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The Best Gin Making Kits To Buy

If you enjoy a good, well-mixed G&T as much as I do, why not create your own at home with a gin making kit? This way, you may have practically any flavour, colour, or style you want in your artisan gin, and make it precisely how you want it. Gin-making kits make excellent gifts.

The best gin-making kits in the UK right now, including gin infusion kits, are listed below. They all use high-quality botanicals, and some even include a display bottle.

Making your own gin is a simple operation that leaves you with the incredible feeling of having completed a feat of wizardry. All you need for this recipe is vodka as the base alcohol and a variety of botanicals to infuse.

Gin’s signature flavour comes from juniper berries. During the infusion process, the vodka absorbs the flavour of the berries as well as any other botanicals. Knowing which blends to employ so that your finished gin resembles a pleasant spirit to sip is the tough part.

Gin-making kits are a great way to walk gin fans through the process of manufacturing their own bottle, as they include the infusing mixes, as well as directions for quantities and steeping times, as well as the necessary equipment.

Best gin-making kits to buy in 2022

Do Your Gin DIY kit

do your gin
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This is a gin-making kit that will appeal to gin novices as well as connoisseurs, and it’s fun to boot. From the cork stoppers on the spice blend pots to the botanicals themselves, everything feels high-end.

The kit’s 12 botanicals contain hard-to-find ingredients from all over the world, allowing you to create unique blends you’ve never tried before. With hibiscus, liquorice root, and lavender, this gin-making kit offers a genuine sense of mixology adventure.

The instructions lead you through the procedure and provide extra details such as the Latin names of all the materials. The strong metal funnel fits precisely into the glass bottles for decanting the gin once it has steeped.

Although pricey, this is a beautifully-designed gin-making kit that is well worth the money.

Notes on the taste

Traditional blend: Subtle and delicate with excellent spicing, this has a complex and savoury herbal finish, which is enhanced with tonic.

You may trick folks into thinking you bought something with this colourful blend. It has a lovely colour and a decent hibiscus flavour that goes well with tonic.


Ingredients and components are of high quality

Botanicals come in a wide variety

Packaging that is 100 percent recyclable


The most expensive gin-making kit on our list

Sandy Leaf Farm the ultimate gin-maker’s kit

Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit 1
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The beautiful branding is the first thing you notice about this kit. It comes in a sturdy box with enough botanicals to produce eight distinct mixes, as well as the necessary instruments – three tasting pipettes, kraft bottle tags, and hessian yarn, a metal sieve, funnel, measuring spoons, and an instruction manual.

The ingredients may be used to make ten 700ml bottles of gin, and the variation is a nice addition. Despite the fact that the tools aren’t high-end, they are reusable and compact enough to be conveniently kept for other culinary tasks.

A wonderfully created instruction booklet leads you through the processes and simplifies what is really a two-step process. It’s difficult to know if you’ve got everything in a single scoop with blends like the botanical foundation, but it adds to the thrill because each batch may taste slightly different.

Notes on the taste: The final product is delicate, with a strong emphasis on juniper and a hint of spice. Because the drink has slightly more citrus than a typical gin when mixed with tonic, you can skip the lemon slices. Overall, a delightful beverage.


Excellent design

Instructions are simple.

Various mixtures are available.


sachets made of plastic

Sandy Leaf Farm is one of the most well-known manufacturers of genuine gin-making kits in the United Kingdom. One of their best features is that they provide lifelong support with every purchase, so you can contact them if you have any concerns or need assistance with your kit.

The Ultimate Gin Making Kit 

The Ultimate Gin Making Kit 2
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You can create up to 10 bottles of your own botanically rich, fragrant gin with the Ultimate Gin Making Kit. This involves making your own eye-catching colour-changing gin as well as a lovely pink gin.

This gin-making kit is a one-of-a-kind gift for gin connoisseurs. The receiver will be overjoyed since they will be able to experiment with gin in new ways and create their own concoctions!

The botanicals in this kit have been carefully chosen to allow you to make some very exquisite bottles of gin without owning a gin distillery. With gin, the possibilities for flavour combinations are unlimited. Juniper Berries, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Cacao Nibs, Lemongrass, Cassia Bark, Pink Peppercorn, Rose Petal, Hibiscus Flower, Coriander Seed, Allspice, Angelica Root, and Butterfly Pea Flower are among the ingredients in each package.

In the Artisan Recipe Guide, they have included some of their own recipes. However, these are merely suggestions; we encourage you to be inventive!

All of the equipment you’ll need to brew your own gin are included,leaving you to concentrate exclusively on the flavour! This set comes with a cocktail spoon and jigger so you can serve the perfect cocktail every time! All you’ll need is a 70cl bottle of cheap vodka and you’ll be ready to go!

Gin is made from the juniper berry. It gives gin the lovely piney background aroma that we all enjoy. This means you’ll have to include juniper in every recipe you try. The other botanicals can be tweaked to suit your preferences.

Gin and Tonic Premium Gift Set of Cocktail Botanicals, Spices, Herbs & Flowers

Gin and Tonic Premium Gift
Gin and Tonic Premium Gift Set of Cocktail Botanicals, Spices, Herbs & Flowers
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This kit is a little different from the rest. It’s for adding spices and botanicals to an existing glass of gin and tonic, not for infusing vodka to manufacture gin. If you’re looking for the greatest botanical gin kit, this is one of the best I’ve come across.

The kit includes a variety of high-quality botanicals, as well as a jigger and mixing spoon, all of which are nicely arranged in the kit case. Pink pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, and cardamom are examples of these spices.

You may change and enhance the flavour of your G&T by adding a handful of botanicals. Cinnamon in my G&T has become an addiction for me, and I wish I could get it in a pub!


This isn’t an infusion kit; instead, it’s for adjusting the flavour of a current G&T.
Presentation and ingredients are of exceptional quality.

The perfect gift for a G&T connoisseur who doesn’t want to prepare their own gin.


Instructions are limited — a guide is included on the inside of the box.

Sandy Leaf Colour Changing Gin Infusing Kit

Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit
Sandy Leaf Colour Changing Gin Infusing Kit
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You’ll be able to manufacture five 700ml bottles of your own color-changing gin with this fantastic little kit. But don’t worry, you don’t have to create everything at once!

The procedure is quite easy and takes about 12 hours to complete. All you need to get started is 700ml of gin per batch, which is included in the package. Other spirits, like as rum or vodka, can also be used.

Sandy Leaf Farm’s color-changing gin infusing kit is a fun way to try something new. A fantastic one-of-a-kind gift for any foodie or gin connoisseur.

• Makes 5 700ml bottles of magically coloured infused gin!

• When mixed with tonic water, it turns your gin from blueish purple to pink.

• Blue pea flowers, Earl Grey infusion, eco-friendly cotton filter bag, tasting pipette, and bottle labels are all included.

• Complete beginning kit – just add a bottle of low-cost gin

• A unique present idea for any gourmand, gin or cocktail connoisseur.

18 x 14 x 2cm (about), letterbox suitable size

6 months minimum shelf life (unless otherwise stated)

How To Make Gin At Home – in 9 Easy Steps

What you’ll need to get started

The following are the items you will require; however, you can purchase a gin making kit that contains the majority of the items required. I’ve put together a list of the best ones below in case you’re interested in giving them a shot when you first start out. (Some of them contain everything except the vodka, which is rare.)


A glass bottle or a large Kilner jar

Selected botanicals

Sieve Jug

The Vodka

It is used as the base alcohol because it has no flavour of its own, allowing it to take on that wonderful juniper flavour when combined with other ingredients. Now, you could simply purchase a cheap bottle of vodka, but these are frequently re-distilled from the first batch of vodka, and as a result, are not nearly as flavorful. At the same time, you are not required to choose the most expensive option; personally, I prefer something in the middle of the price range. Remember that this is the base of your gin, so you want it to be drinkable as well as delicious.

The Botanicals

The botanicals are responsible for the gin’s distinct flavour and aroma. One of the things I enjoy about making homemade gin is that you can customise it to your liking by putting whatever you want into it. The only requirement is that it contains juniper, and this is a given. Apart from that, the decision is entirely up to you; believe me when I say there are hundreds of possible combinations.

The botanicals that you use will determine the type of gin that you will be able to consume. Using melon, cucumber, and apple as examples of fruity gin, you could create a refreshing concoction. As an alternative, if you prefer a more herbal gin, you could add thyme or rosemary to the mix.

The most important thing to remember is that it contains juniper berries; aside from that, the world is your oyster!

Making Your Own Gin: A Step-by-Step Instructional Guide

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to make homemade gin; the entire process is simple. In only 5-6 days, you will have your very own batch of gin! (Will it really last that long once it’s been made?)

Step One – Clean and sterilise

It is critical that you sterilise the glass bottle or Kilner jar that you will be using to make your Gin before beginning. This will prevent the presence of any bacteria that could ruin the flavour or cause it to go bad from occurring. To use, simply fill the container with water, drop some sterilising tablets in it, and set it aside for a couple of hours.

Step Two – Soak the juniper berries overnight.

Many guides will advise you to infuse all of the botanicals at once; however, I personally prefer to infuse only the juniper berries at the beginning of the process. This, I’ve discovered, gives it a stronger “gin” flavour to it. Fill the glass bottle halfway with juniper berries and the rest with vodka, and you’re done. Allow 24 hours for the infusion to take effect.

Step Three – It’s time to bring out the botanicals.

After 24 hours, you should open the glass bottle and add the botanicals to the junipers, giving everything a good shake, and then leaving it for 48 hours to allow the vodka to infuse.

Step Four – The main botanical ingredient

You can increase the flavour of a specific botanical if you want it to have a stronger flavour than the others, for example, rosemary for a herbaceous taste or lavender for an aromatic gin. Add a few more drops of this botanical to the mixture and allow it to steep for another 24 hours.

Step Five – Take a taste test

I bet this was the first step that caught your attention when you were going through the list! It’s time to give your gin a little taste test to see if the amount of botanicals is correct or if you need to add any additional flavouring to make it taste better.

Personally, I would conduct two tests: a small amount on its own, followed by a small amount with a small amount of tonic. If you believe it requires additional time, give it an additional 24 hours to infuse. Perhaps not enough of the botanical flavour has come through; if this is the case, simply add some more and let it sit for another 24 hours before tasting again.

Step Six – Take the botanicals out of the mix.

When you are satisfied with the flavour, you should strain the liquid through a sieve into a sterilised jug and set it aside. To strain your gin, pour it through a sieve, which should catch all of the different botanicals and leave you with only liquid. Remove the liquid from your glass bottle and replace it with a clean one.

Step Seven – It must be allowed to settle.

After that, you’ll want to let your gin sit for another 24-48 hours. During this period, you may notice some sediment beginning to settle on the bottom of the pool. If you don’t have one, skip ahead to step nine.

Remove Sediment in the Eighth Step

According to which botanicals were used, you may notice a small amount of sediment at the bottom of your glass bottle after shaking it. While there is no effect on the flavour, it is preferable to remove the item for aesthetic reasons.

If you want to do this, simply repeat Step Six, but this time instead of a sieve, you should use a muslin or a coffee filter.

Step Nine – Open a bottle of gin

Now comes the exciting part!

It’s time to put your amazing creation into a bottle.

The first thing you must do is make certain that your bottles are clean and have been sterilised before proceeding. Empty the contents of the Glass bottle into your chosen gin bottles, close the lid, and you’ve got yourself a batch of homemade gin.

Another option is to design your own labels for the bottles, which is useful if you plan to give them away or simply want a reminder of which botanicals were used.

In order to make it in larger quantities, simply purchase a larger jar as well as additional gin to begin with. You could always use a larger container, such as a demijohn. (This is something I would only do after you have created a gin that you enjoy!)

IMPORTANT: Is your gin too strong?

It is possible that the gin flavour is overpowering; this can occur if there was too much juniper used or if it was infused for an excessive amount of time. You can adjust the strength of the drink by adding a little more vodka. Remember to stir it thoroughly after you add the vodka, and then taste it to make sure it is not too weak before serving.

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