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How To Buy The Best HDMI Switch

Looking to buy the best HDMI switch? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

When the HDMI connector was initially introduced over 20 years ago, TVs with one were a cutting-edge oddity.
However, with so many streaming gadgets, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and other devices, we are always running out of ports.
An HDMI switcher comes in handy in this situation.

An HDMI switcher is a small box that stands next to your television and connects to an accessible port on your television.
Then you connect all of your other HDMI-based devices to the switcher, and you may switch between them without having to reconnect and disconnect their cords over and over again by pushing a button (or using a remote control on certain switchers).

What Is An HDMI Switcher And How Does It Work?

Our video and set-top boxes used to have a variety of connectors, such as RCA (Red/Yellow/White), SCART, S-VHS, and so on.
Almost all digital video devices (such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, streaming devices, and so on) now feature an HDMI plug.

While we used to only have one or two devices connected to our televisions (such as a VCR and a gaming console), nowadays each living room could have a full tower of devices – a streaming device (such as the Amazon Fire TV or Roku Stick), a PS4 or XBOX, a soundbar / amplifier, a Freeview recorder, and so on.

Despite this, some TVs only have a limited number of HDMI ports.
Even some of the older ones have only… one.
So, with only one or two HDMI ports on your television, how would you connect many HDMI-based devices?
The solution is to use an HDMI switch.

An HDMI switcher is a tiny box having several HDMI input ports and a single HDMI output port.
So, if the switcher has three “in” ports, you can attach three devices to it: a streamer, a PlayStation 4, and a Freeview recorder, for example.
Then, with a single wire, connect the switcher’s “out” side to your TV’s available HDMI port – and presto, you’ve got three devices linked to the same port on your TV.

But how are you going to switch between these three gadgets?
Depending on the HDMI switcher you choose, you have three options:

Automatic switching: When the switcher detects which device is active at the time (for example, your Fire TV sending a video signal), it switches the output on your TV screen to that device.
While this automatic switching appears to be helpful, it is far from ideal, and the switcher will frequently become confused with devices that “snatch” the port even when they appear to be idle.

Switching between HDMI input ports is done manually by pressing a button on the switcher.

Manual Switching with a Remote: You still have to manually switch between the linked input ports, but you don’t have to get out of your couch because the switcher is controlled by an IR remote.

However, keep in mind that you cannot utilise all of the devices connected to the HDMI switcher at the same time.
So, for example, connecting a streaming device and a soundbar via the switcher isn’t a smart idea because you’ll always have to choose BETWEEN the soundbar and the streaming device operating at the same time.

What Is The Distinction Between An HDMI Switcher And An HDMI Splitter?

When looking for the best HDMI switcher, you’ll come across devices labelled “HDMI Switch,” “HDMI Splitter,” and those that claim to be both a Switcher and a Splitter.

However, keep in mind that they are two completely different gadgets that serve opposing purposes:

An HDMI Switcher is a gadget that allows you to connect two or more devices to a single television.

An HDMI Splitter is a device that allows you to connect ONE DEVICE to two or more TVs (or other displays or video projectors).

A switcher, on the other hand, allows you to switch between separate HDMI feeds, whereas a splitter allows you to split one HDMI signal across multiple screens.

There are a few products, however, that can act as both an HDMI Switcher and a Splitter, meaning that their HDMI ports can be used as either input or output.
To make things easy, though, it’s usually advisable to get a product that meets your exact requirements.
We’ll be looking at HDMI Switchers in this article (and one that does both).

What To Look For When Purchasing The Best HDMI Switch

Choosing the best HDMI switcher for your needs is more than a matter of price or quality; it also depends on the features you want and what you want to connect to your TV – now and in the future.

So, as a shopping recommendation, consider the following:

Is it necessary for me to have a certain number of HDMI ports?

The major reason for purchasing an HDMI switcher is that your television no longer has adequate connectors.
As a result, it would be inconvenient to run into the same issue two months after purchasing the switcher…

So the first step is to determine how many HDMI devices you wish to connect to your TV right now.
However, to future-proof your switcher, I would advocate adding at least one (or even two) free HDMI connections.

Most HDMI switchers have three ports, which should be sufficient for most people (especially because most recent TVs have two or three connectors as well).
However, if you currently have multiple HDMI gadgets and your TV only has one or two connections, consider investing in a switcher with five input ports.

HDMI Switchers That Support 4K/HDR

Because 4K (and HDR) is becoming increasingly popular, 4K TVs and streaming devices are becoming increasingly common.

However, if you want to connect 4K gadgets to your 4K TV, you’ll need a 4K HDMI switcher; otherwise, you’ll only get Full HD (1080p).

This is also dependent on the switcher’s HDMI version.
HDMI 1.4 is supported by all switchers, however if you want 4K, you’ll need a switcher that supports HDMI 2.0a, or preferably HDMI 2.1.

If you don’t have a 4K TV and don’t plan to obtain one very soon, a 4K HDMI Switch isn’t necessary; however, if you do, you should get one.

Is It Necessary To Purchase An Automatic HDMI Switcher?

As previously stated, some HDMI switchers can identify which “feed” is active and switch between your HDMI devices automatically.

The manual ones have a manual button that switches between the connected devices – or a remote control that does the same thing.

While switching automatically appears to be a nice idea on paper, in my experience, it rarely works.
Some video devices have a habit of “stealing” the feed by sending signals even when they’re meant to be turned off.
(This is a problem with the Google Chromecast!)

Even if this can still happen with a manual switcher, you have the power to choose which device should be in front on the go, but an automatic switcher may drive you insane by repeatedly switching between the wrong devices.

The ideal remedy is to purchase an HDMI switcher with a remote control – you still have manual control, but you don’t have to stand up and reach the button near your TV…

How Does The HDMI Switcher Get Its Power?

Some HDMI switchers don’t have a separate power supply; instead, they’re powered by the HDMI devices you connect (which are normally plugged into a wall outlet or a USB port on your TV).

For most devices, this is sufficient.
Some of the more advanced switchers (especially those with a remote control) require additional power, thus they contain a 5V connection that must be connected to a power outlet.

Support For HDMI Switching And HDCP

The copyright protection method High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (or HDCP) is integrated into all modern HDMI-based video devices.

It’s a technology that encrypts the signal coming from your video device (Blu-ray, streaming stick, etc.) and decrypts it on the other side at your television.

HDCP protects video feeds against unlawful copying, and you’ll want to make sure the HDMI switcher you buy supports it; otherwise, most of the devices you connect to it won’t be able to transmit to your TV.

The HDCP standard is already supported by most respected HDMI switchers, but it’s something to keep in mind.

The PS4 Pro and HDMI Switching

One of the most common reasons for purchasing an HDMI Switch is to connect a gaming console to your television.
While the original PS4, XBOX, and most other gaming systems should not have any issues, the PS4 PRO does raise some concerns.

To begin, double-check that your HDMI Switcher supports 4K and HDR (as does the PS4 Pro).

However, the PS4 Pro is picky about which switchers (and even HDMI cables) it will “accept” to function with.
This is primarily due to concerns with the HDCP copy-protection technology, as well as power issues, in my opinion.

If at all possible, connect the PS4 Pro directly to your TV’s HDMI connection, then use a switcher to connect the rest of your gadgets to a different TV port.

If it isn’t possible, you’ll have to rely on trial and error.
The Belfen 4K HDMI Switcher worked wonderfully with the PS4 Pro in my tests, and I expect the two top models to do the same – but you won’t know for sure unless you try, regrettably.

The Best HDMI Switch To Buy

Bestseller No. 1
Blukar HDMI Switch, Bidirectional HDMI Splitter Switcher, 1 In 2 Out/2 In 1 Out - Support 4K 3D 1080P HD in Stable Transmission - Plug & Play for Xbox PS4, Blu-Ray Player, DVD etc
  • Bidirectional HDMI Switch: This solid and durable HDMI Switch connects two HDMI sources to one HDMI display or connects one HDMI source to two displays between two displays for switching (Note: simultaneous display of two monitors is NOT supported).
  • Plug and Play: No external driver or APP need to be installed. All you have to do is plug in the device and enjoy the best audio experience. Simply press the button to shift signals, the LED light indicates which port is active.
  • High Resolution & Multiple Audio Formats Supported: Supports 3D, 1080P, 4K x 2K @ 30Hz resolution and HD audio. Also supports LPCM, Dolby-AC3, DTS7,1, DSD / Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It will bring you a luxurious and wonderful audio-visual experience.(Please use standard HDMI 2.0 cables to connect your 4K HDMI Device)
  • High Speed Stable transmission: Adopted premium main control chip, the HDMI switch provides high bandwidth 3.4Gbps data transmission. It makes switching smooth without delay and ensures the stability and quality of video and audio.
  • Wide compatibility: Perfectly works with most devices fitted with an standard HDMI port. Compatible with Computer, Notebook, XBox, PS3/4, Projectors, DVB receivers, HD-Ready or HDTV, Blu-Ray, Chromecast, Fire TV stick, Fire TV, ROKU, TV etc.
SaleBestseller No. 2
HDMI Switch, GANA Gold Plated 3-Port HDMI Switcher | HDMI Splitter | Supports Full HD1080p/3D with High Speed Cable
  • 1080P RESOLUTION SUPPORTED – This HDMI switch supports HDTV deep colour, 1080P resolution (1920x1080P) and 3D video.
  • 3-PORT HDMI SWITCH – 3 HDMI ports in and 1 HDMI out for various HDMI devices. 3 HDMI source devices to be connected and manually selected to play, to avoid constantly plugging and unplugging.
  • PLUG AND PLAY - No extra power required. The HDMI switch will obtain power automatically from the source devices through the HDMI ports.
  • GOLD PLATED HDMI INPUT AND OUTPUT - 24k gold plated connector resist corrosion, reduce tarnish and increase transmission performance.
  • HD AUDIO AND HDCP COMPLIANT - Audio Formats: LPCM, DOLBY AC3, DTS7.1, Direct Stream Digital. No distortion of audio or video, no delay in signal transmission.
SaleBestseller No. 3
HDMI Switch 3 IN 1 OUT Aluminum HDMI Splitter with Remote HDMI Switcher Supports 4K 3D HD Monitor Wireless Remoter Control Compatible with PS5/PS4/PS3, Laptop/PC DVD Blu-Ray Xbox Roku TV/HDTV
  • 【HDMI SWITCH 3 IN 1 OUT with Remote】: HDMI switch 3 ports in and 1 HDMI out for most devices, release you from the plugging and unplugging HDMI cables, easily enjoy work time and playtime via switching between 3 devices with remote or one button.
  • 【4K Resolution】: The HDMI switch supports 4K 3840x2160@30Hz and 3D display for you, this swicher delivers Ultra Full HDR resolution and enrich audio for a cinematic video feast. (Note: Please confirm the HDMI cable is hight quality and the longth under 8M, and set the TV Display in HDCP 1.4/1080P resolution)
  • 【Plug and Play】: Easy to setup and operate. No external driver needed, just connect your HDMI devices to enjoy! Use the remote or press of a button to swap signal within one second and the LED light tells you which port is active. Power supply with Micro USB cable from 5V USB power adapter for best performance.
  • 【Easy to Control & Automatically Switch】:HDMI Switcher allows you to switch between different input sources just like the TV remote control, without having to go to the TV. What’s more ,the HDMI splitter also supports automatically switching to the latest plug-in device when the connecting one is powered off.
  • 【Broad Compatibility】: HDMI Splitter is suitable for most devices with standard HDMI port.Such as Input: Computer, Notebook, XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3 / PS4, DVD player Fire TV, ROKU, Apple TV, Blu-Ray DVD etc. Output: HD-Ready or HDTV, Monitor, Projector etc.
Bestseller No. 4
UGREEN HDMI Switch 3 IN 1 OUT HDMI Switcher Splitter Supports 4K 3D HD Monitor Wireless Remoter Control Compatible with TV, PS5/PS4/PS3, Laptop/PC DVD Blu-Ray Xbox Roku HDTV
  • 3-IN-1 HDMI SWITCH: UGREEN HDMI switch 3 HDMI ports in and 1 HDMI out for various HDMI devices, release you from the plugging and unplugging HDMI cables, easily enjoy work time and playtime via switching between 3 devices with one button.
  • Vision feast with 4K Resolution: The HDMI switch supports Ultra Full HDR resolution up to 4K 3840x2160@30Hz and 3D display for you, which delivers superb image and enrich audio for a cinematic video feast. (Note: Please confirm the HDMI cable under 8M, and set the TV Display in HDCP 1.4/1080P resolution)
  • Easy to Control: With the IR wireless remote transmitter and the receiver plug into the switcher, the UGREEN HDMI switch is convenient for you to sit back and wirelessly switch the signal within those devices. The HDMI splitter also supports automatically switch to the latest plug-in device when the connecting one is powered off.
  • Plug & Play: Support all standard HDMI 1.4 source devices for both input and output with HDCP/CEC, no extra power supply required for connection, power supply with Micro USB cable from 5V USB power adapter for best performance.
  • Portable Design & Broad Compatibility: The HDMI switch goes with a compact size of 3.6*2.1*0.7 inches, saving your space for your entertainment center kit. Compatible with TV, PS4/PS3, Laptop/PC DVD Blu-Ray Xbox Roku HDTV.
Bestseller No. 5
HDMI Splitter, Aluminum HDMI Switch Bi-direction 1 In 2 Out or 2 Input to 1 Output Manual HDMI Switcher, Support 4K 3D 1080P,Plug and Play for Xbox,PS4,PS3,Blu-Ray,DVD,HDTV(HDMI CABLE NOT INCLUDE)
  • 【PLUG AND PLAY】: Easy to setup and operate. No external driver needed, just connect your HDMI devices to enjoy! Simple press of a button to swap signal within one second, and the LED light tells you which port is active.
  • 【UPGRADED HDMI SWITCH】: Solid Aluminum Alloy construction, Fokky durable HDMI Switch help you connect two HDMI sources to one HDMI display, or connect one HDMI source to toggle between two displays (only one monitor will display).
  • 【HIGH RESOLUTION】: Support 4Kx2K@30HZ,1080P, 3D resolution and HD audio, with this HDMI switch you can enjoy the most luxurious video and audio. ( Please use a standard HDMI 2.0 cables to connect your Xbox one or PS4 pro.)
  • 【FAST & STABLE TRANSMITTION】: HDMI Switch provides high bandwidth 3.4Gbps data transmission, Input and output AWG26 HDMI standard cable length could reach up to 5m. No lag, No loss of pictures.(HDMI CABLE NOT INCLUDE)
  • 【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】: HDMI Splitter is suitable for most devices with standard HDMI interface. Input: Computer, Notebook, XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3 / PS4, DVD player Fire TV, ROKU, Apple TV, Blu-Ray DVD etc. Output: HD-Ready or HDTV, Monitor, Projector etc.
Bestseller No. 6
MT-VIKI 4k HDMI Switch 5 in 1 out with IR Remote Control, 5 Port Switcher HDCP Selector Metal Box for Xbox Nintendo PS4 PS5 TV Fire Stick Roku
  • [HDMI Switch 5 in 1 out]. Enable you to connect any 5 HDMI A/V input sources to 1 HDMI display device.
  • [IR Remote Control for Easy Switching]. This HDMI 5 way switch support IR remote control and button switching.
  • [4Kx2K Resolution]. Resolution up to 4K@30Hz also compatible with 1080P@30hz or below, 3D video (if want to get 3D, all units connected to the switch outputs must support 3D). Audio support DTS-HD/ Dolby-ture HD/ LPCM 7.1/ Dolby-AC3/ DSD and HDCP 1.4
  • [Wide Compatibility]. Support most HDMI source such as computers, XBOX, PS3, PS4, PS5, Blue-ray, DVD player, Apple TV, TV Box, PC, Laptop, etc. Pls connect the power for max performance.
  • [Warranty]. 1 year warranty from MT-VIKI Official & Lifetime tech support.
Bestseller No. 7
4K HDMI Switcher 8 In 1 Out, TESmart 8 Port HDMI Switch, 8X1 HDMI Switcher Support 4K@60Hz HDCP 2.2/19-inch Rack-Ears/RS-232/LAN Control/Remote Control, Compatible with HDTV DVD Xbox PS4 Apple Roku TV
  • 【8 in 1 out HDMI Switch & 4K@60Hz resolution】 This 8x1 HDMI switcher lets you share 1 HDMI display or projector with 8 HDMI source devices. Resolution up to 3840x2160@60hz 4:4:4. It is also HDCP2.2 compliant switch.
  • 【4 Switch Modes】Support front panel buttons, IR signals, RS232 serial commands or IP commands to control HDMI switches. You can control this 4k switcher by sending switching commands on your PC via the RS232 port and LAN port when you are far away from the HDMI Switch.
  • 【8 Port Switch Timing Switching & Automatic switching】Support auto-scan function to switch video automatically among computers in preset Intervals sequentially by OSD menu driven(0-3600 seconds). With automatic switching, it detects and selects the latest connected device.
  • 【Built-in Intelligent EDID Emulator】Keep display information accurate thanks to the intelligent EDID emulators in all the ports. Equipped with 2 rack-ears, it is very convenient for technical scenario, since it can be fitted in 19-inch racks/cabinets.
  • 【Worry-free Warranty】We got your 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty covered. And we offer free lifetime technical support. If you have any problems, please feel free to send us Amazon Message for further assistance.
Bestseller No. 8
TESmart 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch 4K@30Hz UHD | 8 in 8 out HDMI Matrix Switcher HDCP 1.4 Support IR Remote Control, RS-232&LAN Control, Power Off Memory Function with 2 Rack Mount Ears-Matte Black
  • 【8 in 8 out HDMI Matrix】It allows 8 HDMI source devices to cross-connect to 8 HDMI displays at the same time.You can use it as HDMI Splitter as well as HDMI Switch,becase each display can share the same input or select differient inputs. Features an LCD screen on the front panel to show you the real-time connection status.
  • 【4k image and a Wide Range of Audio Formats】Support superior video quality up to 3840x2160@30Hz (including 1080p 3D video). It's HDCP 1.4 compliant.This 4k matrix supports PCM, Dolby AC3, DTS5.1, DTS7.1 and DSD audio format.Common scenarios include: classrooms, auditoriums, department stores, Commercial and residential AV systems, etc.
  • 【Smart EDID Management】With EDID management, the HDMI source player will output the best possible resolution to ensure the compatibility of all HDMI displays.
  • 【4 control methods 】Support multiple control methods for system management including front buttons, IR remote control, RS-232 control and LAN commands.(You can turn off the beep by sending TCP/IP commands).
  • 【1 year warranty】We offer you 1 year warranty from the date of order. And we offer free Tech Support.If you have any problems, please free to to let us know . TESmart is strive to offer you a satisfying After-Sales Service.
SaleBestseller No. 9
HDMI Switch 4k, HDMI Splitter Switch 5 In 1 Out HDMI Switcher with IR Remote Support 4K 60hz, 2K, 1080P, 3D, HDCP 2.2, UHD, HDR for PS 3/4, XBOX One/360, DVD Player, HDTV, Projector
  • ✅【5 IN 1 OUT HDMI Switcher】This HDMI selector can connect up to 5 HDMI2.0 sources to 1 HDMI displays (UHD TV, monitor or projector). HDMI splitter is suitable for most devices with standard HDMI interface such as computer, Blu-ray player, DVD player, AV receiver, Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, TV Box, PS 3/4, Xbox One/360, Nintendo Wii, etc. You can easily switch to the source device you want without unplugging the HDMI cables. Enjoy a crisper picture, deeper color and smoother video with HDMI hub!
  • ✅【HIGH Resolution Up To 4K@60Hz】This HDMI splitter supports 4K at 60 Hz 4: 4: 4, HDR video source, HDCP 2.2& HDCP 1.4, Full HD, UHD, Deep Color to 36bit. 4K2K (maximum 4096 × 2160), corresponding to input and output of 60 Hz video. Back compatible with 4k@30 Hz, it's also compatible with 2K, 1080P Full HD and 3D video. This hdmi switcher with remote supports Dolby vision and Dolby atmos as well. Share the most luxurious video and audio with your friends or families!
  • ✅【Easy To Setup and Use】This HDMI switcher is Plug and Play, no external driver required. This 4k hdmi splitter is so easy to setup, just plug attach the mains plug into the box, then plug into the mains, then just connect your items into the HDMI box. It comes with a 5V power supply (round, moulded plug). Please use standard HDMI 2.0 cables or above to connect your 4K HDMI Device. It also comes with a 1m standard HDMI 2.0 cable.
  • ✅【Auto-Switch with Remote Control】Switching is either manual (on the device), remote control, and the HDMI switch hub automatically switches to the most recent powered-on device. Just press and hold the "Switch" button on device for 5-10 seconds to turn on/off automatic switching mode. If you prefer to use the remote, please take out the film at the rear of the remote and point it directly to the HDMI switcher to work. Enjoy nice video time without plugging and unplugging HDMI cables right now!
  • ✅【Solid Build】We are committed to make premium HDMI switch box. Sturdy Aluminum Alloy construction ensures quick heat dissipation and excellent longevity. And our close relationship with you doesn’t end once our HDMI splitter are delivered — it is only just beginning. We’ ready to assist you with any trouble that you may experience about the HDMI switcher.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Hdmi Switch, mrocioa 3 Port input 1 out 4K Hdmi Switcher Box with Remote. Hdmi Splitter 4K Hub. Support PS4/ Xbox One/Fire TV/Apple TV/SKY BOX/STB/DVD/Laptop/Roku.
  • 【3 In 1 Out HDMI Switch】 If you connect all the devices directly to the TV, it’s terrible. Cluttered HDMI cables affect the aesthetics. Now you just use MROCIOA ’s 3 inputs and 1 output Hdmi switch, you only see one HDMI cable connected to the TV, simple and beautiful. Enjoy your happy moments from now on.
  • 【Excellent performance】 Automatically switch between three HDMI devices. It is responsive. If you use a high-quality HDMI Cable, you will get a better picture. It is powered directly by the HDMI Cable and does not require an external power adapter. High-quality remote control, its operating distance is 5-8M, operating angle + -60 degrees, let you control your HDMI switch as you want. Comfortably play games or watch movies on the sofa.
  • 【Safe and reliable】 Exquisite aluminum alloy shell, which is good for heat dissipation; All interfaces are on the same side of the product, which is easy to install; Perfect size. L x H x W = 4.6 X 0.85 X 2.5 inch. Small size, it may be smaller than yours The palms are smaller.
  • 【Strong compatible】The switch supports HDMI1.4, it’s compatible with signal below 4k@30hz. It output completely synchronously without delay. Suitable for PS4 / XBOX / Fire Tv / Apple TV / Roku / SKY BOX / laptop. HDMI 2.0 (Xbox One X / PS4 PRO) maybe not display if the Cable is too long or low quality. We have tested Ps4 Pro in the Lab, Premium certified cable & length = 1M, Output 4K@60HZ/RGB images normally. This is a HDMI1.4 box, so we can’t guarantee that all devices can u 4K@60Hz.
  • 【One year warranty】Mrocioa HDMI switch box is designed and produced independently by us, one year warranty, In case of any problem, please send email to support@mrocioa.xyz, and there will be professional after-sales staff at your service.

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