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The Best Headbands For Men – Updated 2022

Heavily influenced by footballers such as Jack Grealish, David Beckham, Gareth Bale, and others, headbands for men and boys with long hair have come and gone over the years with varying degrees of success.

Men’s hair bands come in handy on days when your hair refuses to cooperate and takes on a life of its own, or when your hair has reached the point where you can’t quite tie it back. Using a headband while participating in sports or performing your skincare routine is convenient, as is wearing one while taking a quick shower if you don’t want your hair to get wet.

A word of caution before we get into our list of the best hair bands for men that will suit you. As a general rule, wearing a headband all of the time is not recommended. They rub against the hair follicles and apply pressure to them, which can cause breakage of the hair.

Wearing a headband for a couple of hours isn’t going to hurt you, but wearing one all the time can cause your hairline to become distorted and cause it to recede further.

Types of Headband for Men

Alice bands for men

Known variously as Zigzag headbands or tooth headbands, David Beckham and Zayn Malik are well-known for their use of these headbands. Alice bands are excellent for pulling the hair back with effortless ease, and once they are in place, they are relatively undetectable. They’re typically made of plastic and are shaped to fit the contours of your head perfectly. For men who are involved in sports and who need to keep their long hair out of their faces, they are a popular choice of accessory.

Standard headband

It is made of a single thin piece of material that is wrapped around a long piece of elastic to form the standard headband for men, which is also known as the elastic headband. They are worn at the front or the centre of the head and are designed to fit snugly around your head. They are typically worn in the winter. These can also be used as hair bands if you have hair that is too long to put in a ponytail but you need to keep it away from your face and neck while doing so.

Bandana headbands for men

Designed for everyday wear, these headbands for men are a comfortable, larger band made of material that keeps hair out of your face while also concealing greasy roots. Most of the time, they are made of a single piece of fabric that you wrap around your neck before pulling up over your face and into your hair. They can be a little more difficult to tie, but they are more effective at absorbing sweat and can be used to match an outfit.


Sweatbands are an excellent choice for men’s hair bands when participating in sports. They are designed to sit on your forehead rather than on the top of your head, and they help to prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes while also keeping your hair out of your face.

Our Pick Of The Best Headbands For Men

Tooth Comb Headband

2 Pieces Mens Hair Band, Teeth Comb Shark Tooth Headband Plastic Alice Band Hair Bands with Teeth Grip Headband
  • 1. Packaging: Contains 2 black toothed hair bands, width 1.2cm, tooth length 1cm
  • 2. Material: These plastic headbands are made of acetate fiber board, durable and not easy to break
  • 3. Non-slip: with 1cm anti-slip teeth, it can fix your hair well, both straight and curly hair
  • 4. Application scenarios: The headband is lightweight and suitable for sports, reading, daily wear, travel, parties, etc
  • "5. Comfortable: The toothed headband is made of acetate fiber board, will not harm your scalp and hair, light and comfortable Acetate board"

While out on the town, this headband is ideal for keeping your look clean and fresh, especially now that we’re permitted to go back into bars.

It’s a simple black headband that can be worn with almost any outfit and that pulls the hair back neatly and without snagging the rest of the outfit.

The ends of the headbands are smooth and rounded to prevent any digging behind the ears from occurring.

Thus, this extremely affordable headband for men and women is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time without costing a small fortune to do so. It is also available in a set of two.

French Fitness Revolution Headband for Men

French Fitness Revolution Headband for Men and Women – Sweatband for Sports, Workout, Running, Cycling and Yoga. Moisture Wicking and Performance Stretch
  • VERSATILE SUMMER HEADBAND FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Perfect bandana headband that wicks away sweat from your forehead and face. This double layer fabric protection offers a cooling sensation while absorbing humidity, a comfortable fit and breathable feel. Skin-friendly
  • NON-SLIP, MULTIFUNCTIONAL SUMMER SPORTS HEADBAND FOR TEENAGERS AND ADULTS: perfect for running, working out, yoga, exercise & fitness, gym, crossfit, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis and any outdoor activity you can think of
  • PREMIUM FABRIC CERTIFIED by COOLMAX All Season Technology - sweat absorption, moisture wicking, quick dry, lightweight and natural soft feel. These hairbands for men and women offer an easy wash, retain their form, elasticity and color
  • BOOSTS YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE AND PERFORMANCE: Feel cool and at your best - your energy and comfort will peak when wearing our headbands for long hair and more! Use it as a headband for washing face, spa headband, as mens headband for long hair, bandanas for men, teenagers…you name it!
  • BE ONE OF OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS – Either man, woman or teenager our bandanas should come handy for your daily needs. We love providing value and quality guaranteed for our clients. Nevertheless, if by any exception you aren’t 100% satisfied with our products we have a full refund policy for your worry-free states

This is the ideal headband for men who want to keep sweat at bay while working out without looking like they’re wearing a plain sweatband.

This headband has a pleasant feel to it; it is smooth and almost satin-like in appearance, and it does not pull any of the hair while in use.

All the while, it’s keeping the sweat off our brow.

This headband is made of Coolmax fabric, which is not only comfortable to wear but also helps to keep it snug on your head without being too restrictive.

This means that it is able to absorb sweat and moisture while still keeping you comfortable.

AIM Clouded Metal Headband

No products found.

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to selecting the best hair band for men, this pack of six plastic headbands is a low-cost way to experiment with a variety of styles.

They are adaptable enough to fit any head size, and because they are made of soft metal, they should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Each of the headbands is lightweight, and they have soft sleeves on the ends so that they don’t cut or irritate the skin behind your ears, which further enhances comfort.

Experiment with different styles, or keep the thicker ones for sports and the thinner, Zigzag-style headbands for nights out or when you want something a little more subtle.

Mytoptrendz Flexible Stretch Comb Headband

Black Plastic Flexi Comb Zig Zag Sports Headband Hair Band By Mytoptrendz®
  • SET OF 2 PIECE stretchy Plastic black flexi stretchy zigzag headband
  • measures approx. 12cm in diameter - before it is stretched
  • Keep hair off the face for work or play or sports, Multiple teeth grip tightly preventing sliding, gold and silver tone available
  • Contain 1 pair/ 2 piece headband
  • NB: PLEASE DO NOT STRETCH TOO MUCH due to Delicate Plastic

This is a great headband for men who either have long hair and want to keep it out of their eyes, or who have short to mid-length hair that moves a lot when they are participating in sports or exercising. Multiple teeth grip your hair firmly, preventing it from sliding around your head while simultaneously holding your hair in position.

In exchange for a few quid you will receive two circular, flexible-stretch zigzag headbands that measure approximately 12cm in circumference when closed. When you first put them on your head, you’ll need to stretch them out a little bit more, and we recommend doing so slowly the first time to ensure that they don’t snap.

JASUEN Headband

JASUEN Headbands for Women - Elastic Hairband Solid Color Soft Wide Hair Bands Head Sweatband for Sports Running Spa Make Up and Fitness 6 PACK (Color 1)
  • 🍒【Comfortable to Wear】 Our wide headbands for women are made of high quality cotton fabric, high stretchy without getting a headache or mark on your forehead. Material is safe, no harm to the human body. It also can be machine washed.
  • 🍒【Absorb Sweat and Keep Warm】Our Womens headbands provide excellent performance for absorbency. It can prevent sweat from dripping into eyes in summer and keep warm in cold winter.
  • 🍒【Multiple Colors】There are 6 colors in one pack of. You can choose the appropriate headbands according to your clothes. Different styles of dressing will help you standing out from the crowd.
  • 🍒【Fit for All Women & Teen Girls】Our headbands have good flexibility. The length is 23cm and the width is 10cm. It is elastic and One size fits all kinds of head sizes.
  • 🍒【Suitable for Various Occasions】 Our headband perfects for indoor and outdoor activities like yoga, running, cycling, exercise, work, fitness, travelling. It can also be used for makeup, face washing, etc.

Do not be concerned about the fact that these headbands are labelled as “for women,” because they are perfectly suitable for men.

They keep hair of any length, but particularly long hair, off your forehead and away from your neck while also adding a touch of style to your appearance.

These material headbands are perfect for sports or just relaxing in the current heatwave we’ve been experiencing.

Furthermore, you receive a total of six headbands in a single package. We can only assume they’re marketed towards women because of the colours that some of them are available in, but even that assumption is a little far-fetched.

These headbands are not only one of the most popular items on Amazon, but they are also one of the most popular purchases across the entire health and beauty section, indicating that they must be doing something right.

Unisun Bandana Headband for Men

Unisun Bandana Headband, Moisture Wicking Retractable Multifunctional Headband for Men and Women, Non-Slip Headband for Running, Yoga, Hiking, Cycling and Outdoor Activities 4 Pack
  • 🏃【Anti-Perspirant Headband】Unisun Bandana headband not only absorbs sweat quickly, and keeps your head and face dry while exercising; it also allows you to focus more on exercise without stopping to wipe sweat. Distractions affect your exercise performance.
  • 🏃【High Quality & Light Weight and Comfort】This bandana hairband is made of high-quality cotton fabric, which is soft, comfortable and does not sting when worn. The product is relatively light and has no weight-bearing feeling during exercise, allowing your head to maintain a comfortable state during exercise.
  • 🏃【Strong Elasticity】Unisun bandana headband has super elasticity, which is suitable whether you are fat or thin. When you first put on the headscarf, there may be some tightness, but after you wear it for a period of time, you may ignore its existence.
  • 🏃【Multifunctional】The headband is suitable for all kinds of sports, whether you are in the gym or outdoor sports: yoga, running, hiking, cycling, all kinds of ball sports and all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports you can think of.
  • 🏃【After-Sales Service】We are very confident in our products and adhere to the principle of customer first. If you encounter any problems or are not satisfied with our products after purchasing the product, we can provide you with a full refund and help you solve the problem. If you have any questions, please send us a message on Amazon and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Bandanas are the perfect men’s headbands for a variety of occasions.

Because of their fabric design, they are not only fashionable for nights out or trips to the pub, but they can also be used as a sweatband.

It’s easier to put on this particular bandana because it has an elastic back rather than the traditional headbands that require manual tying.

Most bandanas must be folded to the appropriate size and tied around your head, which can be time-consuming and results in them not always staying in place.

Because it is breathable and soft, this men’s headband is also gentler on the scalp and hair than most others.

Kuou Elastic Sport Headbands

kuou 4 Pack Elastic Sport Headbands, Elastic Stretchable Non-slip Headbands/slim Headbands/stylish headbands for Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Yoga and Golf for men and women
  • Non-slip design: These elastic headbands adopt non-slip design, which will offer you better experience
  • Application: Commonly used in playing basketball, tennis, doing Yoga, running, working out in gym, outdoor working activities
  • Durable: Includes 4 pieces elastic sports headbands with good quality, easily washable and won't over stretch after games or workouts
  • Good Elasticity: The elastic headbands measure 40 cm/ 15.7 inches in perimete, can be stretched and extend their length to 66 cm/ 26inches perimete
  • Feature: These stylish headbands are in 2 different colors (black and grey), suitable for both men and women, good way to keep hair and sweat away from your forehead and eyes comfortably

Keeping these slim hair bands around your wrist for convenience is a great way to keep them in place.

Due to the fact that they’re bonded with a satin wrap, they won’t snag or pull on your hair when you remove the headband. The material is an elastic stretch, which is relatively soft and less damaging to the hair.

Many of the bands in this style have metal bonds with sharp edges, which can easily pull hair out when the band is removed from the head.

In other instances, these bands have a non-slip design and are frequently used when playing tennis.

Also great for running, and because they come in a pack of four, you have the option of storing them in various places such as your gym bag or car as well as your bathroom and coat pocket.

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