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The Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars – Updated 2022

People’s homes are likely to have either wall-mounted or doorway pull-up bars. There’s a reason for this: pull-ups are one of the most effective exercises for increasing upper-body strength and size, particularly in the latissimus dorsi, abdominals, posterior deltoids, and biceps. With movements like hanging knee lifts and leg raises, pull up bars can also be used to work more closely into the core.

Overall, acquiring a pull up bar is a terrific option if you want to get a good upper body workout at home.

Doorway pull-up bars, on the other hand, aren’t the most stable of tools. They can also cause damage to entrances, especially in older homes. Pull-up bars that are installed on the wall have similar concerns. They won’t be secure enough if you drill them into a stud wall, so you’ll have to secure them to load-bearing walls. Even then, they can be a touch unsteady, requiring enormous wall plugs to keep them in place and having the ability to easily tear plaster and masonry apart (especially if the pull up bar is being used by a heavier athlete).

As a result, free standing pull up bars will provide a better user experience, as well as being safer and more versatile than alternative home-gym solutions.

As a result, pull-ups should be a cornerstone of every upper-body workout. When it comes to purchasing a decent pull-up bar, you’ll want to get it properly the first time. There are plenty wonderful options out there for you to pick from, whether you’re searching for a free standing pull up bar as part of a power tower, power rack, or as a basic, freestanding component. As with any piece of home gym equipment, finding the correct balance of affordability, quality, utility, and longevity is critical.

In order to perfect this balancing act, we’ve combed through some of the greatest free standing pull up bars available. Our lats are sore, our cores are strong, and our t-shirts aren’t fitting as well around the chest as they once did, but we’ve put together a fantastic list.

The Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

Our top pick – DTX Fitness Power Rack

DTX fitness power rack
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A power rack is one of my favourite pieces of equipment. If you just have room in your home gym for one training station, it should be a power rack with a couple of barbells, in my opinion. As a result, trying out a free-standing pull-up bar that also serves as a power rack is really thrilling.

With the DTX Fitness Power Rack, you get precisely that.

It’s still another cost-effective choice, with a maximum load of 120 kg for pull-ups. The DTX Fitness Power Rack is well worth checking at because it is simple to install, easy to store in a forgotten corner, and silently, simply lovely.

There is no angling on the pull-up bar. That’s OK. Though performing pull ups using an inclined bar is often more pleasant and gentle on the wrists, straight bars are still serviceable. It stands 214 cm tall, with the entire rack towering at 221 cm. The base is 134 x 119 cm, however because it is essentially hollow, it takes up less space than this measurement suggests.

The DTX Fitness Power Rack is comprised of 50mm steel tubing that has been powder coated in a grey colour for a sleek, industrial aesthetic. The bar is made of solid steel, so you can use it with confidence even if you’re wearing a weighted vest or similar device.

Of course, you have a rack for barbell work in addition to this bar. To perform bench presses, you’ll need a bench. With the cups provided, you can do squats and overhead lifts with just the frame. The DTX Fitness Power Rack has 28 various heights for racking the barbell, making it suited for people of all sizes and movements.

You can keep the DTX Fitness Power Rack significantly more safe than other models if you put it in the garage (or somewhere else with floors that can be messed with). Heavy-duty fasteners are included to secure it in place. Though it’s not required, it’s a nice idea if you’re racking a large barbell in place – 200 kg of bar and plates can collapse over very simply and dramatically!

This is the one for you if you want to incorporate barbell work into your pull-up routine. Despite the fact that you can’t do dips or leg raises with it, the variety of power barbell techniques available cannot be overstated. It’s ideal for use in a home gym.

JX FITNESS Free Standing Pull Up Bar

JX FITNESS Power Tower
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If you want to add a pull-up bar to your home gym, try this JX FITNESS model, which is one of the best pull-up bars for home gyms.

A heavy-duty steel tube frame and an H-shaped base provide added stability to this free-standing pull-up bar. This power tower is not foldable and is intended for indoor use only. As a result, it may be difficult to move around. We believe, however, that the ergonomic design and expert workmanship outweigh the lack of portability.

Although pull-up bars are typically used for upper-body training, this type is unique in that it can be used for a full-body workout. This means you can only use this power tower to execute exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, abs, core workouts, vertical knee raises, and strength training.

This power tower’s ergonomic design delivers both comfort and strength. The thick padded backrest lets users to maintain a straight posture, while the padded armrests provide additional relaxation. The padded backrest and armrests also help to prevent tiredness and the chance of injury, both of which are prevalent during workouts.

It’s not just functional, but also user-friendly. It has a height adjustment feature that allows you to select from five different height levels. As a result, the model is appropriate for people of all ages and heights.

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to suggest that JX Fitness’s power tower is an alternative worth investigating. This is perfect if you want to do gym-style workouts at home in complete safety and comfort!


Heavy-duty structure and ergonomic design
Equipment that can be used for a variety of activities.
It’s versatile and adjustable to fit a variety of heights.
More comfort is provided with the padded backrest and armrests.


The backrest is not movable.
Heavier-than-air and difficult to manoeuvre

Sportsroyals Power Tower

Sportsroyals Power Tower
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This Sportsroyals model is another good option that offers versatility along with several distinctive features that set it apart from its competition.

The first thing worth mentioning about this ergonomic pull up bar is its design and construction. Although the machine itself weighs only 28kgs, it has a 14-gauge heavy square steel CITYBIRDS pull up station with a maximum weight capacity of 200kg. 

The model has an extra-long H-shaped base with extended steel support points, ensuring proper safety and stability.

Besides having a secure, heavy-duty frame, this power tower is also innovative. It has a 10-degrees inward tilt on the armrest, which helps in preventing your arms from slipping off the pad while working out for a disruption-free experience. The handles are wrapped with foam and are sweat-resistant for a more secure grip. On top of all this, the armrests are adjustable as well to fit everyone’s requirements.

Unlike other power towers that aren’t flexible, this one offers six height levels (165cm-210cm-215cm-225cm) and seven adjustable backrest positions, allowing for the most comfortable experience for users of all ages and sizes.

The power tower includes a multi-function dip station that you can use to perform various exercises, including vertical knee raises, different pull ups and push-up exercises, and other strength and upper body exercises. The package includes a 3-year warranty for parts. 

Overall, this is a well-built and sturdy power tower that’s designed to last a lifetime. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, so you’ll never have to worry about moving it from one place to another. 


  • Ergonomic design with comfortable features
  • Highly adjustable design makes it suitable for multiple users
  • Excellent weight capacity of 200kgs
  • Easy to assemble (and disassemble)


  • The frame is quite chunky and might not be suitable for smaller spaces

Sportstech Power Tower PT300

Sportstech Power Tower PT300
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The Sportstech Power Tower PT300 is a power tower, complete with dip station, captain’s seat for ab exercises, and a straight pull up bar with angled edges, as the name implies.

But there’s a little more to it. In fact, it’s difficult to envision how a power tower could cram more features into such a small space.

The PT300 is marketed as a “7-in-1 Power Tower.” Though it’s priced suitably – this isn’t one of our budget picks – they’ve developed such a superb piece of gear here that you can’t blame them for charging a premium.

The pull-up bar, with three different grips, is one of the seven alternatives, as are the captain’s chair ab station and the dip bars. Eyelets for cable and band workouts are also included. The PT300 comes with an e-book called ‘The Pull Up Bible,’ which covers the fundamentals of performing and training pull ups, as well as some pro advice.

Overall, this power tower provides an incredible amount of training variety and information.

The Sportstech PT300 is not only well-designed, but also extremely well-assembled. The construction quality is excellent and the product is quite durable. Every element has a strong feel to it, with sturdy legs, a sturdy frame, and a solid feel to it. For added stability, there are four suction cups on the undersides of the legs.

Let’s take a closer look at the pull-up bar — it is, after all, the subject of this review. The pull-up bar is height adjustable in three different positions, which is unusual for a power tower of this type and extremely useful. You have three options: 202 cm, 210 cm, or 218 cm. Though this may appear to be a little detail, it can make a significant impact for some athletes, particularly those on the periphery of average height ranges. The grips are among the most comfortable we’ve encountered on any machine, and the three distinct configurations are another seemingly insignificant feature that will have a significant impact on your training.

How much you want to get out of your free standing pull up bar will determine whether or not this is the machine for you. If you only want something to do pull-ups on, the PT300 is going to be overpriced. However, if you value functionality and want to take advantage of the PT300’s complete range of features, dig deep and acquire it. Your torso will thank you (or not, depending on how bad the DOMS is!)

ONETWOFIT Free Standing Pull Up Bar

ONETWOFIT Free Standing Pull Up Bar
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Do you want to be in shape without having to spend a fortune on gym memberships? If you answered yes, you should get the ONETWOFIT Power Tower.

With a metal frame, wider primary support, and an H-shaped anti-eversion base, this power tower is a fantastic home workout station. The machine is extremely light and portable, weighing only 16 kilogrammes. It has a 150kg weight capacity, which is adequate for most people.

This one, like most other power towers, offers a six-level height adjustable option to accommodate the complete family or several gym members. A solid dip station is also included with the power tower, albeit it is not adjustable.

It includes two sets of padded grips, one on the pull up rod and the other on the armrests, to assist you in doing a variety of exercises, such as push-ups, pull-ups and dips, vertical knee lifts, and other body toning activities. It doesn’t have a backrest, so if you’re used to doing out with one, it can be a little uncomfortable.

The power tower is simple to put together. It comes with detailed assembly instructions, so getting it up and running shouldn’t take more than an hour. It is, on the other hand, simple to disassemble and move.

Overall, the ONETWOFIT power tower is a great budget option for individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a machine. It’s tough and built to last a lifetime, making it a great choice for long-term use.


Excellent construction quality
Lightweight and simple to put together
Lightweight and simple to put together
For added comfort, the primary support has been widened and the base has been made anti-eversion.


There is no backrest.
The dip station cannot be adjusted.

ONETWOFIT Pull Up Rack Station

ONETWOFIT Pull Up Rack Station

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Are you looking for a pull-up station that will help you get a whole body workout? If you answered yes, you should look at ONETWOFIT’s Rack Station, which is unquestionably one of the best versions available.

This model has a strong frame built of 6cm heavy-duty steel tubing for unrivalled durability. It has a U-shaped base with skid-resistant feet, which keeps the machine solid and steady no matter how much weight or pressure you put on it.

You can alter the height of this model at your leisure. It comes with two armrests that are ideal for completing a variety of workouts to develop your back muscles, shoulders, arms, chest, and abs. On the upper side, you’ll find a crossbar that’s ideal for pull-ups.

This pull up bar, like other power towers, has an adjustable height with six distinct height levels (165-235cm), making it configurable. However, bear in mind that the backrest isn’t adjustable.

Overall, it’s a useful multi-purpose piece of equipment that can be used for more than simply pull-ups. This free standing pull up bar may be used for push-ups, belly raises, and a variety of other activities. It comes with a comprehensive tool set, making it simple to put together without the assistance of a professional.


Design that is both sturdy and ergonomic
The padded backrest and armrests help to minimise fatigue, and the adjustable height allows it to be used by numerous people.
Lightweight and simple to put together


The backrest is not movable.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Advice & FAQs

How to buy the best pull up bar

Pull-up bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you should always do your homework before purchasing one.

You might not be able to drill a sturdy, mounted pull up bar into the wall if you live in a rental apartment. Fortunately, there are free-standing and door pull-up bars available that don’t require any drilling or extensive DIY knowledge.

Maximum load and adaptability are the two most important qualities to consider. Non-freestanding versions should have at least three grip configurations (wide grip, narrow grip, and neutral grip) and a maximum load capacity of 110-150 kg.

Other amenities, such as a padded back and armrests, should be included in free-standing pull-up frames. Some models also have grips at the foot of the frame, allowing you to vary your press-up routine.

Free-standing pull-up frames typically have a lower maximum load than wall-mounted pull-up frames, ranging from 120 to 140 kg.

Do pull up bars damage doors?

Because they aren’t linked to the door frames, neither stand-alone nor wall-mounted pull-up bars cause damage. Door pull up bars, which are attached to door frames, should not harm doors, but make sure you check the bar’s minimum and maximum door widths.

Is it safe to use pull-up bars?

A properly installed, high-quality pull-up bar is always safe to use. Having saying that, always test the bar before putting your weight on it. Pull-up bars’ stability is determined by how they were installed or fastened to the wall/door frame.

You might also invest in an exercise floor mat, such as the Mirafit folding exercise mat, to help you land gently.

If you’re worried about your grip strength, a pair of grip pads or lifting gloves will aid even sweaty palms grasp for longer periods of time.

Try resistance band pull-ups to relieve some of the strain on your arms and back.
What is the maximum weight that a pull-up bar can support?

The maximum user weight of a pull-up bar varies by model, but in general, choose one with a maximum user weight of 20 kg over your bodyweight. Given that most door pull-up bars can support 110 kg, most of them will readily support an average-sized adult.

Can you get ripped with just a pull up bar?

Yes, and while pull-ups primarily target the upper body – namely the upper back, lats, biceps, and core for stability — you can use a pull-up bar for more than just pull-ups. The hanging leg raise, for example, is one of the most effective (and difficult) abs workouts.

Legs and glutes are more difficult to train with pull-up bars; you may need a suspension trainer set, or you can simply do bodyweight exercises instead. The pecs and triceps are the same way: they’re ‘push’ muscles that aren’t used much in pull-ups. Muscle-ups are wonderful for triceps activation, but they require a lot of strength to accomplish. To build your pecs and triceps, all you have to do is do push-ups.

How many pull ups is good?

Pull-ups are despised by bodybuilders because they are difficult to complete, regardless of muscular bulk. In fact, the bigger you get, the more difficult pull-ups become, which, when you think about it, is wonderful for progression.

To answer the question, being able to do any pull-ups is preferable to not being able to do any at all. Anyone who can do more than a few tight pull-ups at a time will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention in the gym. It’s fantastic to be able to do more than six, and anything over eight is incredible.

How many pull ups a day?

This is a broad question, but I believe what people are asking is how many pull-ups should you perform every day to gain muscle? If you want to develop stronger, do 2-3 sets of 4-6 reps, adding a weighted vest if necessary to make the last rep more difficult. Aim for 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps to improve muscular size. Make sure you take at least 30-60 seconds of rest between sets.

Is pull ups everyday bad?

It is debatable. I wouldn’t recommend doing a lot of pull-ups every day for an extended period of time, but a few sets shouldn’t be too difficult. It should not create any problems as long as you do not overexert your muscles; but, what constitutes overexertion for you may differ from what constitutes overexertion for others, so please be cautious. Pull-ups should not be attempted every day by people who have never exercised before.

What are the benefits of pull ups?

The pull-up is a complex exercise, which means it works numerous muscles at once, but it’s especially good for strengthening your back and grip. It burns more calories than isolation exercises like the biceps curl, so it’s better for improving metabolism and fat burning. A stronger upper back can also help you maintain better posture.

Do pull ups reduce belly fat?

Yes, pull-ups can be incorporated into a regular workout routine, and when combined with a good, balanced diet, they can help to reduce belly fat. Three pull-ups a day, on the other hand, will not help you lose weight, especially if you keep rewarding yourself with more food after the workouts. Find your maintenance calories, replace quick-release carbs with fibre foods, and you’ll notice results in no time.

Can I leave a free standing pull up bar outside? 

We wouldn’t advocate leaving them outside, to be honest. Outdoor free standing pull up bars are designed to resist inclement weather, however putting them outside for extended periods of time can substantially reduce their lifespan. As a result, when not in use, we recommend storing your power tower in a covered area.

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