COBRA MX534SPH Details

Cutting width: 52cm 
Engine size: 167cc
Cutting width: 52cm 
Type of drive: self-propelled
Cutting heights range from 25 to 75mm.
Mulching: Yes, as well as side discharge.
65L grass box capacity
Stripes are not laid:

If you have a medium-to-large lawn, this solid – albeit heavyweight – self-propelled model from Cobra is a must-consider. It features a Honda GCVX170 engine with a 167cc 4-stroke engine that can be started from a standing posture using the cord conveniently attached to one side of the handlebar. As with all mowers, some assembly is required, with the most difficult element being the fitting of the two cable nipples. To fit the nipples, first unclip the power and propulsion bars. That was something I had to learn the hard way. Fill it up with unleaded petrol and a lawnmower-specific engine oil, and you’re ready to go.

Even if the gear stick is a little awkward, the Cobra MX534SPH’s four-speed self-propulsion system is a joy to use. Simply choose your chosen walking speed – ranging from a gentle amble (2.5kph) to a brisk stroll (3.9kph) – and the mower will take care of the rest. Because the blade and suction system literally flings the grass clippings back into the big 65-litre grass collector, compressing them in the process, you won’t need to visit the compost heap very often with this model.

With a 52cm cutting deck, this mower is ideal for big lawns of up to and well over 700m2. Meanwhile, the huge lever to its right gives six levels of cutting height, ranging from 25mm to 75mm. The Cobra functions admirably, cutting grass efficiently regardless of how long or wet it is. It also leaves behind a very nice and tidy finish.

Yes, the engine is somewhat noisy, but it is so steadfastly reliable and strong that noise levels pale in comparison. Furthermore, this model allows you to mow in three different ways: normally using the grass collector; downwards mulching, which forces fine grass cuttings back into the lawn; and sideways mulching, which throws the cuttings out the side using the supplied chute. When you’ve finished mowing for the day, simply connect a hose to the fitting on the top of the chassis, turn on the tap, start the engine, and the deck will be thoroughly soaked.

Petrol mowers are typically the greatest choice for houses in rural areas where noise isn’t an issue. In this aspect, the Cobra MX534SPH is a formidable opponent that should deliver years of dependable cutting with minimal effort.

Cobra MX534SPH 53cm (21in) Petrol Rotary Lawnmower powered by a Honda GCV170 engine, 4 Drive speeds
  • 53cm (21in) Cutting width petrol lawnmower, designed for the larger lawn
  • Powered by the quiet, but powerful Honda GCV170 easy start engine, for effortless starting time after time
  • The 4 Speed drive system allows you easily change the power drive speed depending on the circumstance. For complex areas around borders and trees a slow speed is helpful, but on straight runs select a faster speed.
  • The large capacity 65 litre fabric grass collector has a grass full bag indicator system. Easily switch to mulching with the included mulch plug, or use the side discharge option
  • 2 Year warranty (domestic)

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