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Digital Photo Frame Buying Guide

Looking to buy the best Digital Photo Frame ? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

When it comes to choosing the ideal digital photo frame for your home or business, for yourself or as a present, there are many factors to consider.

Everything about these small photographic displays has improved in recent years, from build quality to screen resolution. However, as digital photo frames have become slicker, sharper, and smarter, deciding which one is the best fit for your shelf or wall has become even more difficult.

This in-depth buying guide was created to assist you in making your decision. We’ve highlighted the most crucial considerations when buying for a digital photo frame based on our comprehensive testing. By the end, you should be able to figure out which option is ideal for you (and your shelf).

  1. How much do you want to spend? 

The first step in purchasing a digital photo frame is to determine your budget. Basic variants, such as the Nix Digital Photo Frame 8-inch, start at around £50, while larger, crisper, and more intelligent models, such as the Aura Mason, can cost significantly more.

Spending more money on a digital photo frame doesn’t always mean you’ll get a better viewing experience – there are many of low-cost options that do the job – but more expensive versions do tend to provide more adjustability, a higher screen quality, or a more premium finish.

Setting a price restriction on your purchases is a simple approach to narrow down your shopping list. Being honest about your budget helps eliminate options that are out of your price range and inspire you to think about the qualities that are most important to you.

  1. Consider where you’ll put it.

Not all frames are created equal, so before selecting one for your home or business, think about how and where it will fit in.

The most popular setup for digital versions, like traditional photo frames, is a framed façade with a supporting stand at the rear — however these come in a variety of styles.

For example, the Nixplay Seed Wave has a flexible platform that can be shaped to support the frame in portrait or landscape orientation. Some frames come with movable plastic stands that may be removed and relocated to change the orientation, while others, like the Facebook Portal, come with fixed stands.

Consider whether you’ll need a model with an adjustable tilt angle, especially if the frame will be placed on a higher shelf. It’s also worth thinking about the frame’s physical footprint: some frames demand a lot of shelf space for the stand behind them, while others, like the freestanding Aura Mason, only take up the width of the frame.

Also, remember that being close to a plug is essential. Most digital photo frames have power hookups that don’t affect orientation, but some, like the Facebook Portal, have cables that leave from the end of the stand, making it impossible to place the frame flat against a wall.

Options for mounting on the wall

Do you prefer your frames to be hung on the wall? Suspending digital photo frames alongside their analogue counterparts can make for an eye-catching display, but not all frames can be put on the wall.

Some come with mounting kits, while others, such as the Nix Digital Photo Frame 8-inch, have simple slots for hanging the frame from an existing screw.

Finishing and design

It’s never a terrible idea to think about how different frames will look in your home. The most typical finish for current digital photo frames is matte black, but there are a few more unique possibilities, such as the gleaming Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Photo Frame in silver.

While many digital photo frames are conventional rectangles with bevelled bezels, certain versions provide a unique perspective on the photo frame. The Facebook Portal, for instance, has a floating box frame look, while the minimalist Aura Mason makes excellent use of a gently carved finish.

Which option is best for you will be determined by your own preferences as well as the existing interior design.

  1. Consider the screen Aside from style, the screen that will actually display your images is likely the most crucial item to consider when deciding between different frames – and there are several factors to consider.

Size, clarity, and resolution are all factors to consider.

The Nix Digital Photo Frame 8-inch has a small display, whereas the Nixplay Seed Wave has a 13-inch LCD. However, size isn’t always a factor: smaller frames are typically easier to arrange and, because the pixels are spread out across a smaller area, can be clearer.

Similarly, while larger screens may provide more space for your photos, they may not always have a higher quality, thus going bigger doesn’t always imply that your photos will seem better.

For most people, the sweet spot will be between nine and ten inches: small enough to be portable yet large enough to allow your graphics to breathe. However, pay attention to the resolution: 1200 x 800 pixels is quite typical and more than adequate for smaller screen sizes, while Full HD resolution or greater is required for the sharpest, most detailed displays.

Viewing angles and brightness

Although few new digital photo frames are lacking in brightness, a few do come with glossy screens.

If you’re not going to set your frame across from a light source, this won’t be an issue, but in areas with a lot of windows, you’ll want to choose a frame with a matte screen covering – like the Nixplay Seed Wave – or enough brightness to combat any glare.

Certain frames, such as the Aura Mason and Facebook Portal, will adjust brightness automatically to match the ambient illumination and reduce reflections.

Vibrance and colour reproduction

Because you’ll be displaying your images on a digital frame, you’ll want to be sure the model you purchase does justice to your photos.

Almost all modern LCD panels have good contrast and colour reproduction, however some are brighter than others. If you’re concerned about colour, look for a frame that lets you change saturation, contrast, and other parameters – like Nixplay’s – or one that enables automatic colour correction, like the Aura Mason.

  1. How do you want your photos to be loaded?

When it comes to importing your images, the latest digital photo frames provide a variety of alternatives, from memory cards to cloud storage solutions. Which one is best for you will be determined by how you want to save and obtain your photos.

Slots for memory cards and USB drives

A few digital photo frames, such as Nixplay’s Nix frames, use the old technique of uploading images by adding a memory card, usually an SD card. A USB connector for showing photographs from a flash drive is occasionally included in these frames.

Typically, they are at the lower end of the price spectrum and do not include amenities like as Wi-Fi. While updating slideshows and transferring new photos takes longer with memory cards, they provide additional security for people who are concerned about saving their images in the cloud – and they aren’t thwarted by a failing router.

App compatibility with cloud storage

The majority of current frames come with built-in Wi-Fi, which they use to download slideshow images from cloud libraries. As with both Nixplay and Aura frames, the approach normally entails transferring your photos to dedicated cloud storage via partner apps or web upload tools. Some models can also link to third-party cloud storage services like iCloud or Google Drive, where you may already have photographs.

Although all of the main cloud companies provide some free online storage, just a few – notably Aura – provide unlimited storage. If you want to unlock extra storage, some companies, such as Google, Apple, and Nixplay, will charge you a price. Most of these frames have some built-in storage for offline copies of synchronised photos, but adding new files requires an active Wi-Fi connection.

Integration of social media

If you share your greatest photos on social media, you’ll need a digital photo frame that works with your existing accounts.

One of the few frames with slick social network integration is Facebook’s Portal: join in and you’ll be able to choose albums and snaps to make a slideshow.

  1. What level of control do you desire?

Although digital photo frames have more features than ever before, not all models offer the same level of personalization in the options menu. Consider whether you want to be able to tamper with your frame or if you want a hands-off approach when selecting your ideal frame.

Changes to the display

The display settings on most digital photo frames can be tweaked. You’ll want something like the Nixplay Seed Wave if you want complete control over your visual setup, including RGB colour options, contrast, brightness, and so on. Even the more basic Nixplay frames, such the Nix Digital Photo Frame 8-inch, have a variety of adjusting options.

In comparison, displays like the Google Nest Hub Max and Facebook Portal limit human brightness adjustments, but the Aura Mason is nearly totally automated, with the frame determining the best colour and brightness settings.

Options for the slide show

Nixplay’s frames, likewise, provide you entire creative freedom over slideshow settings, allowing you to tweak transition effects, slide duration, and image order.

Others have less flexibility, while others, such as the Aura Mason, are completely fixed, allowing you to only modify the crop of photographs and slide timings. Some may find this excessively constraining, but it does have the advantage of streamlining the user interface and experience.

Motion sensitivity and sleep schedules

Motion sensors are included in a number of digital photo frames, including the inexpensive Nix Digital Photo Frame 8-inch. These can rouse the frame when someone walks into the room and then send it back to sleep if no motion is detected for a certain amount of time.

The time periods and options differ every frame, and on some models – such as the Facebook Portal – the setting cannot be removed, resulting in the frame going to sleep after an hour.

Even if there are no motion sensors – or if the sensors are disabled – most models have a sleep timer that will turn the frame off after a certain amount of time. Ambient light sensors are included into some of them, and they’re used to manage the automatic brightness and, in the case of the Aura Mason, turn the display off when it becomes dark.

The amount that these sensors’ sensitivity can be modified varies by frame, but the default settings for most of our suggested models are often spot-on.

  1. How smart should it be?
    Aside from automatic image modifications and ambient light sensors, a number of the best digital photo frames have smart displays in some way

This means they could have voice assistant capabilities or be able to communicate with other connected devices in your house. Your personal preference and whether you’ve already invested in smart home technologies will determine how smart you need your frame to be.

Smart displays with built-in speakers, such as the Google Nest Hub Max, might be useful for showing movies or adding soundtracks to slideshows.

Speakers with Bluetooth connectivity

Digital photo frames with built-in speakers, such as the Facebook Portal and Google Nest Hub Max, are available. If you already have a standalone Bluetooth speaker, these may seem unnecessary, but if the ability to watch videos or add soundtracks to your slideshows appeals to you, they are worth considering.

The sound quality of most models is unlikely to match that of a professional home audio setup, but the Nixplay Seed Wave’s 5W speakers, for example, are surprisingly punchy – and can be synced with your smartphone for use as a Bluetooth speaker.

The user interface

Most people don’t consider how to control a digital photo frame when determining which one to buy, but it does make a difference. Remote controls may appear antiquated, but they’re also dependable, simple to use – even for the uninitiated – and allow you to manage the frame even if it’s on an out-of-reach shelf. Nixplay’s digital photo frames are the only ones among our top recommendations that come with remote controls.

Most Wi-Fi-enabled frames will also let you to use the partner app as a virtual remote, whether for adjusting settings or flicking through photographs, if you’re comfortable managing your frame with a smartphone or tablet.

Do you prefer to tap the frame directly? The Aura Mason has integrated touch bars for simple swipe and tap controls, while a few more expensive variants, such as the Google Nest Hub Max and Facebook Portal, have touchscreens for direct device control. The latter two, being smart displays, also have voice control if you wish to give your frame vocal commands.

Compatibility with smart homes

Voice assistants are useful for more than merely starting slideshows. Both the Google Nest Hub Max and the Facebook Portal, thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa integration, are compatible with smart home devices.

Bestseller No. 1
WiFi Digital Photo Frame 10.1 Inch, Canupdog IPS Touch Screen Electronic Digital Picture Frame with 16GB Storage, Photo/Video App Sharing, Wall Mountable, Motion Sensor, Auto-rotate
  • 【10.1 Inch HD Touch Screen】The Digital Photo Frame equipped with 1280 x 800 High Resolution IPS touch screen, rich and vibrant colors show your photos with superior image quality. The touch screen is easy to oprate, lifting your finger, then you can view most cherished moments with family in quality HD resolution.
  • 【Instantly Wireless Sharing】Wireless Share photos with digital picture frame via the "Frameo" app, which is available for both Android and iOS. Upload infinite photos without paying any fees with frameo, wireless sharing beautiful photos with your families and friends' happy moments by phone app anytime.
  • 【Large Storage & Versatile Interface】Built-in 16GB Large Memory, the electronic photo frame also features an SD card slot(max.128GB, not included) and USB port to give you more file storage and management options. Great for displaying most cherished moments of your life.
  • 【Smart Design Digital Frame】Brightness and multi slide show effects can be adjusted in settings. With wall mountable feature, you can put it on your desk or hang on the wall as you want. Smart auto-rotation design always show photos/video in the right direction, while the motion sensor make the digital photo frame more power saving.
  • 【100% Service Guarantee】We provide 24 month warranty, and with professional customer service team, quickly respond within 24 hours. Any problem for the wifi digital photo frames, please contact us, we are always here for you.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Digital Photo Frame 8 inch FHD, Fambrow Digital Picture Frame 1920x1080 Full IPS Display with Photo/Music/Video Player/Calendar/Alarm, Brightness Adjustable Electronic Photo Frame with Remote Control
  • ❶【1920x1080 FHD DISPLAY】Fambrow 8 inch digital photo frame with 1920x1080 full high definition display. Rich and vibrant colors display photos with superior image quality. Wherever you are and whatever you do, our digital photo frame views your most cherished moments in high-quality FHD resolution. Can be placed on a tabletop or hang on the wall
  • ❷【EASY PLUG & PLAY】No software and APP setup needs, simply plug in your USB drive or memory card, and your photos or video will be compiled automatically into a nice high-resolution slideshow. Supports random photo playback mode and background music playing.
  • ❸【MULTIFUNCTIONAL DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME】Built-in photo, video, music, calendar, alarm mode, and file management. Features with auto power on/off, brightness and multiple display mode adjustment. The package included remote control providing you more convenience to control it.
  • ❹【VERSATILE INTERFACE】Our digital photo frame is capable with USB, SD and 3.5mm earphone slots. Support USB drive, smart USB device and SD card up to 32G in multiple file formats (SD card is not included in the package). Allows you to play the photos, videos, cherished moments and music as much as you want
  • ❺【BEST CHOICE FOR GIFT】Without the age limit concern, great gift for anyone (Parents/Grandparents/Grands/Children/Colleagues/Students/Teachers/Friends). For every single special day (Birthday/Wedding/Bar Mitzvah/Christmas/Thanksgiving/New Year/Anniversary). Be the best and meaningful gift they have received ever in their life.
Bestseller No. 3
Digital Photo Frames,Newest UI Design YENOCK 8.2 inch 1920 x 1200 FHD High Resolution Full IPS Photo/Music/Video Player Calendar Alarm with Remote Control Digital Picture Frame
  • 【FHD SCREEN PHOTO FRAME】: Equipped with latest 1920 X 1200 FHD LCD screen to bring you high-resolution IPS (16:10) to display photos. Rich and vibrant colors display photos with superior image quality. Wherever you are and whatever you do, YENOCK Digital photo frame view your most cherished moments in high quality FHD resolution.
  • 【SIMPLY PLUG & PLAY】: With No Software setup required,non wifi, no APP, simply plug in your USB drive or SD card and your photos/videos will automatically be compiled into a beautiful high-resolution slideshow. Support random playback of pictures and playing of background music.
  • 【VERSATILE INTERFACE】: Digital photo frame has USB, SD card and 3.5 mm Earphone slot. The device supports USB drive and SD Card up to 32G supports multiple file formats. Comes with a intuitive remote control. You can choose to play your photos randomly or sequentially, there are 7 slideshow switch effects can choose, avoid visual fatigue .
  • 【DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME WITH MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】: Support Music, Video, Photos, Calendar, Clock, Alarm, support set auto power on/off, provide more convenience for you, save more energy. High quality ABS material, heat resistant, strong, stable shape and impact resistant frosted housing can effectively prevent scratches.
  • 【BRAND GUARANTEE】: YENOCK Brand products sell well in more than a dozen countries and regions around the world. We have been committed to creating high-end electronic photo frame products. We provide life-long service to every customer, and each product promises a one-year quality guarantee. We have a professional customer service team quickly respond within 24 hours.
Bestseller No. 4
Clarity 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Remote and Adjustable Brightness for Digital Pictures, Video, Music and Calendar, Supports USB and Mini USB, SD Card and Headphone Socket
  • Great Display Quality: 1024 x 600p
  • Supports USB Drive or SD Memory (up to 32GB)
  • Multi-Functional: Photo, Video, Music and more
  • Supports 'Shuffle' Playback Feature
  • Remote Control Included
Bestseller No. 5
Smart Digital Photo Frame with 1920x1080 IPS Screen, 10" Digital Picture Frame Support Adjustable Brightness Photo Frames 1080P Video Music Remote 16:9 Widescreen
  • 【1920x1080 High Resolution+180º Viewing Angle】 Designed with non-touch screen IPS display screen, 180º super wide viewing angle. 10-inch (diagonal) screen, 1920x1080 resolution, screen brightness adjustable.
  • 【Plug In USB Drive】No need to setup any software, it can plug a SD/MMC card(32G SD card is included) or USB drive, playing your photos, videos or musics.
  • 【1080p HD+Different Slideshow Modes+Stereo Speakers】 Supports 1080p HD video playback and background music. Built-in stereo speakers makes sound clearer, which provide vivid photos and videos, you can also adjust the brightness of the screen according to the environment light.
  • 【Remote Control Can Operate All Functions, 3.5 mm Earphone Slot】It has 3.5 mm Earphone slot. More functions such as clock, calendar, auto power on/off. And you can use remote control do it.
  • 【Buy with No Worries】100% Satisfaction guarantee and friendly customer service with 7d*24h online support. Any questions with our digital photo frame, Contact us- and you will get 60 days free return & 360-day free replacement warranty.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Nixplay 10.1 inch Smart Digital Photo Frame with WiFi (W10F) - Black - Share Photos and Videos Instantly via Email or App
  • AMERICA’S TOP SELLING DIGITAL FRAME: Trusted by over 2.5 million Nixplay customers. Make it easy for you and even easier for Grandma – with Nixplay you can send photos and video clips directly to your family’s living rooms, privately – wherever they are - via the Nixplay iOS or Android Mobile App, Desktop Web App, Email, Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • NIXPLAY DESIGN: Wall Mount or Tabletop, Portrait or Landscape our frames can be easily positioned anyway you want, and your content will automatically rotate. niX-SenseMe is our smart sensor that wakes the frame when you're in the room and sleeps the frame when you’re not. Upon waking, your frame will display the most recently received photos/videos and will continue to do so even if frame gets disconnected from your WiFi.
  • FAMILY FOCUSED SOFTWARE: niX-FamilyCircles allows you to create fun playlists that everyone can contribute to celebrate and relive weddings, graduations, birthdays, and family holidays. niX-SmartFace Framing uses proprietary software and Artificial Intelligence to automatically position people nearer the center of the frame for the best viewing experience.
  • RELIVE AND CELEBRATE MEMORIES: Nixplay’s niX-Spectre HD IPS Display is engineered to deliver the widest possible viewing angle, while still maintaining crisp and vibrant color reproduction of your photos and videos. We know that if an image is even slightly blurred at wider viewing angles grandma won’t be happy. Works with Amazon Alexa – just ask your Nixplay frame for the playlist you want.
  • PRIVATE, SECURE & TRUSTED: Nixplay’s cloud storage is located on secure, encrypted servers, so you can rest assured your Nixplay photo stream is secure, private and GDPR and CCPA-compliant. Our Customer Service team is here to help should you have questions about your Nixplay Smart Frame; We have millions of happy users, and we can be reached through phone, email, or chat. Just visit the Nixplay website for more information.
SaleBestseller No. 7
NIX 10.1 Inch Digital Picture Frame (Non WiFi), Portrait or Landscape Stand, HD Resolution, Auto-Rotate, Remote Control - Mix Photos and Videos in The Same Slideshow
  • The superior USB/SD card digital photo frame since 2007: Enjoy crisp, vivid photos (JPEG) and videos (MPEG-4) on the NIX Digital Photo Frame's 10.1-inch 1280x800 HD (16:10) IPS display and built-in stereo speakers.
  • The only frame that can play both photos and video in the same slideshow: Enjoy all your favorite memories on the NIX Digital Photo Frame; Choose from different slideshow transitions: Play them according to their file name or shuffle them.
  • Easy plug and play from USB/SD memory: Set up your Frame in minutes; Just insert a USB stick or a memory card (SD/SDHC) to instantly display your favorite photos and videos on the NIX Digital Photo Frame; does not connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Calendar and clock built in: Energy-saving motion sensor automatically turns the frame on and off; detachable stand lets you mount the frame on a wall; magnetic remote control included.
  • Support when you need it: Our Customer Service team is here to help should you have questions about your NIX Digital Photo Frame; We have hundreds of thousands of happy customers, and we can be reached through phone, email, or chat. Just visit the Nixplay website for more information
SaleBestseller No. 8
SeeKool Digital Photo Frame 10 Inch Screen with 1024x768 High Resolution, Display Photo/Music/Video Player Calendar Alarm Auto On/Off Timer, Support USB and SD Card, With Remote Control
  • 🖼️10 inch Screen with High Resolution: 10 inch Screen With 1024x768 High Resolution HD (16:9) to display photos. Rich and vibrant colors show your photos with remarkable image quality. Digital photo frame views your most cherished moments in quality HD resolution.
  • 🖼️Multipurpose Function: Can be used as Electronic photo frame、Video Player Stereo、MP3/MP4、Advertising player、Calendar、Alarm/Clock、Auto On/Off Timer. Random play and image preview function, also can play photos with background music in the same slide shows for a fantastic experience, stereo output makes sound clearer.
  • 🖼️Plug and Play: With no required setup and no software to install, it's ready display your photos instantly, just turn it on. Supports USB, MMC, SD/SDHC (up to 32G). You can enjoy movies and music with built-in stereo speakers or headphone jack.
  • 🖼️Remote Control: Coming with a wireless remote control, hand free and much more convenience to viewing your favorite pictures or videos and listening to your favorite tunes.
  • 🖼️Best Gift For Your Family: Good ideal gift for your family member, friends, Perfect gift for a loved one to enjoy all the memories, record your growth from childhood, keep a record of your wedding moments, record all the precious times in your life, can bring fun for the entire family.
Bestseller No. 9
EACHPAI Digital Photo Frame - 10.1" WiFi Digital Picture Frame with IPS HD Touchscreen, 16GB Storage, Support Max 128GB U-Disk and Standard SD Card, IOS/Android App Instant Sharing Photos and Video
  • 【Keep the Memory Fresh】EACHPAI digital photo frame provides a great opportunity to record and display those pictures which you never want to forget. Share photos and videos with the digital photo frame anytime, anywhere via "Frameo" APP. Invite unlimited family and friends to share their wonderful moments with your photo frame. It is a perfect gift for the elderly who are not good at using smartphones to keep in touch with the younger generation.
  • 【Breathtaking Visual Experience】New upgraded 10.1 inch IPS HD touch screen with 1280*800 resolution brings crystal clear and vivid photos and videos, offering a wider dynamic range and more photo details, letting you relive every precious moment be able. The brightness and slideshow time can be adjusted as you like in the settings. The professional motion sensor makes the digital photo frame more power-saving.
  • 【Instant Wireless Sharing】 Frameo is a professional photo management app that originated in Denmark and is used in over 25 countries around the world. It can be downloaded on both "APP Store" and "Google Play". With Frameo you can upload an unlimited number of photos without paying any fees. The digital photo frame also features an SD card slot and a USB port to give you more file storage and management options.
  • 【Auto-Rotate & Large Internal Memory】 WiFi digital frames support auto-rotate the orientation of photos and videos, so you can place the WiFi photo frame in either portrait or landscape orientation, or place it on the wall. Built-in 16GB memory and supporting max 128GB U-disk and standard SD card allow massive storage capacity.
  • 【100% Worry-Free Guarantee】We provide a 24-month warranty and 24/7 customer service for the digital photo frame. Before shipment, all WIFI frames undergo a 200-hour machine aging test. We always stand behind our products and buy with confidence.
Bestseller No. 10
Digital Photo Frame, UCMDA 15.4 Inch Smart Electronic Picture Frame with HD 1280 * 800 (16:9) Display Screen, Support Photos Auto-Rotate/Calendar/Clock/Remote Control/SD Card/USB
  • 【Good Choose for Gift】: UCMDA digital photo frames designed with non-touch screen TN display screen, 15.4-inch 1280x800 TN resolution screen with rich and vibrant colors shows your photos with remarkable image quality.
  • 【Plug and Play 】: Digital photo frames no need to setup any software/APP, just need plug a SD card (up to 32GB) or USB drive, playing your photos, videos or musics. With 3.5 mm headphone jack and built-in speakers that can play photos with background music in the same slide shows for a fantastic audiovisual experience, support 1080P video.
  • 【Remote Control and Touch Button】: UCMDA digital photo frames with a wireless remote control, more convenience to choose the pic. The front with 7 key touch button. Easy and friendly to use.
  • 【Photo Preview and Auto Rotate】: Digital photo frame has been upgraded with auto-rotate function to automatically correct the orientation of your photos to bring you the best viewing experience and let you always see the most suitable angle.Also come with Image Preview Function, choose your photos faster than ever before.
  • 【Multi-functional Digital Photo Frame】: Can be used as Electronic photo frame、Video Player Stereo、MP3/MP4、Advertising player、Calendar、Alarm/Clock、Auto On/Off Timer. Break-point play allows frame to continue to play photo/music/video you view last time when frame is on again.

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