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Bosch Serie 6 WAU28PH9GB: The best mid-priced washing machine

If you’re asking why so many Bosch models appear on our list, the simple answer is because they’re all rather good.
Bosch’s newest mid-ranger, the Serie 6 WAU28PH9GB, picks up where our previous favourite, the Serie 6 WAT286H0GB (see our complete review), left off.
We suspect it will give significant improvements in washing performance over its cheaper Serie 4 cousin above, as we discovered with its predecessor, but it does outperform it in other areas.

It offers a slightly bigger 9kg wash capacity, which works well with the clever i-Dos feature and the Wi-Fi remote control.
Fill the i-Dos tanks with liquid detergent and softener, and it will handle 15 complete loads before needing to be refilled.
This, combined with the remote control functions, allows you to toss clothing in the washer and start the wash cycle from anywhere in the house, regardless of whether you’re in or out.

The fact that it is so quiet is also a significant plus.
Because the preceding Serie 6 model was substantially quieter than the Serie 4 model above, it should not attract attention throughout its spin cycle.
When you add in the full suite of safety features – such as an emergency drain down and a user-accessible filter – this new model should give everything we’ve come to expect from Bosch.

Key specs – Drum size: 9kg; Max spin speed: 1,400rpm; Rated efficiency: C; Wool wash: Yes; Silk wash: Yes; Hand wash: Yes

Bosch WAU28PH9GB Serie 6 Freestanding Washing Machine with i-Dos, Home Connect and SpeedPerfect, 9kg load, 1400rpm spin, White
  • Connector type: water line and drain
  • Designed to bring ease and flexibility to one's laundry routine, while helping one keeping one's home green i-DOS automatic dosing: get perfect wash results in every cycle with minimal consumption and maximum convenience
  • Home Connect App: By connecting one's smartphone or tablet to the WAU28PH9GB, one can intuitively select one's program when one are away from the kitchen
  • DirectSelect: Not only does it look the part, Bosch's intuitive, illuminated control dial offers fast and simple program selection at one's fingertips
  • EcoSilence Drive: Delivering an efficient cleaning performance, by using the EcoSilence Drive for a powerful and quiet wash cycle

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