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How To Buy The Best Tanning Bed Lotion

Buying guide for best tanning bed lotions

Looking to buy the best tanning bed lotion? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the right one for you.

Many people consider a healthy, sun-kissed glow to be an important component of their summer appearance.
Even if the weather isn’t cooperating, a tanning bed may help you attain the perfect tan, but you’ll need a nice tanning bed lotion for an efficient indoor tanning session.

The importance of tanning bed lotion is that it allows you to get the most out of the UV rays that indoor tanning sessions deliver.
However, with so many various lotions available, choose the ideal one can be difficult.
If you want the greatest tan possible, you must choose the proper type, ingredients, developing time, and other factors.

What’s the point of using a tanning bed lotion?

You don’t have to worry about the UV rays from the tanning bed drying up your skin because tanning bed lotion contains chemicals that assist moisturise the skin.

Accelerate the tanning process.
A decent tanning bed lotion can assist improve the UV rays’ strength, allowing you to brown faster.

Protect your skin from harm.
Many tanning bed lotions contain skin-protecting chemicals, making it less likely for you to acquire wrinkles and other indicators of premature ageing as a result of tanning in the bed.

Prevent burning.
Tanning bed lotion can help to protect your skin and prevent you from getting a burn instead of a tan.

Extend the tan.
After you’ve stopped tanning sessions, certain tanning bed products continue to intensify your tan.

Types of tanning bed lotions


If you want an instant tan or a very deep tan, this sort of tanning bed lotion is the ideal option.
It’s made to help you brighten up your tan, and most formulas do it right away with bronzing pigments similar to those found in self-tanning lotions.

These lotions are usually given a numerical rating, such as 10x.
The greater the number, the more vibrant the colour you’ll be able to achieve.
If you don’t spread the lotion evenly, you’ll end up with streaks.

Fabric may be stained by bronzer creams.

Tingle/hot action

This sort of tanning bed lotion is intended to improve skin circulation, which in turn stimulates melanin production for a better tan.
These lotions are recommended for experienced tanners and can aid increase tanning results.
Hot action lotions can cause skin redness and tingling in some people, so they’re best avoided if you have sensitive skin.


When applied to the skin, this sort of tanning bed lotion produces a cooling feeling that feels pleasant.
If you become hot and sweaty when you use a tanning bed, this is an excellent option because it can help make the tanning experience more pleasant.
Longer tanning sessions benefit from the use of a cooling lotion.


This sort of tanning bed lotion is perfect for beginners or for your first tanning session of the season.
It provides strong hydration and aids in the development of an excellent foundation tan.
It not only prevents your skin from drying out, but it also aids in the development of a better tan, as moisturised skin tans more easily.


This type of tanning bed lotion is best for those who have a lot of experience sunbathing.
It aids in the development of a deeper, richer colour once you’ve developed a base tan, however it typically lacks moisturising elements.

Features to consider while using a tanning bed lotion

It’s critical to consider where you’ll apply the tanning bed lotion.
Some formulae are only meant to be used on the body, where the skin is thicker and less sensitive.

You may experience discomfort or breakouts if you use these creams on your face.
In that scenario, look for a formula that can be used on both the face and the body.
You don’t have to worry about these lotions clogging your pores and causing acne because they’re usually thinner and less oily.


The consistency of a tanning bed lotion impacts how easy it is to apply.
Because thin, fluid formulas tend to drip, they can generate a mess.
Because they don’t run, thick, creamy tanning bed creams are frequently easier to apply.


It may sound contradictory, but choosing a tanning bed lotion with some form of UV protection can be a smart choice.
If you have fair skin and are prone to sunburns, you can get a burn in a tanning bed just like you would in the sun.
Look for a product with an SPF of 8 or less, so you may still get some colour while protecting your skin.

Time to develop

Tanning bed lotions with bronzing agents usually take a while to reach their full colour.
Look for a tanning product that takes about four to six hours to reach its full colour.


Although it may appear to be a minor detail, most people prefer a scented tanning bed lotion.
These lotions come in a variety of smells that range from fruity to floral.
Many of them have a coconut aroma that reminds you of a tanning lotion or sunscreen.


Before using a tanning bed lotion, exfoliate your skin thoroughly.
The lotion will penetrate your skin more efficiently if you remove the dry, flaky patches.

First, moisturise.
Apply a moisturiser before applying your tanning bed lotion if your skin is very dry.

The first time you use a tanning bed, don’t stay in it for more than ten minutes.
Start with ten minutes if you’re new to indoor tanning.
For a deeper colour, gradually increase your tanning sessions up to 20 minutes if you’re an experienced tanner.

After your tanning treatment, don’t take a shower.
Allow at least three to four hours for the tanning lotion to properly penetrate into the skin.


Q. How often should I apply tanning lotion on my skin?

A. Most tanning experts advise that you wait two days between tanning treatments.
If you’re new to tanning, that usually entails applying tanning bed lotion and sunbathing roughly twice a week.
If you’re a seasoned tanning pro, you could up your tanning sessions to three per week.

Q. How can I keep a tan that I got with tanning bed lotion for longer?

A. Hydrating your skin is the best approach to maintain your tan appearing deep and gorgeous.
Keeping your skin moisturised can actually extend the longevity of your tan.
After each shower, use a body lotion or cream to seal in the moisture.

Q. When I go outside, may I use tanning bed lotion instead of sunscreen?

A. Tanning bed lotion is not a sunscreen alternative.
Because most tanning bed formulae are meant to enable the UV rays from the bed tan your skin, they don’t contain any SPF.
Those that do have some sun protection have such a low SPF that it won’t keep your skin safe if you’re outside.

The best tanning bed lotions to buy

Bestseller No. 1
Power Tan Mega Black Extreme Dark Tanning Bronzer Sun Bed Lotion 250ml
  • A premium bronzer blended from advanced next generation accelerators. Tanning has evolved…
  • Contains Algotan superior tanning technology
  • Maximises UV Light Absorption
  • Awapuhi and Kiwi Fragrance
  • Suitable for all skin types
Bestseller No. 2
Power Tan X-Power Gel Tanning Sunbed Lotion Cream Accelerator 250ml
  • Vitamin E to fight free radicals
  • Hemp for superior skin hydration
  • Fast absorbing Gel formula
  • Tingle free
  • Fresh Pomegranate fragrance
Bestseller No. 3
Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion 250ml
  • No Bronzers, this is a basic tanning intensifier.
  • Biosine Complex: An advanced combination of Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil and Panthenol to soothe, soften and moisturise.
  • Native Australian Oils: Help to condition and moisturise your skin for a gorgeous glow.
  • Fragrance: Classic Cocoa Dreams
  • Size: 250ml
Bestseller No. 4
Onyx Sexy Legs Sunbed Tanning Lotion with Double Bronzer for Perfectly Tanned Legs
  • Double bronzers: The rich components with bronzing ingredients, such as DHA and Erythrulose, ensure immediate and deep tan results for darker legs after just one tanning session
  • Sunbed lotion for legs: Our extra bronzing formula helps to even out skin tone and hide imperfections while firming and conditioning your skin, leaving your legs soft, smooth, and tan ready
  • For hard-to-tan body parts: This sunbed cream for tanning beds was created especially to provide dark color for hard-to-tan body areas; while other lotions can be less effective and leave some areas paler than others, Sexy Legs leaves no place unbronzed
  • Ultra-light formula: The revolutionary white sunbed cream is fast-absorbing and guarantees streak-free results; our sunbed lotion for indoor tanning beds gives you even bronze skin without any imperfections or orange tint
  • Skin conditioning blend: Our indoor sunbed bronzer is packed with moisturizing ingredients that prepare your skin for a gorgeous golden tan; Silk and Coconut Oil works to soften your skin and achieve a healthy glow; Coffee and Yerba Mate improve firmness
SaleBestseller No. 5
Power Tan Dark Start Tanning Sunbed Lotion Cream Accelerator 250ml
  • Vitamin E to fight free radical skin damage
  • Shea Butter for superior skin hydration
  • Tingle free
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Citrus fragrance
SaleBestseller No. 7
Powertan Maxx Black Non Tingle Tanning Sunbed Cream Lotion Accelerator 250ml
  • Contains Algotan superior tanning technology for maximum tanning results
  • Black Walnut seed oil with Coenzyme Q10
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 & Vitamins C & E to fight free radical skin damage
  • L-Tyrosine boosted formula
  • Paradiso Fragrance
Bestseller No. 8
Power Tan Coconut Crush Sunbed Tanning Lotion Cream Accelerator 250ml
  • L-Tyrosin for Faster tanning results
  • Contains Grape seed extract to fight free radical skin damage
  • Shea Butter & Almond Oil for superior skin hydration
  • Tingle free
  • Coconut fragrance
SaleBestseller No. 10
Pro Tan Black Bodaciously Remarkably Powerful 50XX Ultra Dark Sunbed Lotion 250 ml
  • Maximum tanning 50xxx ultra black lotion.
  • Long lasting bronze colour.
  • paraben free.
  • Note: The date mentioned on the bottle is bottle manufactured date. PAO(Period After Opening) of the product is 12months

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