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Buying A Bosch EasyRotak 36-550? Read Our Free Expert Advice First

Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 Review

The Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 is a cordless lawn mower with 5 cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 70mm, a cutting width of 37cm, and a 40-litre solid grass collection box. The mower comes with two 2.0Ah batteries that charge in around 65 minutes and is suitable for lawns up to 550m2.

The Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 is a basic cordless lawn mower that offers everything you need for quick and easy garden maintenance. Many purchasers are irritated by the fact that these cordless devices come with a slew of features that are difficult to understand and, as a result, add needless cost. If you like that, that’s fantastic; there are some great options, but for those who prefer something a little more straightforward, this mower could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The mower is named from the fact that it is suitable for small to medium gardens measuring up to 550m2. In truth, the mower model number usually refers to the cutting width rather than the area it is supposed to cover, so this is useful information to have when deciding whether or not this mower is right for you. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, the Bosch City Mower 18 has a 32cm cutting deck that’s perfect for places up to 300 square metres and runs on an 18v battery, whereas this one runs on a 36v.

The Bosch 36-550 is designed for ease of use, even if it doesn’t have any complicated functionality. It has better ErgoFlex handlebars that provide a more comfortable working position for the mower, as well as being lightweight and incredibly easy to manoeuvre. But it doesn’t stop there; check out my in-depth Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 review to learn more.

Main Characteristics

5 cutting heights on a 37cm cutting deck
ErgoFlex is a company that specialises in ergonomics.
Other Bosch 36v tools might use the same batteries.
Grass box that is simple to store
Charge times are quick.
Grass combs for trimming close to the edge

Batteries And The Power System

Before I go into the features of this Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 mower, I should mention that you can get it as a bare tool if you like. If you already have a lot of these tools, you might not need another battery because this uses the Bosch 36v battery family. If you’re new to the range, though, the charger and batteries are included. This may seem strange, but if you buy this mower “bare tool,” it will not come with a back roller.

What struck me as most impressive was how quickly the batteries charged. I’d hardly finished my lunch and cup of tea when it was up to 80% — in less than 30 minutes! You will be rewarded with a completely charged battery if you are willing to wait an hour. There’s also the option of upgrading to a rapid charger, which will cut the battery charging time in half; I told you this was a handy mower!

You can also choose a 4.0Ah battery, which is the highest capacity for this mower. The conventional charger will take roughly 125 minutes to charge the 4.0Ah hour battery to 100% capacity.

A completely charged 2.0Ah battery will last approximately 25 minutes, depending on the condition of the lawn.

Performance Specifications

It can be tough to cut right to the edge of the lawn if you have a lot of walls or fences in your garden. That’s why Bosch includes grass combs, which lift and drag the grass into the blade’s path, making for a much cleaner and more even cut, especially in tough spots. The fact that the rear wheels do not protrude beyond the width of the deck adds to this.

Furthermore, this is a really lightweight piece of equipment, so even if it isn’t self-propelled, it won’t seem too taxing.

Blade and Deck

The EasyRotak has a plastic deck to give it that lightweight feel I mentioned earlier. Okay, you could be forgiven for believing that plastic won’t last as long as steel, but modern materials have come a long way, and the polymers used to make these decks are fairly durable. Despite the fact that most cordless mowers feature polypropylene decks, the Bosch deck is of far higher quality and grade than those of lower models and brands.

With a cutting diameter of 37cm, this mower is perfectly suited to small to medium gardens.


Unlike the Universal and Advanced Rotak versions, this mower does not come with a mulching plug, and one cannot be purchased separately.


The handlebars on this mower have been designed with a great deal of thought and inventiveness, resulting in a really comfortable experience. The handle has four adjustment switches with ErgoFlex, allowing you to position it in a way that is comfortable for you.

If you’ve had problems with uncomfortable mowers in the past, this is a great alternative. The whole aim of this design is that it allows the user to stand in a more natural position, reducing strain and potentially alleviating pain and suffering caused by other mowers.

Furthermore, the handle incorporates twin folding hinges, making storage a breeze. The mower also has a convenient carry handle in the middle to make transferring it from the shed to the grass much easier.

Rear Roller

The rear roller on this Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 is included, but because to the lightweight nature of this mower, the stripes will not remain as long as they would on a heavier petrol lawn mower or a dedicated grass roller.

Practicalities of Bosch EasyRotak 36-550

Height Adjustment

While this is a simple lawn mower, it does come with five different cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 70mm, giving you a lot of flexibility in how you cut. Furthermore, there are no complex adjustments; the single lever on the top of the mower deck is simple to operate.

Grass Collection Container

When I glanced at the Bosch EasyRotak 36-550, the grass collection box was one of the first things that struck my eye. It may not appear to be much, but this handy feature stacks and separates into two pieces, folding flat for storage. If you don’t have a lot of space in your shed, this is a great idea. This is fantastic because I generally advise against using a solid grass collection box in favour of a hybrid due to storage constraints.

The grass box can carry up to 40 litres, which isn’t the largest on the market, but it’s plenty to get you around a small garden.


If you’re tired of noisy lawn mowers, the EasyRotak 36-550 is the mower for you. Even though it lacks ProSilence (up to 30% quieter) like its bigger brothers the Universal and Advanced Rotak, this mower is very quiet. This is ideal if you have a hectic schedule and only have time to mow at the start or end of the day, and you don’t want to bother your neighbours.

In addition, if you register your equipment, you will receive a three-year warranty. The mower is really low maintenance and essentially runs itself, so there isn’t much that could go wrong with it. However, if something does go wrong, you can rest assured that it will be repaired or replaced.

I couldn’t overlook how simple it was to start the mower. With just a click of a button, you’ll be up and running in no time. If you’re switching from a gas mower to a cordless, you’ll lose some power, but you’ll gain a lot in terms of convenience.

Is It Worth Buying This Model?

Should you buy this lawn mower, in my opinion? Without a doubt, I would recommend this mower if you’re seeking for something ultra-simple yet totally functioning.

However, some of you who are reading this will desire something with a few extra features. You can upgrade to the Universal Rotak range if you like the appearance of this but want a little more. Bosch now provides the Advanced Rotak mower series, which is perfect for more sophisticated applications and contains features like as a leaf collection blade, wider decks, and ErgoFlex handles, to mention a few.

Now, I’m not suggesting this mower lacks functionality; after all, that’s what the EasyRotak line is all about. This Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 may be the perfect mower for individuals who want a well-built mower that will cut the grass effectively and cleanly without extras they won’t use or don’t want to pay for.

This mower is designed for lawns up to 550 square metres in size.
People looking for a top-of-the-line mower with excellent build quality.
Those who like a straightforward mower without a slew of other functions.
People who choose a mower with an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort when mowing.
Those who enjoy striped lawns (rear roller).
You won’t find anything nearly as amazing as the Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 when it comes to tiny mowers that pack a punch. While this mower does not offer a wide range of features, it is ideal for everyday mowing in a small to medium-sized garden.

This is extremely convenient for Bosch enthusiasts, as the batteries charge quite quickly and can be power shared throughout the full Bosch 36v range. Furthermore, the ErgoFlex handle system will change how you feel about mowing the lawn if you have previously found it to be an unpleasant experience.

Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550 (36 Volt, 2 x Battery 2.0 Ah , Cutting Width: 37 cm, Lawns up to 550 m2, in Carton Packaging)
  • The Easy Garden Tools from Bosch – for small and medium-sized gardens
  • Easily adjust grass cutting height: simply use the handle with 5-step lever to set grass length between 25 and 70 mm in 5 stages
  • Comfortable work: Healthy working posture for all users due to ergonomically designed ErgoFlex handles
  • Easy-to-store: Collapse the handles, fold the grass bag flat and put it on top of the mower
  • Clean mowing: Grass combs deliver clean results along edges, driveways, fences and walls

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