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Samsung WW90T986DSH Review

There’s a lot to like about this well-designed washing machine.
Its smart controls connect to a smartphone app and are easy to use on the machine, with helpful information to assist you understand the wide range of programmes available.

The “StayClean” drawer is a noteworthy feature, as it rinses away buildup while also allowing you to add washing mid-cycle – ideal for any pesky socks that have dropped out of your laundry basket.
It performed admirably in terms of stain removal, and it also has a feature that selects the appropriate detergent dose for your load.

If we had to select a flaw, the compartment for manual detergent dosing is difficult to pour into, and the signal at the end of the wash is a little too long, but you can turn it off if you find it bothersome!

Key specifications
Spin speed:
New energy rating:
Old energy rating:
Spin performance:

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