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How To Buy The Best Robotic Lawn Mower

Looking to buy the best Robotic Lawn Mower? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

Robotic lawn mowers, as you may well know, are supposed to eliminate the need for lawn mowing.

You may even be aware that they are capable of doing a greater job than you, that they do not require your assistance, and that they can self-recharge.

Not to mention that, when compared to petrol mowers, they are safer and less expensive in the long run; they operate around your schedule, providing a great-looking lawn all year with no grass clippings to deal with.

Well, you might be wondering how.

How are they going to be able to do all of this?

The Navigation System, Charging System, and Cutting System are the three main components that make up a robotic mower’s operation.

You should become familiar with these aspects to gain a fundamental understanding of these mowers.

Even if every mower is different, you can be sure that these elements are still present.

Depending on the model you choose, there may be minor differences and additional features, but on the whole, most models are pretty similar.

That is why you should learn everything there is to know about them (well maybe not that in-depth but definitely to have a basic understanding).

Because they’re so similar, deciding which one is the best fit for you and your lawn can be challenging.

You’ll be able to make better comparisons between robotic mowers after reading this article, which should lead to you picking the best one.

System of Navigation

Some robotic mowers, like cars, utilise GPS to navigate.

The mowers will need some type of direction if they are to drive around your lawn unattended.

But don’t worry, this message isn’t coming from you; it’s coming from a wire.

Yes, a wire, as strange as it may sound.
Allow me to explain…

You must run a perimeter wire around your lawn so that the robotic mower may save an idea and picture of your grass in its memory system.

If you have any impediments in your garden and want your robotic mower to avoid them, you’ll need to use the wire to separate off the area.

For the most part, this would be in the vicinity of the flower beds, plants, and trees.

It’s for pretty much everything you don’t want the mower to touch.

By transmitting an electrical signal to the mower, the wire will now operate as an invisible fence, allowing it to map out your entire grass.

The mower will then use the information to calculate a course to follow.

Once completed, it will go to work and begin mowing.

Because most robotic mowers can learn, they grow more cleaver and efficient in their mowing course over time.

And, if it comes across any obstructions along the way (toys, trampoline, etc. ), it has sensors to deal with them.

These ensure that the mower does not keep moving forward.

Instead, it will come to a halt, turn off the blade, recalculate, then spin around and start mowing in a new direction.

This not only protects the robotic mower and the obstacle from damage, but it also ensures that no one gets injured while it is operating.

Optional Extras

Many of the most recent robotic mowers may now be expanded and enhanced using a number of alternative modules that can be installed into your robotic mower.

All robotic mowers will include a simple collision detection system, which means they will stop, reverse, and continue mowing in the opposite direction if they hit an obstacle.

More advanced proximity sensors can now be added to your robotic mower, allowing it to “see” obstacles before colliding with them.

This ensures that the robotic mower can cut to the edge of the obstruction without interfering with the cutting pattern of the mower.

Other options include “Off Limits” sensors, which allow you to put a single stand-alone wire around an impediment like a flower bed and have the mower avoid it.

Other upgrades, such as improved GPS capabilities, give you more control over your robotic mower.

Why is it beneficial to be able to improve your robotic mower?

Because you can start with a simple model and determine if it meets your requirements.

However, if you wish to upgrade or have relocated and your garden needs have changed, you may safeguard your investment by adding these extra features.

Capability to work in multiple zones

If you have several lawn sections in your property, be sure your new robotic mower includes a multi-zone feature.

You must verify that the perimeter wire may be run through a route from the primary grass area to the secondary lawn area (can be over a driveway or path).

Make sure the path is level and broad enough for the robotic mower to pass through.

Some robotic mowers, on the other hand, allow you to lift the mower to a secondary area and then return it to the primary area for charge.

If you have an area of your lawn that needs special care, you can use the app or iPad to tell the mower that this is the area you want it to focus on.

That’s all there is to it.

The robotic mower follows an invisible barrier around your lawn, follows a pre-determined path, and relies on on-board sensors to avoid colliding with anything.

System of Charging

The robotic mower, like every other electrical device on the market right now, comes with a charging base station.

These mowers have their own docking station that they automatically return to when they require charging, unlike a regular charger that you plug into a socket.

This implies that it will not only mow your grass on its own, but it will also charge it.
As a result, you won’t have to plug it in every night before bed.

When the mower’s battery runs l

ow while mowing, it will automatically return to the charging station to recharge.
When its battery is fully charged, it will return to the precise location where it last left off.
Taking you out of the process completely and conveniently.

When compared to a regular push lawn mower, this is obviously much easier and more convenient.

What is the Charging System for Robotic Lawn Mowers?

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the robotic mower being disoriented while mowing your lawn.

The docking station is connected to the perimeter wire, which serves as a guide for the mower.

Run-Time and Charging

Charging and run-time will differ from one robotic mower to the next; all you have to do is make sure they are sufficient to cover the area of your grass.

Most robotic mowers now use lithium-ion batteries (the most recent technology) rather than lead cells (the older technology), which charge in about an hour and provide the same length of run-time on most residential versions.

Longer run-times will be provided by higher-end models.

You don’t have to be concerned about charging time because your robotic mower will operate when and how you want it to.

You can arrange it to only work at night if that is what you prefer.

Remember that if your lawn has high inclines, the robotic mower’s run-time will be substantially reduced.

In these cases, you may wish to select a robotic mower with a larger battery capacity and the ability to handle steeper slopes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some identical robotic mowers may have the same battery capacity but are suited for larger lawns.

This is entirely dependent on how long they’re set to run each day and how much perimeter wire comes with the mower.

So you don’t have to worry about robotic mowers once they’re set up and running; they’ll take care of everything.

Anyone with basic DIY abilities can undertake the installation and configuration.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about is unwinding after a long day at the office.

It’s entirely up to you how you spend this extra time, but keep in mind that the robotic mower deserves credit.

System of Cutting

This machine’s cutting technique, or the manner in which it cuts, is highly distinctive.

Most electric or petrol mowers are designed to cut long swaths of grass, allowing you to mow less frequently.

Your grass should be trimmed once a week with a typical push mower during the summer.
Robotic mowers, on the other hand, cut your grass in a far more efficient and practical manner.

Instead, they’re configured to chop microscopic grass clippings.

It may take a little longer for you to notice a genuine difference, but the reasons are straightforward and effective.

To begin with, grass clippings fall to the bottom of your soil since they are so little.
It’s here that the magic happens.

They’ll decay there, acting as a natural fertiliser (or mulch), delivering nutrients to the soil and keeping it moist and healthy.

This results in grass that is considerably healthier, stronger, and thicker, making your lawn appear much greener and fuller.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m pretty sure a standard push mower couldn’t handle it!

Of course, mulching mowers are available for both petrol and cordless mowers, but the difference in cutting frequency persists.

As a result, you’ll notice that your garden is looking better than it has in the past.


Blades for robotic lawn mowers are generally divided into two categories.

Some, like the Robomow robotic mowers, will feature a single bigger cutting blade, while others will have a number of little spinning razer blades, which are more prevalent and may be seen on the current domestic robotic mower models.

Both systems have pros and limitations, just like everything else.

The little spinning blades are extremely light, provide a crisp, precise cut, and are significantly lighter than the single bigger blade.

Because the mower is lighter, it lasts longer and the battery lasts longer.

The downsides of these smaller blades are that they do not last as long and can become blunt after a few months, necessitating replacement.

The good news is that these blades are inexpensive, and replacing them is a simple and quick process.

While we’re on the subject of blades, some robotic mowers have “Floating Decks.”

In my experience, a floating deck is significantly preferable because it does not get stuck when working on uneven areas.

A Floating Deck refers to the blade mechanism’s capacity to float up and down, allowing it to “ride” any bumps without becoming beached.


Don’t forget that robotic lawn mowers can also handle your garden’s higher slopes.

Some robotic mowers have three wheels, while others have four (more powerful models).

Depending on the slope of your garden and the difficulty you would normally have with a standard push mower, you will no longer have to worry about this.

These are truly amazing machines that are no match for a traditional push mower.

Nothing else comes close to matching the results of the robotic lawn mower.


That’s all; you now have a basic knowledge of how robotic lawn mowers work.
That implies it’s time to move on to the next step, which is locating the ideal robotic mower for you.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Flymo EasiLife 250 GO Robotic Lawn Mower - Cuts Up to 250 sq m, Ultra Quiet Mowing, Manicured Lawn, Bluetooth Application Control, Safety Sensors, Hose Washable, Lifestyle Functions, Orange and Grey
  • Ideal for small to medium gardens, the EasiLife 250 GO is a compact robotic lawn mower that automatically cuts up to 250m2 so you don’t have to – giving you a tidy lawn with zero effort.
  • Mowing every corner of the lawn, the EasiLife 250 GO is packed with functions to suit your lifestyle and can automatically adapt its schedule based on the weather through LawnSense and FrostSense,
  • No screens or complex programming, the LED indicators guide you for quick and easy control, with the Bluetooth app giving you full access to the robotic mowers extended settings - allowing you the set schedules and trouble shoot from the comfort of your home.
  • Ultra quiet mowing at 58dB(A) means that you won’t disturb you or your neighbours when your robotic is mowing, allowing you to keep to a regular mowing schedule for a healthy greener lawn.
  • The Intelligent guide wire allows for programmable start points for multiple cutting areas of lawn and efficiently guides the mower home without leading tracks. The PassageSense function also allows for the robotic mower to cut and navigate through narrow passages.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego M+ 700 (with 18V Battery and App Function, Docking Station included, Cutting width 19 cm, for Lawns of up to 700 m2, in Carton Packaging)
  • Systematic and fast: LogiCut technology maps the lawn and enables mowing in efficient parallel lines, freeing up your lawn sooner
  • SmartMowing: Indego M+ 700 analyses your garden, local weather and personal preferences to optimise the mowing schedule for your lawn
  • Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to voice control Indego and IFTTT to connect Indego to other smart devices within your home
  • BorderCut for neat edges: Indego starts each full mowing session with a BorderCut, ensuring a tidy finish
  • Narrow passage management: Suitable for corridors as small as 75 cm wide between the wires (without needing a guidance wire)
Bestseller No. 3
LawnMaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower - Fully Automatic Robot Mower with Auto Charging Docking Station - 20V MAX 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery - For Lawns up to 400m², 18cm Cut Width & 20-60mm Cutting Heights
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Easy one-time set-up of boundary wire, charging station and robot mower with fully comprehensive step-by-step instructions. Installation of an additional guide wire is not required. The charging station can not be fitted in the corner of the lawn. Please allow 1m of boundary wire at the front and the back of the charging station.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Once set up, the LawnMaster L10 operates automatically and can be set to mow each day, or every other day depending on your lawn size, without the need for an app. It will charge itself and is so quiet you might even forget it's there.
  • SOLID & RELIABLE - The LawnMaster L10 robotic lawn mower is from a brand you can trust. The L10 is tough, durable, IPX5 rated to be fully waterproof and comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • HIGH PERFORMING - The L10's mulching function returns tiny grass clippings and nutrients to the lawn, so your grass will look healthier, weeds will struggle to grow and there are no grass cuttings to dispose of.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY - Lift, tilt & bump sensors stop the blades immediately if the mower is picked up or bumps into objects and it has PIN code protection to prevent unauthorised use.
Bestseller No. 4
McCulloch ROB S400 Robotic Lawn Mower – Cuts up to 400 sq m, Manicured Lawn, Tackles 35 Percent Slop Gradients, Lawn Growth Sensors, Simple Set Up, Intuitive Keypad
  • Lawn shield is the intelligent adaptive cutting system which automatically changes mowing schedule based on lawn growth Preventing wear on the lawn
  • The Flexible charging station position gives you the freedom to position the charging station almost anywhere you like around the edge of the lawn
  • Guide wire techonology improves navigation in complex gardens for a more even finish and intelligently helps Rob to find his way home without leaving unwanted tracks
  • Installation made easy thanks to Rob's simple set-up wizard quickly guiding you through initial installation step by step Noise Data - Sound level Measured 56 dB(A)
  • The Rob S has quick keypad navigation Intuitive keypad controls give immediate access to functions such as Return Home Cutting Schedule and Special Mowing programs
SaleBestseller No. 5
Gardena Robotic Mower SILENO minimo 500 m²: Intelligent lawn mower with excellent connectivity, programmable with the Gardena Bluetooth® app, UK version (15202-28)
  • Fully connected: The intuitive Gardena Bluetooth app (online registration required) for easy installation and operation: The SILENO minimo can be operated from a distance of up to 10 m
  • Very quiet: The quietest mower in its class with noise levels of only 57 db(A), so it will not disturb anyone while it is mowing
  • AI for accuracy: This mower is an experienced navigator that can cut in narrow spaces and dead ends with its CorridorCut function
  • All-weather and all-terrain: The SILENO minimo operates in any weather, including rain, and on difficult terrain. In addition, it can be washed off with a hose, which makes it very easy to clean
  • Included with the product: SILENO minimo, charging station, 150 m boundary wire, 150x hooks, 4x connectors, 5x terminals, language of the user manual: English
SaleBestseller No. 6
Yard Force EasyMow 260B Robotic Lawnmower with additional protection with built-in sensors: lift, obstacle, turnover, tilt for lawns up to 260m²
  • Ideal for small gardens up to 260m²
  • Full App control via Bluetooth connection
  • Sharp blades create mulching for a healthier looking lawn, variable cutting heights ranging 20-55mm
  • Additional protection with built-in sensors: lift, obstacle, turnover, tilt
  • Tackles slopes up to 30 Percent
Bestseller No. 7
swift RM18 28V Robotic Lawnmower AutoCharging Self-Propelled 18cm Cut Width and 20-60mm Cutting Heights Robot Lawn Mower with Samsung Battery for Lawns up to 600m² include garage
  • With automated working and charging cycle, swift RM18 robotic mower will give you the perfect lawn and more time with the family by liberating you from lawn care work.
  • Excellent and affordable choice to experience modern robotics on your regular sized garden of up to 600m². With bumping sensor and treaded wheel driven by strong motors, it can conquer all obstacles and gradient up to 35% (20°).
  • Intuitive and straight forward interface to personalize your mowing settings.
  • PIN Code for theft protection; stepless and easy cutting adjustment dialer.
  • With more than 10 years engineering experiences in garden industry and tip top components enables RM18 to work without breaking the tranquility of your garden. It takes care of your lawn unnoticed while you enjoy your life.
SaleBestseller No. 8
WORX Landroid Plus WR165E Robotic Lawnmower for Gardens up to 500 m² with WiFi, Bluetooth and Floating Mowing Deck
  • Cut to edge: the Landroid has offset blades to mow as close as possible to the lawn edge
  • WiFi and Bluetooth – direct connection between app and mower – more ease of use and convenient software updates
  • GroundTracer – the knives lift automatically in case of unevenness and are protected
  • Jet water protection – easy to clean with the garden hose
  • Rotary knob and LCD display for easy operation directly on the mower
Bestseller No. 9
Yard Force Compact 400Ri Robotic Lawnmower with iRadar - Active Safety Technology for lawns up to 400m²
  • 400 sq m working area suitable for city gardens
  • iRadar - Active Safety Ultrasonic Sensor Technology, the most advanced feature in robotic mowing
  • App control - intelligent technology enables control from any location
  • Brushless Motor with 20 V Lithium-Ion Samsung battery and 16cm cutting width
  • Sharp blades create mulching for a healthier looking lawn, variable cutting heights ranging 20-55 mm
Bestseller No. 10
AL-KO 119991 Robolinho 300 E Robotic Lawnmower, 50 W, 20 V, Grey, m²
  • Motor power max. 20 V (2.5 Ah) Li-ion technology
  • Masters gradients of up to 30% thanks to profiled drive wheels with high traction. Masters tight passages from 60 cm without additional installation.
  • Fully automatic mows areas of up to 300 m². Whisper-quiet with 60 dB(A) hardly heard.
  • Efficient double blade mower for a perfect cutting pattern with a long service life of the knives
  • Easy to install and operate. Safety sensor technology protects against injury and theft. Box contents: base station, 100 m boundary wire and 90 pieces of ground nails.

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