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The Best Dartboard Stands To Buy

Dartboards are typically mounted to the walls of most homes, and for the majority of people, this is the best option. As soon as you have them mounted, they are stable, always positioned at the correct height, and it is simple to pick up a game whenever you feel like playing.

Sadly, mounting a dartboard is simply not an option for some people due to the limitations of their current living situation.

It could be that there isn’t enough space, that their tenancy agreement doesn’t allow for it, or that their partner simply does not want one hung up on display (apparently dartboards don’t tend to go well with most home decor…).

A portable dartboard stand is likely going to be the best option if you find yourself in a situation like this and you need to get your darts fix, and in this article I’ll go over some of the best dartboard stands available on the market.

Why Use a Dartboard Stand

In order to accommodate people who do not have enough wall space to mount a dartboard in their home, some manufacturers have created dartboard stands. A portable dartboard stand is not only convenient for setting up a dartboard anywhere you want it quickly and easily, but they may also be a better option than mounting a dartboard in some situations.

Because of the portability of a portable dartboard stand, you can set up a dartboard anywhere and at any time for practise or just for fun. We’ve reviewed the top dartboard stands available on the market to help you get started.

Why The Right Dartboard Stand Matters

So, what is the difference between a good dartboard stand and a bad dartboard stand?

As a first and foremost consideration, a dartboard stand may enable you to throw darts without damaging your walls. Whether it’s between partners or flatmates, this is an age-old debate. Even if you’re going to be playing darts with someone, you’ll almost always require their permission to completely demolish one of the walls you’re playing against. And no, we aren’t interested in whether or not you are the best player in the world! There will still be instances in which a dart bounces or misses, resulting in holes in the wall being created. When staying in rented accommodations, a dartboard stand may be the only option available.

A dartboard stand alleviates this problem by relocating the dartboard away from the wall in the first place. The board does not have to be permanently hung, which saves valuable wall space by not requiring it to be permanently hung on the wall.

Also worth noting is that the ideal dartboard stand will allow you to create ideal playing conditions by allowing you to place the dartboard anywhere so that you can stand at the optimal distance and with the optimal lighting.

At long last, many dartboard stands will include a variety of additional useful features, which can include things like built-in scoreboards, protective mats for the floor, adjustable heights, and so forth.

The Best Dartboard Stands To Buy

Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard Stand

Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard Stand
  • Free standing dart stand
  • robust construction for great stability
  • Fully portable and folds in seconds
  • dartboard not included
  • surround not included

The Unicorn Dartmate stand is an excellent choice if you are looking for a sturdy dartboard stand from a reputable manufacturer. Unicorns have become somewhat less popular in recent years, but this dartboard stand is unquestionably a product that will last you for many years of competitive darts play.

In terms of portability and speed of set-up, it is ideal because of its light weight, rapid folding, and ease of adjustment. In addition to being one of the lightest dartboard stands on the market, this one weighs just under 9lbs (just under 9kg).

The height-adjustable stand is less difficult to adjust than some of the other options on this list, which aids in the quick set-up and fold-away time of the product.

While some users have reported that the dartboard wobbles while in use, this has not been proven to have any effect on your throw. However, it is important to remember that this is only a dartboard stand, as some users had assumed it included the dartboard or surround.


Portability: The stand can be folded away in seconds and with minimal effort, making it ideal for pickup games or playing darts on the go while travelling.
Solid: The build quality is excellent, and despite the fact that it is designed to be lightweight for portability, it will remain upright with ease.
A height adjustment is available, and while you will need to practise on the regulation height first, the adjustable height is ideal for children.


While this is not necessarily a negative aspect of the product, the product description could be more specific, as some customers were under the impression that they were also receiving a surround (which is not included).
When removing darts from the board, there is a slight wobble, but the overall structure is sturdy and solid.

Designa Darts Travel Stand Tripod

The Designa darts travel stand is an all-in-one package that is ideal for beginners or players who spend a lot of time travelling and want a simple solution to get some practise time when they are away from their regular practise location.

A complete set including a dartboard, dartboard surround, and, of course, a dartboard stand is included with this product, making it the ideal gift for a dart enthusiast or an all-in-one solution for playing darts at home.

The Eclipse dartboard is a good choice, and it is a very affordable product that offers excellent value for the money spent. When the combined products are considered, the total cost is less than the cost of some other dartboards purchased individually.

The dartboard stand itself is quite sturdy and stable, but it is not a custom-made stand like some of the others on this list, and as a result, it is better suited to those looking for a package deal.


Complete Set: The variety of products included in this package makes it an excellent choice for beginners.
Value for Money: When you consider all of the items that come with this product, it is a very affordable product.
Product range that provides an all-in-one solution for a home dart setup that is dependable:


Specialized: Due to the fact that this is a bundle set, the dartboard stand has not been specially designed.

Hathaway Outlaw Centerpoint Dartboard Stand

Hathaway Dart Board, Engineered Wood, Cherry Finish
  • UPGRADE YOUR GAME ROOM ? Enjoy arcade-style fun at home with the Outlaw Dartboard Cabinet Set. The 15.5-in, regulation-sized dartboard keeps the score for up to 8 players, so everyone can compete.
  • 90 WAYS TO WIN ? Featuring 29 games with over 90 variations, this set will provide your family and friends with hours of competitive fun. A voice and sound system adds another level of entertainment to this classic game.
  • DIMENSIONS ? Cabinet dimensions: 24-in W x 9.25-in D x 81-in H
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

The Outlaw Centerpoint Dartboard Stand from Hathaway is one of the best dartboard stands on the market. An attractive wooden cabinet and a complete game station with numerous exciting features are included with the purchase.

As an added bonus, the Hathaway Outlaw Centerpoint Stand includes a fully functional electronic dartboard and a set of soft tip darts.

The unit is 15.5 inches in size and includes an LCD display that allows you to keep track of your dart game scores for up to eight different players.
It also has a large selection of 29 different dart games, each with up to 90 different variations to choose from.

A built-in sound system in Hathaway’s Outlaw Centerpoint Dartboard Stand allows for the transmission of voice messages and the play of sound effects.

Finally, Hathaway’s Outlaw Centerpoint Dartboard Stand is backed by a generous 6-month warranty, allowing you to be confident in the product’s quality and longevity.


There are numerous games and variations.
It includes an electronic dartboard as well as a set of darts.
Appearance that is fashionable


It’s difficult to move around.

Gorilla Arrow Pro Portable Dartboard Stand

  • This Gorilla Pro Dartboard Stand is the ultimate portable stand workstation that fits any kind of dartboard on the market. The dartboard stand is made from robust steel and has a high quality black finish. The stand offers a tilt bracket which has been designed with the darts player in mind, making it easy to adjust the dartboard as desired. This version is heavy duty and also includes a 35x45cm steel shelf as well as a high quality carry storage bag.
  • The Gorilla dartboard stand has become the first choice for thousands over the years and with its solid build quality, ease of use and adjustable tilt, no other stand comes close. These stands can be found in bars, pubs, halls and homes the world over and are ideal for beginners through to professional dart players.
  • A more heavy duty carry bag is included designed to store the tripod and dartboard bracket as well as other darts accessories. Please note that the shelf is too large for the carry bag.
  • Large Tripod Stand Specifications: Minimum height (assembled) to the top: 112cm Maximum height (assembled) to the top: 183cm Maximum leg span: 100cm
  • Quick Release Shelf Specifications: Shelf length: 45cm Shelf width: 35cm

The Gorilla Arrow Pro portable dartboard stand is the market-leading dartboard stand for a reason: it is the most durable and reliable on the market (just to confirm this is the stand that I own and can personally vouch for the quality of this stand).

This universal dartboard stand is compatible with any dartboard on the market, and the only tool you’ll need is a screwdriver to attach the bracket to the dartboard itself.

Steel construction combined with aluminium accessories results in a stand that is both lightweight and incredibly durable, making it ideal for those who want to move their pickup game from one location to another on the go.

An excellent addition to this stand is its convenient portable over-the-shoulder carry bag, which makes it even more transportable than it already is.

Because of the ease of assembly, this model will take no more than 10 minutes to put together, with subsequent takedown and set up times of only a few minutes. While the assembly instructions are not the best, a helpful YouTube video walks users through the process in only 6 minutes, making it possible for even beginners to assemble the product perfectly.

Darts Master Dartboard Stand

Darts Master Dartboard Stand - Portable Telescopic Tripod Dartboard Mount Steel Stand with Fixings (dartboard not included)
  • Heavy-duty Dartboard stand made from lightweight steel
  • The Darts Master allows you to play darts anywhere
  • No need to fix your Dartboard to the wall
  • Easy to assemble and collapses down to practical size
  • Bracket included for attaching your Dartboard

The Darts Master Dartboard Stand, a freestanding model made of lightweight steel that is extremely easy to adjust and control, is our top pick for the quickest and most straightforward installation. Because it is so lightweight (only 7.72 lbs. ), this stand is extremely portable, which means that you can set it up anywhere, indoors or out, and even take it to a friend’s house for game night if you so choose.

This stand is compatible with all types of dartboards due to the fact that it has a universal wall mount bracket that can be used with both bristle and electronic dartboards. In most cases, installing the dartboard stand will take no more than five minutes. Because of its tripod design, the stability of this dartboard is not the best you can get. However, even though it wobbles a little when you are throwing darts, this should have no effect on your gameplay. It is highly recommended for those who only play darts on a rare occasion to invest in the Darts Master Dartboard Stand.


It is compatible with all types of dartboards.
Easily transportable and lightweight


Legs could be more stable if they were longer.

Things to consider when choosing a dartboard stand

Choosing a high-quality dartboard stand can be a difficult task, especially if it is your first time purchasing one. When shopping for a dartboard stand, some of the considerations you should make include how heavy your darts are in order to ensure that the stand does not wobble, as well as the amount of space you have available in your home for the stand to be installed.

You should also take into consideration the type of material, the weight and the size of the chair as well as the brackets, the height control, the warranty and the availability of additional accessories. When selecting the best dartboard stand for your needs, you should take your budget into consideration, just as you would when purchasing any other product.

Construction Material

When it comes to the construction of dartboard stands, aluminium, steel, and wood are the most frequently encountered materials used. While each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, the vast majority of dartboards currently on the market are constructed of steel and aluminium, which makes them extremely durable.

Aluminum Dartboard Stands

All-aluminum dartboard stands are the lightest option available, and they are also the most convenient to assemble and transport from one location to another. This is due to the fact that aluminium is significantly lighter than steel and wood. When it comes to choosing a dartboard stand, its high portability is probably the most important factor to consider for many people. It is important to remember, however, that aluminium stands may not be as stable as models made of other materials.


Steel dartboard stands are similar in appearance to aluminium dartboard stands, but they are heavier, making them less portable. However, they are more durable and less wobbly than aluminium dartboard stands. You should consider them if you intend to use the stand outdoors because they are more resistant to wind damage than other options. Despite the fact that steel dartboard stands, such as the GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand, are on the heavier side, they have a distinct advantage when used in an outdoor setting.


Wood dartboard stands are a stylish addition to any home that is simple to incorporate. However, you should keep in mind that wood is a heavy material, making it difficult to move the stand around. Fortunately, there are several options for you. For this reason, wood dartboard stands are ideal for those who want a fixed stand that is both attractive and adds an arcade feel to their interior.


In terms of dartboard stands, the two most common types you’ll find on the market are freestanding models and models that are designed to lean against a wall. Models like the Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2 can be used in both positions, which is a nice feature.

Dimensions (weight and size)

In particular, when it comes to portability, the weight and size of dartboard stands are critical considerations to consider. Models such as the GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand weigh only 3.5 lbs., making them lightweight and portable enough to take with you wherever you go. Consider how much space you have for a dartboard stand, as well as how much space you have to play with it, before making your purchase.

Brackets and a height control system

The ability to adjust the height of the dartboard stand is particularly useful when playing with a group of friends or family. Many dartboard stands allow you to easily adjust the height to meet your specific needs and preferences. When it comes to brackets, you can purchase a model such as the GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand if you want to be able to use it with virtually any type of dartboard.


Most dartboard stands come with a one-year warranty, but there are some extremely durable models that come with a lifetime warranty, such as the Gorilla Arrow Pro Portable Dartboard, which was chosen as our editor’s choice because it is built to last for years. In most cases, the warranty covers any defects caused by the manufacturer.


Some dartboard stands come with additional features such as a measurement chain and a carry bag, which allows you to take it camping or to a friend’s house with you when you want to play. In addition to a scoreboard, chalk, and wiper, some models, such as the Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2, include a variety of additional accessories.


Pricing for dartboard stands varies significantly depending on the features that are included as well as the manufacturer’s reputation. In the event that you’re not sure whether or not you’ll use the stand on a regular basis, you can choose a less expensive model that still provides excellent value for money, such as the GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand.

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