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Best Washable Dog Bed Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting the best washable dog bed for your four-legged friend, there are numerous factors to consider. It is important to consider the size and weight of your dog, as well as their preferred sleeping position and the amount of available space in your home for the bed. Other considerations that influence the selection of a dog bed are discussed in this section of the guide, as well as the reasons why you should consider a washable bed over other types of canine bedding.

Why Use a Washable Dog Bed?

Over time, a dog’s bed becomes dirty, smelly, and full of loose hair. When combined with moisture from where your dog cleans themselves and sweat, this concoction can lead to bacterial growth, damp, and mildew over time. This not only creates an unpleasant odour and discourages your dog from sleeping in the bed, but it may also make the entire house unpleasant and even make your dog ill over time.

All of these risks are reduced by washable beds, making it easier to keep your home and pet smelling fresh and clean. Washable beds also reduce the risk of dust mite allergies and aid in the control of flea infestations, especially if you choose a bed that can be washed in its entirety and at higher temperatures.

Features To Look For in a Washable Dog Bed

Of course, when selecting the best washable dog bed for your canine companion, you must consider their individual preferences. However, there are some key characteristics to look for that apply to all dogs. Among the characteristics to look for are:

Machine Wash

When shopping for a washable bed, consider whether it can be machine washed and at what temperature. Some beds can only be washed at low temperatures, making them unsuitable for dogs who like to roll in mud. Also, determine whether the cover or the entire bed can be washed. If you have an older dog who is having bladder issues or a puppy who is still house training, a fully washable bed may be beneficial.


You want your dog to be able to get back into their bed as soon as possible, so a dryer-safe bed is a distinct advantage. Before putting the bed in the dryer, always double-check the temperature settings.

Type of filling

There are numerous filling materials available, including orthopaedic memory foam bases. The type of filling you choose may be determined by your dog’s age, but you should always ensure that it is safe, allergen-free, and long-lasting. You don’t want a bed with a clumpy base that moves around as your dog tries to get comfortable.


This is especially important if the bed will be placed on a tiled or wood floor. The last thing you want is for your dog to move the bed as he tries to get in or out of it. If they do not feel safe, they may suffer an injury or simply refuse to use it. If the base is waterproof, this is an added bonus because it reduces the risk of spills causing the bed to become damp.

Covers that are long-lasting

In addition to being comfortable, the cover of the bed should be durable and able to withstand daily use by your dog as well as regular cleaning. Examine the stitching and seams for strength, and make sure that the zip, if present, is not in the sleeping area.

The Best Washable Bog Beds

Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats - Sofa-Style Quilted Couch Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover, Iron Gray, Large
  • DESIGNED FOR PETS: The classic bolstered sofa design promotes ultimate comfort and security, providing high-loft orthopedic cushion support as well as a super cozy nestling and burrowing space for dogs and cats
  • SLEEP SURFACE: The pet sofa features brushed quilted fabric that is gentle on noses and paws for enhanced snuggling and burrowing comfort
  • EASY ON JOINTS: The egg crate orthopedic foam base helps cushion pressure points and improve air circulation, while the fluff-filled bolster railings support the neck, back, hips, and joints; both help to ease discomfort and encourage restful sleep
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Iron Gray; Large, 36" x 27" x 6.5" (3" Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 27" x 22")
  • AVAILABLE VARIANTS: The bed comes in Coffee, Wine Red, Toasted Brown, Navy, Silver Gray, and Iron Gray; it's also available in Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, and Jumbo Plus

If you want the ultimate in luxury for your canine companion as well as convenience for yourself, the Orthopedic Dog Coach Sofa Bed by Furhaven is the dog bed for you. The bed’s base is made of an egg crate design foam core that supports your pet’s joints and soothes pressure points while they sleep. The peak and valley design of the foam provides maximum comfort and aids in the improvement of your dog’s circulation. Three sides of the bed are surrounded by supportive bolsters filled with high-loft polyester fibre. The fibres are made from recycled water bottles and provide additional support and comfort for your dog. The cover is fully machine washable, and the sleeping surface is made of faux fur for a cosy and comfortable night’s sleep.

MidWest Quiet Time Pet Bed Deluxe Gray Ombre Swirl 17" x 11"
  • ULTRA PLUSH PET BED: Gray Ombré Swirl deluxe dog bed & cat bed works great as a stand-alone pet bed or can be used inside an 18 inch long dog crate to create a comfortable pet home
  • PERFECT PET BED FOR TOY BREEDS: Ideal for dog & cats weighing up to 6 pounds, this pet bed measures approximately 17 L x 11 W x 1.5 H inches
  • CREATE A COZY DEN FOR YOUR PET: Ultra-soft synthetic pet bed provides additional comfort to your dog's crate further enticing them to love using their crate
  • STYLISH DOG BED COMPLEMENTS YOUR HOME DÉCOR: Ombré Swirl pattern & neutral gray color looks great in the home
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

This pet bed differs from the others on the list in that the entire bed is machine washable. With the MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Bed, there is no need to fight to remove and refit covers; simply place the entire bed in the washing machine. The filling of the bed is ultra-soft polyester, which does not pill up like more traditional fleece-filled beds, resulting in a more comfortable sleep for your pet. The bed has a non-skid bottom to ensure that it stays put and to reduce accidents caused by it skidding as your dog moves onto it. The sleep surface is tufted and extra soft, providing maximum comfort for your dog.

Majestic Pet 40" Gray Velvet Bagel Dog Bed
  • Outside Dimensions: 40"L x 29"W, Inside Dimensions: 30"L x 18"W, Bolster: 9"H, Cushion: 8"H. Perfect for large dogs 45 - 70 lbs
  • Waterproof Denier Base: Base of round bagel bed is made of waterproof 300/600 Denier for any unwanted accidents or spills
  • Premium Materials: The dog bed is stuffed with a Premium High Loft Polyester Fil and is fully machine washable in an oversize washer on gentle; air dry
  • Spine Support: Bolster on the pet beds allow for dogs to rest their head and to help straighten their spines
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

The Suede Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products is made of high-quality materials and will provide your four-legged friend with the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The surrounding bolster cushions assist your dog in finding a comfortable sleeping position while also supporting their head, neck, and spine. The removable slipcover is made of tough microsuede, and the base is made of heavy-duty waterproof 300/600 denier fabric. The bed’s interior is made of high loft polyester fiberfill, which is derived from recycled materials. The slipcover is removable for washing on larger sizes, but the entire bed is machine washable and dryer safe on a low setting.

JOYELF Memory Foam Dog Bed Small Orthopedic Dog Bed & Sofa with Removable Washable Cover and Squeaker Toys as Gift
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: ①Solid Memory Foam base for perfectly to your pet's body for maximum comfort②Memory Foam using flame retardant material③The Bottom Material of the dog bed comes with built-in nonslip rubber backing and waterproof coating④Inner waterproof cover perfect for senior dog with occasional accident ⑤The fabric offers unmatched warmth and comfort;⑥The bolster is filled by PP cotton generously which is relax breathable and good resilience
  • BETTER DESIGN:①The base high-density memory foam can provide the ultimate sleep experience with superior overall comfort and to last;②The bottom is lined with to prevent the bed from ever sliding around;③Soft & Full comfy contto-padded Bolsters (couch arms) surround a whole circle can protect your pet's neck, relieve the neck caused by fatigue and discomfort;④The hidden zipper of this orthopedic dog bed makes the product look better;⑤Waterproof internal liner to protect memory foam from liquids.
  • EASY To CLEAN and MAINTAIN:①Removable cover is machine washable;②Easy to find & clean &remove hair;③Liner waterproof protector
  • GIFT:Squeaker toy as gift(Bone shape)
  • SIZE: Measuring from outside of bolster 68 x 50 x 15cm. Sleeping area inside bolster: 51 x 33cm. The memory foam base 64.5 x 44 x 5cm. Ideal for Small size dogs.Consider carefully dog‘s body somatotype and bed dimension

This dog bed contours to your dog’s body in the most comfortable way possible and includes a memory foam mattress to ensure your dog gets a good night’s sleep. For older dogs who may have minor accidents, the coating is waterproof. The bed’s bottom is non-slip to ensure that it stays firmly in place if your dog wriggles around too much.

When it’s time to clean the bed, simply remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine. Because of its size, it is best suited to medium and large dogs. When it comes to drying, it is preferable to hang it out to dry rather than using a tumble dryer.

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed for Medium Dogs with Washable Cover, Waterproof Liner and Extra External Pet Bed Case 37X27X4 Inch, Khaki
  • SUEDE WASHABLE COVER - Comfortable and removable 180GSM Microfiber Suede cover with strong zipper in gusset style and extra stitching to prolong the life of the pet bed, wash after wash. Machine washable / dry-able.
  • GEL MEMORY FOAM ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT - Top rated quality medium large 37"X27"X4" hypoallergenic high density 100% gel infused memory foam pad provide the support and relieves the pain of arthritis, will not flat overtime to promote better sleep and healthy joint.
  • PREMIUM LUXURIOUS COMFORT - Better than average human grade mattress with conforming therapeutic comfort. The combined benefits of pressure point relief, alignment support, cooler sleeping surface and less allergens come together to create the ideal environment for deeper and more restful sleep.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

The Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed by Dogbed4less is ideal for older dogs and those who suffer from joint pain. It is designed for medium to large breed dogs. The bed is made of a memory foam insert with no cushions or sides, making it easy to get into and out of. The waterproof insert guards against spills and accidents, while the durable denim cover provides a comfortable and easy-to-clean surface. The non-slip base of the cover ensures that the bed stays in place while your dog gets on or off of it.

AllPetSolutions Alfie Range Beds - Fleece Lined Warm Dog Bed - Washable (Medium, Grey)
  • Luxury range with ultra soft reversible cushion - opposite side of cushion matches external colour
  • High sides providing your pooch the greatest warmth and comfort
  • 100% machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Dog Bed Dimensions (L x W x H) 57 x 52 x 22cm
  • Cushion Area Size (L x W) 40 x 35cm

If you want to make sure your dog gets a good night’s sleep, this memory foam mattress conforms to their body and relieves pressure points. It is ideal if your dog has a joint condition such as arthritis.

The walls are nice and deep, making your dog feel safe and pampered. Because the materials used are of high quality, it is a bed that will last a long time. When it comes to washing time, simply put it in the machine on the cold setting. You can then tumble dry it on low heat.

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