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The Best Dog Bath Tubs – Updated 2022

Washing your dog on a regular basis is important to keep their hair and skin in good condition, but the process can be time-consuming and result in a lot of mess. Some people do not like to wash their dogs in their own bathtubs because it is unsanitary and their hairs can clog the plug; others do not want to take their dogs to the groomer because of the cost and trust issues they have with the grooming establishment.

Unfortunately, this presents a problem; however, thanks to the invention of the dog bath tub, a solution has been found to the problem. These tubs are designed specifically for bathing dogs (and babies, if the tub is cleaned properly), and they are simple to store and clean up after use. There are no clogged plugs, and you can simply discard the water after it has finished being used.

The fact that they are portable means that you can wash them anywhere in the house, garden, or even garage, ensuring that your belongings are not damaged if there is any splashing of water. Before you continue reading, please keep in mind that this article is about dog bath tubs for home use only, not bath stations for professional groomers.

We’ve compiled a list of the products we believe are the best and most user-friendly, as well as a brief buyer’s guide based on our research into best practises, tricks, and other useful information.

The Best Dog Bath Tubs

PJDDP Flexible Dog Bath Tub

Collapsible Dog Cat Bath Tub Portable Foldable, Plastic Dog Pool Dog Bath Pool,Pet Swimming Pool Cat Bath Tub Cat Bath Tub for Dogs Cat And Kids Washing Shower Grooming,Gray
  • COMFORTABLY FITS SMALL & MEDIUM SIZE DOGS: Tub measures 23.6 inches x 15.7 inches x 11.02 inches. Ideal for most pets up to 25 pounds.
  • SAFE & DURABLE DESIGN: Made from high quality & easy to clean PP+TPR. Environmentally friendly and tasteless, safe and non-toxic, safe to use.
  • EASY STORAGE & CONVENIENT TRANSPORT: Space-saving design ideal for apartment closet or cabinet storage. Collapses to compact 2.7 inches thin when not in use. Simply pop-up to open when using and collapses to flat for space saving.
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE: Can be safely used for bathing on any flat surface including your bathroom, shower, kitchen, or yard.
  • MULTIPLE USES - Perfect for icing beverages, bathing pets, soaking & hauling laundry and storage container for toys, clothes and keep in the trunk of your car.

The PJDDP flexible dog bathtub is a purpose-built product that allows pets to be washed in complete comfort. It looks fantastic, and a great deal of thought has gone into making it easier to wash dogs without causing accidents, as well as being efficient with the space it saves.

The main features are the raised sides, which prevent your dog from attempting to jump out, and the lowered middle walls, which allow you to get your hands into the tub while doing the laundry. Because of the high walls, there is a lot of depth, which can make bath time go faster because they can’t move around too much and you can concentrate on just getting the job done.

PP (polypropylene), which is strong and rugged, is used to construct the tub, protecting your investment from being scratched and chewed. ABS (aluminium) is used to construct the tub. In the bottom of the tub, this plastic will be used to support the dog’s weight. Secondly, there is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is a flexible plastic that can withstand high temperatures as well as the effects of the environment.

It is because of the combination of these two types of plastics that this bathtub can be collapsed downwards, making it highly portable and taking up very little space in the home This feature should not be overlooked because bathtubs are typically constructed of a single solid piece of material, which takes up a lot of space when not in use.

In addition, the large dimensions and strength of the handles make this tub ideal for bathing your dog both indoors and outdoors, as the high walls provide superior splash protection against the floor and walls. When you’re finished, you can easily dispose of the water in the sink or in the garden.

For those who are not interested in other products that have additional capabilities such as a paddling pool, we are not afraid to say that this one is probably our favourite to use as a dedicated tub.

Faulks & Cox Flexible Tub

Faulks and Cox go back to the basics by offering a low-cost, tough, plastic tub with handles that is both affordable and durable. Despite the fact that it is not a dedicated dog bathtub (in fact, there aren’t many of them), it meets all of the criteria for being one.

First and foremost, it is constructed of thick food-grade plastic that is both UV and frost resistant. Because the sun can degrade the performance of some plastics, and because frost can cause them to expand/contrast and sometimes snap, these are essential.

The fact that it is tough and can withstand the normal wear and tear from a moving dog with nails earns it brownie points in our book. It will not be easily torn apart and rendered ineffective.

Although it has high walls and enough space to hold 35 litres of water, it is unlikely that you will use that much for a bath.

It can be easily cleaned after use with a damp cloth. Although you will need to be careful when emptying the water, the tub is equipped with strong handles that are not made of the same wobbly plastic as the tub itself, ensuring that the tub remains stable. Unless you overfill the container, splashes and spills should not be a problem.

All you’ll need to give your dog a simple bath without making a mess is this inexpensive and cheerful solution.

YLLYLL Collapsible Dog Bathtub

YLLYLL Collapsible Dog Bathtub Dog Cat Bath Tub Bathing Tub for Travel Portable Foldable Pet Swimming Pool for Dogs Cat And Kids (Color : Blue)
  • DOG BATH FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM DOGS - This dog bath tub is perfect for small to medium sized dogs. At 81.5CM long, 49CM wide, and 23CM deep, this dogs bath tub can easily accommodate canines that weigh up to 27.6 pounds
  • SPACE SAVING DOG BATHTUB - Thanks to its collapsible design, this outside dog bath tub helps you save plenty of storage space. With the tub collapsed and the legs folded inward, this bath tub for dogs is less than 2.5 inches tall, so it easily fits under your bed
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN – This dog bathing tub sports a practical design with two storage trays built in. You can use them to hold shampoo, soaps, brushes, and sponges. When you're done bathing your dog, just open the plug at the bottom of your dogs bathing tub to drain the water
  • SAFE & DURABLE DESIGN - Made from 100% high quality & easy to clean PP+TPR. Non-slip bottom & anti-skid legs ensure stability when washing
  • EASY TO USE - Silicone sealed water injection port, easy to lock and release water. It also has a built-in easy grip handle for added convenience

This tub is similar to the PJDDP tub in that it uses the same combination of TP and TPE to become completely collapsible while maintaining a strong structure and being tough enough to withstand the damage caused by nails.

Although this version has a LOT more features that are immediately noticeable from the images, the legs, a lip at the top of the walls, and a shampoo/conditioner station are among the most noticeable of these additions. This improves on everything we liked about the PJDDP and makes it even more enjoyable.

A set of legs that came with it raised the bath off the ground and prevented it from being turned over by an overactive dog. This is a common occurrence, and it is a major source of frustration for dog owners who choose to wash their dogs indoors.

Although the majority of dog owners would place their shampoos on the floor while washing their dogs, this design allows them to be placed right next to the action for easier access. It’s definitely a nice to have feature, but it’s not absolutely necessary to have. We did, however, find that washing indoors rather than outdoors was more convenient because the bottles themselves can make the floor wet.

The bath can be collapsed to a single level, with one end of the bath being able to be hooked if desired. This product is incredible when you consider how much space it saves when compared to the traditional solid structure models.

In addition, this bathtub is equipped with a plug for draining the water, which is a little inconvenient when used indoors but extremely convenient when used outdoors If you only wanted to tip it away, it can be moved around easily with the handles on either side.

For those who simply enjoy having the best things in life, this is an expensive but well-worth-the-money purchase.

WWLONG Summer Foldable Pet Dog Pool

WWLONG Extra Large Foldable Pet Dog Pool, Children's Bathtub, Bathtub, Puppy Swimming Bath Tub, Cat Dog Bath Tubs for indoor and outdoor-L
  • A variety of sizes: L: 98 * 57 * 50CM, S: 55 * 47 * 49CM, M: 77 * 40 * 29CM, trumpet is suitable for small dogs such as Teddy, Bichon Fadou and Bomei etc. Small and medium-sized dogs bathing and medicine baths are suitable for large and medium-sized dogs such as Golden Retriever, Lalabianmu, Shiba Inu, etc.
  • Multifunctional swimming pool: This pet swimming pool can be used indoors and outdoors. The swimming pool can also be filled with water, sand or sea balls, which will bring great entertainment to children and pets, and let them have fun outdoors / indoors.
  • Portable and foldable: This pet pool can be folded into a compact size for easy storage and carrying. The swimming pool features space-saving and portable design, and is also ideal for travel.
  • Material: Eco-friendly plastic
  • We will deliver the goods to you at the first time, our delivery time is about 12-17 working days, special period extended 5-10 days, please understand

Bath tub with an unusual shape that can easily be used as a cooling station in the summer is a unique and incredibly versatile design.

It’s oddly shaped, with one side being higher than the other to allow your dog to move around but prevent them from escaping if they’re not tethered to you. This tub is incredibly deep, and the photographs do not do it justice. Because of this, it is even simpler to add a little extra water to make it easier to rinse the dog without causing splashbacks.

It’s made of durable plastic, but we didn’t think it was quite as durable as some of the other options, so proceed with caution if you have a dog who likes to scratch. It, on the other hand, folds easily and very thinly.

There are three different sizes to accommodate the majority of dogs, as well as three different colours to choose from: green, pink, and blue (all in pastel).

One of the shortcomings we discovered while testing the tub with Jeff was the lack of handles for transporting it, as well as the drainage pipe on the side, which isn’t ideal for indoor use. Consequently, we would conclude that this is best suited for outdoor use only or for use with a hosepipe that extends outside.

But we had a wonderful experience with it for about a week and would not hesitate to use it again. We applaud any pet product manufacturers who are willing to try something different!

Dog Bath Tub Buyer’s Guide

The advantages of bathing your dog in a dog bath tub

How has your dog’s bathing experience been so far? Are you looking for information on how to wash a dog because you’re in the process of purchasing a puppy or adopting a dog? A large number of the advantages associated with the use of a doggy bath are dependent on the context of the current situation. The following are a couple of instances in which purchasing a separate tub for your dog can be advantageous.

Prevent your own bath from becoming a disaster zone.

Our readers will have been bathing their dog in their own bathtub, and they’re sick and tired of dog hairs clogging the plugs, dog smell stinking up the bathroom (dogs need to dry before you can’smell’ the lovely shampoo), leaving a wet mess all over the house, and leaving nail scratches in the tub itself.

You can’t help but feel bad about yourself no matter how careful you are.

We need to make a change, and getting a dedicated bath tub is the first step in that direction. There will be no more hairs clogging up your drain or a wet mess because you can choose where to bathe them – many people choose to bathe them in the garden because they can shake it off at their leisure and you can dispose of the water however you see fit! –

It will be completed more quickly.

The use of a dog bath tub, in our opinion, made the overall experience more efficient because we spent less time getting everything together – all of the shampoos and towels, getting the temperature just right, and so forth. We’ve stopped dreading the time Jeff starts smelling a little off (we always think it smells like biscuits), because we know we can get the bath out, run some water, and be done with it in about 15 minutes or less.

It makes it more enjoyable

Because of the versatility of most bathtubs we’ve used, we’ve been able to make bathing a lot more casual, less stressful, and ultimately more enjoyable. If your dog enjoys taking a bath, you will enjoy giving them one as much as they do. We no longer have to drag them to a room they only associate with bath time; instead, we can bathe them in the garden on a nice sunny day. This has resulted in Jeff being a LOT less resistant when it came to bath time, and it also means we don’t have to chase him around with the towel afterwards; he can simply run around in the sun and shake it off in his own sweet time.

What factors should I consider when selecting a dog tub?

The location in which it will be utilised

If you intend to use the tub indoors, high walls, a lightweight structure, and carrying handles are required to protect the home from splashes and to ensure that it will be easy to transport the tub to and from the source of water, as well as to empty the water from the tub.

If you intend to bathe your dog outside, you will have a little more freedom in your selections because excess splashes will be less of a concern and emptying the water will be less difficult.

The dog’s height and weight

Dogs that are German Shepherd size or smaller have baths that are appropriate for their size, but anything larger than that may necessitate the purchase of a specialty bath or the use of a dog paddling pool.


Bath tubs that are used on a regular basis will take a beating from a dog’s nails, so make sure you buy one made of thick and durable plastic, or you’ll end up wasting your money on it. Tubs that we recommend are built to last.

Trimming nails and extending the tub’s lifespan can be made easier with our best dog nail clippers guide, which can be found here.

Advice on how to make the most of a dog bath tub.

Make sure you have all of the shampoos, brushes, shower/hose heads, and towels ready before starting. If you don’t, you might find your dog trying to leap out of the car while you’re trying to get them.
Place the bathtub on a solid, level surface that will not cause the tub to wobble when you are scrubbing vigorously.
Make sure to fill the tub with warm (not cold or hot) water so that it does not reach their stomachs. We recommend that you only fill it up to the level of their knees. Instead of filling it completely, simply allow the water from your shower or hose to fill it until it’s full of water.
If they like to move around, use a tether to keep them in place; however, do not be aggressive with them, or they will not enjoy the experience and will be less cooperative the next time around.
Don’t overdo it in the tub. Dogs can become over-washed if they are handled excessively.
Ensure that your dog receives plenty of praise and treats at the conclusion of the training session. Persuade them that it’s worth it to do it again.
When you’re finished, empty the water down the sink or down the drain – don’t dump it into the grass because the detergents can harm your lawn.
After the water has been drained from the tub, it is important to wipe down the tub with antibacterial wipes or spray because bacteria can grow quite easily in this environment.

Honest Bob is committed to providing genuine guides from a panel of experts. As an Amazon affiliate Honest Bob earns commission from any qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support!

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