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Hyundai HYM480SPR Review

The Hyundai HYM480SPR is a self-propelled petrol lawn mower with a 2.6kW (3.5hp) Hyundai OHV 4-stroke 139cc engine with a 48cm cutting width hardened steel blade, making it ideal for large lawns. A central lever controls five cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 75mm, as well as a huge 70-litre polypropylene/polyester fabric grass catcher bag. The Hyundai HYM480SPR, unlike most petrol mowers, includes a built-in rear roller for a conventional striped lawn appearance and comes with a three-year warranty.

The entire Hyundai petrol mower line, in my opinion, is a superb performer and excellent value for money. Hyundai is always improving their mowers and engines, and we’ve reached a point where you can be confident that you’ll get a dependable and high-performing mower with features that make mowing even the largest yard a breeze. Hyundai has also added a ribbed roller to the mower to cater to the British penchant for a striped lawn, which is fantastic!!

I’ll walk you through all of the features and functions of the Hyundai HYM480SPR 48cm self-propelled lawn mower in this review so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Main Features of the Hyundai HYM480SPR 48cm Self Propelled Lawnmower

  • Rating: 9.7/10
  • 4 Stroke 139cc Petrol Engine
  • Low Emission & Low Maintenance Engine
  • Self Propelled
  • Rear Roller
  • Recoil Start
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Blade length: 48cm
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Number of Cutting Height: 5 (25mm to 75mm)
  • Grass box capacity: 70 Litre

The Hyundai HYM480SPR has OPC (Operator Presence Control) technology that ensures the engine will stop if  the handle is let go. This mower has the ability to cut & collect or rear discharge the grass cuttings, there is no mulching feature on the HYM480SPR.

Cutting Diameter and Characteristics

The Hyundai HYM480SPR has two cutting functions: cut and collect and rear discharge.

Cut and collect – grass is cut and collected in the collection box at the back of the house.
The grass is cut and discharged out the back of the mower, which is known as rear discharge.
The grass clippings are blasted out the back of the mower and onto your lawn, where they can be left to naturally decompose. Remember to cut grass that isn’t too long when using the rear discharge; otherwise, you’ll end up with lines/bales of grass that aren’t good for the lawn’s condition. Rear discharge works well on shorter grass and when you follow the 1/3 rule (just cut 1/3 of your grass’s height).

The 48cm cutting width rotating blade on the mower makes it much easier to mow huge gardens over 450m2 considerably more efficiently and effortlessly.
Height Modification

Safety Features of the Hyundai HYM480SPR

This mower has a handy single-lever central height adjuster that allows the user to choose 5 various cutting heights between 25mm and 75mm, allowing it to be set according to the height and condition of the grass you’re cutting.

The low 25mm cutting height is a fantastic feature of this mower. This is unusual for a petrol mower of this size, but it was included to match the back roller in order to create a genuine stripy bowling green look. Later, we’ll talk about the rear roller on this Hyundai HYM480SPR.

Self-Propelled Drive

The Hyundai HYM480SPR is self-propelled and operated by a handle control lever positioned on the handle. If the handle is let go, the mower will not run away thanks to the OPC (Operator Presence Control) technology. The self-propelled drive maintains a constant speed of 3000 rpm over a wide range of lawn levels, and the rear roller drive aids in cutting up and down hills and uneven regions. Its big full-width roller was created to make manoeuvring about the grass, especially around tight corners and flower beds, much easier. This is a fantastic feature from Hyundai, and it outperforms other brands’ mowers.

Capacity of Grass Box

This Hyundai HYM480SPR self-propelled lawn mower’s 70-liter grass collector has a high-airflow plastic top and aerated fabric sides. The level indicator on the collecting box lets you know when you’re getting close to having to empty the collector. It’s so aggravating when a simple feature like this is missing from other mower models, so kudos to Hyundai for incorporating it.


The Hyundai HYM480SPR has exceptional 2-in-1 cutting capabilities, allowing you to choose between cut and collect or side discharge. Additionally, a hose connector can be attached to the deck for easy cleaning, and the soft grip handle can be folded for easy storage and transport. This mower also has large front wheels with ball bearings for easy manoeuvrability. The steel deck is tough and long-lasting, and Hyundai has included an easy-to-remove maintenance cover for simple access to the enclosed drive belt.

As previously said, a fantastic feature of the Hyundai HYM480SPR is the ability to clean the deck underneath by attaching it to a garden hose while operating the machine, which is a time-saving option that also maintains the mower running effectively while extending its life – not just a gimmick.

The soft grip handlebars on this Hyundai HYM480SPR lawn mower can be folded forward and downwards for simple storage. This saves storage space and facilitates transit.

It can’t be all good! This is a terrific petrol mower, but unlike some other Hyundai mowers, it does not have the capacity to mulch grass clippings. This is likely intentional on Hyundai’s part, as this mower is designed for folks who want a lawn that is cut short and looks nice, not just a mower that can plough through a lawn that hasn’t been maintained or mowed more frequently. Remember that this mower has a low cutting height option of just 25mm and a rear roller for a stripy grass, so I don’t think mulching is a good fit for the type of owner the Hyundai HYM480SPR is aimed for.

Engine / Power System

The Hyundai HYM480SPR 48cm self-propelled lawn mower is powered by the Hyundai IC140VE engine, which features Smart Cut 2.6kW (3.5hp) and a 139cc Hyundai OHV 4-stroke Euro II engine.

This is a popular low-emission, low-maintenance engine that has proven to be a solid and trustworthy choice in many Hyundai petrol mowers.

The engine is quiet, easy to start, and consumes little fuel, so your operating costs are kept low.

This mower is also available with an electric start, the Hyundai HYM480SPER. The Hyundai HYM480SPER has the same specifications as the Hyundai HYM480SPR, but it also includes a push button electric start.


Normally, we’d say “no roller” because most rotary petrol mowers don’t have one, but the Hyundai HYM480SPR has, and it comes with some really handy features.

The complete width of the 48cm deck is covered by the back roller, which not only provides the characteristic striped lawn that will make your neighbours want one, but also makes this mower highly stable, especially along borders (no more tipping into the boarder and scalping the edge). You would believe that having a roller makes the mower less manoeuvrable, but this is not the case. When the mower is tilted back, Hyundai has smartly split the roller into two half, giving it an almost zero turning circle, ideal for manoeuvring around obstacles and tight corners.


Despite its weight, this mower’s power, performance, and rear roller make it one of the top lawn mowers on the market in the United Kingdom. The HYM480SPR petrol lawn mower produces little vibration, noise, and pollutants, making it an outstanding all-around yard petrol lawn mower.

This Hyundai HYM480SPR model can tackle longer grass with ease and provide a low striped bowling green appearance thanks to its various 2-in-1 cutting options and 5 height settings (including a low 25mm setting). I believe this petrol mower will not disappoint you and that your money will be well spent.

Hyundai 19"/48cm 139cc Self-Propelled Petrol Roller Lawnmower with 3 Year Warranty
  • 480mm / 19" cutting width: Ideal for medium to large lawns
  • 139cc Hyundai 4-stroke petrol engine: Provides easy starting and low fuel consumption
  • Split rear roller: Get that traditional striped British lawn
  • Self-propelled: No need to push - simply steer
  • 5 adjustable cutting heights: Get the perfect finish on your lawn

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