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Flymo EasiStore 340R Review

The Flymo EasiStore is an electric corded lawn mower with a vertical storage option that has been intended to help you save space. It comes with an integrated rear roller for a stripped grass appearance and comes in three deck sizes: 30cm, 34cm, and 38cm.
In addition to increasing motor power from 1200W to 1600W, the three size options offer grass collection box sizes ranging from 30 litres to 45 litres. The evaluation below includes a detailed comparison of these three EasiStore mowers.

EasiStore is a line of electric lawn mowers from Flymo that can collect grass as well as roll it. The mowers are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small lawns to medium-sized gardens. The EasiStore is ideal for people with limited storage space and difficulty lifting a mower onto a rack.

Flymo EasiMow 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 34 cm Cutting Width, 35 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Rear Roller, Central Height Adjust, Comfortable to Manoeuvre, Foldable Handles
  • Utilises a powerful 1400W motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease
  • A 34cm cutting width and 20-60mm cutting height ensures a neat and tidy finish to your lawn
  • Equipped with a large 35 litre grass box meaning less time spent emptying grass clippings
  • It’s 10m cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around your garden area without the need to worry about reach
  • Equipped with dual lever handles allow you to comfortably operate the lawn mower with either hand for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability

Flymo EasiStore 300R, 340R, and 380R Power System

Flymo EasiStore mowers are powered by contemporary brushless motors. Brushless motors are thought to be more efficient than traditional brush motors. Brushless motors are also less likely to burn out or become fatigued.

For the EasiStore range, there are two possibilities. You can buy an electric corded version, which comes in a variety of blade sizes ranging from 30 centimetres to 38 centimetres. Alternatively, there are cordless models, which apply to the smaller 300R and 340R types.

All 300R, 340R, and 380R electric corded EasiStore models come with a 10-metre power wire. The size of the engine is one of the primary distinctions, with the cheapest model – the 300R – having a 1200-watt motor and weighing less than 9kg. The 380R features a 1600-watt motor, which adds 12.6kg to the total weight.

The 1400-watt motor in the 11kg 340R will be more than adequate power for most owners’ small to medium-sized lawns. The 380R, however, is the better offer at the time of writing, as it costs less than the 340R. And, thanks to the 380R’s additional breadth and power, you’ll be able to fly through the grass even faster.

The motor power of each of the three alternatives is shown in the table below.

Performance of the Flymo EasiStore 300R, 340R, and 380R

Grass combs are located behind the front wheels of all EasiStore lawn mowers to help guide grass into the blade. These grass combs enhance the blade’s practical cutting width — up to the deck’s width.

All models are lightweight, which means the front wheels don’t compress the grass as much before the blade can cut it.

The handle gets taller as the model gets bigger, with the 380R being the largest at 1 metre. Mowers with higher handles and broader wheel diameters are easier to push. The 380R and 340R have 16-inch rear wheels, while the 300R has 14-inch rear wheels.

A startling truth is that the weight difference between the 300R and 340R versions is minimal. See my comparison table below for more information on all of the differences between these models.


For all cordless and corded variants, a 30-centimetre or 34-centimetre steel blade is available. With the corded version, you can choose between a 38-centimetre blade and a smaller 36-centimetre blade. A performance coating is applied to each hardened steel blade to prevent corrosion and extend its life.

The wings on the tips of these high-performance blades increase lifting force and improve grass cut quality. This lifting blade also enhances grass clippings movement into the grass box, which reduces the mess on your lawn.

Height Modification

Cutting height may be adjusted on all EasiStore electric corded lawn mowers, ranging from 20mm to 60mm. The central height adjustment lever on both the 340R and the 380R increases the height by 10mm at a time.

This height adjustment lever is located over one of the front wheels and links to all four wheels, allowing for even and level deck height changes. The lever locks into position with each shift, giving the operator five simple height options to choose from, depending on the season and lawn condition.

To modify the cutting height on the 300R, the user must insert or remove a set of spacers from between the blade and the motor. This also limits the 300R’s height options to three, each 20mm apart. From 20mm to 60mm, you can choose from the same lowest and maximum cutting heights.

Diameter of the Cutting

There are three different lifting-blade widths to chose from. The entry-level 300R features a 30-centimetre blade, which means each turn cuts 0.28m2. The 340R has a 34-centimetre blade, which increases the cutting area of the mower by 29% over the 300R.

The 380R also has a 38-centimetre blade with a 0.45m2 cutting area, which is 60% larger than the 300R’s. This enhancement in the cutting area is more efficient in terms of power usage, and each step you take will result in you cutting more grass.

Capacity of Grass Box

The Flymo EasiStore grass boxes are made of solid plastic and include vents on the back and sides to allow grass cuttings to flow freely. The grass boxes on all models contain a mechanical fill indicator that returns to a flat position when the box is filled. This is a good feature that not all mowers have; it eliminates the guesswork in determining when the box is full.

The 300R comes with a 30-litre grass box, which is enough for a 250m2 well-kept lawn. The 340R has a 35-litre box that may last for up to 300m2 before needing to be emptied. The 380R 45-litre box is large enough to collect grass clippings from a 375-square-metre lawn.

When the grass box is filled, you can use the sturdy handle to lift it from the back of the machine. The handle doubles as a hook, allowing the box to be hung from the handlebar when not in use.


Despite its simplicity, the EasiStore has numerous ingenious features that make it more compact than other mowers of comparable size.

The EasiStore can stand vertically on its back end with the handlebar folded down.

Because of the huge, non-compressible grass box’s construction, it may be stored in the back using the mower as a platform.

A cable tidy is incorporated into the handlebar, allowing you to keep the cable neat and untwisted until the next time you lay it out.

Both the 340R and the 380R have 5 height settings on the centre height adjustment levers. However, the 300R has three settings, and each time you wish to alter the cutting height, you must add or remove spacers from the blade (for me this is a limitation and therefore I would opt for one of the larger models).

Integrated grass combs make cutting along a lawn border wall a lot easier and reduce the amount of pruning required after mowing.

The handlebar can be folded in half, but the real convenience comes when the machine is stored upright with the grass box hanging from it.

Curved plastic is used for the throttle controls. This simple throttle makes it easier for both right and left-handed users to operate the machine.

The 380R is also lightweight, making it easier to manoeuvre about a lawn. A lighter mower also gives you more flexibility in terms of where you can keep it, such as on a shelf.

The 340R and 380R have big diameter rear wheels that help navigating hilly terrain easier. In addition, the larger wheels can handle the increased weight as the grass box fills up.

Safety Features

Some safety measures, such as those that prevent an operator or a kid from accidentally starting the machine, require involvement to deactivate. However, the EasiStore contains a number of passive features that make operating this mower considerably safer for everyone.

The operator must hit a safety button on the handlebar in order to release the throttle grips.

There is a single height control lever on the 340R and 380R versions to ensure the deck is level and balanced.

If you chance to run over the blade, you can wrap the excess power wire around the cable hanger to prevent it from twisting or becoming stuck in it.

The height and angle of the push-bar can be adjusted to offer you additional control over the mower.

If the motor overheats, the safety fuse activates, limiting power to the motor to prevent coil damage. Before the operator can try to restart the machine, the fuse must restore to normal temperature.

The operator will be protected from high-speed debris by a sturdy grass collection box. Debris such as stones or sharp sticks can travel quickly through a conventional cloth grass box, posing a risk of harm.

Roller (Stripes)

The EasiStore has an integrated roller on all levels that will generate effective and appealing stripes on your freshly cut grass. At the back of the mower, the roller is placed under the grass box. Because the roller passes between the back wheels, the roller misses a little region between the deck on each side.

The roller from EasiStore is modest, but its positioning means it exerts a lot of pressure on the grass. The operator can also use the roller to cut over the grass and an island garden bed without scalping the grass.

The EasiStore serves as a suitable model for all-electric mowers currently on the market. You won’t find a roller on an electric mower this size and price very often, but the lack of mulching could be one of the reasons.


A mulching blade and a mulching plug are not included in the EasiStore collection. Mulching is beneficial if you are concerned about binning grass clippings or if local town administration has made it prohibitively expensive to do so.

Mulching is an excellent choice for those who want to organically nourish their lawns. However, grass clippings spread across a lawn might make it appear untidy. And, if you’re using a roller, you’ll want the lawn to be as clipping-free as possible to maximise the striping effect. Mulching and rear rollers do not usually go well together because of this.

The Flymo EasiStore line is designed for homeowners who value the roller over the mulching function — and this is the decision you will have to make for this size of mower.

Is the Flymo EasiStore Lawn Mower a Good Buy?

Flymo is known for producing mowers with that one feature you’ve always wanted. The roller is the machine’s most essential element, and even the entry-level model, the 300R, contains one. For the price, it is one of the most affordable electric mowers with a roller currently available on the market.

And if you’re looking for something that’s affordable, cuts your grass well, and leaves stripes, go no further than the EasiStore line. You can try leaving the grass box off from the back and re-mowing the same regions if you also want to mulch your grass, but it will not have the same impact.

The machine’s weight makes it easier to handle for people who aren’t as strong. When using the EasiStore, the roller adds to the stability. Furthermore, because the EasiStore is its own storage unit, there is no need to lift it off the ground to save room.

The length of the wire is a little challenging, but a long cable is easier to tangle and twist. Many electric lawn mowers come with a cable that is around 10 metres long. To safeguard yourself and the mower, use a secondary extension lead with a fuse if you require a longer power cord.

Flymo is a well-known and reputable brand with readily available service, parts, and support at a reasonable price.

Flymo has also done a good job of considering both right and left-handed users by using a dual-throttle control that can be used with either hand. The EasiStore is a fantastic example of how brilliance can come in simple packages.

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