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DJI Mavic Air 2 Review

The Mavic Air 2 is a mid-level foldable drone that offers 8K hyperlapse and 48MP photo capture for the first time in a consumer drone.
It was also the first model to use DJI’s ADS-B technology, which detects adjacent crewed aircraft and notifies remote pilots of their proximity to the drone.

In Sport mode, the Mavic Air 2 can reach speeds of up to 68 km/h (42 mph), and a generous maximum flight length of 34 minutes will keep you in the air for a long time.
Obstacle avoidance sensors are installed on the front, bottom, and back of the Air 2.
On the sides, there are no sensors.

The camera captures raw and JPEG photographs at 12MP or 48MP using a 1/2″ CMOS Quad Bayer sensor.
The camera is placed on a 3-axis gimbal and has a fixed-aperture F2.8 lens with an 84o field of view.

SmartPhoto mode is present, and it automatically blends HDR capture, DJI’s Hyperlight technology for low-light images, and scene recognition features for superior photos, using computational photography techniques similar to those used on smartphones.
Panoramas can also be captured.

The Mavic Pro is the first Mavic drone to capture 4K/60p video at 120 Mbps utilising the H.265 codec.
Slow-motion footage can be taken at frame rates up to 1080/240p, while HDR video can be captured at 4K/30p.
For more serious videographers, the D-Cinelike colour profile is included.

The controller for the Mavic Air 2 is boxy but comfortable to hold.
It can be difficult to attach a smartphone to the top.
Having said that, you can readily access all of the important features you’ll need to operate the plane.

The drone has a range of 10 kilometres thanks to OcuSync 2.0. (6.2 miles).
Active Follow 3.0, Point of Interest 3.0, and Spotlight 2.0, which are normally found on more advanced DJI drones, will let you track subjects and automate flights for professional-looking outcomes.

This drone is great for individuals who aren’t ready to invest on a prosumer model but want something a little more advanced than an entry-level drone.
Furthermore, the 1/2″ sensor produces superior image quality than the 1/2.3″ sensors used in many inexpensive versions.
Overall, the Mavic Air 2 strikes a solid mix between functionality and price.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo - Drone Quadcopter UAV with 48MP Camera 4K Video 1/2 inch CMOS Sensor 3-Axis Gimbal 34min Flight Time ActiveTrack 3.0 - Grey
  • ULTRA-CLEAR DETAILS: Capture impressive 48MP photos with a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor while the 3-axis gimbal lets you create extra smooth 4K/60fps video
  • CINEMATIC CAPTURE: Mavic Air 2 supports Hyperlapse in 8K, allowing you to warp time and space for especially stunning footage, you can achieve this shot without complex post-processing
  • FLY LONGER: The impressive battery life of up to 34-min allows you to pull off epic shots while the obstacle avoidance system uses forward, backward, and downward sensors for improved safety
  • FLY FARTHER: OcuSync 2.0 has a video transmission distance of up to 6 km and can also deliver 1080p FHD resolution live stream directly from the drone’s camera. Operating frequency: 2.400-2.4835 GHz; 5.725-5.850 GHz
  • FLY SMARTER: Spotlight 2.0 keeps the camera locked on a subject while you fly freely. ActiveTrack 3.0 keeps the subjects in the centre of the frame. Thanks to POI 3.0 the camera can track objects

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