Hyundai HYM3800E Review

The Hyundai HYM3800E is an electric corded lawn mower with a 1600w motor that weighs only 12.5kg. It comes with a 38cm wide cutting blade, a 40 gallon grass collection bag, and is suitable for lawns up to 250m2. This feature-rich mower comes with a rear roller, mulching plug, and mulching blade, as well as 5 cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 70mm.

This was my first time testing a Hyundai electric corded lawn mower, and I was excited to see if it could match the quality and performance of its gasoline counterparts. Hyundai is currently impressing me because they are such amazing value for money. You get a lot for your money with Hyundai garden equipment, and you don’t have to sacrifice on quality as you would with other manufacturers.

The Hyundai HYM3800E is a small-to-medium-sized lawn mower with a strong electric striping lawn mower.

The many features of the HYM3800E assist the mower in cutting grass with ease and precision. And the end effect of this unpretentious and low-cost mulching mower will make your neighbours envious.

Main Features

  • For Lawns of up to 250m²
  • Blade Length: 38 cm (15-inch)
  • Weight: 12.5Kg
  • Number of Cutting Heights: 5 (20mm — 70mm)
  • Grass Box Capacity: 40L
  • Motor: 1600W
  • Handle: Double Folding with Ambidextrous Throttle

Power System

The Hyundai HYM3800E has a 1600-watt Hyundai electric motor, which is a lot of power for a mower with such a little blade. This is a powerful brushless motor that is more efficient and lasts longer than a traditional brush motor.

Under no load, the HYM3800E spins at a rapid 3700 rpm, which is faster than a conventional petrol mower, resulting in a cleaner cut. Though the sound produced by the motor, at 96 decibels, is comparable to that of a petrol mower.

In regards of noise levels, this mower appeared to be no louder or quieter to my ears than any other electric mower I’ve tested. The Bosch AdvancedRotak mowers were the only ones I could claim were noticeably quieter.

Cutting Performance

While cutting, the 38-centimetre hard-steel blade pulls the grass beneath the deck. The blade’s flat shape also helps to reduce cutting instability and noise. Replacement blades are easy to get by and are priced similarly to blades from other manufacturers.

As previously stated, this mower has the ability to mulch, hence the blade is intended to support this function. The blade works similarly to a food blender blade, ensuring that the grass is broken into tiny bits many times and dispersed deep into the lawn.

The blade is of good quality, and it cuts smoothly and precisely. Mower blades will grow blunt with time, so it’s vital to sharpen or replace them on a regular basis.

Height Modification

A 5-point central height control lever ensures that the deck height is consistent across all four wheels. The position of this lever is high, between the front and back left wheels. You can reach the lever while standing behind the handlebar because it is large and easy to grasp.

For individuals who don’t want to scalp their huge uneven lawns, the cutting heights start at 20mm and go up to 70mm.

Adjusting the height was a breeze. This is aided by the mower’s modest weight and the larger-than-normal handle provided by Hyundai for this purpose.

The range of cutting heights offered by some of the other mowers I’ve examined has consistently disappointed me. Although you should not mow your lawn too short, some people prefer a bowling green look. This would be difficult to achieve because some mowers only go down to 35mm. It’s fantastic to discover that the Hyundai HYM3800E can go as low as 20mm.


The angle of the bars can also be adjusted to three different locations. This is another function that is typically seen on higher-end and more expensive mowers. This is a very important function because it allows you to adjust the position of the bars to suit your posture, ensuring that prolonged use does not result in back pain. You can see this in action in the video I posted above.

Diameter of the Cutting

The blade width of 38 centimetres equates to a cutting area of 0.45m2 each revolution. And, thanks to this area and the high-speed motor, you can get cleaner cuts in less time than with many other compact electric mowers.

And, thanks to the grass combs behind the front wheels, this cutting diameter extends beyond the blade’s breadth. The grass comb redirects and pulls grass in from the deck’s edge, towards the blade.

Roller (Stripes)

Between the back wheels of the Hyundai HYM3800E’s mower is a small, smooth plastic roller. Due to the added weight, this roller begins to operate well as the grass box begins to fill.

Because the roller’s breadth is a few centimetres less than the blade’s, you may need to overlap cut regions by half to achieve a nice striping effect.

It’s unusual to find an electric mower that comes equipped with both a roller and a mulching plug right out of the box, so kudos to Hyundai.

The roller did not stripe the grass on this occasion, as you can see in my video. This was due to the mower’s modest weight and the uneven lawn’s poor state.


You can get rid of the grass box and opt for mulching instead. If you choose to recycle the clippings back into your grass, Hyundai supplies a mulching plug with the HYM3800E. The mulching plug easily attaches into the mower’s back chute; just remember to take it out if you want to utilise the grass gathering box.

Consider the Hyundai HYM3300E for smaller lawns, which also stripes and mulches and weighs just over 9kg. The HYM3300E features a smaller grass box and a 33-centimetre blade than the HYM3800E.

Grass Box Capacity

The HYM3800E comes with a 40-litre grass box if you desire a perfect lawn without millions of clippings ruining your stripes.

Plastic and fabric combine to make the grass box. The bottom half is made of fabric and is easy to store. The top part of the box is made of solid plastic, with a handle and a motorised grass fill indication built in.

When the grass is dry and dusty, the advantages having a sturdy top on your grass collection become apparent. All fabric collection bags tend to throw dust and debris up into the operator’s face, therefore having a solid top eliminates this while still allowing it to be folded neatly.

The mesh material is of decent quality, however caution should be exercised when mowing near thorny bushes, as this will damage the material and, in the worst-case scenario, allow grass blades to escape.

The grass collection box fits on and off simply, as you can see in my video above, and once attached, it will not bounce off when you hit the first bump in your lawn. The blue plastic flap closes tightly around the grass collection box, ensuring a secure fit.

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, the HYM3200E is a simple, lightweight mower that offers the same degree of dependability as the larger models. The blade on the HYM3200E is 32 centimetres long, and the grass box is a full 25 litres.


A mower must be both practical and effective when it comes to cutting your grass. I’ve tested a lot of Hyundai petrol mowers, and they’ve never let me down when it comes to functionality. Does Hyundai’s electric mower follow in the footsteps of its gasoline-powered counterparts? Yes, it certainly does. This mower is not only packed with features like the rear roller and mulching capability, but it also has small details like the cable clamp that prevents the cord from “pulling” damage. Other noteworthy features of the Hyundai HYM3800E are listed below.

The folding foam grip handles on this Hyundai HYM3800E are a fantastic utilitarian feature. You would argue that most mower handles fold down, and while that is true, it is not as simple as with this Hyundai. Keep in mind that the handles fold at both the central and lower deck points. Other mowers require unscrewing nuts and bolts to fold down the lower piece, however this is not the case with the HYM3800E. Simply detach each side’s broad handle and fold for compact storage.

The operator presence control lever is on both the left and right sides of the bars, making it suited for both left and right-handed operators, as well as manoeuvring around corners.


Two arms protrude from the back of the mower, allowing it to be stored in an upright position. When stored in a garden shed or garage, as shown in the photo, this saves floor space, which is a lovely touch from Hyundai.

It took me a bit to figure out, but when placed vertically, you can pin the handles beneath the height adjustment lever to keep them in place. Take a look at my video above if you’re not sure how to do it. (It’s simple, but you must know how)


Hyundai garden items have always been of good build quality, which, when paired with low pricing, makes them excellent value.

It’s still comforting to know that if something goes wrong, you’ll be covered by a solid and extensive warranty. Hyundai offers a three-year warranty on the HYM3800E.

Hyundai includes a 10-metre power line to get you started, but depending on the size of your lawn, you may need to utilise an extension wire to plug into your house’s wall socket. The cable is held in place on the handlebar by a cable clip, which prevents the cable from dragging on the mower’s power box.


Because this is an electric mower with a brushless motor, there will be no need for oil changes or brush replacements. You’ll need to sharpen the blade on a regular basis or if the grass blades aren’t being cut cleanly. In addition, if the blade becomes chipped or twisted, it must be replaced to avoid damaging the motor.


The deck is made of solid plastic, so it will not rust. Although plastic is lighter than metal, it will scuff against a concrete wall. There are also “fins” on each side of the deck to help guide the grass into the path of the blade, reducing the amount of lawn cutting required around the perimeter. This is far from perfect, and some trimming along walls and fences will always be necessary.

I was blown away by the craftsmanship of the double-skinned deck. It had a robust, substantial feel about it, was stiff, and appeared to be of good quality. I’ll keep you posted in the comments section as to how well this mower holds up over time and if it is truly constructed to last.

Safety Features

Before pulling on the throttle, the operator must depress the safety button on the handlebar. When the operator releases the throttle, the blade comes to a rapid stop, requiring the operator to push the safety button again before continuing to use the machine.

Because this is a push mower, the throttle only controls the power to the blade motor.

Should You Buy a Hyundai HYM3800E?

The first thing that impressed me about the Hyundai HYM3800E was how light it was and how easy it was to manoeuvre. This mower only weights 12.5kg, and when combined with the larger rear wheels and dual control levers, it was a snap to get the job done.

Electric mowers are ideal for individuals who don’t have time to check oil levels or replace spark plugs. To purchase a mower with a roller, you’ll almost always need to get a petrol mower. The Hyundai HYM3800E and the Hyundai HYM3300E, on the other hand, have the tools to leave a professional finish.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the grass collection box to make sure it doesn’t fill up too much, as I discovered it was starting to leave grass cuttings on the lawn due to poor circulation.

The plastic and component quality is higher than you’d anticipate from an electric mower at this price point. Hyundai has also added padding to the handle bars for comfort and to prevent vibrations, which is something that not all manufacturers do.

Despite the fact that Hyundai is less expensive than many other models, few people worry about its short lifespan. This is backed up by a solid three-year warranty. The HYM3800 is easy to set up and requires little maintenance. The Hyundai HYM3800E is an excellent lawn mower for individuals who want to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Hyundai offers a cordless version of this electric mower if you prefer it without the cable. My full review of the Hyundai Cordless 38cm may be found at the link below. Remember that a rechargeable mower will weigh more than a corded mower, but you will not be tethered to the socket and will not have to stop to move the cable out of the mower’s path.


For a mower that can do all the HYM3800 can, 12.5 kg is a small weight. The three basic functions a gardener seeks for in a mower are mulching, striping, and collecting, and this small Hyundai can do it all.

The mulching option worked well for me, and the grass trimmings were finely cut and evenly distributed over the lawn.

A rear roller on a mower this light (12.5 kg) will not be as effective as a heavier petrol mower or specialised lawn roller at striping the lawn. It works, but it won’t keep you going for days.

The Hyundai HYM3800 is a well-designed vehicle that was put together with skill and care. A big, easy-to-reach height-handle allows you to pick from a variety of cutting heights. A good choice for a small to medium-sized lawn with a modest lifestyle.

You can’t go wrong with this mower, and it’s a great value for the money. It not only has all of the above characteristics and gets the job done without a hitch, but it also includes complete folding handles and vertical storage.

Hyundai 1600w 230v Corded Electric Rotary Lawnmower With Rear Roller, 38cm Cutting Width, Mulching, 30l Box, 5 Heights, 10m Power Cable, 3 Year Warranty
  • 380mm cutting width & 5 adjustable cutting heights: Ideal Lawnmower for small to medium-sized lawns
  • This electric lawnmower has a 40L grass catcher bag: Minimises time spent emptying the cuttings
  • Long-reach 10m power cable: Reduces the need for an extension cable
  • Ultra-low maintenance lawn mowers: No petrol or oil to deal with - simply plug in and off you go!
  • For your peace of mind our electric roller lawnmower comes with 3 year Hyundai warranty and full UK after sales team.

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