trainer Stand fits any bikes with a 26-28" or 700c wheel and with rear wheel axel between 4.92'-6.57". If you already own a bicycle, you don't need to buy a new one. Bring your bike and put it indoors and start indoor cycling exercise. After the exercise, fold up the bicycle trainer and place it in any corner.
  • Easy Bike Release: When the kids saw the bike trainer, they all said: What a simple way to install! Just hit the press-down lever clamp to easily release and remove your ride. Front wheel riser block and rear quick release lever are included for quick installation.
Bestseller No. 5
Turbo Trainer, 6 Level Resistance Magnetic Indoor Bike Trainer with Noise Reduction Wheel, Fodable Carbon Steel Frame Bike Trainer Stand Fits for Mountain & Road Bike 24"-28" & 700C Wheel
  • 🚴【6 Levels of Resistance Settings】With 6 different adjustable levels of resistance to simulate a wide range of road conditions, you can change the resistance to simulate the desired riding conditions and enjoy a different riding experience. You can easily adjust the resistance by using the remote resistance controller mounted on the handlebars and selecting from 6 different levels offering different levels of difficulty from beginners to professionals!
  • 🚴【Stability & Quiet】Sturdy steel frame in triangular structure, non-slip foot pads and low brackets can ensure the grip when riding, friction-reducing design to protect the bike's rubber tyres. Equipped with a high-quality pressure regulator, the seamless design makes the ride smooth and quiet. (REMINDER: The sound has a lot to do with the material and tread of the bicycle tire. It is recommended to use a smooth tire. Or use this stationary bike stand on the carpet to reduce vibration sound.)
  • 🚴【Easy to Use】The bike trainer stand is pre-installed, you can fix this bike trainer with no other tools and a user manual is included when you receive. After replacing the quick release skewer of a professional bicycle instructor, you can start you training. After exercising, you can remove the bike from the trainer, and easily fold the bicycle trainer, ready to go out at any time. The foldable design and portability enable it to be placed in any corner of the house or carried in the car.
  • 🚴【Applicable to Almost All Wheel Sizes】Compared to other brands that only install 26"-28" wheels, this indoor bike trainer fits any road and mountain bike with 24"-28" or 700C wheels. The maximum load capacity of this bicycle training rack is 150kg. In bad weather or where you cannot ride outdoors, you can ride a bike in the living room, attic, lounge or garage. This bike stand for indoor riding provides you with new riding possibilities!
  • 🚴【Cycling Even in Bad Weather】Turbo trainer is an ideal home gym equipment. On rainy days or days when you don’t want to go out, even under severe weather such as snow, ice, storms and hail, you can complete your exercise on turbo trainers for bikes. With this bike trainer stand for indoor cycling, you can enjoy riding while watching TV.
Bestseller No. 6
Sportneer Turbo Trainer, Bike Trainer Stand Steel Bicycle Exercise Indoor Bike Trainer Magnetic Stand with Noise Reduction Wheel for Indoor Trainer (Black+ Red)
  • Stability On Any Surface: Built with a wide base and low stance for unshakable balance. Features 5 adjustable antislip rubber feet to even out any uneven flooring
  • Spin In Silence: Smooth, seamless design and noise reduction resistance wheel mean you there’s no need to amp up the volume when you build up the burn (Note: The noise is mainly related to the materials and tread of bike tires. We highly suggest you to use road bikes because the noise will be louder if MTB is used.)
  • 5 Resistance Settings: Train to your standards with bar-mounted remote and wide range resistance curve to simulate all cycling conditions
  • Easy Bike Release: Ready to head outside? Just hit the press-down lever clamp to easily release and remove your ride. Front wheel riser block and rear quick release lever are included for quick installation.
  • Great Compability:The Indoor Bike Trainer Stand fits any road or mountain bike with a 26-28" or 700c wheel and with rear wheel axel between 4.92'-6.57"
Bestseller No. 7
Magene T100 Direct Drive Bike Turbo Trainer - Stationary Indoor Riding Stand - Portable Design is Quiet for Indoor Use - Passes Power Info to Cycling Apps - ANT+ & Bluetooth Compatible
  • Get your cycle training done indoors with this portable direct drive bike trainer. It's easy to install and battery operated (2x AAA batteries not included) so you aren't tethered to an outlet.
  • Designed for home use, this turbo trainer is much quieter than wheel-on bike trainers. At only 60dB, you can use this in apartments without getting noise complaints.
  • Convert your bike to a stationary bike in minutes, then fold it up easy storage. Disc brake & thru-axle compatible. Thru-axle adapter and XDR hub for 12 speed cassette need to be purchased separately in our shop.
  • Passes power information to compatible apps with ±3% accuracy. Works with smartphones (iOS/Andriod), computers (Mac/Windows), and ANT+/Bluetooth bike computers.
  • Smooth on the pedals and great for beginner cyclists. 50,000 kg*mm² moment of inertia gives you a realistic riding experience, even in your living room.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Yaheetech Turbo Trainer Magnetic Bike Trainer Indoor Foldable Bicycle Exercise Training Stand with Variable Speed Levels & Wire-Control for Mountain & Road Bikes
  • 🚵Solid Constructure - Constructed of quality magnet, corrosion-resistant alloy roller, and powder-coated high carbon steel, our road bike stand trainer can support the weight up to 120kg/264.6lb to provide you with the most secure bicycle training method. M-shaped design of the stand is for better stability, safety and adaptability.
  • 🚵6 Speed Adjustments - With a simple rotation on the handlebar mounted adjuster, you can adjust the magnetic resistor and switch the six resistance levels in seconds to meet your needs about resistance and speed.
  • 🚵Practical Home Gym Accessory - This indoor bike trainer fits for 26'' to 28'' and 700C wheels, and comes with a quick release skewer, so it requires a bike with a rear quick release wheel. Great for indoor cycling training, also an ideal gift for bicycle lovers.
  • 🚵Easy-to-apply - We provide a detailed instruction for use to help you set up your indoor cycling trainer quickly and easily. The package includes a quick release skewer for rear wheel hub and assemble it accurately and safely in trainer and front wheel stand.
  • 🚵Space Saver - The foldable design makes this bike turbo trainer for indoor cycling store simpler without occupying much space when not in use. It can be plug into any narrow places in your room. Collapsible stand also makes its move a breeze.
Bestseller No. 9
PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer - Turns Cycle Into Fitness/Speed/Exercise Training Bike
  • PedalPro Indoor Bike Resistance Trainer - Use your regular bike as an exercise bike in the comfort of your own home
  • Great way to get fit - Bicycle fits and releases from trainer quickly and easily - Suitable for 26" - 28" And 700C wheel sizes
  • Easy to assemble - Trainer complete out of the box - Includes quick release skewer for rear bicycle hub to ensure precise& safe fitment in trainer
  • Heavy duty steel & aluminium construction - Nut lock on magnetic set to prevent tyre slipping - Speed knob quick release adjusters - Please note front wheel mount shown is for illustrative purposes only
  • L: 54cm X W: 46cm X H: 41cm - Max load: 90kg - Note: you must ensure the bike is securely fitted at all times
Bestseller No. 10
PedalPro MK II Adjustable Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer - White
  • PedalPro Mk II Indoor Bicycle Turbo Trainer - New improved design - Gloss white
  • Use your bicycle as an exercise bike in the comfort of your own home
  • Variable speed with handlebar mounted control - New improved resistance wheel offers better grip between tyre & resistor - 6 Magnetic resistance levels
  • Suitable for 26" - 28" & 700C wheel sizes - Includes quick release skewer for bicycle rear hub & front wheel mount - Bicycle fits & releases from trainer quickly & easily
  • Quick & easy to assemble - Handy folding design - W: 50cm - L: 36.5cm/42.5cm (inc. Resistor) - H: 42cm - Axle opening: 13cm (min)/18.5cm (max) - Max load: 120kg

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