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How To Buy The Best Dog Car Seats & Boosters – Updated 2022

Looking to gift your dog with its very own car seat for the ultimate ride?

Dog car seats and boosters are meant to provide your dog a higher vantage point so they can rest and enjoy the scenery while you focus on the road ahead.

During your travel, your four-legged companion can either sit next to you in the front seat or in the back seat.

There are various areas to our study of the best dog car seats available in the UK. The Buying Guide, as well as the Features to Consider section, can assist you in determining which dog seat is ideal for your dog and your vehicle.


Car Seats for Dogs: A Buyer’s Guide

Features you should consider

The Best Car Seat for Dogs

What is the best way to keep my dog safe in the car?

Introducing a New Dog Car Seat: Hints and Tips


Small dogs and pups would benefit greatly from dog car seats, which provide a better view out the window and are especially good if they are prone to vehicle sickness.

Dogs suffering from automobile sickness have been shown to benefit from a forward-facing, raised position combined with enhanced ventilation.

dog looking out of window

Let’s face it: if your dog is relaxed, protected, and secure, he or she is more likely to sit or lie quietly, allowing you to focus on the road.

Our human car seats can be difficult for dogs to balance in, particularly around bends and roundabouts.
A dog car seat or booster will undoubtedly assist with stability and comfort during a lengthy car trip.

There are so many different dog car seats on the market that it’s easy to become overwhelmed.
This shopping guide will assist you in determining which characteristics are important to you and your dog, and then grouping the car seats to make your decision easier.

Unlike kid safety seats, dog booster seats are not subjected to conventional safety tests before being sold.
As a result, my dog-loving friend, it’s up to you to select which products are the safest for your dog.
However, keep in mind that any car seatbelt is preferable to none at all.

As a result, we always recommend that your dog wear a crash-tested harness while riding in their car seat.
Later in the piece, we feature a crash-tested harness as well as a very adaptable seatbelt tether.

Features you should consider

Choosing the correct type of dog car seat, whether for a puppy or an adult dog, is critical.
It should not only look excellent, but it should also be comfy for lengthy trips, incredibly safe, and, of course, spacious enough for your ideal pup.

Types of Booster

Before we begin, it’s important to note that there are three primary varieties of dog car seats:-

Elevated – attaches to your car’s existing headrests (see options 1-4)

Elevated Base – Attaches to the back of your car seat and has a higher base (see options 5-8)

Not Elevated – Does not have a raised base and sits straight on your vehicle seat (see options 9-10)

In our review, we’ve included all three types.

Size of a Dog

Smaller dog breeds and puppies are better suited to elevated vehicle seats.
Consider the non-elevated kind of seat if you have a larger dog.
Because they’re designed to rest directly on your car seat, they can safely transport larger and heavier dogs.

elevated dog car seat


Straps across the back of the seat, adjustable headrest straps, or straight to your automobile seat belt system are all options for connection.
Some of the safest dog car seats in the UK are those that attach using all three techniques.


If your dog likes to roll about in the mud, search for seats with removable, machine-washable covers.
Consider the colour as well; while light colours are alluring, they can fade rapidly.

We’re here to assist you in finding the best dog car seat for your needs and budget so that your pet can travel in comfort.
The ten best dog car seats that made the cut are listed below.


Skybox Booster by Kurgo
The Best Elevated Car Seat for Dogs

Kurgo skybox car booster 1

The Skybox Booster by Kurgo is the first elevated dog car seat in our review. To discover if the Sky box Booster from Kurgo’s collection of dog car seats was as wonderful as they said, we purchased and tried one.

Kurgo is well-known for their wide line of canine travel and safety equipment.

This raised car seat fits either your front seat or the smaller half of a 60/40 split rear seat easily and securely.

The possibility to purchase extension straps is a unique design feature that sets this dog car seat apart from the competitors.

Kurgo offers extension straps that wrap behind the widest part of the rear seat if you need to install the booster seat on the larger side of the 60/40 split rear seat.

This is a good alternative for dog owners who have larger SUVs or vehicles with wider seats. The dog seat is attached to the automobile headrests and seatbelt as well as the seat itself in both circumstances.

The Skybox booster comes fully constructed and includes a number of safety features, such as a set of metal supports for rigidity and an adjustable dog seatbelt tether.

The shell is waterproof, and the removable base cushion and liner can be machine washed, making this car seat incredibly easy to clean. This booster collapses flat for simple storage when not in use, which is essential if you need to take it in and out of your car.

While it can carry dogs weighing up to 13 kg, Kurgo recommends it for dogs weighing up to 9 kg so they have more area to stretch out (you know the routine – circle round three times before settling).

The bottom line is that we believe Kurgo is the greatest elevated dog car seat available today, based on its safety features and design.

30 x 40 x 20cm in length, width, and height

Reasons to Purchase

  • Ability to fit on a broad back seat
  • Elevated to lower the risk of illness
  • Consistent assistance
  • Interior is machine washable
  • Includes a seat belt tether that may be adjusted.
  • Stores flat when not in use.

Reasons to Stay Away

Happy Ride Booster by Petsafe
Best Dog Car Seat in the Mid-Range

If you’re searching for a low-cost elevated dog car seat, the PetSafe Happy Ride Booster is an excellent option.

petsafe happy ride

This car seat was previously sold under the Solvit brand, therefore it may be advertised or packed as a Solvit Tagalong.

We purchased and tested their car seat.

The safety features left a lasting impression on us.

It has three different ways to attach to your vehicle.

The headrest straps, lower car seat straps, and seat belt loops all contribute to a smooth ride with added corner stability.

Even better, the headrest straps are entirely adjustable, allowing you to modify the seat height to match the height of your windows, giving your dog a good view of the world outside as well as some air.

Furthermore, it comes with a dog seat belt tether for added safety, so all you need is a dog harness.

Is your dog muddy? No worries, the exterior covering is stain-resistant, and both the outer and inner lining can be machine washed.

The seat includes a padded fleece liner that, although not a deal breaker, we felt could use some more padding. A dog blanket has been added by several customers as a source of comfort.

Finally, unlike the Kurgo seat mentioned in the first place, it does not come fully assembled, but it is simple to assemble and only takes 10 minutes.

PetSafe Happy Ride Booster Car Seat Review

Small 36 x 31 x 20cm | Large 41 x 33 x 20cm | Extra Large 51 x 36 x 25cm Dimensions (L W H): Small 36 x 31 x 20cm | Large 41 x 33 x 20cm

Reasons to Purchase

  • Elevated to lower the risk of illness
  • 3 attachments for added sturdiness
  • Headrest straps that can be adjusted
  • Both the interior and exterior may be washed
  • Includes a harness tether

Reasons to Stay Away

Car Seat Legendog
Ideal for storage

Legendog Car Seat

With this Legendog car seat, it’s the design that drew our interest. It’s available in black and bright orange, or grey and fuschia pink, and it’d look great on black seats.

Although it has adjustable straps that attach around your car seat for added support, the sides of the dog booster can sag somewhat because the design isn’t as robust as the Petsafe or Kurgo.

If you’re interested, this car seat has various storage pockets on three sides, which is a brilliant design element. Really excellent for keeping leads, poo bags, water bottles, and a long variety of other dog-related items…

The outside cover is waterproof, but the interior soft lining, as well as the cushion, must be hand washed.

Legendog recommends its car seat for dogs up to 16kg, but we think it’s better ideal for dogs up to 10kg (based on the seat measurements).

41 x 32 x 31 centimetres (L W H)

Reasons to Purchase

  • Elevation option
  • Colors that are fashionable
  • Numerous storage compartments
  • The exterior is waterproof.

Reasons to Stay Away

  • For dogs weighing up to 10 kg
  • Walls are sagging somewhat.
  • Only wash the inside of the bag by hand.
    Visit Amazon to see it.

Booster for Me and My Pets
The most affordable elevated seat

Me My Pets Booster

This car seat’s style and pastel colours appeal to us, so if your dog is spotless and avoids rolling in dirt, this is the car seat for you.
Pink and cream dog seat booster for Me and My PetsMe and My Pets pink and cream dog seat booster

The Me & My Pets bucket booster is suitable for puppies and small dogs and comes in a lovely pale pink colour as well as beige, grey, and black.

It’s the most affordable of our Top Ten’s four headrest raised car seats.

It secures using two adjustable buckle straps that attach around the headrest and the back of the seat, making it suitable for front or rear passenger seats.

The dog car carrier has an adjustable inside clip that attaches to your dog’s harness to keep them safely seated in the car.

The thick padded base features a detachable cushion, but it must be washed by hand.

44 x 42 x 26cm in length, width, and height

Reasons to Purchase

  • Elevated to lower the risk of illness
  • Beautiful pastel colours

Reasons to Stay Away

  • Suitable for up to 10kg of weight
  • Only hand wash
  • This item is not collapsible.

Visit Amazon to see it.

Rear Booster Kurgo Skybox
Best Car seat for dogs with an elevated base

The Kurgo Skybox Rear Seat Booster, which sits directly on the back seat, is recommended for individuals who prefer their passengers in the backseat.

Kurgo Skybox Rear Booster

This will undoubtedly be a popular choice among families, as your dog can safely ride in the back booster seat with the kids while you focus on the road ahead.

It’s placed as an elevated base booster using your current seatbelt system rather than your headrests.

The padded base elevates your dog, while the low walls provide ventilation and a superb view of the road ahead. It’s also worth mentioning that the Kurgo seat comes with a dog seat belt tether.

When not in use, one of the fantastic benefits of this booster seat is the ability to collapse it. It can also be used as a dog bed while travelling, which is convenient if you’re travelling light.

Because of its shape, it can accommodate somewhat larger dogs (up to 13.5kg) than the headrest elevated ones shown.

40 x 32 x 22 centimetres (L W H)

Reasons to Purchase

  • Suitable for dogs that are slightly larger.
  • For storage, it’s collapsible
  • A two-in-one dog bed
  • No need for headrests

Reasons to Stay Away

Dog Seat from Amazon Basics
The most cost-effective elevated car seat

Amazon Basics is our second featured dog seat with an elevated base.

Amazon Basics Dog Seat

A bucket-style booster seat built for smaller dog breeds that offers outstanding value for money.

By putting the seat belt through the base of the booster, it may be installed in the front or back seat of your car.

The strong booster is secured in place after it is fitted.

Your dog will sit in an elevated position with a better window view because to the slightly higher base.

The cover is constructed of quilted flannel for comfort and a strong oxford fabric for wear and tear protection along the sides and base.

The cover can be unzipped and machine washed for easy cleaning, which checks a lot of boxes. The seat has a seatbelt tether that can be adjusted.

It’s a little bigger than the Kurgo car seat shown above.

47 x 45 x 39 cm in length, width, and height

Reasons to Purchase

  • Elevated to lower the risk of illness
  • Seat with the cheapest ‘elevated base’
  • No need for headrests

Reasons to Stay Away

Pet Gear Booster
Dog seat with a large foam base

pet gear booster

Pet Gear offers an elevated base seat alternative. Pets at Home, Amazon, and VioVet, to name a few, stock their travel equipment for dogs, which include ramps, seat covers, and strollers.
Yorkie in a Petgear car seatYorkie in a Petgear car seatYorkie in a Petgear car seatYorkie in a Petgear car seatYorkie in a Pet

The main feature of this seat is that it comes in two sizes, the largest of which is ideal for dogs weighing up to 11.4kg.

It uses your car’s own seat belt system to secure the seat in place, just like the two prior boosters. It can be mounted in the front or back of your vehicle.

It’s made of solid foam with a soft cover, unlike the other car seats.

Both the cover and the removable cushion may be washed in the machine.

A seatbelt tether to attach to your dog’s harness is included.

56 x 43 x 29 centimetres (L W H)

Reasons to Purchase

  • Elevated to lower the risk of illness
  • Robust side walls
  • Seat base is wider.
  • The cover is machine washable.

Reasons to Stay Away

Petsfit Large Booster Seat
Best if you have two dogs or one really large dog.

petsfit large booster seat

This Petsfit car seat may be ideal if you need a car seat for a larger dog or even two small dogs.

It’s a massive 75cm broad, so your dog will have plenty of room to sit or lie down.
Spaniel in a heritage quilted car seat spaniel in a historical quilted car seat spaniel in a heritage quilted car seat spaniel in a heritage quilted car seat spaniel in a heritage quilt

The Petsfit car seat is only suitable for the back seat of your car and will sit over two slots due to its width.

This dog seat is secured to your existing car seat belt with small velcro straps, and an adjustable strap is included to secure around the back of your rear car seat.

It can fit two tiny dogs, as seen in the photo, but please double-check the specifications.

The provided seatbelt tether is flimsy, which is a negative point. Many users have complained about how thin the tether is, so for added security, consider purchasing a more sturdy one.

The warm fleece liner is machine washable and has two storage pockets. Grey or brown options are available.

The Petsfit is the finest value large dog car seat on the market in the UK, according to us.

73 x 40 x 34 cm in length, width, and height

Reasons to Purchase

  • The world’s largest dog seat
  • Elevated to lower the risk of illness
  • Built-in storage pockets

Reasons to Stay Away

MuttStuff & Co. is a company that specialises in mutts.
Non-elevated car seat with the best price

We recommend the MuttStuff & Co car seat if you want to keep your dog safe and secure but don’t need an elevated dog seat.

Best value non elevated car seat

This car seat will not only protect your own seats from scrapes and filth, but it will also keep your dog safely contained.

It’s a great lightweight seat that can go in the front or back of your car and has a pretty useful feature.

The seat’s sides unzip and fold down, allowing it to function as a single car seat cover.

Straps around the seat, headrest straps, and a seat anchor that pushes into the seat base for increased stability fasten it to your car seat in three ways.

Even better, the dog car seat’s base is slip resistant, ensuring that it remains firm even on leather seats, and the waterproof coating protects your vehicle from puppy ‘accidents.’

Furthermore, a seat belt tether is included, eliminating the need to purchase one separately. Although not extremely comfortable, we recommend adding a cushion for added comfort.

58 x 52 x 52 cm in length, width, and height

Reasons to Purchase

  • Excellent Value
  • Two-in-one design
  • Appropriate for larger dogs

Reasons to Stay Away

Dog Seat Fristone
Car seat with the most padding

Fristone Dog Seat

This non-elevated car seat from Fristone is the final dog seat in our Top 10.

It’s an excellent substitute for the MuttStuff car seat shown. It provides a secure, enclosed, and adaptable compartment in the front or back of your vehicle.
Fristone puppy and dog car seat, Fristone puppy and dog car seat, Fristone puppy and dog car seat, Fristone puppy and dog car seat, Fristone puppy and dog car seat

This seat appealed to us since it features thick padded sides and a base that allows your dog to cuddle up and sleep without the need for additional blankets.

In addition, your dog’s perspective from the seat will be aided by the high back and low front edge.

Two adjustable fastening straps are built into the design of the seat. One goes over your headrest, while the other goes around your automobile seat (front or smaller side of 40/60 back seat).

To avoid marking your car seats, the seat’s base is made of anti-slip matting that is also waterproof.

The Fristone car seat comes with a dog seatbelt tether that attaches to your dog’s harness and is designed for small to medium dogs. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns, including some lovely striped designs.

It’s important to note that the Fristone dog seat is soft and lacks a strong frame.

55 x 55 x 24 cm (front edge) 30 cm (back edge) (back )

Reasons to Purchase

  • It is cushioned
  • The front edge is low.
  • A variety of colours

Reasons to Stay Away

  • It isn’t elevated
  • Intended for small dogs only
  • There is no rigid frame

Visit Amazon to see it.


Petsafe’s Happy Ride harness

Happy Ride harness from Petsafe

As previously stated, these car seats are unlikely to provide any safety in the event of a collision. Any dog riding in a car should wear a harness that has been crash tested.
Dog in a blue dog harness that has been crash testedDog in a blue dog harness that has been crash tested

Petsafe’s Happy Ride harness has been crash tested and is completely certified.

Available in four sizes, with an online sizing guide that takes into account your dog’s chest, neck, and weight to help you choose the ideal fit.

A car seat belt tether connects to the harness and clips into your car seat belt system on the other end.
Visit Amazon to see it.

Nasjac Dog Seat Belt

Nasjac Dog Seat Belt

All dogs should wear a dog car seat harness that is attached to the vehicle’s seat belt system while riding in any of the seats shown. Always tie the seat belt tether to your dog’s harness rather than their collar.
tether for a dog’s car seat with ISOFIX points tether for a dog’s car seat with ISOFIX points

A dog seat belt can protect your dog from sudden braking or sharp bends, as well as keep you from being distracted as your dog tries to jump into your lap!

The Nasjac seat belt tether, which comes in a pair, was purchased and tested.

It’s only a flexible nylon bungee belt, but the twin connection clips make it stand out.

This Nasjac tether has three connection options to keep your dog safe in the car: directly into the ISOFIX point, conventional seat belts, or even the D rings in the trunk.

This multi-functionality distinguishes it from other dog seat belts.
tether for a dog’s seat belt with two attachment points tether for a dog’s seat belt with two attachment points

It’s also adjustable from 53 to 76 cm, so you can make sure it’s the right length for keeping your dog comfortable in their seat.

The metal buckle makes it simple to attach to your dog’s harness, and it swivels a complete 360°, ensuring that your dog does not become tangled in the tether while you’re driving.

The only drawback we found was that the attachment clip for your dog’s harness was fairly small, making it difficult to attach to thicker double D rings.

It’s inexpensive and comes in a variety of bright colours, making it simple to spot in the car at night.
To see it on Amazon, go here.


Initially, setting up your car seat in the house and allowing your four-legged companion to explore is a terrific idea. This stage of introducing your new dog car seat is especially crucial for young puppies, who will benefit from having this new experience broken down into smaller chunks.

As your dog or puppy approaches or climbs into the car seat, consider rewarding them with a few goodies to help create a happy experience.

Once your dog is comfy, put the new booster seat in your car. Secure your seat belt tether to your dog’s harness by tightening it.

Remember to turn off the passenger-side airbag and slide the seat as far back as feasible if you plan on installing the car seat in the front.

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