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Murray 37cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM37 Review

The Murray 37cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM37 is powered by two 18-volt 2.5-amp batteries and a 36-volt brushless motor. It comes with a dual battery charger.
This mower is ideal for medium lawns up to 425m2 due to its 37cm cutting width and powerful Briggs and Stratton batteries.
The Murray 37cm Cordless Lawn Mower comes with a large 40-litre collection box, 7 height level positions from 25mm to 75mm controlled by a single lever, and a run time of up to 30 minutes.
This mower can either “cut and collect” or “cut and rear discharge” grass cuttings.

The Murray 37cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM44 is the smaller brother to the Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM44 and is intended for owners of medium-sized lawns up to 425m2 who do not want to deal with petrol or power cords.

What is the difference between these two lawnmowers?

Not much, because these two Murray cordless mowers are nearly identical, save for a few minor differences detailed below.

Which Murray lawnmower is the best?

That depends on your situation!
They are identical in terms of value for money and performance, so it all depends on the size of your lawn and how quickly you want it cut.
More on that later….

Both of these mowers are highly rated by me, and they can compete with the likes of Bosch and Worx.

Main Characteristics

9.7 out of 10

Lawn Size: 425 m2 Medium

1500-Watt power for 30 minutes of mowing

Cord Length: 18-volt 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery

Metal blade length: 37cm

7 different cutting heights are available (25mm to 75mm)

Capacity of the Grass Box: 40 L

13.5 kg in weight

IQ18WM37 is the model number.

Murray 37cm Deck Size

As the name implies, the Murray 37cm cordless mower has a smaller deck and blade size than the Murray 44cm.
Keeping this in mind, both are designed to accommodate different lawn sizes.

The Murray 37cm is intended for lawns up to 425m2, while the Murray 44cm is intended for lawns up to 640m2.
The larger blade simply means that you can cut more lawn with each pass and cover a larger area on a single charge of the batteries.

This does not preclude you from opting for the larger 44cm deck size if your lawn is larger than 425m2.
Just make sure you don’t have any narrower strips of lawn, and you’ll need more storage space.


In addition to the smaller cutting width on this Murray 37cm mower, you also get the smaller 2.5 Ah batteries, which charge in 55 minutes but have a shorter run time of around 30 minutes, resulting in the smaller coverage of 425m2.
Two 5.0 Ah batteries are included with the larger Murray 44cm.

Both the 2.5 Ah and 5.0 Ah batteries are compatible with Murray’s other cordless power tools.

Size of Grass Collection Box

This mower’s grass collection box holds 40 litres, which is 10 litres less than that of its larger brother, the Murray 44cm (50 litres).
This smaller grass collection box is still well suited to the smaller deck size, and keep in mind that the larger the grass collection box, the heavier the mower to manoeuvre.


The only other minor difference is that the Murray 37cm mower weighs slightly less (13.5 Kg) than the larger 44cm mower (15.4 Kg).

Should You Purchase This Model?

In terms of build quality, performance, and practicality, this Murray 37cm Cordless Lawn Mower compares favourably to other brands such as Bosch and Worx.
The Murray, like its bigger brother, is not the cheapest mower of this size on the market, but you are getting a premium mower with features and quality that will make mowing the lawn that much easier and more enjoyable.

This mower simply performs exceptionally well and has a high level of quality, so you truly get what you pay for with this mower.

The decision you must make is whether to go with the smaller 37cm model or the larger 44cm model.
So, I hope the above clarifies the differences and assists you in making your decision.

Murray 37cm Summary

This mower is perfect for:

People with gardens measuring up to 425 m2.

Those looking for a high-quality battery mower with a lot of features.

Those who don’t need a striped lawn.

Those who prefer the option of a rear discharge.Le

Because the handles and grass box fold flat, storage is limited.

Those seeking a longer warranty period (5 Years Limited Product Warranty)

Murray’s Cordless Mowers Are Known For:

Are simple to store during the winter.

With a charge, batteries will last the majority of the winter.
Even if they don’t, you can use them as portable electronics battery chargers.

Are secure and have a variety of safety features.

Are cost-effective to operate.
Charging batteries from the power grid is far less expensive than using petrol.

Murray produces high-quality mowers and blades.
You’re aware that this brand is synonymous with durability and dependability, as well as easy-to-replace parts.

Murray 2x18V (36V) Lithium-Ion 37cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM37, Powered by Briggs & Stratton, up to 425 m2, Including 2x 2.5Ah Battery and Dual Charger, 5 Years Warranty
  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton 18V Lithium-Ion Battery System
  • 2x Briggs & Stratton 18V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and Dual Charger included
  • Powerful 36V Dual Battery brushless motor technology for longer life, low noise and highest in class performance
  • Soft-Grip handles minimise vibration and fold for easy storage
  • Ideal for coverage up to 425m2

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