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The Best Charging Backpacks To Buy In 2022

With a charging backpack, having a reliable way to charge your tech while on the go is easier than ever. Special USB ports, integrated charging systems, and cable pass through connectors are included in these backpacks, allowing you to charge your phone (or even laptop) wherever you go.

We’ll show you the top charging backpacks on the market right now, as well as give you some ideas on what to look for when shopping for your next smart backpack, in this buying guide.

Types of Charging Backpacks

Backpack with USB Charger

The most frequent sort of backpack with a charger is one with an integrated USB charger. A USB port is located on the outside of these backpacks. The USB port is attached to an internal connection that can be used to connect a portable power bank. Most backpacks with USB chargers don’t come with a power bank, so you’ll have to bring your own or buy one separately.

We choose backpacks with built-in USB chargers because they are typically the most affordable of the lot. The bad news is that USB port technology is frequently outdated, and if you upgrade your phone to one that does not accept a typical USB charger, you may find the charging port worthless.

Backpack with Charger Built In

A backpack with a built-in charger usually comes with a cord and a portable power adapter that is integrated into the rucksack’s design. Backpacks with built-in chargers are significantly rarer than backpacks with an integrated USB port, and they can also be more expensive due to the additional tech components.

Backpack with Cable Pass Through

Because you can use your own cables and portable power bank, charging backpacks with a cable pass through port are the most adaptable alternative. Unlike charging backpacks, backpacks with cable pass through connectors don’t normally come with any extra features. This means you won’t be trapped with an out-of-date port when you upgrade your cables.

Best Charging Backpacks

MOS Blackpack

MOS blackpack backpack with charger built in

The MOS Blackpack, with its integrated charging system that enables for simultaneous charging of numerous tech gadgets, is one of the most creative charging backpacks available today.
Each Blackpack comes with the MOS Reach power adapter system, which allows you to connect up to four devices to an internal battery pack.

The internal battery pack of the MOS is connected to a master power cord that can be put into any outlet to charge many gadgets without taking them out of your backpack.
The MOS Reach system is a game changer when it comes to charging backpacks!

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Kopack Laptop Backpack

kopack backpack with charger

The Kopack Laptop Backpack has been reintroduced for people looking for a charging backpack on a budget. It’s a capacious tech-focused daypack with a modern design, a separate laptop pocket, and its own integrated USB charging system.

The Kopack Laptop Backpack’s charging connection is located on the side of the backpack and features a removable USB cable that is routed to the interior. In addition to a rear laptop compartment, this backpack includes a separate padded tablet sleeve and a complete organiser area with compartments for charging cables and accessories.

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Matein Laptop Backpack

matein laptop backpack with charger

The Matein laptop bag has long been a favourite among students searching for a high-quality, low-cost backpack. It has a huge main compartment, several organiser pockets, and an external USB connector for charging your electronics on the move.

The Matein laptop backpack, on the other hand, is more than simply a cheap book bag. Few backpacks are as adaptable as this one for the price, whether it’s for travel, work, or urban commuting. This bag also includes unique anti-theft pockets for items like passports and cash, as well as a water-resistant shell that keeps your belongings dry in the event of a sudden downpour.

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Kroser Laptop Backpack

kroser womens laptop backpack with usb charger

It’s simple to see why the Kroser Laptop Backpack is one of our favourite work backpacks for women. It contains a large main compartment for all of your everyday necessities, as well as a spacious 15.6″ laptop sleeve and is extremely inexpensive.

The Kroser Laptop Backpack has an integrated USB charging connection on the side as a charging backpack. On the inside, there’s an unique compartment where you can put in your power bank for quick charging when you need it most.

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Swissdigital Terabyte Laptop Backpack

swissdigital backpack with usb charger

If you’re looking for a large backpack for travel or everyday use, the Swissdigital Terabyte is a must-have. Packing and organising your things is a snap because to its multi-compartment design. A big lay-flat laptop compartment for your laptop, tablet, and peripherals is also included.

The Swissdigital Terabyte backpack has a built-in charger owing to a USB charging connector on the left shoulder strap. You can stroll and charge your gadget at the same time with this design. For increased security, the charging cord is routed into a padded EVA storage pocket inside the laptop compartment.

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How to use a backpack with USB Charging Port

Once you have the hang of the components, a backpack with a USB charging port is straightforward to use. Many of these charging ports function the same way regardless of bag brand. You’ll need a portable power bank and a USB charging cable for your smartphone before you can utilise a USB charging connection on a backpack.

  1. Plug your power bank in from the inside.

A cable will be attached to a portable power bank on the interior of the backpack. Connect this cord to your power bank and place it in its designated pocket. Check to see if the power bank is turned on! Now that your USB charging port is activated, you can charge your smartphone from the outside.

  1. Plug in your charging cord to the USB charging port on the wall.

A female USB port is frequently seen on the outside of backpacks with USB chargers. Start charging your phone, tablet, or other smart device by plugging your USB charging cable into this port.

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