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Breville All-in-One Coffee House Review – Get Our Free Advice

Breville All-in-One Coffee House

One method of brewing coffee isn’t always sufficient. The Breville All-in-One Coffee House comes with a variety of attachments that may be swapped around depending on your mood. There’s a pot that can make up to ten cups of filter coffee, a portafilter with two baskets, one for a single shot of espresso and the other for a double shot, and a pod attachment.

When it comes to home coffee equipment at this budget, the portafilter is the closest you can go to feeling like a real barista. Place the ground coffee in the basket, pound it down with the tamper, and place it in the machine. The Breville All-in-One Coffee House’s ‘shower head’ water dispenser sprays water evenly across the coffee, according to Breville. After using the machine’s “clean” feature, be prepared to wipe down your surfaces and the machine because it will spray water everywhere.

Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible [VCF117]
  • All-in-one system for authentic espresso, filter coffee and capsules
  • Easy to use: Auto-detect senses your chosen attachment and provides the appropriate brewing options
  • 15-Bar pump for quality espresso with a rich crema. Steam wand for milk with the perfect foam
  • 10-Cup / 1. 5 litre thermal carafe to keep coffee hot
  • Compatible with Dolce Gusto capsules: quick and easy coffee with over 40 varieties to choose from

The espresso function yields a thicker crema and a more flavorful cup than the filter option. Finally, the pod adapter accepts Dolce Gusto pods, however because this Breville uses higher pressure than your regular Dolce Gusto machine, you’ll receive a creamier coffee.

However, despite its versatility, the All-in-One does not have the option to only deliver hot water. Most users appear to prefer pressing the ‘brew’ button as many times as necessary, which is fine if you only need a small cup, but if you want to fill a tall travel mug (which will fit, unlike most coffee machines), you’ll need to repeat the process a few times, continuing to send water through the granules.

With its compact water tank and a steam arm that tucks into the machine, the Breville All-in-One Coffee House will fit in a tight location in the kitchen. However, you’ll need to find a home for all of the different attachments, especially if you plan on switching which one you use every day.

Breville All-in-One Coffee House Hands On Review

Overall, a fantastic coffee machine. The unit and its components are packaged neatly and securely. The simple instructions recommend a quick and easy initial ‘clean’ by the unit (in addition to washing the other parts yourself) before use. From start to finish, a “10 cup” brew takes only a few minutes. Once brewed, the coffee will stay warm in the thermos-style pot for hours. (I made one early in the morning and poured it several hours later, expecting it to be cold but it was still piping hot.) We haven’t tried the capsule or espresso options yet, but this is as simple as inserting the pod or scoop(s) of ground coffee into the ‘handles,’ attaching it, and pressing ‘brew.’ On one occasion, the machine refused to start brewing for some reason. However, the troubleshooting section recommended the old it trick of “switching off and on again,” which solved the problem. Keep in mind that this is a rare occurrence that has only occurred once out of the many, many times it has been used.

This is a coffee machine on a grand scale. It is so versatile that it can make every type of coffee you could possibly want. Everything you need is included in the box, with the exception of the various mugs/cups, which is not a criticism. You are paying for quality, not china. This machine can handle everything from filter coffee to cappuccino and every other conceivable type of coffee. There are many parts to figure out which ones are for what, but once connected, the machine literally tells you what type of coffee you are set up to make. Because I am not a barista, this is genius. The ability to froth milk is fantastic, adding an authentic touch to the drinks. I like that you can use coffee pods, which means you can have any type of coffee you want. I believe that anyone who enjoys good coffee could use this machine.

This is a multi-functional coffee maker that is surprisingly small for what it can do. It is more versatile than other models on the market, and the price reflects this. However, if you live alone and only drink coffee on occasion, this is probably not the coffee maker for you. This is better suited to someone who entertains, has a large number of visitors, or needs to make coffee in bulk. What you have here is a single machine that can make authentic espresso filter coffee or any of the dolce gusto capsules. The machine has a 15-bar pump that extracts flavour in the form of a rich, velvety crema. With the steam wand, it’s simple to make cafe-style frothed milk for lattes or flat whites. But here’s the catch: if you like your coffee hot, the ‘optimal brewing temperature’ isn’t quite high enough, and this is further reduced if you add milk. This machine is ideal if you like your coffee short and black. I also discovered that I can’t use it to make a single cup of filter.

We love coffee, so we love this because it’s simple to use, simple to clean, and keeps coffee nice and hot. It’s quite large, but luckily we have a large kitchen with plenty of space. Frankly, the best coffee machine I’ve ever owned. Now I just need to find the perfect capsules to go with it. You get coffee’s true flavour, so differences in strength, grinding, and so on are quite noticeable. The capsules I received fit and function perfectly in my coffee machine. Excellent coffee that alleviates my morning fatigue.

If I could, I’d give it ten stars. Having previously purchased these machines, I can say they’ve advanced by leaps and bounds, and this is the creme de la creme. First and foremost, it is simple to assemble and can be up and running in five minutes. Second, while the lack of a hot plate initially appeared to be an oversight, I quickly realised that the coffee pot doubles as a flask and keeps its contents piping hot all day. It could even be used to make tea. But for what it’s intended for, it’s dead simple to switch between espresso, filter, and pods, and it makes the best coffee I’ve ever had in a domestic setting. Furthermore, the milk steamer is loud, just like in a coffee shop, and it only takes a few minutes to froth the milk. Cleaning is a breeze, the water jug is enormous (requiring only occasional refills), and the ergonomics are perfect. It’s swish, smooth, and solid, but not overly so.

It was a little difficult to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fantastic. The filter coffee stays hot in the flask type jug that is used instead of a stay hot plate for a long time. It works fine with Dolce Gusto capsules, and the coffee is hotter than similar machines. It is significantly more expensive than standard coffee machines, but it is multifunctional and of high quality design.

Okay, I admit it: I don’t know how to use a coffee machine, but I’m working on it. This is a very professional-looking piece of equipment, with all the bells and whistles you could want. It comes in a large box with the machine and all the accessories, including a coffee jug and several attachments that fit into the machine. It also comes with instructions. You begin by handwashing the pieces first. Unfortunately, it does not work in the dishwasher. Fill the water tank in the back, and then follow the instructions to begin brewing your coffee. What drew me to this was that it uses capsules – the dolce gusto ones – which I thought was a great addition because you can make a variety of drinks. However, it is an expensive hobby. But it works brilliantly, and the drink I had was quite tasty.

This is the only espresso machine I’ve had that will accommodate a 20oz mug, which is a useful feature because my go-to brew is a black americano, and to make one the lazy way you either press the brew button four times or press brew then clean to top up the hot water. For the price, I would have preferred to see more metal and less plastic for the sake of durability; I can’t see this lasting in a café or office setting, but for home use with a little care, it should last; just train the kids to use it responsibly. The taste of the brews is adequate, not first class, and the filter and jug arrangement is unlikely to be used by me except when entertaining. Overall, if you don’t mind the plastic, this machine is pretty good; the heater is powerful enough to supply a steady stream of brews, and the warm-up time is short; I would recommend this machine for home use.


Multiple applications; fits tall cups; simple to use steam arm


Attachments might make your kitchen look cluttered; no hot water dispenser

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