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LG Inverter Direct Drive FH4G1BCS2 – for large loads

This machine has a good-looking design and a high drum capacity.
It also offers a user-friendly interface and smart function capabilities, such as the ability to start the machine remotely or monitor the progress of your wash from your phone.
Not only that, but there’s also a steam feature.
It effectively removes most stains, and the detergent drawer is simple to load.

Despite claims that the maximum capacity is 12kg, we were only able to fit 8kg in our tests, and it used a lot of water.
The porthole is also too small for convenient loading and unloading, but the ability to add goods in the middle of the cycle makes this an enticing alternative if you want to splurge.

Key specifications
Spin speed:
1400 rpm
New energy rating:
Old energy rating:
Spin performance:

LG FH4G1BCS2 TurboWash 12kg Freestanding Washing Machine
  • Enjoy more time away from your laundry with LG's TurboWash. Performance boosting jet sprays dispense water directly onto clothes, cutting the wash time to just 49 minutes.
  • Minimise creases and eliminate allergens with LG's TrueSteam technology. Approved by British Allergy Foundation, LG’s technology remove 30% of creases and 99.9% of allergens.
  • Reliable and quiet, our machine motors come with a 10 year warranty. With a Beltless Inverter direct drive, 6motion technology moves the drum in several ways to suit different programs and clothes.
  • Larger capacity machine means you can wash more at once, or bulkier items such as duvets, towels or curtains. 12KG of capacity means you can wash 60 shirts a wash or a king size duvet.
  • LG ThinQ with Wi-Fi operates washing machines from anywhere, downloads specific cycles and tracks energy used. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

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