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The best bird box cameras

Looking for the best bird box cameras? Follow our guide and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Have you ever wondered what these feathery animals do in their spare time if your garden plants attract birds?
Binoculars and sitting quietly in the garden only give you a distant view; camera bird boxes give you a near inside look inside the houses of birds in the spring while they are nesting.
As birds build nests in your birdhouse and hatch their young, discover the wonders of birds.
You’ll be able to watch the eggs develop in real time without causing any disturbance to the birds.

The things to look for in a camera nest box are detailed in our Buyer’s Guide.
It also goes into the distinctions between a wired, wireless, and Wi-fi camera in some depth.
The FAQ section at the conclusion of the document answers some of the most often asked questions regarding this topic.

Buyer’s Guide to Camera Bird Boxes

Is it better to use wired, wireless, or Wi-Fi?

The difference between cable, wireless, and Wi-Fi is how the video is sent to the screen you’re watching it on.
Regardless of whether the bird box is powered by the mains or by a battery, all three types of bird boxes require power.

When it comes to bird boxes, you can choose between wired and wireless cameras.

A built-in transmitter in a wireless camera nest box transfers images and sound to a receiver in your home that you’ve connected to your TV or video recorder.
To watch everything on a computer, you’ll need a separate cable/card (which is occasionally included).
A wireless bird box camera still needs to be powered.



There will be no unsightly cables littered over your yard.

You are not required to drill a hole through an exterior wall (but you may need to for the power cable).

You can connect the wireless bird box to a mains outlet outside your home.


Power must still be provided, either from the mains or from batteries.

Batteries are depleted in a very short period of time (just a few hours for small batteries).

When changing the battery, you may disturb the birds, therefore consider using an external battery (in a waterproof container) with a switch.

Images of low resolution because analogue technology is used.


A wired camera bird box camera brings power, video, and audio into your home via a single line.
The cable is plugged into your television or video recorder, or into a computer through a specific cable or card.


Image quality is excellent.

A single cable is used to run inside the house (as with a wireless bird box).


The wire and accompanying plug must be passed via a window, an open door, or a 34 hole bored in your exterior and inside walls.

If you have children or pets who want to run around and explore, the cable in the garden may be impractical.


A Wi-Fi camera nest box sends video and audio to a receiver in your home via the airwaves.
While the camera has all of the functionality of a wired or wireless setup, the Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the internet.


On a TV, computer, smartphone, or tablet, watch the images and listen to the music.

With the app, you can set recording periods or activate the motion detection to begin recording when the birds are active.

The camera has an SD card slot for recording images.


If you don’t have access to an outside power outlet, you’ll have to run the power cord across your grass.

What is the best place to watch?

You may watch your daily footage of the birds on a variety of devices.
All of these options aren’t available in every camera bird cage.

You have the following options:

Television (TV) (wired, wireless and Wi-Fi).

Recording device (wired, wireless and Wi-Fi).

a computer, either a Windows PC or a Macintosh (wired, wireless and Wi-Fi).

Smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems (Wi-fi).

On the video camera (Wi-fi).

What’s the difference between video and audio?

The majority of camera nest boxes (but not all) record both video and audio from the bird box.
Determine whether or not you can live without sound and make your purchase accordingly.
The microphone is normally hidden from the birds in the camera.
Check that the camera bird box can handle night vision by utilising (often invisible) LED lights when it comes to video.
At night, there is a lot of bustle.
The photographs taken during the day are in colour, while those taken at night are in black and white.

The birdbox

The bird box, camera, and power cord are all included in the camera bird box set.
Even if you just buy the camera, you’ll need to know about the characteristics of the bird box you’ll be using.
Some kit makers don’t say much about the bird box that comes with the kit, while others go into great detail.

These are the characteristics to inquire about:


The majority of the bird boxes included in the kits are normal bird box sizes.
This includes the dimensions of the box itself as well as the diameter of the entry hole.
Varying bird species prefer different sizes of homes.
The regular size box is suitable for the majority of birds.


This largely refers to the roof’s form.
The RSPB recommends that the bird box has a slanted or pitched ceiling.
Some bird boxes have a flat roof, while others have a gabled roof.
Choose the one that provides you the visual appeal you want.


The boxes in two of the three camera bird box kits in this evaluation are made of sturdy cedar that doesn’t need to be treated.
One manufacturer emphasises the strength of their box, which is screwed together rather than fastened.
Examine the materials used in your desired bird box and how you will care for it.

the source of light

Because the inside of a bird box is relatively dark, a source of light is required to record colour footage of the residents.
A clear or opaque plastic disc covers a window on one or both sides of most boxes.
This allows light to enter during the day, resulting in coloured pictures.
At night, (often imperceptible) LEDs provide the illumination required for night vision recording.

The lens of the camera

The majority of bird box cameras have similar functionality, however the details differ.

Wide-angle lens to cover the most ground.

Manually adjust the focus to ensure that the birds are plainly seen.

The viewing angle should encompass the entirety of the bird box’s interior.

For night vision photography, LEDs are used.

There is only one cable for both power and voltage (usually only in kits).

One cable connects the camera to the power supply (usually only in kits).

In addition to the standard functions, Wi-Fi cameras may include some or all of the following:

Images can be recorded straight to the camera via the MicroSD slot.

App (ideally free) that allows you to enter your recording schedule or start recording based on motion detection.

You can use the channel picker to avoid interference from other Wi-Fi devices.


How do bird box cameras work?

Bird box cameras are available in three different configurations: wired, wireless, and Wi-Fi.
Night vision, a wide-angle lens, and adjustable focus are all features of several of the cameras.
In the package, you mount the camera on a bracket.
You connect a single cable to the camera cable, whether it’s wired, wireless, or W-fi.
If your camera is wired, one cable carries power, video, and audio; if your camera is wireless or Wi-fi, only one cable carries power.
The images from wired cameras were relayed over a single cable.
Wireless cameras send video to a receiver that you can plug into your TV, recorder, or computer.
Wi-Fi cameras transmit video to your TV, computer, or mobile device through Wi-Fi.

What is the optimum location for a nest box?

According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the optimal location for a nest box is between north and west, as this avoids direct sunlight and the worst winds.
There should be no trees or bushes in the path of the birds getting to their entry door.
Some birds prefer to nest in a box that is two to four metres up in the tree, while others prefer to nest in the eaves.

Can small nest boxes be utilised with nest box cameras?

The majority of the camera bird boxes and individual cameras we review fit into ordinary bird boxes.
The Birdboxview Color CCTV Camera Fitted in Nest Box, on the other hand, has a camera so compact that the creators claim it can fit into a small bird box.

What is the best way to install a nest box camera?

Pass the power wire through the opening in one of the bird box’s walls.
As directed in the instructions, place the camera in the appropriate location.
It could be on the box’s roof or on one of the sides.
A bracket that is already attached to the box generally fits the camera.
The camera wire should be connected to the power cable.
Using clips, fasten the exterior cable to the box.

If you only want the camera, you’ll have to figure it out and drill the hole yourself.
The instructions for the camera may assist you in deciding where to place the camera in the bird box.

The best bird box cameras to buy

Bestseller No. 1
Green Feathers Wireless Bird Box SD 700TVL Camera with Night Vision, Wireless Receiver, Wide Angle Lens - Perfect Wildlife Camera for your Garden, Nest Boxes, Bird Houses
  • Tiny Camera for Bird Boxes - This Green Feathers is designed to sit inside a bird nesting box, letting you watch incredible live close up images as chicks hatch and grow
  • Wide Angle for maximum view - 110 degree field of view is much wider than similar cameras on the market, and let you see the entire nest, as well as birds entering & leaving the box
  • Detailed 700TV Line images transmitted from the camera to your TV, using the included wireless receiver
  • 6 night vision LEDs allow wireless nest box camera to record clear video in completely unlit boxes. Uses Invisible IR light so there is no red glow to distract the birds, even in complete darkness
  • Includes 3m extended power supply for easy set up! Mains plug has an extended lead to provide far more flexibility when installing camera. Please note that this camera does not feature Wi-Fi connectivity and is not baterry powered. The camera is powered by main electricity. Video is transmitted over 2.4 GHz wiress with a range of up to 30 metres in direct line-of-sight
Bestseller No. 2
Green Feathers Wildlife Wi-Fi Bird Box Full HD 1080p Camera (3rd Gen) with IR (Night Vision), MicroSD Recording, View Garden Wildlife, Hedgehogs, Foxes, Birds Directly On Smartphone, PC or Tablet
  • WiFi Bird Box Camera by Green Feathers (3rd Generation). View amazing quality footage of nesting birds, eggs and chicks from anywhere right on your mobile device
  • Compact camera designed to fit inside a standard bird nest box (camera only - bird box not included)
  • Connects to home WiFi network for easy viewing on mobile or tablet, just plug the camera in to power and quickly connect using the free Android or iOS app. Camera includes 1.5m power supply, which can be extended to up to 20m using one of our 12V 2.1mm extension cables. Simply check with your phone before installation that there is good Wifi reception at the bird box's location (we recommend 2 bars). Please note - requires 2.4GHz Wifi network
  • Invisible IR LEDs provide night vision without disturbing birds, and a wide angle lens captures everything inside of the box
  • MicroSD slot lets you easily capture footage and set up motion detection recording, with no need to use a pricey external recorder
Bestseller No. 3
Green Feathers Complete DIY Timber Bird Nest Box with Wireless SD 700TVL Video Camera Kit, Includes Power Extension Cable and RCA to HDMI Adapter
  • Complete DIY kit to watch birds hatch & grow right in your garden
  • Includes everything you need to get the box up and running: the camera kit, handmade wooden bird box, 10-metre power extension cable, HDMI converter and accessories
  • Tiny camera transmits video to receiver up to 20 metres away
  • Captures clear video with night vision and wide angle lens
  • Bird Nest Box made in the UK with FSC certified timber
Bestseller No. 4
Green Feathers Wildlife Wireless Bird Box SD 700TVL Camera with Night Vision, Wireless Receiver and Wide Angle Lens, Includes 5M Power Extension Cable…
  • 📷 GREAT PICTURE QUALITY: The 700TVL camera gives you a great quality picture, allowing you to capture the magic of your bird box.
  • 🐤 DOESN'T DISTURB BIRDS: This camera is designed to sit inside a bird box, allowing you to watch the birds and hatching chicks without disturbing them.
  • ✅ WIDE ANGLE LENS: The lens offers maximum view with 110 degree field of view, letting you see the whole nest. Much wider than similar cameras on the market, and let you see the entire nest
  • ✅ NIGHT VISION: 6 night vision LEDs allow camera to record clear video in compeltely unlit boxes. Uses Invisible IR light so there is no red glow to distract the birds.
Bestseller No. 5
Green Feathers Wildlife 700TVL Wired Bird Box Camera with Night Vision 940nm Invisible Infrared, Includes 20m Video and Power Extension Cable
  • Tiny Green Feathers bird box camera perfectly designed for bird nesting boxes to watch wildlife in your garden from your TV. See the birds up close!
  • Features a wide-angle lens and 700 TV Line colour video for the best view of your bird box
  • Invisible Infra-red LEDs provide night vision allowing the camera to see around the clock
  • Includes a 20 metre video and power cable
  • Easy connectivity: simply connect up the cables and plug into your TV using the RCA/phono inputs. Separate recorders are available to capture the footage for a later date
Bestseller No. 6
Birdboxview Colour cctv camera fitted in nestbox. Lovely timber box with V-shaped roof (preferred by RSPB) Springwatch in the living room! (30m cable)
  • Enjoy real live nature programmes from your own garden with this WIRED CCTV camera nestbox – watch and listen to garden birds inside their nest. See baby chicks hatch, feed, grow and fledge on your TV screen!
  • The tiny 480 TVL CCTV colour camera comes fitted into the top of a quality wooden nestbox ready to hang outside
  • The camera has a microphone so you can hear the birds in the nest and the infra-red (IR light source) vision allows you to enjoy watching the nest 24/7. (Camera gives colour picture in bright light conditions, monochrome on duller days and at night)
  • The attractive, sturdy Birdboxview nestbox has a V-shaped roof (as preferred by the RSPB) and is over 30cm tall to give a good view of the nesting area. The nestbox has a ventilation slot in the base to allow drainage and air circulation. The roof of the nestbox can be easily removed for cleaning the inside at the end of the season.
  • Plastic trunking fitted down the side of the nestbox protects the cable joins from wet conditions and an opaque window in the side of the nestbox adds light to enhance your viewing experience.WE USE ROYAL MAIL'S 24 SERVICE AS STANDARD.
Bestseller No. 8
Green Feathers Wildlife HD 1080p IP PoE Bird Box Camera Power Over Ethernet with Mobile, PC and Tablet Access, PSU Not Included
  • The UK's First HD Bird Box Camera, using advanced IP camera technology to send high resolution video of birds in your nesting box right to your tablet or phone!
  • Records crisp video in HD, capturing more detail and night vision is provided by invisible infra-red LEDs enabling 24/7 viewing
  • An IR-cut filter on the imaging chip helps prevent the strong colour cast seen in daylight with cheaper cameras and allows the camera to record vibrant, accurate colours
  • Wide-angle Lens designed to capture as much of the inside of the bird box as possible. Wide dynamic range and noise reduction modes allow you to adjust to get the best picture for your setup
  • IMPORTANT - Does not include power supply, plugs directly into a PoE compatible switch or recorder. Don't have a PoE compatible device? Our 20m and 40m also include a power supply
Bestseller No. 9
Green Feathers Wildlife Wired Bird Box Camera Recorder Bundle with Night Vision, Includes 2 Cameras, Recorder And Cables
  • 1080p Full HD - These cameras produce fully detailed 2-megapixel video. When connected directly into the DVR via the cables in "TVI" mode you will get Full HD images straight from the cameras.
  • Night Vision - 24/7 viewing with invisible infra-red night vision so that you can see what is happening even in complete darkness.
  • Wide-Angle Lens - The camera includes a wide-angle lens so enabling the camera to get a full image even in the inside of a nest box.
  • Add up to 6TB of Storage - You can also upgrade the recorder's HDD up to 6TB in capacity for plenty of recording storage.
  • Online Access - You can connect the recorder to your network for remote viewing on your PC, smartphone or tablet allowing you to watch anywhere in the world!
Bestseller No. 10
Green Feathers Wildlife Kit 700TVL Wired Bird Box Camera with Night Vision, Includes Timber Chalet Style Bird House and 20m RCA Cable and HDMI Adapter
  • Complete kit to watch nesting and hatching birds in your garden. Includes bird box camera, timber bird house and 20m RCA cable and HMI Adapter
  • Everything you need to view the box on your TV
  • Tiny camera easily installed inside specially designed box
  • Captures clear pictures with night vision and wide angle lens
  • Wooden bird box handmade in the UK with FSC timber

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