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Best Wood Turning Lathes

Looking to buy the best Wood Turning Lathe? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

A wood turning lathe will assist anyone who does any form of woodwork, whether as a pastime or for DIY projects around the house.
Because it is so simple to use, this tool will not only save you a lot of time while working, but it will also ensure that you get a professional finish every time.
Anyone who has used a wood turning lathe knows how relaxing it is to slice the wood from the block and watch the shavings spiral down to the earth!
Even if you’re not doing woodwork, they’re a handy item to have around for some leisure!

However, on a more serious note, a wood turning lathe will significantly enhance the number of woodworking jobs you can finish as well as the quality of your work!
However, despite the tool’s seeming simplicity, there are a number of variables to consider before purchasing one of these devices!
Not only will our buyer’s guide assist you in finding the best wood turning lathe, but we’ve also included information on some of the tools you’ll need when using your lathe.

Here are some of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing a wood turning lathe!


It should go without saying that when it comes to purchasing a wood turning lathe, size does matter!
The overall size of the machine will have an impact on where you can use it and where you can keep it when it is not in use.
However, this will have a significant impact on the size of wood you can deal with!
Unless you plan on dealing with really huge pieces of wood, we recommend choosing with a benchtop model. It will be much more practical for most studios and will make it much easier to store and carry your wood turning lathe from one area to another!

If you choose a larger model with a stand, ensure sure it is hefty enough to reduce vibrations while also being tall enough to make working with it convenient.
It really is a matter of personal opinion, however we recommend having the spindle at the height of your tummy so you can work comfortably for as long as you need to without injuring your back!


When looking for a wood turning lathe, you have two options for powering your tool: manual or electric.
A manual lathe, which is controlled by a handwheel, allows you to have complete control over the spin you have on the material you’re working with, as well as how much you remove at a time – and you’re guaranteed a fair workout every time!

Electric powered wood turning lathes, on the other hand, are arguably more popular currently, as they drastically minimise the amount of work and effort required!
Not only that, but because they rotate at considerably quicker speeds, you will be able to accomplish the work much faster than you could with a manual model after some practise.
The motor will do the heavy lifting for you by turning the headstock at different rates.
We recommend looking for a machine with at least 400W of power.
Keep in mind that the level of strength you choose may have an impact on the materials you can work with!

It’s important to evaluate not only the tool’s RPM (rotations per minute), but also the different speeds it can provide.
A wood turning lathe that can adjust speeds fast and easily will be a tremendous assistance in finishing the task, allowing you to work swiftly on a new block of wood and then slow down for the finer details.
The RPMs that you will find typically range from roughly 250RPM to 4000RPM.
This tool’s versatility means you’ll be able to deal with a variety of materials and task styles.
We would also recommend checking for versions with continuous speed control for a machine that is really efficient!

TOP TIP: Look for versions with at least seven speeds and reversing capability.
This gives you a lot more flexibility while working and eliminates the need to constantly adjust the belt and the piece of wood.

Headstock and tailstock are two parts of the same machine.

The elements of the wood turning lathe that hold the wood in place are known as the chucks.
The headstock, which also holds the spindle (which turns the block), is on the larger end of the machine, whereas the tailstock is on the smaller, “tail-end” of the machine.
Your tailstock will be able to travel back and forth along the lathe bed to accommodate varied sizes of wood.
You’ll need it to move smoothly and regularly, so look for one that’s on a smooth, well-built runner.
Looking for widely spaced bearings, such as roller or ball bearings, is the easiest approach to check for this.

TOP TIP: Look for a pivoting headstock that can be easily reinstalled once the wood has been “loaded” and is ready to go.
This will make clamping the material into position a lot easier!

The Lathe Bed

The lathe bed is the machine’s foundation, in which the piece of wood “sits.”
This will have an impact on the length and diameter of the wood you can work with.
A deeper lathe bed will allow you to rotate a larger piece of wood.
Lathe beds range in size from 300mm to 1270mm, so consider the size of the materials you’ll be working with.

TOP TIP: Many wood turning lathes have the option of adding an extension to the table, allowing you to occasionally work with larger quantities of material.
We’ve noticed that this often affects the quality of the material you’re dealing with, so we wouldn’t recommend it as a regular go-to, but it’s a terrific alternative for larger, more frequent jobs!


If you’ve read any of our past posts, you’ll know that we believe that “the lighter the better.”
As a rule of thumb, the lighter the tool or machine you’re working with, the easier it will be to use and move.
When it comes to a wood turning lathe, however, the opposite is true!
It is critical to acquire a higher-quality, heavier-built equipment, as the vibrations caused by the moving spindle will impair the quality of the job you are able to perform!
Not only that, but reduced vibrations will help you work more efficiently.
Look for models with a cast iron foundation, which will endure a long time and be substantial enough to keep firm despite the vibrations!

Additional Features of a Wood Turning Lathe

Here are some of the extra features to think about when buying a wood turning lathe, especially if you plan to use it frequently.

M33 x 3.5mm threaded spindle (bored with a Morse taper using a CM2 gauge) –
We recognise that this sounds pretty specific, but simply means that your tool complies with European standards, allowing your spindle to work with the majority of accessories available in the UK.
This greatly expands the range of jobs that your wood turning lathe will be able to complete.

Lights and a safety button —
Digital displays and lights that indicate when something isn’t quite right with the machine can help to avoid not only mishaps, but also damage to the lathe’s moving parts and the wood you’re working with.
This is also true of an emergency stop button, which can be activated whenever anything isn’t going as planned!

Dust collection – Anyone who has worked with wood before will be familiar with the amount of dust and debris that is generated!
This is an unavoidable part of the job — if you’re slicing or sanding away at a piece of wood, the trash must be disposed of!
Models that can be connected to dust extractors or chip vacuums should be avoided.
Otherwise, search for one that is simple to disassemble and clean.


Wood turning lathes are incredible, but they can’t work by themselves!
You’ll also require a number of other tools in order to finish the task at hand.
We’ve included a list of some of these below so you can get started as soon as you have your wood turning lathe!

Claws, Clips, Claps, and Grips — You’ll need a variety of piece-holding tools to keep the various elements in place while you work.
These are likely items you already have in your workshop or shed, but it’s worth double-checking that they’ll be up to the task!

Tool holder – If a wood turning lathe isn’t cutting down on the amount of effort you have to put in, a tool holder can assist!
Place the tool in the tool holder and turn the machine on.
Another advantage is that because they are adjustable, you can ensure precision and accuracy in your work.

Spindle turning tools – These include roughing gouges, spindle gouges, chisels, and a beading tool, which will be used to make spindles.

Bowl turning equipment – Creating bowl gouges is more difficult, so you’ll need some practise and specialised tools like a straight edge scraper, a bowl gouge, and a rounded scraper.

Ring tools for hollowing out bowls, ring scrapers, side cutting scrapers, and parting tools are all specialist tools.

Remember that all of these tools are available in a variety of sizes, so you’ll always be able to pick one that’s appropriate for the job at hand.

NOTE: It’s worth noting that there are kits on the market that include a selection of wood turning tools in various sizes.
These make excellent starter kits for anyone new to this sort of woodworking, and you may add to them as you think of more specific equipment you’ll need.

The Best Wood Turning Lathes To Buy

Bestseller No. 2
Latest CLARKE CWL1000B 40" 1000mm Wood Turning Lathe
  • Proven reliable Clarke technology
  • Lightweight construction at just 25 Kgs
  • High performace for the home or tradesman
SaleBestseller No. 3
Einhell TC-WW 1000/1 Wood Lathe | 400W Double Guide Framed Wood Turner, 280mm Max Diameter, 1000mm Max Workpiece Length, 4 Adjustable Speeds | Electric Wood-Turning Lathe Machine
  • The Einhell TC-WW 1000/1 wood lathe is the ideal tool for joining the world of woodturning and for effortlessly turning wood and soft materials into the desired shape. An extra-powerful 400 W motor provides reserves for longer work sessions.
  • Workpieces with maximum diameters of 280 millimeters can be worked on using the wood lathe, or can be clamped in the frame, e.g. disks, even up to 350 millimeters. The maximum tip width is 1,000 millimeters.
  • It has an easily adjustable tool support for ensuring exact turning results. A tailstock with spindle tip serves as a second element for securing the workpiece.
  • The double guide frame means that the construction is torsion-resistant.
  • For the ideal speed for each material there are four adjustable speed settings (890 rpm, 1260 rpm, 1760 rpm, 2600 rpm).
SaleBestseller No. 5
VEVOR Wood Lathe, 14 x 40 inch Wood Turning Lathes 1/2HP 370W Benchntop Wood Lathe, 4-Speed 1100/1600/2300/3400RPM Woodturning Lathe Machine for High Speed Sanding and Polishing of Finished Work
  • 400W Powerful Motor: 400W 2.9-amp motor provides more power than most 14-inch wood lathes, voltage: 220V 50Hz. The powerful motor starts softly offering motor's maximize security and low noise.
  • 4 Grade Speeds: The adjustable belts can be adjusted with ease and accuracy within 3400 RPM, 1100, 1600, 2300, 3400 RPM available. You can adjust the appropriate speed according to the size of workpieces.
  • Large Work Capacity: 40" / 1000 mm distance between centers, cutting diameter 14" / 350 mm. High concentricity makes it more stale. Moving tailstock to adjust proper distances for workpieces.
  • Solid Steel Construction: Solid steel constructed wood lathes for durability and strength, providing increased stability and smooth operation, reducing vibration.
  • Complete Accessories: 3 wrenches are for easy using and maintenance. 3 chisels for free also. It also comes with a skew chisel, a shear scraper and a spindle gouge for convenient operate.
Bestseller No. 7
Topbidetec 3Pcs Carbide Mini Wood Turning Tool Kits Rougher Finisher Detailer with Extra Carbide Turning Tool Replacement Cutter for Wood Lathe Turning
  • MINI WOOD TURNING TOOLS: Topbidetec mini wood lathe turning tools kit are included of 3 Pieces of carbide turning tools: Mini Finisher/Rougher/Detailer, three types take your woodcraft creation from start to finish. This carbide turning tools suitable for turner of all skill level, an ideal kit for turning small projects things like pens Christmas ornaments finials, goblets, wine stoppers, knife handles, woodworking gifts and small bowls etc.
  • NEWLY STABLE SQUARE SHAFT DESIGN: Unlike other similar turning tools, Topbidetec had make advance on the shaft, shafts are made from stainless steel, so that you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. Newly square shaft with smooth chamfer design, it effectively solved the problem of easy rolling instability round shaft and others low aggressive square shaft.
  • INTERCHANGABLE CARBIDE BUTTER: The set comes with 3 pcs interchangeable carbide cutter, the rougher with a square cutter (.430" x .078", Ci2-S) can fit easy start, mini and mid-size roughers; the finisher with a round cutter (0.472" x 0.09", Ci3-R) fit for mini & mid finishers & full & pro hollowers; the detailer with a diamond cutter (1.08" x .390" diameter x .100" thick,Ci4-D) fit for all detailers.
  • ESAY TO USE & EXCELLENT PERFORMACE: The wood lathe tool handle is made by grained Maple with a copper ferrule that gives strong strength. Topbidetec carbide cutters using a proprietary recipe to make them the hardest, sharpest, and longest lasting. All tools come with a fresh standard carbide cutter already installed and a hex key that fits the screw set. They are ready to help you make precise and comfortable wood turning!
  • BRAND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: No matter how good lathe machine you have. But, without good tools, it would always be incomplete, Topbidetec are committed to provide you great wood lathe turning tools that make your turning safer, better, easier and more fun. We are looking forward to more of your woodturning projects by using Topbidetec tuning tools.
Bestseller No. 8
Lathe Tools, SEAAN Wood Turning Tools 4 Piece Set, gooseneck Turning Tool, with Carbide Diamond Shape/Round/Square Cutter, Extension Handle and Aluminum Carrying case (Blue)
  • 【Tungsten Carbide Lathe Tool Kit】 - The high quality ½ "square stainless steel CNC machining makes it stronger, harder, and less rolling than round shank tools. It has a square shank so the knife can be used with a flat back to hold the shelf flat and flush with the floor, the handle is hollow and the length of the lathe chisel can be adjusted at any time to suit your needs
  • 【Sharp and precise】 - The turning tools include roughing machines, hollow processing machines and detailing machines, with which every workpiece can be quickly machined on your lathe. The tool set for wood lathes can provide a smooth and clean cutting effect thanks to four types of tailors designed for different sanding effects. This saves a lot of time when grinding and honing, because you can simply replace the blade if it becomes dull.
  • 【Easy to use】 - Our turning tool makes turning wood a lot easier. This set of carbide turning tools is very suitable for lathe operators of all skill levels and makes wood turning faster and more interesting. Each turning tool has two carbide tips with several sharp edges that can be turned several times. Just turn the cutter head a quarter turn for a clean, sharp edge and you can go back to wood turning.
  • 【Ergonomic design】 The turning tool is equipped with a slim, matt-finished handle that lies comfortably in the hand. In addition, it is equipped with an extension rod that can be used in deeper scenes, stainless steel mandrel for strength and durability, and aluminum oxide alloy handles for grip, comfort and durability. so it's a safe choice.
  • 【Woodworking Tools and Accessories】 - The set contains 4 types of turning tools: Hollow Round 8.9 x 8.9 x 1.8mm, Round Turner 12 x 12 x 2.5mm, Rough Square 11 x 11 x 2mm Diamond, Detailer - Rhombus 30 x 10 x 2.5 mm dresser with an additional set of hard metal blades. A suitcase made of aluminum to carry
Bestseller No. 9
VEVOR Metal Lathe 8X16 Inches, Precision Mini Lathe Variable Speed 50-2500 RPM, MT2 Metal Work Lathe Speed Control, 750W Mini Metal Lathe Metal Milling for Turnings of Metal Wood Jade
  • Sturdy Iron Construction: The mini metal lathe bed is made of high-grade iron. Equipped with nylon gears, this lathe machine is wear-resistant, durable, and professional. Mini metal lathe power of motor: 750W. The full-length splashguard provides maximum protection.
  • Infinitely Variable Speed: Variable speed from 50-2500 RPM. Forward and reverse at all speeds. Operate either manually or with the adjustable auto feed rate. The hardness and accuracy of the slideways are obtained by raw material, heat hardening and grinding. The emergency stop button included.
  • Accurate 3-Jaw Chuck: 3-jaw self-centering chuck for setting materials steadily. Backsplash guard included. The spindle is supported by precision tapered roller bearings, spindle accuracy within 0.01mm.
  • Professional Compound Rest: The mini metal lathe quick change tool post can achieve positions of internal cutting, face cutting, and bevel cutting by changing the tool post angle and adjusting the compound rest. The professional slide is designed with abrasive resistance, moving blades freely with a feed rod.
  • Wide Application: Driven by the quality motor, this mini metal lathe cut off tool can be used in areas such as mini precision parts processing, sample processing, and modeling works.
Bestseller No. 10
Axminster Craft AC370WL Variable Speed Woodturning Lathe - 230V
  • Save £130 and also get a FREE SK100 Chuck Package worth £219.98!
  • That's a combined saving of £349.98!
  • Offer ends on the 5th of June 2022!

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