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The Best Horse Riding Boots To Buy

The ever-reliable horse riding boot isn’t just fancy footwear; it’s an absolutely essential piece of equipment for any passionate horse rider!

When placed in the stirrups, a good pair will protect your feet, give you better control of your horse, and prevent any slips or accidents.

However, with long and short alternatives, as well as a variety of designs ranging from paddock and jodhpur to dress and field boots, choosing the right boot for your favourite riding disciplines that will also keep you safe and secure may be a complicated process.

We’ve searched far and wide for the best horse riding boots, from adult competition crushers to casual kiddy boots for beginners, to guarantee that you discover something that meets both professional and personal requirements of footwear.

Horse Riding Boots Buying Guide

Riding Boots Come in a Variety of Styles

Although there are many distinct styles of riding boots, they are usually divided into two categories: long riding boots and short riding boots.

Long Riding Boots

Also known as tall riding boots, they are the most common type of riding gear. They are a classic, traditional item that is used in competitions and is designed to give protection and coverage for the majority of the lower leg.

There are a few distinct variants of the long boot on the market that extend up to the knee, each with somewhat different functionality to let them survive in more specific riding.

Field Boots

Field boots are perhaps the most common form of boot for show jumpers and event horse riders since they include laces that allow for more ankle movement. This allows jumpers to quickly move into a leaping stance by moving their feet on the stirrups.

Dress Boots

Dressage riders prefer these boots because they are more conventional and formal in appearance, yet they are still used in eventing. They are the most popular long riding boot style and are ideal for all horseback riding disciplines. They are usually made of leather or synthetic material and have a rubber sole.

Short Riding Boots

Short riding boots are often the preferred boot of those who ride for fun rather than competition, as they are a more casual option for the experienced or a simpler, less uncomfortable option for very young riders.

They’re also a considerably more cost-effective solution for individuals on a budget than lengthy riding boots, while still providing some fantastic safety features. They’re also a significantly better all-around boot because they can be worn about the yard or in regular life without seeming strange or making it difficult to walk in!

Jodhpurs and paddock boots are the most frequent short riding footwear.

Jodhpur Boots

Jodhpurs, which come up just above the ankle and are usually made of leather, are a truly comfortable leather footwear that allows a lot of flexibility. They’re a stylish boot with a pointed toe and low heel that looks great both on and off the farm, with great cushioning and a weatherproof rubber sole. They’re usually used with gaiters or half chaps for increased comfort in the saddle, although they have more added motion and are easier to wear than a long riding boot.

Paddock Boots

Despite being sold as ‘riding’ footwear, paddock boots aren’t typically used for horseback riding. Instead, they’re usually made for yard and stable activities, as well as all the other tasks that come with caring for horses. They’re significantly more durable and comfy than a conventional wellington, and they’re designed to endure the muck and mire.

Things To Consider When It Comes To Safety

Riding boots aren’t worn merely because they look good, believe it or not! Horse riding boots provide optimal support for the heel, sole, and ankle for your comfort and safety, as well as assisting you in maintaining proper posture and position on your horse.

Closed-toed boots with a tiny tread and a larger heel of an inch to an inch and a half are always safe and secure. This enlarged heel keeps your foot firmly in your stirrups and prevents it from slipping and sliding during rides.
Riding is a fun activity.

Your riding boots must be able to give the proper fit and protection for the discipline you will be participating in! Showjumping and competitive riding places far more strain and expectations on your feet than a leisurely stroll in the countryside!


Most manufacturers appear to use a combination of rubber sole and leather in their boot construction. Some models, however, employ a synthetic or specialised fabric, so you’ll need to evaluate what benefits or drawbacks each material offers. Some may, for example, necessitate more upkeep and cleaning, while others may be more prone to wear and tear!

When it comes to surviving the weather, material is frequently the most significant consideration, with many boots boasting waterproof or insulating capabilities based on their linings or outer layers.

The safest material is always leather; yet, finding a comfortable footwear in this material might be expensive. Leather boots, on the other hand, necessitate proper maintenance.

Rubber or synthetic material is the second most popular material. These are ideal for riding in the snow or when you need your boots to be waterproof. They do, however, get hot rapidly, and the moisture they hold in can be painful since they build a suction around your feet.

When it comes to riding boots, another option is cotton canvas. They are comfy and simple to maintain. They are also cost-effective for those of you on a tight budget. Cotton canvas boots, on the other hand, tend to wear out quickly and have a more casual and informal appearance.

Easy to put on and take off

If you plan on switching between boots and shoes frequently, choosing one with easy-fitting features is a good idea. The most prominent of these is the zip fastening, which allows you to simply insert your foot into the boot by opening up the best section of the boot. Pulling tabs on the back of a short riding boot might also make it easier to put on and take off your footwear.


Being the centre of attention is something that everyone enjoys. While you want to ride your horse gracefully, you also want to appear graceful. You’ll need a riding boot that matches your riding style to complete your look.

The sort of boot you purchase is determined by your riding style. Is this an English, Western, or just a fun ride?

Once you’ve figured out your personal style, you’ll be able to find a boot that meets your needs while also complementing your entire appearance. Furthermore, you must guarantee that the footwear you choose provides you with the best grip. You may prefer a particular boot style, but it may not be appropriate for your riding style.


It’s not just about style and comfort when it comes to horse riding boots; it’s also about safety. As a result, while selecting a boot, be sure that safety is your top priority. A long heel and a closed toe are the two most crucial components of boot safety.

A closed-toe boot is essential because it prevents your feet from being trodden on. The heel, on the other hand, ensures a secure hold.

A one-inch heel is essential for keeping your feet stable and preventing them from slipping. You should also make sure the boots don’t have thick treads, as these are more prone to become stuck in the stirrup. They also make getting your feet into and out of the stirrup a pain.


While some people ride horses for a living, others do so for fun. In either case, you want your boot to be as comfy as possible.

The fit of your riding boot is crucial to its comfort. Make sure you know your foot and calf measurements before going out to buy a horse riding boot.

A boot that doesn’t fit correctly will rub against your skin, causing blisters. Check to see if the boot you want comes in a number of sizes, and then pick the one that best fits your measurements. Additionally, picking a boot with a good sole is excellent because it helps provide cushioning against a hard ride.

Overall, comfort is something that should never be disregarded. Riding a horse takes a lot of skill, and the last thing you want is your boots to give you trouble.

The Best Horse Riding Boots To Buy

Ariat Men’s Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat Mens Western Cowboy Boot
Ariat Men’s Western Cowboy Boot
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Ariat riding boots are designed to be comfortable and long-lasting. The sole is the most distinguishing aspect of these boots. The outer sole is designed exclusively for equestrian athletes and can resist the wear and strain of riding.

The inner sole is made up of three layers. The first is a footbed that is constructed of a moisture-wicking substance and is quite comfortable. Following that is a cushioned footbed that provides shock absorption. Finally, a forked shank adds support to the rider’s feet as the third layer.

Customers have praised this product, particularly the tread on the boot. This boot has a shallow tread depth that prevents mud from collecting within the boot. These boots, which are made of leather and have a 1.5-inch heel, check a lot of boxes for most riders. Overall, we believe these are the best Western horse riding boots available.

Ariat Women’s Western Boot

Ariat Womens Western Boot
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Ariat Women’s Western boots are designed to make horseback riding a pleasurable experience for the rider. These shoes, which are made using cutting-edge technology, are specifically created for women who enjoy horseback riding.

These boots are built to last a long time. With dura tread on the outside sole, these shoes are resistant to wear and tear and will be with you for a very long time indeed. You will also have greater stability when riding a horse because of the lightweight shank. Additionally, the four-bed cushioned sole provides comfort throughout lengthy rides.

These boots are made of high-quality leather and exude elegance and sophistication, while also providing you with a pleasurable riding experience. Customers have also provided overwhelmingly excellent feedback on these boots as well. One of the most frequently heard comments is that these boots are ideal for people who have broader feet than average.

Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Leather Riding Boot

Sam Edelman Womens Penny Leather Riding Boot
Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Leather Riding Boot
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These tall boots are best described by two words: elegant and comfortable. These boots, which are crafted from batso crust leather, are built for long-lasting comfort and durability.

The full-length zip on these tall riding boots provides additional traction. From the arch, the shaft reaches up to 17.5 inches in length. This, combined with the 1.25-inch heel, makes these boosts the perfect riding companion for you. These boots, which are available in up to eight different hues, provide you with comfort while still looking stylish.

According to the manufacturer, these boots are so comfy that you may wear them to work, at home, or anyplace else. Furthermore, users have praised this product and expressed their admiration for the level of comfort it provides.

If you have wide feet and want low-maintenance premium riding boots, they are your best bet. They are also the most expensive. To clean these boots, simply wipe off the contaminated portion with a moist towel and let them out to dry in the sun.

Overall, these boots met all of our requirements and ticked all of the correct boxes. Those with narrow feet, on the other hand, may find that these boots are not a good fit.

Brogini Adults Casperia V2 Riding Boots

Brogini Adults Casperia V2 Riding Boots
Brogini Adults Casperia V2 Riding Boots
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A typical horse rider’s requirements were taken into consideration when designing these boots. Genuine leather is used in the construction of the boots, with a synthetic calf added for enhanced traction while riding.

Additionally, these boots are made of a 3D stretch material that allows for freedom of movement while maintaining a great fit. The attention to detail in these boots is what elevates them to the level of a work of art. A spur guard is located at the end of the zip to ensure that it is properly secured in place.

It is these minor touches that contribute to the overall safety and comfort of horseback riding. These boots are both attractive to look at and comfortable to ride in, making them a fantastic value for money.

Equi-Star Ladies All Weather Zip Paddock Boots

Equi Star Ladies All Weather Zip Paddock Boots
Equi-Star Ladies All Weather Zip Paddock Boots
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Equistar paddock horse riding boots are distinguished by two characteristics that make them the finest choice for all English-style riders. These boots have a 5-inch elastic shaft on each side of the shoe, which is a first for me. With its elastic shaft, this shoe provides a secure fit for practically all sorts of feet.

It is because of the shoe’s flexibility that it is so safe and convenient to walk around in. Furthermore, when purchasing these boots from Equi-Star, you will have the option to choose between real leather and synthetic leather varieties.

Which one do you think you should pick? It’s entirely up to you how you want to go. That being said, both of them have been meticulously crafted to ensure that you receive nothing but the greatest possible experience.

These boots have equi-star soles, which make horseback riding more comfortable and long-lasting than ever before. These boots, which include a front zip and a high-quality outer sole, are designed to survive nearly all of the extreme circumstances that horse riders are subjected to. Aside from that, they are specifically built for long days at the barn. Wearing and removing these boots has been considerably easier and cleaner as a result of the zip being moved in front.

Saxon Equileather Half Chaps

Saxon Equileather Half Chaps
Saxon Equileather Half Chaps
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These paddock boots are made of synthetic leather, which, I might add, is as close to genuine leather as one can get without breaking the bank. They are both durable and cost-effective. These boots have a few distinguishing characteristics that make them ideal for use when horseback riding or horseback riding lessons.

They have a complete side zip with a snap closing on the inside of the leg. Snap closures keep your zip from becoming loose during a hard ride, which is something that all bikers despise at the same time. Furthermore, these horse riding boots feature an elastic calf panel that allows the rider to be flexible while also providing support, making the ride much more comfortable.

These boots are particularly attractive because they feature a high-cut Spanish top. Furthermore, these boots are simple to clean and require little upkeep.

Ariat Boys’ Scout Zip Paddock Riding Boot

Ariat Boys Scout Zip Paddock Riding Boot
Ariat Boys’ Scout Zip Paddock Riding Boot
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These boots for horse riders are ideal for everyday wear because they are dependable and comfortable. They include a front zip that makes it simple to put on and take off. Because of the additional cushioning provided by the 4LR in these paddock boots, they are ideal for providing foot support and comfort.

Furthermore, the side elastic panel provides flexibility, allowing these boots to be worn by people with a variety of foot types.

They are the perfect fit for narrow feet, which isn’t something you see all that often in the riding world, to be honest with you. Furthermore, because to the moisture-wicking lining, these boots may be worn for an extended period of time and in a variety of weather situations.

Leather boots with a classic design that don’t require a significant financial investment on your part are easy on the wallet. They require little maintenance and might be a good choice for long distance rides because of their durability.

TuffRider Children’s Front Zip Paddock Boots

TuffRider Childrens Front Zip Paddock Boots
TuffRider Children’s Front Zip Paddock Boots
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These boots have a lot to offer, making them an excellent choice for novices. They are equipped with a perforated toe cap, which provides the rider with additional support and safety when mounted on a horse. These boots, which showcase excellent craftsmanship, have successfully combined comfort and style.

The style of these boots is optimal for riding because it provides the most grip. The side elastics, in addition, allow for greater flexibility and comfort when riding. However, if you require further protection for your children, I would consider getting spur rests in addition to these boots.

These boots include PVC outsoles, which are engineered to endure nearly any type of resistance that they may encounter. While the permeable inner soles make them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. In addition, the side zips make it simple to put them on and take them off.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Mid Calf Combat Riding Boots

DREAM PAIRS Womens Mid Calf Combat Riding Boots
DREAM PAIRS Women’s Mid Calf Combat Riding Boots
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The key to looking smart and classy in these horse rider boots is to keep them simple. Despite the fact that their style is military-inspired, they are nonetheless appropriate for everyday use and go well with virtually any sort of clothing..

These riding boots include a 1-inch heel and a rubber sole, which makes them suitable for horseback riding and other outdoor activities. These boots, which are made of synthetic material, are both sturdy and comfy. Because of the faux fur inside, these riding boots have a contemporary appearance while also being suitable for winter wear.

Furthermore, they are equipped with a built-in wallet that can be utilised to hold your stuff when you are out horseback riding with your friends. Standing at the mid-calf, these boots are made to complement the majority of your clothes while also completing your stylish cowgirl ensemble.

FAQs About Horse Riding Boots 

How to take care of your riding boots

In order to ensure that you are receiving the highest possible quality when purchasing a new pair of riding boots, it can be a costly endeavour.
As a result, taking good care of your riding boots is essential to ensuring that you get the most out of them.
Take a look at our helpful

Riding boots made of leather demand the most attention, as they must be cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis with appropriate leather treatments.
Riding boots made of synthetic materials can be washed with water and a mild detergent.

To keep the shape of your riding boots, they should always be stored upright in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.
The usage of boot shapers will assist in the preservation of the boots’ natural shape.

What is the difference between riding boots and regular boots?

What Is the Difference Between Riding Boots and Fashion Boots? To begin with, the heel construction of riding boots is distinct from other types of footwear. The heels of riding boots should be suitably formed and provide stability. Fashion boots may have a small or a huge heel, but neither of these will be suitable for getting up on horseback.

Do you need special boots for horse riding?

The majority of athletes and employees use footwear that is appropriate for their vocation. When working with horses or riding them, it’s just as crucial to wear the right footwear. When riding, good boots or shoes can assist protect your feet if they are stepped on, and they can also help prevent your foot from going through the stirrup if you fall from your horse accidentally.

Why are horse riding boots so tall?

Long or ‘Tall’ is a term used to describe someone who is tall. Riding Boots are a highly important part of British horseback riding culture. They are a more formal style boot that is supposed to sit a couple of inches below the knee and are made to make a rider appear taller. They are usually extremely regal in appearance and are designed to stretch the leg.

What is the point of wearing riding boots?

As a result, the primary function of a riding boot is to prevent your toes and ankles from twisting or breaking. Riding boots are meant to prevent the ankle area from twisting and to provide specific protection, such as toe sliders, for riders on horses. In addition, the majority of the boots would have a one-piece steel shank in the sole.

Can you wear sneakers horseback riding?

When riding a horse, tennis shoes and sneakers are not appropriate footwear. Riding boots must have a distinct heel for safety reasons, and they must completely prevent your ankle (and often higher) from rubbing or being pinched against the saddle when you are riding.

Can you ride a horse while wearing jeans?

How should you dress for horseback riding? What kind of jeans should you wear? Yoga pants or leggings should be worn under your breeches or jodhpurs, as well as jeans that are tight around the waist. Any of these alternatives will be suitable for the vast majority of riding conditions.

Why is it necessary to have a heel on riding boots?

A riding boot is a type of boot that is designed to be worn when horseback riding. With a high enough heel to prevent the saddle’s leathers from catching and pinching the rider’s leg, the traditional boot also has a robust toe to protect the rider’s foot when on the ground, and a distinct heel that prevents the rider’s foot from sliding through the stirrup.

Can I ride my horse while wearing wellies?

Because of this, wellies and trainers are inappropriate footwear. Riding in ‘yard’ boots has been increasingly popular in recent years. In addition, keep in mind that the stirrup must be the correct size for the boot you’re wearing – you may need a larger stirrup for this type of footwear.

How do you break in riding boots?

Wearing them around the house. Heat the leather with a hairdryer before stuffing it with newspaper or boot trees that will widen as the leather dries. Repeat the process of walking up and down the steps.

How high should horse riding boots be?

When you put on the boots, they should feel snug around your calf without restricting your circulation. A proper fit will be stiff while still allowing the user to insert their index finger into the boot comfortably. Tall boots should be able to reach all the way up into the bend behind your knee. In order to provide a comfortable fit, the boots will flex and mould over time and will decrease 1/2cm to 1cm.

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