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Companion Plants to Grow Alongside Tomatoes

Tomatoes are susceptible to a variety of problems, including blossom end rot, fungal infections, insect pests such as tomato hornworms, aphids, and whiteflies, and early and late blight.

Pruning, weeding, and mulching all help preserve and maintain plants until harvest time, but the best tomato companion plants can take care of a lot of the work for you.

The majority of knowledge about companion planting is based on anecdotal evidence, but these are several tried-and-true tomato partners:

On and off the plate, basil and tomatoes are inseparable.
This colourful, aromatic plant is thought to boost output by repelling insects, particularly flies and hornworms.

Another classic accompaniment is parsley:
It promotes development and attracts tomato hornworm predators, such as ladybugs, but keep it away from mint.

Garlic has been shown to repel spider mites, and a garlic spray helps protect plants and soil from blight.

Squash and boreage.
Tomatoes, borage, and squash are a popular companion planting trio for a variety of reasons, the most prevalent of which being timing.

Borage, a flowering herb with blue star-shaped blooms that attracts pollinators and repels tomato hornworms, is a popular choice for pollinators in general.

It not only protects tomatoes while improving their growth and flavour, but it also produces a beautiful, eye-catching garnish.

Then, when late-summer squash (which requires pollinators to ripen) is ready to bloom, the groundwork has already been built.

Nasturtiums and French marigolds.
Nasturtiums and marigolds (not to be confused with the d

elicious, beautiful calendula, or pot marigold) are particularly good tomato companions.
Marigolds have been demonstrated to repel root-knot nematodes, parasites that feed on the nutrients in a tomato’s root system, while nasturtium, because to its peppery, bitter oils, functions as a general pest repellant—but don’t let them get too near.

Nasturtium spreads quickly and can engulf other plants if not kept in check.

Asparagus exemplifies the benefits and drawbacks of effective companion planting:
Tomatoes have a compound called solanine that repels asparagus beetles, and asparagus helps to cleanse the soil of root-knot nematodes that are attracted to tomatoes.

Chives are an important allium in any herb garden because they fight aphids, worms, and mites.

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