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The Best Beer Boot Glasses To Buy

Depending on the style, beer boot glasses are either mouth blown or machine pressed. The real difference is in the location of where the seam is terminated.

If the seam runs straight down the middle of the boot, splitting it in half, the boot has been machine pressed, and this is the case. This means that two half boot moulds were formed and pressed together by a machine to create the final product. A mouth blown boot has a seam that runs down the sides of the boot’s length, from top to bottom.

Seamless mouth blown boots have no seams at the toe, which is because it is only this part of the boot that is truly “mouth blown,” with the glassmaker blowing air directly into the molten glass after it has been placed in a mould.

Because they are made by hand and are subject to human inconsistencies, mouth blown beer boots are more delicate than machine pressed beer boots.

History of the beer boot glass

Beer boots were invented in Germany, where they are referred to as “Bierstiefel,” though there are a variety of historical explanations for their origin.

Beer boots have a long and illustrious history that begins with the German military at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Although the veracity of such claims, as with many “traditional” and informal sources, is questionable, the tradition itself does have a cultural origin.

According to one legend, a Prussian general made a promise to his troops that he would drink beer from his boot if his troops were victorious in a forthcoming battle.

In order to fulfil his promise without “having to taste his own feet,” the general ordered a glass in the shape of a boot when he was victorious.

The beer boot, according to another legend, originated during World War I, when German soldiers, who had no other vessel to drink from, passed around a real leather boot filled with beer before heading into battle. They would flick the boot before drinking from it to wish the next soldier good luck, and they would flick it again after drinking to wish the next soldier better luck.

The following are the differences between various beer boots:

Mouth Blown Beer Boots. The European-made mouth-blown beer boot was the starting point for everything. Each pair of mouth blown beer boots is individually handcrafted by highly skilled artisan glass makers in the finest glass factories in Germany, Austria, and Poland.

However, as with any handcrafted item, it is perfectly normal to find minor anomalies such as air bubbles and ridges in the glass. Mouth blown boots are of heirloom quality, despite the fact that they are made of glass. Mouth blown beer boots are extremely delicate, and the greatest amount of caution should be exercised when handling them.

Beer Boots that have been machine pressed. Beer boots that have been machine pressed can withstand more abuse than their mouth blown counterparts. Beer boots that have been machine pressed are available in our store in the following sizes:

Boots that hold three litres of beer
Das Boot is a 2 litre machine-pressed beer boot with a rubber sole.
Machine-pressed beer boots for 1 litre and smaller kegs
Beer boot the size of a shot glass

How to Drink from a Beer Boot

The film Beerfest popularised the theory that “the secret” to drinking out of a beer boot is to point the toe sideways when doing so is. The toe of the beer boot develops an air pocket as the beer is consumed from the boot. In order to avoid spilling all over the drinker, this air pocket must be carefully released, and the standard trick is to hold the boot so that the toes point to either side horizontally.

While this will undoubtedly help to prevent beer from spilling all over the drinker, we will leave it up to you to decide how to drink your beer boot, as some people prefer the added challenge of “toe up” rules to drinking from a boot.

Choosing the Right Beer Boot

When choosing which beer boot to purchase, the following are the most important factors to consider:

  1. Size: Beer Boots are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from shot glass-sized to 3 litre boots that can hold more than 8 beers.

The difference between Machine Pressed and Mouth Blown is that you can choose whether you want seams up and down the side of your boot (Mouth Blown) or a cut right through the middle of the toe (Machine Pressed). Do you prefer a boot that is more durable and uniform (Machine Pressed) or one that is more fragile and prone to flaws (Mouth Blown) in appearance? On a basic level, do you prefer man or machine?

  1. Country of Origin: Boots are typically made in either Germany or China, depending on the style. Normally, this distinction has an impact on cost.
  2. Glass or Plastic: While most beer boots are made of glass, you can also get plastic beer boots
  3. Blank or with some sort of decoration eg or an emblem, badge, or logo

The Best Beer Boots To Buy

#winning The Source Wholesale Beer Boot, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Boot shaped beer glass
  • Das Boot
  • Based on the hundreds of years old German beer glass
  • Awesome design
  • For any lover of German beer culture
bar@drinkstuff Giant Glass Beer Boot 3.5 Pint / 2 Litres Bierstiefel, Glass Beer Boot
  • Giant beer glass
  • Shaped like a boot
  • Holds 3.5 pints
  • Material: Soda-lime glass
  • Hand wash only
bar@drinkstuff Glass Beer Boot 1 Pint - 19.5cm Glass Boot Holds 700ml to the Brim
  • Novelty beer glass shaped like a boot
  • Holds 700ml to the brim with room for a traditional European head on your pint of beer
  • Material: Soda-lime glass
  • Hand wash only
  • Gift boxed
bar@drinkstuff Glass Beer Boot 11.6oz / 330ml - Pack of 6 - German Beer Boot, Bierstiefel Boot, Novelty Beer Boot
  • Novelty beer glass shaped like a boot
  • Holds over half a pint
  • Challenge your friends to drink without any spills
  • Great novelty gift - Gift boxed
  • Hand wash only
MyGift 2 Liter Beer Boot Glass Set - Novelty Oktoberfest Drinking Beer Boots/Vases - Set of 2
  • Set of 2 unique Das Boot shaped beer glasses.
  • Can be used to serve drinks, create centerpieces for parties, or store any small items such as flowers or candies.
  • Extra Large design to hold over 2 liters (67+ Oz.) of your favorite drink.
  • Official MyGift product includes multipurpose cleaning cloth.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 4.9" D x 11.75" H
Beer Glass Football Rugby Boot Mug Pint FIFA UEFA Euros Football Soccer Shoe World Cup Cider Tankard ® Chabrias Ltd (Pint)
  • Novelty Beer Glass Boot Shaped Mug with Studs on the 'outsole'
  • Holds 0.5L to the line with room for a traditional European head on your pint of beer
  • Material: Glass
  • Hand wash only
  • Perfect gift for beer lovers!
bar@drinkstuff Giant Glass Beer Boot 5 Pint Bierstiefel, Oktoberfest Cocktail Sharer, Ice Bucket
  • Giant beer glass
  • Holds 5 pints
  • Material: Soda-lime glass
  • Hand wash only
  • Gift boxed

How To Drink From A Boot Beer Glass

How To Drink From A Boot Beer Glass

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