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DJI Mavic 2 Pro Review

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is a travel-friendly, folding prosumer drone with a camera and other capabilities that professional pilots will appreciate.
It’s the first and only DJI device to use Hasselblad’s Natural Color Solution (HNCS) technology to date.
It’s easy to transport and has enough mass to resist increased wind speeds and other harsh weather conditions.

In Sport mode, the drone can fly at speeds of up to 70.8 km/h (44 mph) and stay in the air for up to 31 minutes.
The aircraft has ten obstacle avoidance sensors on the front, back, and each side, allowing it to detect objects in all directions.
When flying forward or backward, DJI’s APAS technology helps the drone to see and fly around obstructions, though it isn’t as effective as subsequent versions.

The camera contains a 20MP 1″-type CMOS sensor and a 24mm equivalent lens with a variable F2.8-11 aperture range and a 77o field of view.
The HNCS from Hasselblad improves colour accuracy, and photographs can be taken as JPEG or Raw data.
HDR photos, as well as Sphere, 180o, Vertical, and Horizontal panoramas, are all possible.
There are also options for burst shooting, interval shooting, and AEB.

The Mavic 2 Pro supports 4K 10-bit HDR and a 10-bit DLog-M colour profile for video.
It takes up to 4K/30p, 2.7K/60p, and 1080p/120p resolutions at up to 100Mbps utilising H.264 or H.265 codecs.
To achieve the finest quality 4K video, however, shoot with the sensor’s centre crop, which results in a smaller 55° FOV.
The 4K DCI format is noticeably absent, as is capability for 4K/60p recording.

The remote controller includes a built-in LCD screen that displays important information such as battery life and flight mode.
In dual remote controller mode, one person controls the camera while the other controls the drone.
The drone is compatible with DJI’s Smart Controller if you don’t want to link your smartphone to the bottom of the remote.
Hyperlapses can be shot in addition to Intelligent Flight modes.
It has an 8-kilometer range thanks to OcuSync 2.0. (5 miles).

The Mavic 2 Pro is a powerful portable drone that will appeal to both amateur and expert drone pilots.
It has up to four stops better colour and image quality than the Mavic Pro, as well as Intelligent Flight Modes and extra obstacle avoidance sensors, allowing pilots to capture and produce sophisticated footage and effects with ease.
However, videographers looking for the greatest 4K quality with a wide FOV or 4K/60p recording should look into alternative options.

What we like:

  • Outstanding image quality
  • 10-bit DLog-M gamma for video
  • Dual controller support

What we don’t:

  • Best 4K video comes from cropped region of sensor
  • No 4K/60p video
  • Extra batteries are expensive
DJI Mavic 2 Pro (UK) - Dron with Hasselblad Camera, 8 Km 1080p Video Transmission, 31-min Max Flight Time, Hyperlapse, HDR Video, f/2.8 f/11 Adjustable Aperture, Mavic 2 Pro Drone - Black
  • MAVIC 2 PRO WITH HASSELBLAD CAMERA Mavic 2 Pro comes equipped with the Hasselblad L1D-20c camera helping users to capture gorgeous 20-megapixel aerial shots in stunning color detail
  • 1-INCH CMOS SENSOR The brand new 1-inch CMOS sensor has an active sensing area allowing better performance in low-light environments with an extensive ISO range max ISO lifted from 3200 to 12800
  • HDR VIDEO With 4K 10-bit HDR support the Mavic 2 Pro can be plugged into a 4K TV with HLG and will immediately play back footage with the right color tones
  • ADJUSTABLE APERTURE The f/2 8-f/11 adjustable aperture delivers outstanding image quality both in high and low-light environments (f/2 8 in low-light environment f/11 in well-lit environment)
  • DJI Every idea every revolution that changes our world starts with a vision DJI offers creative people the tools they need to bring their ideas to life

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